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>>/v/160275 >>160128 >Yet they're still here due to capitalism. No, they're here because Square drove itself into bankruptcy thinking that
>>/v/160274 >>160240 >I heard that there were leaks that Capcom was trying to put some political correctness crap in their games. >>160244
>>/v/160273 >>160264 >Bill Gates Ah yes, the business that uses slave labour in China and then gives the excuse that their own internal inve
>>/voxxe/1938 >>1933 True nya~ ... Yes, the box that is this miserable life nya~
>>/v/160272 >>160247 Believed it or not MSNBC used to be the conservative tv news channel before Fox News. Fox News days are probably numbe
>>/v/160271 >>160269 >7 episodes, not 6 Well I could only find a torrent for the 6 episode version. Does that have a terrible impact on th
>>/voxxe/1937 >>1931 The time to violently rise in revolution is now, before Biden is officially made the 'President-Elect' nya~
>>/v/160270 >>160190 That's just a russian man's home.
>>/voxxe/1936 https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/11/16/what-is-the-great-reset.aspx ... Part of the Satanic New World Or
>>/v/160269 >>160228 >Well shit if you're still in the thread you might as well let me know why you think Dalton is the best bond. Closest
>>/voxxe/1935 https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/boris-johnson-says-wont-make-covid-vaccination-compulsory ... The satanic elites will 'br
>>/voxxe/1934 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-11-23/people-going-hungry-record-high-stock-prices ... >The market has become nothing more t
>>/v/160268 >>160253 About fucking time. Shame SE missed their chance to make a sequel on the 3DS with the original gameplay style, but I l
>>/v/160267 >>160250 What about the QTDDTOT or meta thread?
>>/v/160266 >fully 3d Will it take advantage of this to depict clothing that's worn?
>>/co/7507 new children exclysive collection files 2020 Download collection https://nnna.ru/JqJbz https://nnna.ru/JqJbz
>>/delicious/7771 You know, while this board is great and all, I sometimes really wish that /co/ is more lenient with lolis (and other kind of lew
>>/v/160265 >>160258 >Russian folk music is communism American education at work
>>/v/160264 >>160215 You can't make this shit up https://archive.is/qa6cS >>160250 >all these replacement sites seem so dead compared to
>>/v/160263 >>160259 Sexualizing women is icky bigot
>>/v/160262 >>160258 >Russian folk music <i-its Soviet now! Fucking culture erasing faggot
>>/voxxe/1933 >>1931 What better way is there other than having to run the opposition yourself, la~ >>1932 Box, la?
>>/v/160261 >>160250 Like>>160252 said, it's here and the webring. I've taken to using some other small imageboards as well. Go to anon.cafe
>>/v/160260 >>160248 >Craig is serviceable Fuck out of here