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>>/v/248798 >>246233 >an adult man with that man tiny dogs >left holding the baby >balding Pathetic
>>/v/248797 >>248793 You have only yourself to blame for using a program that reads and records the shit you write.
>>/v/248796 >>248795 Dude fuck me I've been noticing this, I think I even said it in chat a few times. Is that how you've been absolutely
>>/co/9938 >>9937 Sir, this is /co/
>>/v/248795 https://github.com/yvt/openspades/wiki/Example:-2D-Aim-Down-Sight-3 Download this, follow what it says, modify semi.png picture
>>/v/248794 >>248698 oh man, juu kuroinu must have taken off years of her life expectancy then. dude (or gal) is drawing hentai of all the
>>/v/248793 >>248791 God fucking damn I hate autocorrect
>>/v/248792 >>248787 >That shit is still in use in the shitholes of eastern Europe. Palm oil is used in Western Europe as well. For shit lik
>>/v/248791 >>248744 Most processed food, including drink, is filled with spacers and artificial flavoring, especially if they put “natural
>>/t/2681 >>2583 You recommend learning LISP anon? I am foot deep in assembly now.
>>/v/248790 >>248789 Processing?
>>/v/248789 >>248787 How is palm oil worse than any other plant oil?
>>/co/9937 https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/guess-whos-psychologically-abusing-white-children/ >White Abolition = White Genocide... the
>>/v/248788 >>248001 >>248010 >>248201 >>248341 >>248400 >>248625 >>248777 Subhuman fucking retards who respond to such blatant fucki
>>/co/9936 >>9842 Hordak maybe?
>>/v/248787 >>248776 Oh, right. Kind of funny how their food is so expensive they have to go down to adding palm oil to be affordable. That
>>/co/9935 >>9933 There's not much we can do about it. There are keep doing it as far as their twitter audience keep cheering it. Honestly
>>/v/248786 >>248778 >Walmart brand eggs used to be 2.27 a dozen about 3 years ago, now it's 3.00. You certain of that? Just searching egg
>>/v/248785 Minor bit of optimism from florida. It's funny to think despite it's reputation there's a bit of in this state.
>>/v/248784 >>232763 This, it's just a drama show with random dragons tossed in once in a while so viewers can pretend they aren't watch a
>>/co/9934 I propose Troy McClure RIP Phil Hartman
>>/pol/8218 >Everybody that isn't me deserves to die because they're a psychopath/sociopath. <No, this doesn't make ''ME'' a psychopath/soc
>>/v/248783 Torfag’s trying to distract people from the plague of furry OCs in videogames funded by rich degenerates who offer large sums of
>>/v/248782 >>248703 By being a aging ugly woman. Full of resentment of how men appreciate beauty, and eager to control every man's behavio