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>>/b/133674 7am, watching ER on TV. Very comfy.
>>/b/133673 >>133670
>>/v/446164 >>446162 >Team Fortress 2, a valve game, requires extra steps or manual work from the user to get work on the Steam Deck, a val
>>/vore1/2698 newer zera mouse vore
>>/b/133672 >>133671 Kentucky Fried Chicken
>>/b/133671 >>132718 What the fuck is a KC?
>>/v/446163 >>446148
>>/v/446162 Steam deck more drip feeding info
>>/pol/12240 >>12215 65756
>>/pol/12238 >>12228 true
>>/v/446161 >>446142 On paper The Pokemon Company is not Nintendo though. Yes its a tax avoidance shell company set up by Nintendo but if an
>>/zoo/992 not a zoo just open minded, what is your views on zoosadists???
>>/b/133670 >>133623
>>/b/133669 Joles rush in where BRKs fear to tread.
>>/2dblacked/2505 >>2501 And the other two
>>/b/133667 >>133572 Has it ever been confirmed that Superman has a dick?
>>/b/133666 I am the man, not the myth
>>/b/133665 >>133663 Indeed it is. Bask in my presence.
>>/b/133664 >>133627 Keep projecting, simp.
>>/tkr/3986 >>3943 God damn, thats one hell of an improvement comparing the (I assume) Nia sketch to the Nonon one. You absolutely nailed he
>>/b/133663 >>133662 Wow, is that Jole? The one who won?
>>/b/133662 >>133661 Good morning, I won
>>/pol/12236 The reason for this gap is the problem of evil. A lot of you are evil. Bad people. The knowledge that gaps you from human to G
>>/v/446159 If it's a turn based tactics/RPG/strategy game I hate it if the game doesn't give me enough options to not feel that my game is