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>>/v/424818 >>424811 And why would they be upset? because they sell shit?
>>/b/100504 >>100492 nice pics
>>/b/100503 >>100502 Pedostan > Pendostan
>>/b/100502 >>100478 He does not corrupt and he is not corrupted. Agreed. Pendostan sucks! Alaska belongs to Russia.
>>/b/100501 what are we celebrating
>>/v/424817 Do fighting game character tiers matter if your not a tournyfag? Almost every fighting game fanbase is obsessed with which chara
>>/b/100500 >>100498 i would NO PETS ON THE FURNITURE
>>/b/100499 It is time to celebrate!
>>/v/424816 >>424813 I don't see how you can read some of the threads lately and not want to vomit due to the 4/v/ tier posts. We got an inf
>>/b/100498 I wouldn't kick her outta bed.
>>/b/100493 bitch i hire people to do things like that mofoer
>>/b/100492 *Beep* *Buzz* It is friday. Lets yiff!
>>/b/100491 >>100476 thats a mans move doubling down
>>/v/424815 >>424796 >and the user that was banned, Chris1964, allegedly claims that he won't come back. tell him to come here and give us
>>/b/100487 Oh MUUUUUURRRRRRR! <3
>>/b/100486 You're appealing to one aspect of the human condition in order to undermine further examination. Appealing to the subjectivity o
>>/v/424814 >>424734 >Campaigners say including extremist narratives among everyday conversations can be a pathway to radicalisation. The fu
>>/b/100484 >>100477 I've been thinking about getting one of those water jet flossers because I hate flossing my teeth, but I don't know if
>>/b/100482 >>100319 based
>>/b/100481 *beep* *realcheck* no hebe wenches, or virgin wenches who aren't hebes. lots of normies taking all women who gravitate to most
>>/b/100479 >>100289
>>/b/100478 >>100472 He isn't corrupt.
>>/b/100477 >>100475 Is there anything else you would recommend I buy?