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>>/hisrol/10870 >>10867 ¿Cuantos turnos tengo para detener el meteorito? ¿Dos? ¿Tres?
>>/b/18550 >>18548 I think you'd be really silently disappointed but accept it and support them emotionally
>>/hebe/2188 >>2185 >so dumb he still values his own life >has yet to realize he his part of the immutable fabric of the universe and will
>>/v/312080 >>312054 >National Socialism teaches that the Race/Folk is primariy <Which is why National Socialism is fixated upon the conce
>>/c/618 This artist now https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/63120951
>>/hebe/2187 >haha i'll post a jpeg of me killing someone who has the opposite opinion of me
>>/hebe/2186 >>2183 I don't have a favorite tot, because they are all cuties. If I did have a favorite tot, it would be a particular tot I m
>>/hebe/2185 >>2184 Natural selection. Anyone dumb enough to not know how to protect himself deserves to be caught.
>>/b/18549 >>18546 How did that even happen? What did you do?
>>/hebe/2184 >>2177 You don't think we should try to look after those of us that aren't in the know yet and make this as safe a place as pos
>>/v/312079 >>311963 And neither do any normalfags considering ''literally everyone in the replies agrees with him'' >>311966 >But perhaps
>>/loomis/2875 >>2872 Fuggin' durdle mane :DDD >>2873 Gotta love the CSP chalk brush. Well done turtlebro
>>/v/312078 freedom of expression is effected first and foremost due to the retarded mindset of "All art is political." An idea mostly push
>>/hisrol/10869 Kek, su discusiones sobre un posible final me alegraron el día en el trabajo ayer, la verdad es que mi idea para el final de Foo
>>/v/312077 >>311927 How much money did EA give these fags to have them still defend it after all these years? Although, they may just be as
>>/b/18548 >>18547 Depends on specifics. Women are very prone to lying about "abuse" to justify being sluts.
>>/v/312076 >>312070 an MMO is a Massive Multiplayer Online. the O isn't really important because being online is inherent to being massive
>>/b/18547 >>18545 what if they're not a virgin because of child abuse
>>/v/312075 >>312057 too long didn't read
>>/hisrol/10868 >>10612 Es una lastima perderte negrito, espero que tengas suerte en los otros roles que te encuentras, que el dios de los da
>>/hebe/2183 >>2182 means post in my tot thread about who your favorite tot is
>>/v/312074 I'm excited for it. Not for vidya reasons, but I'm holding 4000 shares of a penny stock called CIDM. With the focus on streaming
>>/hisrol/10867 >>10861 **Lo siento negro, pero mis aliados insisten en que no me deje persuadir. Pero para que no te sientas mal, haré algo que
>>/b/18546 >>18538 >>18537 >>18536 >>18535 100% my mistake and I apologize. OP, appeal the ban and I'll lift it immediately. Sorry abou