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>>/b/247286 >>247281 true tbh
>>/co/22360 >>22358 I assure you, there are Koreans chained to desks.
>>/b/247285 >>247282 Maybe.
>>/b/247284 drop your biggest feet redpills itt
>>/big/1006 >spanyozalorg uhhhhhhhhhm no??????????????? it's indep. nigger statozalorg also, slovakia had majority hungarian areas, espe
>>/big/1005 slovakia was like 1/3rd hungarian, all nicely packed in those two southern provinces where it is an overhwelming majority
>>/tkr/12297 does anyone have any videos with face tickling in em? i know it'll probably be a small part but i really like it when they tickl
>>/v/516745 >>516707 The only good puzzle games are those where the puzzle is hidden. I have played Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, i
>>/co/22359 >>22264 >I mean it was hilarious. >The shock on the other xmens faces alone made it worth it. Yeah, but then he slapped a gol
>>/big/1004 >integrate 99% unaccepted areas like slovakia or croatia >wtf we lose so much of our territory?!? only real loss was transylva
>>/v/516744 >>516730 Wasn't very different from first one. **Then again, romhacks/fangames for that series were almost always better anyway.
>>/b/247283 >>247279
>>/big/1003 haha bros can you imagine if the entire eastern half of the german reich became polish territory wouldnt that be crazy?
>>/big/1002 you're the zoomer faggot bet you don't even drink with your friends while playing board games
>>/b/247282 >>247280 is an otter?
>>/big/1001 ^ zoomer faggot
>>/b/247281 >>247273 You will never say anything original in your life
>>/b/247280 >>247275 They look good for swimming.
>>/big/1000 how about you play mp with us instead of some shitty board game???? who the fuck plays board games online. 90% of the fun is dr
>>/b/247279 >>246543 Your patronage has been noted, comrade--
>>/big/999 >>949 i can draw the ui for his game, if it ever reaches such a state that it would need a ui
>>/b/247278 >>247273 tranny randomly talking about being a woman lol
>>/big/998 found one with shitty english captions anglos lose scotland to norway, north england to germany and the tip of southern england
>>/b/247277 >>229611 >>229612 This! to both of these not only the internet but the whole world's been a shithole after 2011 ended