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>>/v/215504 >>215204 it's only "unsustainable" because we keep giving damn near free food to a significant portion of the third world. Afri
>>/v/215503 >>208080 >tfw you will never be Cuck Bazinga
>>/pol/7269 >>432 >>560 >>647
>>/v/215502 >>215426 >>215431 >>215435 >>215438 It's dolphinnigger, we've been over this /tv/ users don't even want to come here. St
>>/v/215501 >>215100 Not until your shithole stops thinking of drawings as real children and stops legal threats to sites and every company
>>/b/5936 SuspiciousPizza SDCHN Tile Carp Naemuti Kot Leaf cull
>>/v/215500 >>215179 >work ethic >ignoring the problem that "empowering women" causes to birth rates guys, none of this is getting fixed
>>/pol/7268 >>5625 too bad he wasnt a dictator you globofags painted him to be
>>/delicious/10109 >>10101 i hope its okay. sorry
>>/pol/7267 >>7262 make like a tree and leaf
>>/v/215499 >>212785 >it's not graphics that make a game good How about when hardware power affecting performance, stability, and the abilit
>>/v/215498 >>215100 Russia? lel why would the site allow Russia in after its government tried to kill this place?
>>/v/215497 >missed the CP Oh well, I guess I have to browse twitter then.
>>/v/215496 >>215065 >Pirate king online (Tales of Pirates) man do i have stories about this game... for what the game actually is, it has
>>/t/2244 Attached is the exported URL class.
>>/v/215495 >>63766 >RealKana: http://realkana.com/ requires javascript. otherwise shows a blank page
>>/v/215494 >>215493 Or even reporting the site for having childporn, like his kind do always.
>>/v/215493 >>215492 Nothing's deleted; i assume the retard just tuckered himself out.
>>/v/215492 Now everything is quiet. Are janitors working?
>>/v/215491 >>215489 I honestly thought you were him, you post in the wrong thread/board or something?
>>/v/215490 >constant weeb insults >japan is destroyed/all our hobbies are dead/we should kill ourselves >cuckime >BTFO >lolipedo threat
>>/v/215489 >>215474 I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt and inject my pop-culture-related quandry into everyone's important round-table
>>/t/2243 The drag and drop thread watcher does not work for 420chan.org at this time. The watcher reports the thread is dead and the pars
>>/v/215488 >>215487 How many did we butthurt already. I just lost the count.