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(112.46 KB 1240x821 6l1qd9p0cgg81.webp)

(1.98 MB 1112x737 6a02pg95vhu41.png)

(168.21 KB 1240x821 d5ubz8p0cgg81.webp)

(155.15 KB 1792x828 mo224bma6s861.jpg)

David Katz / bread death gore pics I HATE THE ANTICHRIST 05/26/2022 (Thu) 00:46:57 No. 12561
I never saw these before. Came across 'em tonight on 4/pol/. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacksonville_Landing_shooting
(106.32 KB 1240x821 ap15r8p0cgg81.webp)

(1.96 MB 985x812 uw0n9sjw1ou41.png)

(930.06 KB 1061x702 wabp2kafwgu41.png)

(1.79 MB 1116x723 locsx3xxvhu41.png)

His NIGGER victim.
(2.64 MB 1330x852 gq4p4pea2hu41.png)

(3.21 MB 1392x923 2sdnaqjgymu41.png)

His white victim.
(15.48 MB 1280x720 fortnite autist.mp4)

wasnt this the vid?
(75.73 KB 554x1000 1653174287977.jpeg)

>>12564 i scrolled through the pics. its the vid. cant we all get along?
Post the memes.
(66.65 KB 581x257 controller.png)

>>12564 ... This is an insensitive thing to ask, but did he seriously pumped-up kicks the fucking controller?!
>>12561 Look at that blood. It's funny how we perceive the Hollywood cornsyrup and dye as more realistic, isn't it? >(((David Katz))) >The shooter, David Katz, was a 24-year-old professional Madden player Such things exist? >from Baltimore, Maryland, who had been attending the Jacksonville tournament as a participant. Katz had lost a few rounds in the competition, which prevented him from reaching the finals. At this point, I thought to myself poor loser >Fellow competitors reported that he had been "acting weird" and refused to shake hands with them after losing the competition.[29] His pseudonyms included "Bread", "mrslicedbread", "RavensChamp", "ravens2012champ" and "TREXHAVAHARTATAK". He had previously won $10,000 in a 2017 Madden Tournament. And then I realized WHY he was pissed. >Katz had a history of mental illness and was prescribed anti-psychotic medicine.[33] He was diagnosed with dysthymia I have this. If baseline human happiness is at 10 and a clinical depressive episode drops you to 1, then dysthymia is for people like me whose baseline is 5-6. We don't really enjoy life all that much, and 10 days are VERY rare. >and oppositional disorder not otherwise specified and had been involuntarily committed to mental hospitals on numerous occasions. Yeesh. How come WE'RE on fucking watchlists because we think jews are "a little bit suspicious" but guys like him just breeze through?
>>12580 >Look at that blood. It's funny how we perceive the Hollywood cornsyrup and dye as more realistic, isn't it? I was thinking it looks like some tomato ketchup and then I was thinking : damn crisis actors, again. Nice try (((CIA))).
(584.00 KB 1200x831 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.42 MB 1280x702 court fracking.mp4)

necro bump
Anyone remember the hacked Twitter account of some e-Sports league that had the M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL (KILL(kill)) soundbyte posted in response to the shooting?

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