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>>/v/345692 >>345688 The spread of information from one crook to another is still a good thing, as that creates more points of failure.
>>/hisrol/15438 >>15435 KUEK. Le hubieras dicho que si :^) AYYYYYYYY. >pero eso seria en el siguiente turno Hasta donde sé, es el mismo, como s
>>/v/345691 >>345464 Many thanks, though I think I had another one in mind. A+ for effort though.
>>/v/345690 >>341647 Why not? The Chozo aren't dead. They raised Samus and gave her her suit. When she left them they were still very much a
>>/v/345689 >>345672 >What I meant by untowards was shit like how Becky's dialog is like(the dogshit "scottish accent" and the YASSS shit).
>>/ptp/221 Yeah pigs don't look that fun to play with anymore and I have very little confidence in finding another human. I added 1 hour
>>/b/22073 >>5727 >>22058 >mfw no hot muscle gf
>>/co/14302 i dont, but ima take a look at it
>>/v/345688 >>345683 >Here's all the back doors we have in your citizens devices, have fun spying on them even better now
>>/hisrol/15437 >>15435 >Aldo 2 Ya diles de una vez que SÍ estás hablando con muy tu novia y tus otros 5 novios virtuales :^)
>>/hisrol/15436 >>15435 No me puedes poner a pelear con un fantasma, no, en serio, Mich no cuenta para las Batallas como ya dijo Kallen arriba..
>>/v/345687 >>345684 >How is it populated by the faggiest faggots on the planet? The incredibly short attention-span set by having such abys
>>/hisrol/15435 >>15431 >Esa pic Hijo de puta, me hiciste reír y por tu culpa me callaron mis hermanas por lo ruidoso que fui, además, de nuevo
>>/v/345686 >>345685 someone needs to figure out a way to stop subversives from subverting the west anymore.
>>/hisrol/15434 >>15433 Creí que ya sabías que Mitch se desaparece por 99999 días, kek. Literalmente sus participaciones en batallas generales s
>>/b/22072 >>21798 I read it with the song in my head.
>>/v/345685 >>345683 Just proves to me that the countries are more alike than different at this point. Even if China ends up collapsing I fe
>>/hisrol/15433 A la próxima... Quitamos por completo a Mich de la ecuación para las Batallas.
>>/b/22071 >>19235 Fucking niggers.
>>/v/345684 >>345634 jesus christ is there a single half decent video on tiktok? How is it populated by the faggiest faggots on the planet?
>>/v/345683 https://archive.fo/t0uYm A top Chinese security official jumps ship for America over concerns of having more power.
>>/v/345682 My understanding of autism is that it gives you a smoking hot body for you to rub peanut butter on.
>>/v/345681 >>345680 Absolutely. It's strange that you can pretty much tell she's an authoritarian Karen just by her looks. If it had not be
>>/hisrol/15432 >>14350 ''Se queda mirando un rato el cielo. Se levanta y se estira.'' '''[Vaya día... Necesito quedarme en algún lugar... ¿Qu