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>>/co/26315 >>26291 >>26298 The problem with letting the government have control in either of the matters you speak of is assuming that th
>>/v/607040 >>607038 There isn't much point to arguing semantics. I'm not going to convince you to use words properly so I can simply accep
>>/co/26314 >>26306 >"The larger crowd of normal people" AKA not the people you are talking to on a comics and cartoons imageboard. Obviou
>>/v/607039 >>606950 ==ANON, NO! SHE'LL MAKE IT GAY!==
>>/v/607038 >>607036 >Okay No argument from the triggered homosexual. A man can pretend to look feminine but can never ''be'' feminine.
>>/v/607037 >>607026 >put a bag over his head So you admit you'd fuck ugly dudes and call them """femboy""" because it makes them feel prett
>>/v/607036 >>607034 Okay.
>>/v/607035 >>607019 Further proof he was radicalized by glowies. Why a fucking elementary school of all places though?!
>>/v/607034 >>607031 Exactly, yes. A man can't be feminine.
>>/co/26313 >>26310 That is "video games cause violence" tier reasoning.
>>/v/607033 >>607024 Ah, that explains John Delaney as Chip then, the usual SNL connection, just like with the Adam Sandler movies.
>>/v/607032 >>606773 I'm sorry
>>/v/607031 >>607025 The term femboy encapsulates both aspects of femininity and masculinity. So I don't know how you could interpret that
>>/v/607030 ==The weekly reminder of the weekly VNS stream happening every tomorrorw, every week, weekly, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern!==
>>/v/607028 >>606608 This. It's Sonic the Hedgehog. The only character that even displays any romantic or sexual intent is a character that
>>/v/607027 >>607026 Even the ugliest woman is naturally more feminine than "twinks" (stupid faggot anglo word) because they are women, the
>>/v/607026 >>607020 I'm not moving anything. I'm trying to get an understanding of your position. Women are typically more feminine than t
>>/v/607025 >>607018 [aa[more feminine <------------------ Andr0gynous ------------------> more masculine[/aa] Twinks are close to the cen
>>/v/607024 >>607023 Andy Samberg is friends with the director, they are both SNL alumni and members of The Lonely Island which also co-pro
>>/interracial/5663 >>5627 You're the one acting defensive, besides gooners are barely even human, they give you porn if you ask them to share but
>>/v/607023 >>606951 >Yeah, but Volgin was always a retard being used by everyone. True, I just went for the superficial details, namely
>>/digi/5106 >>5105 No problem, Anyon. And good luck.
>>/v/607021 >>607017 Jinkies. Calm down polerubber.