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>>/v/134358 >>133821 Fatchan is now zzzchan and there's a bustling Dystopia gamenight there. Where have you been?
>>/v/134357 >>134317 You can add /liberty/ , /fascist/ and /monarchy/
>>/v/134356 >>134348 I did.
>>/v/134355 >>134351 **Fuck, wrong thread**
>>/v/134354 >>134351 Only a grizzled veteran could tolerate a thread like this.
>>/b/2218 guy in thrown in a pit they suspect him of doing magic so they are all slamming him with big sticks he was dead a long time a
>>/v/134353 >>134339 >fighting game depression. that's a really good term for it. strive and all the wack shit surrounding it totally kil
>>/v/134352 >>133027 >he didn't even read the whole post >just the pictures
>>/v/134351 God, this thread is unbearable.
>>/v/134350 >>134346 **I didn't even know there was a bear thread.**
>>/v/134349 >>134307 The thing is, EA games on Steam still require you to have an Origin account and to be logged into it when booting game
>>/b/2217 >>2199 Don't be fucking retarded. Working with other guys can easily result in you getting some friends. Unless you have some r
>>/v/134348 Did you fags go to Dystopia night? It should be up until end of the weekend, should be active daytime Saturday US.
>>/v/134347 >>131554 I am only just technically able to post here ( I think. Not sure if moe has a no under 18s rule) so an actual newfag an
>>/v/134346 >>134338 This was hilarious, I don't know why. Perhaps because of the Bear thread, and a dash of the stoic torposting. Like the
>>/v/134344 Finished Raidou 2, kinda dissappointed with the final boss, but I assume it has something to do with packing high level demons a
>>/v/134343 >>134222 >Trips wasted on a paranoid faggot. Anon is everyone who says dumb shit here was a samfagger that would make every last
>>/v/134342 >>131554 Gen Z here, get fucked, back in middle school during the 2010's I spoke to people about OG Doom and the one's who playe
>>/v/134341 >>134249 >Nobody likes Stadia. >This brainlet makes people dislike Stadia more.
>>/abdl/1647 >>1645 I'm sure there are some ara aras who are looking for baby boys to take care of instead of lewding them. Having a single
>>/v/134340 >>134287 >I once heard an interesting theory this game was made solely to demonstrate how laughable PEGI and the ESRB'S rating g
>>/t/1651 >>1650 Whoops, here's another winner I forgot to include: https://archive.vn/SQ3dY
>>/v/134339 Man I started fighting games because some anon me that Xrd was the game this webm of Rams winning animation and instant kill wer
>>/v/134338 Information isn't property, copyright is censorship.