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Consoomer 02/11/2022 (Fri) 15:14:08 No. 10131
Good morning anon. Hope you slept well and have a great weekend.
(64.14 KB 600x450 tits.jpg)

good morning, i love women

(414.23 KB 395x579 158009366.PNG)

(334.92 KB 347x586 15800932110546.PNG)

(346.44 KB 380x545 43242245555.PNG)

>>10134 me too
(3.18 MB 4608x3456 perceneige.jpg)

>>10135 I love them to. >>10131 Just woke up, slept all the morning (night working). Don't work this WE so I think I will use this time to prepare my garden balcony terrace for spring incoming.
(40.12 KB 640x480 1634277795089.jpg)

(39.56 KB 400x212 manchuckhestonaghast.jpg)

>>10131 You guys ever think maybe you'd trade it all in to peacefully sunset in the Soylent Green deathroom if it came with a beautiful girl gently crying and telling you how much you meant to her?
(604.05 KB 480x480 equal rights equal fights.mp4)

>NEW WOMEN THREAD Glasses + curves are a win for me. but I hate thotery tbh
(147.50 KB 1200x847 photojoiner_photo (20).jpeg)

>>10603 when i see something i like i share it:)
>>10603 Nice. Reminds me of my third girlfriend. I wonder if this gal has BPD, as well?
(1.89 MB 908x1068 1645938490416.webm)

(104.22 KB 906x1199 FMtGH6yXMAEuwXu.jpg)

(1022.30 KB 4096x2731 nikkita lyons.jpg)

(173.51 KB 683x683 hairstyle.png)

(7.42 MB 780x720 Twist Dance.mp4)

this is what i crave
(2.40 MB 4775x6469 1644675640-0.jpg)

>>10748 Ye cats, those boobs are hypnotic.
>>10669 /b/'s still trying to determine if pic 1 is male or female
>>10748 Who is this?
>>10753 >/b/
>>10756 That image makes me want to kill myself.
(58.12 KB 720x643 lmaobo.jpg)

>>10761 best reaction!
(69.26 KB 768x576 1306907260565.jpg)

(60.72 KB 800x564 1334159521001.jpg)

(199.35 KB 1600x1200 1292471424146.jpg)

(222.25 KB 1080x1440 1334605152001.jpg)

(311.43 KB 799x1200 Danni Ashe 09.jpg)

(378.03 KB 810x1200 Danni Ashe 10.jpg)

(377.80 KB 804x1200 Danni Ashe 11.jpg)

(344.23 KB 801x1200 Danni Ashe 12.jpg)

(81.71 KB 766x1077 1347899540640.jpg)

(115.06 KB 1024x768 1347908037759.jpg)

(437.99 KB 1328x1126 1347905870260.jpg)

(304.19 KB 1520x1191 1346631383743.jpg)

(631.86 KB 806x1075 1347906452253.jpg)

(54.66 KB 800x563 1348673071155.jpg)

(396.46 KB 1526x1040 1350691325043.jpg)

(70.92 KB 696x1024 1362751782610.jpg)

>40+ year old 4/10 DISGUSTING
>>10786 I would a Danni Ashe

(342.14 KB 460x258 brap.mp4)

(5.74 MB 720x480 Brap_queen.webm)

>>10790 get over yourself >>10793 me too. that is what i would categorize as a woman with a beaver, not a pussy.
>>10795 >Brap_queen.webm I wonder what is happening at 3'57'' as some woman comes to the door. Funny vid, but definitively not my kind of fapmaterial. Nice ass tho. There is a webm of a someone opening the same video of a girl farting posted ad nauseam on a thread, the thing ends in some sort of apocalyptical fart concerto if someone could post it. Will try to find it.
>>10797 yup that one. And some bonus.
(118.88 KB 430x479 question.jpg)

>>10799 so much toots even possible?
>>10806 I wish I could do the fourth pic
>>10806 >vid 1 She probably assumes that, since she can't see it, neither can anyone else. >vid 2 I can't believe the guy didn't cut his own hand off when she grabbed it with her swampy claw.
(206.14 KB 600x507 feminismmoistens.jpg)

(118.99 KB 425x282 man yelling at woman.jpg)

Just finished finally watching The Red Pill. For those not in the know, it was meant to be a scathing refutation of the Men's Rights Movement that ended up turning the creator away from the religion of Feminism. All she saw from the MRAs was brutal honesty and tears. All she saw from the so-called people opposed to MRAs was violence, cancellation, lies, and zealotry. Every single "male feminist" was either gay, a soyboy, or a jew. In some cases, all three. Every time an "expert" on feminism was brought on, it was ALWAYS a jew. Every. Single. Time. They also had the infamous "Big Red" (cunt related) who did nothing but insult and talk down to anyone who was trying to actually have a discussion. I wish there was a way to force the women in my life to watch this movie. They will never do it voluntarily, and that's a shame, because it might cause them to think about the REAL world instead of just swallowing the bullshit.
(37.44 KB 480x640 Happybirthday.jpg)

(113.14 KB 618x618 Thot chamber.jpg)

(47.61 KB 460x394 Thot teen in cage.jpg)

(589.16 KB 599x716 euh....png)

>>10836 >the infamous "Big Red" Would like to BDSM her the harsh way tbh. I don't know how is it in the USA (and I know it's quite shitty) but here (at least for peoples of my generation) girls are not totally brainwashed (even if some of them suffer from feminist cancer in some extent) but you can always find good girls who just want some good man with good ol' men values. If you're not too bad looking, have some self confidence and know ho to act as a gentleman you can have the girls. Even some self-proclaimed feminists ended up making me sandwiches after a good blowjob, you just have to handle them correctly. I call it the harsh benevolence. pics not related to this post but fits with the thread anyway.
(34.98 KB 500x333 vilaine.jpg)

(42.64 KB 334x424 Beurette Dégeu.jpg)

(77.92 KB 618x871 pute (copie 1).jpg)

(177.41 KB 813x1100 e-pute.jpg)

(183.10 KB 500x402 disneyaladdinsmear.png)

>>10844 Which country and does everyone speak English?
(985.24 KB 1066x703 feminism erica moen.png)

(33.63 KB 560x330 feminismbinx.jpg)

(19.58 KB 400x268 feminismmegcanker simons.jpg)

(186.94 KB 1024x682 feminismhendercunt.jpg)

I have a "what if?", gents. What if a billionaire with lots of resources kidnapped a bunch of hairy, fat, ugly feminists and put them through some sort of finishing school boot camp on a private island? What if he put them through diet and forced excercise, had experts give them makeovers and teach them how to dress nice, apply proper makeup, and waxed 20 pounds of hair off of each of them? Here's the big one: what if they all came out of it looking hot as hell and they dumped them in a garden party full of rich chads? Do you think they'd still try to uphold their feminist ideals, or would they suddenly realize that they no longer had to care about that shit because they were hot?
(4.65 MB 720x576 moldy locks.mp4)

>>10881 i think you have good points. feminists are mostly ugly on the outside and inside. bombarding them with only money and dayspas wont work, it will empower their cause. bootcamp or a chauvinist sugar daddy would cure them. throw a baby in them too, feminists hate that:^)
(1.47 MB 1048x720 real human being.mp4)

New Name: Human Bean
(5.79 MB 320x240 human bean.mp4)

>>10888 and a real hero
(882.59 KB 3024x4032 hop in dude.jpg)

(1.07 MB 3024x4032 fur butt.jpg)

(364.89 KB 1050x1575 20220313_120056.jpg)

(443.48 KB 538x855 20220313_120059.jpg)

(360.85 KB 541x642 20220313_120053.jpg)

(36.56 KB 465x666 2wy41sdl64o41.jpg)

tit pops
(48.50 KB 598x574 booba.jpg)

>>10957 does she have a penis?
(776.16 KB 736x1107 ClipboardImage-1647269187.png)

(725.87 KB 682x1024 ClipboardImage-1647269207.png)

(2.05 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage-1647269170.png)

(1.17 MB 1068x1600 ClipboardImage-1647269286.png)

(154.94 KB 750x999 DNv6jTQV4AAhUNx_l.jpg)

(354.23 KB 1205x896 1537283802376.jpg)

(49.44 KB 500x667 1497245567001.jpg)

(800.23 KB 1545x2048 547726899946786.jpg)

I need that giggle
(416.07 KB 336x477 915039775.PNG)

(222.83 KB 269x364 915003210.PNG)

(375.31 KB 488x274 billnye cunnilingus.gif)

>>10969 want >>10887 So it's agreed: The second I manage to make a billion dollars, we're going to start kidnapping fugly feminists for The Great Experiment.
(1.86 MB 276x480 1647383293934.mp4)

>>10949 yowza!
>>11005 There's nothing quite like watching a broken Barbie™ doll have a mental breakdown.
>>11005 oh wow thats awesome post more tits that exploded if you have them fucking sick
>>11022 that was it: Sophie Anderson, 33, claims that her left implant burst out of her skin while showering at her home in Slough, Berks. <unrelated while googling exploded breast implants on this porn star, came across "feltching". it's gross sounding.
(6.41 MB 720x1280 lesbian.mp4)

(159.57 KB 520x806 suffrage.jpg)

>lesbians and feminists is there a difference?
(59.61 KB 599x852 big small lesbian.jpg)

(165.92 KB 1280x1920 1518981085001.jpg)

(371.94 KB 2495x1663 1514055970055.jpg)

(780.11 KB 1620x1080 lesbians.jpg)

>>11031 i like the lipstick lesbians. the one's on bowling leagues can get gassed.
(4.54 MB 270x480 1647128160111.mp4)

>>11022 here you go. some freak show shit.
>>11035 cuck
>>11029 >33 Holy shit, I thought she was in her late 40s at the earliest!
(1.99 MB 320x240 manalbundyhmmm.gif)

>>11031 >POV: You finally started living like you're the main character I've been living as the main character from Married: With Children for years.
(104.18 KB 540x540 Apus Ass.png)

>>11068 getting pounded for living could age anyone in a hurry.
>>11198 >getting pounded for living could age anyone in a hurry. Case in point...
(99.11 KB 1920x1088 roz.jpg)

(27.20 KB 333x500 3vzvgu2g2n5x.jpg)

(178.23 KB 1440x1440 cool aunt.jpg)

(307.60 KB 1440x1800 butthole blanket.jpeg)

fuck anything that moves
(86.75 KB 686x722 gorilla-molested.jpg)

(148.56 KB 699x1280 gorilla_attacks_gorillas_zoo.jpg)

>>11234 >fuck anything that moves maybe just women
(3.34 MB 608x1080 15995538622080.webm)

>>11214 even average women get pounded for a living if you think about it.
(643.99 KB 3024x4032 tjxs7nydo4q81.jpg)

(1.02 MB 3024x4032 eye8ditdwh481.jpg)

(379.33 KB 2047x1536 DwwOMo0.jpg)

(1.05 MB 3024x4032 0yr2g8qhmua81.jpg)

>>11268 I just noticed the girl in the second image has hair on her ass crack still fapped though
(87.28 KB 515x1837 pqgTZ.jpg)

>>11239 Not gonna lie, I was severely disappointed when the balcony completely failed to give way and drop her cellulite ass.
>>11276 What a tragic destruction of a naturally pretty girl.
(199.63 KB 853x1224 mommypill 3.jpg)

(133.57 KB 666x1000 mommy pill 4.jpg)

(1.30 MB 1920x1280 mommypill 2.jpg)

(34.57 KB 534x761 mommypill.jpg)

(3.55 MB 368x464 fisting.gif)

(179.74 KB 190x405 91025900421.PNG)

(314.71 KB 290x484 91025004987.PNG)

(123.41 KB 165x359 91025197.PNG)

(1.59 MB 3648x2736 602.JPG)

>>11300 While I admire all the hard work and self-sacrifice that went into learning how to do this, I can't really come up with any practical uses outside of making your proctologist's job a lot easier. Do you get a discount for that, though?
>>11328 >While I admire all the hard work and self-sacrifice that went into learning how to do this It honestly looks like she has some other woman trapped and she's abusing her asshole. I mean, I know it's just one woman, but the way she's posed is just crazy.

(61.46 KB 490x801 pic_6_big.jpg)

(1.35 MB 576x1024 4kcGlLb1-Ff8PjqD.mp4)

>>11376 This is why women NEED a little bit of fat. They become hermaphrodites if they go that far. >>11380 With the exception of the "Material Girl" vid, I've never found Madonna attractive. That said... yeesh, she did a real number on herself.
(41.10 KB 600x399 womens basketball.jpg)

(23.60 KB 335x352 fgsfds.jpg)

>>11418 Acceptable for my needs.
(49.44 KB 640x665 woman 9-11.jpg)

(1.96 MB 400x572 woman wnba excitement.webm)

(869.45 KB 540x540 women sports 1.webm)

>>11419 "Why don't women get paid as much as men?!"
(68.28 KB 750x870 thot omelette.jpg)

(728.99 KB 1080x1378 thot lingerie.png)

(68.02 KB 669x729 woman enthusiasm.jpg)

(69.54 KB 700x696 woman I believe you.jpg)

(43.58 KB 375x445 woman joke.jpg)

(39.03 KB 519x918 woman balldo.jpg)

(350.59 KB 500x1108 thot clown 1.png)

(378.71 KB 1080x909 thot clown 2.png)

(99.82 KB 792x1000 1646406233.jpg)

(80.12 KB 599x900 3758432908732479805.jpg)

(1.01 MB 2316x3088 1686713326.jpg)

(744.00 KB 2592x1944 D18816B.jpg)

(105.41 KB 1024x768 1634215806814.jpg)

(389.87 KB 2320x3088 4fm68L1.jpg)

(911.05 KB 3948x5945 pjOUUIG.jpg)

(106.65 KB 821x960 aGrabbedHerPussy.jpeg)

>>11500 >>11501 >pussy just grab it!
(128.59 KB 800x1200 boobs.jpg)

(37.71 KB 480x640 man good mood.jpg)

>>11501 I grew up on 80s porn, where the bush was disgustingly huge. I was very happy when the 90s brought in actual grooming and I was ecstatic when the 00s gave us a nice smooth box. And then the fucking millennials, who grew up with afore-mentioned smooth, well-groomed box started fetishizing pubes, and now all the young gals are growing that shit out. It fucking pisses me off, and it only makes me crazier when I hear shit like "Oh, you like hairless cunnilingus? Why don't you just fuck a child?" or similar bullshit. Excuse the fuck out of me for not wanting to lick urine and sweat-soaked pubes, you little faggots.
(354.23 KB 1205x896 1537283802376.jpg)

(105.80 KB 451x577 bunda.jpg)

(622.71 KB 474x697 pussy.png)

(2.05 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage-1647269170.png)

(2.92 MB 640x1138 bbw3-1.webm)

(125.91 KB 1080x1071 photoshop pro ass.jpg)

(53.92 KB 601x800 f1471138315132.jpg)

(233.38 KB 1536x1996 2_2423736.jpg)

(968.22 KB 2222x2444 claireball-4.jpg)

(1.49 MB 3579x2623 clairebath-2-1.jpg)

(1.70 MB 1600x2400 female body types.jpg)

(43.33 KB 540x581 1635447965853.jpg)

(232.81 KB 1500x1997 cute.jpg)

posting some girls to have the get
(95.46 KB 667x1000 Terrorist_BDSM.jpg)

(3.95 MB 328x229 douche.gif)

>>11555 Fuck you anon. Good rekt tbh.
>>11555 Chose the new name, but I think you're a bot. Aren't you a bot ?
(8.05 KB 193x224 5593724.png)

>>11557 No, I'm just your friendly messenger from a space princess.
(7.00 KB 168x168 check.jpg)

>>11557 New Name will be Check Em :^)
(396.55 KB 402x476 marvel howard the duck.png)

>>11537 >pic 3 Man, I love it when a girl offers up the goods like that. >>11539 Ungh. It didn't used to be this way, lads. It WILL return to normal, but it will probably take the destruction of the internet to do it.
(94.56 KB 766x1024 1647007335018.jpg)

(562.50 KB 1280x1707 1474021114606.jpg)

(579.34 KB 1280x1707 1474021140717.jpg)

(28.88 KB 341x450 359_450.jpg)

(182.91 KB 817x1024 puta.jpg)

(4.43 MB 360x348 lena-paul.gif)

also want
>>11616 What would you call the last chick's body shape? It's a little bit curvy, but not really athletic or fat. Average (If we're being really optimistic)?
>>11615 >That sailor chubby big tities girl. Yum, would eat.
(1.80 MB 576x1024 put.mp4)

Good morning anon.
(671.13 KB 500x264 138544840532.gif)

(1.32 MB 750x527 138544693955.gif)

(1.97 MB 250x250 1380257203361.gif)

(1.95 MB 398x213 1382488426201.gif)

(207.68 KB 1200x1695 810441.jpg)

(66.29 KB 1033x1033 811131.jpg)

(57.15 KB 720x720 811215.jpg)

(1.70 MB 1600x2400 woman body types.jpg)

(100.98 KB 885x767 806883.jpg)

(20.68 KB 527x469 806698.jpg)

(91.68 KB 700x859 806056.jpg)

(23.06 KB 502x610 images (7).jpeg)

(37.80 KB 499x615 images (8).jpeg)

(296.38 KB 1536x2048 1650602056512.jpg)

(1014.26 KB 1620x2160 1650468812699.jpg)

(293.85 KB 400x784 fatty star trek.PNG)

>>11710 Pretty sure that's just fat... although it is definitely arranged in interesting ways.
(95.22 KB 701x745 cadeau.jpg)

(3.12 MB 640x360 Let's get some pussy.gif)

(284.67 KB 1125x1500 20220429_191037.jpg)

(11.55 MB 480x718 me pipes.webm)

My ex gf was a chubby Korean mummy. So currently I'm into chubby Asian moms.
(261.24 KB 841x1024 bigfoot disgusted.jpg)

(143.13 KB 1080x1920 guehAs7AzG.jpg)

(219.89 KB 218x428 9156500242.PNG)

(109.94 KB 500x674 Milf-1383215734004.jpg)

(160.45 KB 1288x838 Milf-1388081029002.jpg)

(318.44 KB 1280x1830 Milf-1437923427001.jpg)

(224.17 KB 1050x1400 Milf-1383166852004.jpg)

(520.63 KB 1689x2430 394434506282820.jpg)

(287.83 KB 1000x1401 milf-8 (2).jpg)

(71.29 KB 1024x576 1647253342447m.jpg)

(2.47 MB 1000x1186 ZwischenablageBild-1626162183.png)

(6.12 MB 720x480 baseball.webm)

(1.13 MB 1614x1614 woman sad song.png)

(126.98 KB 730x2048 kylefinger.jpg)

>>13240 wish i could give her something to cry about. always late to the party:3
(1.27 MB 500x324 toot-toot.gif)

>>13237 noot-noot intensifies
(4.26 MB 720x1280 bitch lasagna lips.mp4)

(3.91 MB 960x540 1651899226641.webm)

(63.76 KB 1080x691 chalked.jpg)

(48.25 KB 640x909 cmsTB3s_d.jpeg)

(629.08 KB 1080x1493 woman pocket sand.png)

(61.85 KB 602x480 woman no wars.jpg)

(1.85 MB 640x356 thot sexist questions.mp4)

(1.85 MB 245x245 3259029.gif)

(1.11 MB 514x854 bunda.mp4)

(1.99 MB 406x720 1656363389308.webm)

(3.58 MB 640x1138 1656184787056-137926981.webm)

(2.94 MB 360x640 fatty doo doo.webm)

(136.15 KB 215x289 pbfnottoday.jpg)

>>13769 >vid 3 Is this necrophelia or is she just catatonic and he's using her until she wakes up?
(106.78 KB 1000x1005 gRAZe4rt52IpME2w.jpg)

(63.81 KB 676x1024 lick it.jpg)

would lick
(1.31 MB 2560x1706 12.jpg)

(460.20 KB 2316x3088 All shiny and soft️.jpg)

(1.93 MB 382x378 1411413663817.gif)

(3.98 MB 314x320 1411413964814.gif)

(1.40 MB 1014x1509 GZp8x4N.jpg)

(420.20 KB 1536x2048 1658239293619772794.jpg)

(106.78 KB 1000x1005 gRAZe4rt52IpME2w.jpg)

(1.99 MB 320x302 cat twerk.gif)

>>14278 👌👌
(69.79 KB 311x313 toothy vagina.jpeg)

(596.92 KB 480x360 Watermelon Face Fucked.webm)

(59.32 KB 791x718 My bloodline ends with me.jpg)

(119.18 KB 762x1024 1659470077399429.jpg)

(57.42 KB 720x898 1659370815916092.jpg)

>>14411 she's doing the right thing
>>14487 at least they're demonstrating some trigger discipline, which is sometimes unheard of in the poorest sections of a city.
(176.72 KB 771x997 Allison Harvard.jpeg)

>>14491 This is what I was wondering. It's quite appreciated from those vibrant gentlemen. It's a not common thing. >a girl
(909.52 KB 192x360 health care worker.mp4)

women are unreasonable to the end
(1.77 MB 340x400 meth head.mp4)

me talking to mannequin gf
>>11061 And she's still getting attention for it. Just shoot the bitch.
(727.38 KB 480x480 1045.mp4)

>>14549 >blown out infected tit she can shoot herself
>>13255 those lips probably feel amazing
(63.89 KB 363x290 beein_ghey.jpg)

>>14716 For whom?
(2.92 MB 540x960 he to the she.webm)

(663.98 KB 1158x1678 70s girl bush.jpg)

(1.27 MB 4096x2731 big asian butt-nnnneko666.jpg)

(196.35 KB 1260x1680 Milf-1459005535001 (1).jpg)

(1.73 MB 2988x5312 1486333715590.jpg)

(289.70 KB 1288x2640 zz-194.jpeg)

(183.23 KB 690x904 zz-nylon-1 (39).jpg)

(622.05 KB 516x691 zz-nylon-1 (1).png)

(187.62 KB 1000x750 zz-nylon-1 (38.1).jpg)

(733.08 KB 3024x4032 xvt1qt1ejfa91.jpg)

(903.15 KB 3024x4032 b1jmka3046h81.jpg)

(1.09 MB 3024x4032 1asbnug6o9h91.jpg)

(1.05 MB 3024x4032 nbxc7ntes1981.jpg)

>>14830 Can anyone else hear a whistling sound?
>>14515 The nurse should try out for the rodeo.
(421.79 KB 480x360 george the jews.webm)

>>14400 My kraut's a little rusty, but is she saying "My bloodline ends with me" like that's something to be proud of? Fucking hell, Germany makes me sad, sometimes.
(117.01 KB 1125x1417 asshole_mom.jpg)

New Name:
(445.21 KB 680x670 butthole money.png)

Butthole Money
(307.60 KB 1440x1800 butthole blanket.jpeg)

(42.22 KB 432x960 1461878062779.jpg)

how many rapes are happening in the YouKay?
>>15050 islam is right about women, they shouldn't go out in public without an adult male relative
(2.22 MB 1280x720 _YLYL😂'.mp4)

(524.41 KB 472x492 man john michael higgens.png)

>>15193 I'm a dad, myself. If I caught my little girl doing that, I'd probably kill myself and blame her and her mother in the note.
>>15205 spiteful men are weak men. it's no one's fault but yours, pa. you can live out the rest of your life happy knowing you made your little girl into such a free spirit. even if she doesn't do this online, you know she'll do it for every boyfriend she gets.
>>15303 Not so sure there will be any others. She and her pet Chad are madly, madly in love. I didn't believe in soulmates until I saw them together. To be honest, I'm envious as fuck of their relationship (no incesto). I love my wife, but we've never gotten even slightly to the compatibility levels the kids are showing. I wish I'd found a partner who was more like me... only not the shitty parts.
>>15322 That's very unfortunate actually. I wish the best for them. I'm lucky to have a relationship like that currently but I do sometimes wonder if my first and I stayed together if I'd be happy. I don't think the answer is yes. At the very least, nowhere near as happy as I am now. To that end, I feel for you.
(91.57 KB 384x313 man shrugging.jpg)

>>15324 Well, I mean it's not torture or anything, but we married young and the sex has never been what you'd call "frequent" (like when we were first married, despite reassurances to the contrary, I was lucky to get it once a month). Sex is pretty much over now. I used to get really upset about that but she's let herself go to the point that not even viagra does the job, so now it's just a matter of running out the clock together. Once a week "release" sessions on my own makes it bearable enough, and she's sweet to me, so there's that. I suspect if we'd been born in a later time period, she'd be diagnosed as "asexual."
>>15325 I see. God speed then, anon. I can only wish you the best for the rest of your days.

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