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>>/v/480434 >>480400 >GG threads So some faggots are trolling the GayGay thread? That's what you fucks have been screaming in all meta rel
>>/v/480433 >>480430 so i was trying to find the D&D spell Power Word: Nigger and i got this instead
>>/v/480432 >>480423 Thank you anon. It's understandable though, the easier to access the more it spreads and ruins it for everyone I guess.
>>/v/480430 >Went to study for today on the subject Language and Power >It have heavy references of Antonio Gramsci, cultural Marxism, Mich
>>/v/480429 >>480400 Oh and I see which comments got deleted. Those werent even bad, everyone just started sperging out and screeching U R
>>/b/181956 >>181752 Hip but gross!
>>/v/480428 >>480427 *were talking about
>>/v/480427 >>480400 >GG threads Is that what all this sperging about the "herd" or whatever is about? I haven't posted to GG since before
>>/b/181955 >>181941 2019? no way i was born in 2020
>>/v/480426 >>480424 when you exist within a hugbox anyone outside of it coming in and questioning you is seen as an invasion.
>>/b/181954 y do u hate hotsauce tho? adds flavor to food
>>/b/181953 I think I'd rather dance with her, though--
>>/vore1/6141 >>5984 It turns out that she actually enjoys swallowing fish! She does many for free, beyond what the guy was paying her for.
>>/v/480425 >>476295 Here is my latest post. I'm not at all sorry for turning a thread about Mike Z into a channel for my game. Here I out
>>/b/181952 >>181950 Well I don't know about that last part but it wouldn't be entirely out of the question--
>>/v/480424 >>480400 Someone having a different opinion is not a thread being taken over.
>>/v/480423 >>480308 Those are mega.nz links. Here's how you use them You type mega.nz/file/ Then you put that "eUpC1R7Z" in front of th
>>/t/6432 >looking for interesting romhacks to play >there's a site for MSU-1 SNES hacks, hey I remember I tried that back in 2015 on hig
>>/co/20677 >>20648 >in this day and age you should be able to publish a comic from anywhere, so I can't see why where you live specifically
>>/vore1/6140 Jesus christ, the second I saw someone say they were a pred and all these tards asking them to post, I knew it was going to be a
>>/t/6431 >>6201 Thank you fellow lainon.
>>/rule34/1920 ==DELIVERY ANCHOR==
>>/v/480421 >>480381 >If you can endure that long than just wait another 2 years and pay 500 Euros instead of 1500. Not sure I can wait. I
>>/rule34/1919 ==REQUEST ANCHOR==