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>>/v/290668 For me it's Cellfactor Revolution. It was made for the gamers with the discrete PhysX physics simulation cards, back before Nvi
>>/v/290667 >>290557 The worst part about morrowind combat is that once you reach level 30 you are basically invincible to anything other th
>>/v/290666 >>290481 >Women want the emotion, men want the physical superiority. You've got that backwards mate. Women want physical supe
>>/b/12584 >>12557 pls die4israel pls
>>/delicious/13110 >>13103 just playing hard to get, hence her surprise when he actually cries.
>>/v/290665 >>290649 >Intersex people I'd just say that is bad luck no beef with them. Genetic mistakes, not social mistakes. I've got no
>>/v/290664 I liked Within a Deep Forest. Fun game. Some real moods. Good pixel art. I didn't care for Knytt. Nifflas should chuck that on S
>>/v/290663 >>290621 I think the issue here is that the cop shot to kill rather than neutralizing the threat. Either way, if the victim of
>>/pol/8934 >>8871 what I don't get though is why you're trading an ideology for another ideology while your meme indicates that you no long
>>/v/290662 >>290659 look back pay closer attention and you'll understand it >>290660 They did. but a white girl leading blacks arguing a
>>/hisrol/6498 Cada familia tiene su dificultad, en este apartado puedes elegir entre 3 de las cuatro familias de cazadores de demonios: >La f
>>/v/290661 >>290619 >rarely live past 40 Well at least trannies, for all their narcissism, got that part accurate
>>/hisrol/6497 >>6496 >Sobre ti Gracias por hacerlo tan claro como siempre, bala correctamente esquivada.
>>/v/290660 So was there chimping over yesterday's verdict? I figured I'd see more videos of them rioting more posted because they feel vind
>>/v/290659 >>290657 The before and after dates in that image are all the same.
>>/hisrol/6496 En 1466 los bonzos del monte Hiei bajaron por enésima vez a Kioto con las armas en las manos, esta vez para quemar el Hongan-ji,
>>/v/290658 >>289085 when you jerk off, does it fire in spurts?
>>/pol/8933 >>8932 >Well I am in case you have trouble speaking English. Well I wasn't in case you can't fucking read. You responded to my
>>/v/290657 >>290651 Thats exactly what niggers think though. They'll just say cops never help black people. You don't live near these dum
>>/v/290656 >>290651 >white people need to flee black neighborhoods How when it is required by law to build "low-income housing" in every
>>/hisrol/6495 >>6494 <eso es lo que estaba ahí escrito para empezar, atacar primero, y de nuevo, según lógica esto provoca que no se necesiten
>>/v/290655 >>289227 I think it does, from the little I've seen of it. Why don't you tell us about it? >>289317 That's another game I've
>>/v/290654 >>290651 So the only way to win is to let niggers be exempt from the law and hope they don't target white people? You know that
>>/delicious/13109 >>10664 beach bun