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(988.54 KB 340x260 simpsonshomernative.gif)

Physical Self-Improvement Thread Big Gay 07/29/2022 (Fri) 05:36:49 No. 14326
I can't find the old one. Tell your /fit/ stories, past or present. >be me, weekend before last >I'm in t-shirt and shorts >wife takes picture of me with my adult son >I look at the pic >I look almost (but not quite) as bad as pic related >Aw HELL naw! >I apparently have reverse anorexia, where I'm seeing a slightly chubby middle aged dude in the mirror while a fat bastard has actually been dragging his flabby ass across the earth! >Nope. Nope nope nope. No, this shit is over. >weigh myself >280 lbs, which isn't as bad as I feared, but is waaaaay over where I should be >immediately cut 99% of the sugar from my diet, starting July 18 >grab parts of Keto, Atkins, Suzanne Sommers diet, and Weight Watchers that makes sense >throw the rest of it away >meal prep, smaller portions, NO sugar, very little wheat if possible, lots of water, not eating past a certain time, getting more fruit and veg into the diet, brown rice, etc. >go as gluten free as possible >re-learn how to be hungry without running to the pantry or fridge >pounds start to slowly drop >today: July 28 >Am currently 269 lbs and dropping >when I hit 260, I'll begin light exercise, working my way up as I go along My son has been after me to do this for a long time. He worries about me, but I didn't think things had gotten as bad as they have. He's away for awhile, so I plan to surprise him when I see him again. I want him to walk into the room and see me and just stop right in his tracks. The reason I've gotten to this sorry state is I've come to rely on sugar and breads to supply pleasure in a dysthymic body that doesn't feel it when it's not pigging out. I'll have to find something healthy to replace it.
(66.02 KB 800x600 you can do it.jpg)

FIT GENERAL ITT post body improvements YOU CAN DO IT!
(54.18 KB 546x568 1617729228190.jpg)

>bought running shoes a month ago >been running every other day my goal is always 1 mile run, then 1/2 mile hike. i havent ran in about 7 years. cut cardio to gain weight. went from 155 to 230lbs. 230 was not planned for body image reasons. i cut down to 215. looking to go down to 205-210. running has helped out huge. running in the heat has been amazing. i can feel the toxins ooze out of my body.
(20.57 KB 101x111 peepo run.gif)

88¬įF outside today. ran 1.03 miles on a trail, hiked .5 miles. definitely earned my trip to PF Chang's.
(61.33 KB 800x600 1489998044977.png)

note to self: always weigh yourself in the morning. i weighed myself right before bed. weigh 219lbs. ill check when i wake up to see if im still 215.
(322.91 KB 1000x923 PonyBeer.jpg)

I'll be happy finding myself free of alcohol. I drank today. Nobody at work noticed, and because I started so early, I was recovered by the time I got home to eat with the family. Goal: six months sober. Preferably all within what's left of this year.
(22.51 KB 466x380 fatty thumbs up.jpg)

>>2071 >I drank today. Nobody at work noticed, and because I started so early, I was recovered by the time I got home to eat with the family. While I don't share your particular problem, I feel for you and your family, anon, and I wish you well on your path to recovery. >Have you tried any of the programs out there? >Do any of your family members know? >Finally, is there some dark reason in your past that causes you to drink or is it more of a "addiction crept up on me" kind of thing? Me, I self-medicate with sugar and caffeine due to chronic depression. It's better than drugs and alcohol, but not by much. I've cut way back on my sugar and the caffeine, but I haven't been able to eliminate either. Instead of pop, though, I drink black coffee and unsweetend green iced tea. I've managed to lose 20 lbs and I'm trying to keep it up, although this week's going to be hard because of the heatwave and the sugary cold treats everyone in the house will be getting into (including me).
(115.87 KB 832x1280 jogging pepe.jpg)

>>2071 you should have bloodwork done. in 2019, i had scary bloodwork >extremely elevated Vitamin D >enzymes that shouldnt been there i was asked if i drank. i said "a little". my doctor advised me to stop drinking. its been almost 2 years since i stopped drinking. i stopped with conditions. >my one condition if im in social situations, ill beer up for camoflauge. outside of that, i do not drink. i also dont socialize that often so im virtually sober everyday of the year:) >my biggest vice drinking at home. i would drink 1 big bottle of vodka a week at home. once i made up my mind not to drink at home, ive been straight. i still eat the same, incorporate running and push-ups into my daily routine. things have been great. i still internet the same too.
(153.64 KB 850x850 MoreCider.jpg)

>>2084 >bloodwork Everything appears normal. But I still have a liver disease that causes all sorts of maladies and is triggered into attacking me as: being a girl (I'm not, which is good, oldest female patient was 42), sunlight (I'm from the frozen north anyway so I avoid the heat) and of course, alcohol in particular. Not other things that are hard to process, just a few particular chemicals dealt with by enzymes by body doesn't know how to not screw up when making. Oh and my blood is poisonous. Mosquitoes know not to bite me. My mom, during her last year and a half, saw several mosquitoes die, proboscis still inserted. I'm in much better shape, so the few that try, escape before they die. But in addition to the fact that I can't enjoy the buzz most of the time anymore, and that my wife yells at me for sleeping so much because it can take three days to recover from four beers, those four beers have a high chance of triggering an attack, which will see me puking for eighteen hours straight. Or sometimes only once, about fourteen hours after my last sip. And presumably that all means every drink is taking at least a couple hours off my life. So I really should quit, y'know? >>2074 > some dark reason in your past I don't know why it calls to me. Thankfully I didn't start until I was 30, but I was an instant alcoholic once I discovered I wouldn't die the first time. I did cut way back when, about two years into my drinking career, I bought a half-gallon of whisky on Friday night, coming home from work. Wasn't needed back until Tuesday or I might have been W-F at that time. So I made myself happy and was very drunk Saturday so when Sunday came and I wanted a small shot to go with my breakfast I found there was only an inch left in the bottle. WHOSE BEEN DRINKING MY Oh, right. I live alone. My anger was very useful in reducing how much I drank, though I still should have found some hobby to pursue, though all the half-finished ideas that surround me now provide no succor either.
(3.14 MB 2000x1123 stay hydrated.png)

>>2074 >talking beverages try just drinking only water for 2 weeks. get back and post results. you may be surprised. <no tea <no coffee <no soda NOTHING
(73.27 KB 426x282 suicide gun.jpg)

>>2096 >no tea >no coffee What results are we talking about, here? Weight loss or something else? Because if I have to give up the caffeinated jew, I'd kind of like to know why.
(169.86 KB 582x500 pepe in new york.gif)

>>2104 >weightloss sure. and over-all mental health will change once you kick the first 3 days of withdrawal.
>>2104 >>2106 Everything works better when it's lubricated. A friend of a friend took a survivalist course, and the first thing they said was: drink more water. Something like nine quarts a day, which sounded ridiculous but then you consider he was expected to hustle all day too, collecting firewood, digging a den to sleep in, setting traps for rabbits -- going back and collecting, skinning and cooking those rabbits. I tried to drink at least two quarts of water every day for a week. Got to three some of those days. My sense of physical health skyrocketed, and my emotional health, which I never considered a problem anyway, drifted up with my increased physical health. I'm going to concur with the other anon, you should try drinking only water for two weeks. Then when you reassess your need for those energy-drink pickmeups, it will be from a state of educated clarity.
>>2106 >once you kick the first 3 days of withdrawal. What's wrong with plain green tea, anyway? I know coffee's not great for me, but surely green tea offers some health benefits? >>2107 >My sense of physical health skyrocketed, and my emotional health, which I never considered a problem anyway, drifted up with my increased physical health. Well, my mental health IS pretty bad, I'm afraid. I'm just worried about the inevitable headaches from hell. I didn't even start drinking coffee until my early 40s. The only reason I developed the habit was A) it was a way to wean myself off cola and B) it actually helps my asthma. A friend told me sniffing honey or coffee somehow gets your asthma to fuck off for a little bit. I don't know why, but it does. >I'm going to concur with the other anon, you should try drinking only water for two weeks. Then when you reassess your need for those energy-drink pickmeups, it will be from a state of educated clarity. Okay, you two have sold me. Starting now, I'll disdain the caffeinated jew and embrace the aqua of Christianity. I just hope I can make it through the next few days without some sort of fucking crisis usually caused by my elderly parents requiring me to actually think, because I'll be fucked if when it happens.
(33.96 KB 425x550 8chon.jpeg)

>>2119 the headaches are real. goodspeed! ive been on all water for a few months now. its great!
(123.58 KB 600x613 two nonlegs.jpg)

sunday: 1.2 miles ran .60 mile hiked monday: 1.03 miles ran .50 mile hiked tuesday: 1.2 miles ran 3 miles hiked feeling good! no weight loss. maybe its fat loss, muscle gain? who (((nose)))?
(38.33 KB 222x165 frog pepe deformed.png)

>>2128 War Journal - Day 1 >wake up >smell the coffee >die a little inside and fill a glass with water instead of pouring myself a cuppa joe >drink nothing but water all day >not doing too badly until evening hits, and I crash like a motherfucker for two hours >wake up around 8 pm >head is being raped by the Withdrawal Demon >take an Advil and drink more water >snap at the wife for no good reason >tell her "some guy on the internet told me to only drink water" >I'm lying, of course >I tell her I read a study on the internet about the benefits of just water for two weeks and I'm going to try it, but I may be a little wacky for the next few days >headache recedes but does not disappear >at least two more days of this >mfw
(494.21 KB 1022x1146 apu working out.png)

>>2191 keep fighting the good fight fren!
(335.70 KB 1060x992 monkey huh.JPG)

>>2234 War Journal - Day 2 >wake up >wish I was dead >nothing new there >stumble out of bed >drink water >craving various things like hot chocolate, pop, etc. which I know from experience is my brain trying to get its fix >slight headache, like a power line humming at the back of my head >caffeine from... Monday? Sunday? ... is leaving my body and the withdrawal is kicking in mightily >now I'm sitting here typing this and my head feels like it's been used as a sportsball by special needs kids >Two days down, twelve more to go If I don't feel like Superman by day 14, I'm going to actually have sex with a bag of premium roast By the way, when we say "water only," am I correct in assuming milk and juice are also on the ban list? What about adding some lemon juice to the water? I ask because I'm bored as fuck with the lack of variety.
(1.01 MB 966x1289 ChrgPlz.png)

(970.60 KB 2592x1456 RD_ThatWasCold.jpg)

>>2236 Personally, I'd include pure juices but probably water them down, 60/40, which means you really will want to wait until you can add some ice cubes, or use chilled water. Fruit juice is high in sugars. Granted, it's fructose which is a much more natural sugar than sucrose but still counts as a sugar, which you're trying to avoid for this short eternity. Milk I'm not so sure about. It's heavy, but there aren't supposed to be any brain-chemicals in it. Lactose, again a sugar and fairly indigestible (ever heard of the gallon-milk-challenge? It's medically impossible to down a gallon of milk in a single sitting -- you WILL barf every ounce of it back up). Maybe go with moderation? As in, AN 8-oz glass per day, maybe? And a hearty YES to adding lemon juice, fresh lime slices, whatever you need. Personally I'm pretty sure you'll feel better about this process by day six. But I agree, at the end of the two weeks you should celebrate with a shot of espresso chugged so fast you can barely taste it. But do take the time to savor the second shot, hey?
(466.49 KB 1617x865 apu_gym.jpg)

>>2236 i did and still do "water only". just like the animals of the world drink water only. dont cave or listen to>>2242 . all or nothing. water will taste amazing towards the end.
(1.28 MB 320x180 anime my face my soul.gif)

>>2242 >And a hearty YES to adding lemon juice, fresh lime slices, whatever you need. Thank goodness. War Journal - Day 3 >Canada Day >teenage daughter has the opinion that we shouldn't celebrate Canada because of all the evil things that were done to make it a country >fully conscious of my "bear with a toothache" tendencies over the last few days, I try to point out to her, as gently as possible, that NO country formed without blood on its hands. That Canada has done a lot of good over the years, sometimes to our own detriment, like housing motherfucking rape-ape muslim and african slime and THAT is what we're celebrating, not a bunch of native kids who got a raw deal that makes even ME sick. >She ignores me and stares at her phone >mfw >instead of slapping the back of her head, I go into kitchen and drink a glass of water, wishing it was coffee with heroin in it >wife suggests we take Chinese food over to my elderly parents' house for dinner >mfw anticipating my mother sensing my mood and being a complete bitch and I'm not sure I'll have the presence of mind to resist her bait >11 more days until I either become a being of pure light or I inject 13 coffees directly into my veins
>>2251 >just like the animals of the world drink water only You absolute monster. Do not mock my suffering with your lies. Animals drink juices from the fruit they eat and also occasionally get absolutely wasted on fermented fruit. If I could have found evidence of fanaloka getting a buzz from the coffea cherries, I'd be dropping that vid as well.
(329.30 KB 345x362 chinese nooooo!.png)

And I'm fucking out... at least, for now. War Journal - Final Day >last night >at family gathering >offered every single drink invented by humanity >turn them all down >drink water >congratulate myself on being a Chad >find out I'm a Virgin three hours later >lying in bed around 1:30 AM >three things happen at once >small headache at back of head suddenly leaps to full migraine >eyes suddenly dart up and down about five times of their own accord >suddenly super hot like I've been wrapped in electric blankets in a sauna >thought I was having a stroke >got up, shaking, and went to check AC >still set at cold >wander into kitchen >eyes are normal, but heat and migraine are still there >notice my daughter left an iced tea in the fridge >take two sips >everything immediately goes back to normal >nopenopenope I'm off the wagon, and I don't actually care if that makes me a pussy at this point. Last night scared the hell out of me. I'll try again later on in the year, only this time I'll wean myself off of the hi-test coffee instead of going cold turkey.
(54.01 KB 449x642 shrugs.jpg)

>>2298 you tried:)
Excuse me if i'm wrong, but wasn't there a big ass Self Improvement Guide thread somewhere on this board yesterday? I can't seem to locate it anymore. It had some interesting screencaps.
>>2307 i dont think so fren. this isnt even /sig/ (((tbh))) more like /fag/ fitness amatuer guild >me purchase mct oil, putting it in me water. dont know what me thinking.
(705.48 KB 992x558 hell.png)

>>2301 Thanks, anon. I'm still not drinking pop or adding sugar to coffee and tea, and I've lost close to ten pounds of the summer sugar I've put on, so I only need another ten to get back to where I was. Then I'll keep going as I was before the interruption due to diabolic levels of heat and personal weakness.
>>2322 you have to start somewhere, good job! recognizing your weakness is a form of strength
(12.31 KB 399x563 1606433354763.jpg)

>>2319 Yeah, it was in /library/, sometimes i get lost when navigating many imageboards in a short period of time.
(661.20 KB 958x775 jewworldburns.jpg)

>>2401 Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to the Earth, tomorrow.
(45.41 KB 453x604 fatty final boss.jpg)

War Journal - Supplemental >today had a cuppa joe >didn't really give me a thrill any more than the all-water regimen did >went out for lunch with my son, but chose something healthier than usual >stayed away from sweets except for 4 squares of dark chocolate with almonds I'm going to make it, guys, I just need to learn better pacing. Also, the whole point of black coffee and unsweetened iced tea was to get me off of pop without going through Thursday night's shit-show. I need it to keep my cravings down to caffeine only, so I don't relapse and start drinking my body weight in cola-flavored corn syrup. My mistake was forgetting that I was already trying to destroy one bad habit when I decided to drop the caffeine, as well. Without the coffee, I start looking for other things that usually contain sugar. It's just been 4 or 5 months since I consciously thought of it that I forgot the weight-loss goal. I'm still drinking lots of water, just not exclusively. I'll get there, sooner or later.
(13.94 KB 320x320 fatso.jpg)

>>2502 you can do it!
(123.33 KB 962x642 comfyapocalypse.jpg)

>>2570 Thanks, anon! I like /404/. It's comfy. It's too bad we keep getting de-comfified with whatever weird grudge the penis-poster is trying to deal with.
(60.30 KB 805x795 8ch anon.png)

>>2573 >grudgery meh, its all good. i think theyve found their peace <das bort compliment! no! thank you, Anon!
(26.87 KB 240x333 gay rosie.jpg)

Need a fren, guys, and this thread is kind of our brotherhood area >daughter has a date tomorrow >it's with a girl >positives: she's cute >negatives: SHE'S A GIRL My girl's friends are pieces of shit who are constantly filling her head with third-wave feminism and weird sexual shit. I'm hoping against hope this is just some rebellion crap and she'll just do the "lesbian until after college" routine (if at all), but I fear for her. Lesbian couples have a 40% rate of abuse, which, if I remember correctly, is even higher than black males. They're going to see Black Widow tomorrow and get dinner. My little girl and someone else's little girl will probably kiss. They're both over 18 but my kid is just too naive and easily influenced by the shit-heads in her life (except me, of course). I can't do anything about it and the wife keeps throwing shit at me about how I'll lose her forever if I say anything. So I have to sit there, in silence, feeling like I've failed her. The irony? At one point I was in the hospital for a lethal case of bacterial pneumonia. I could barely breathe, even with the oxygen. My wife held my hand and said "You have to survive to walk our [then 6-years-old] daughter down the aisle!" That's a pretty stupid fucking reason to hang around on this shit planet, but, somehow, I found the strength to fight. There was a moment at the hospital when I felt a presence that gave me a choice: live or die. I chose live, for my kids, and my wife, parents, brother, etc, but mostly for my kids. Now there's a hideous possibility that I'm going to be walking her down the aisle and looking across as some cheery liberal piece of shit walking HIS daughter down the aisle, too. My daughter is beautiful. I don't want her to end up as some short-haired, dumpy bitch with hairy legs and pits. I don't want this for her at all. And the world (including all my family except my son) thinks it's just awesome that she's doing this. My son has already told me that, if and when he has kids, he'll be keeping them away from his aunt as much as possible. That saddens me, but, considering HER aunt (wife's sister) is a degenerate, that's probably for the best. I'm hoping she'll choose to be a human being who is incidentally a lesbian rather than the usual "in your face" shit that the LGB seems to crave so fucking badly.
(27.55 KB 480x429 trans.jpg)

>>2739 idk what to tell you fren. gay people happen! if your son is straight, thats a win. he's carrying on your legacy! <dike daughter probs if i had a daughter that was "gay" im not sure id go off the handles. less chance of getting raped by negroids tbh. i would be more worried about the 41% of people who cant make their minds.
>>2739 Yeah that sucks bro. Still lesbian better than a faggot. Silver lining.
(88.77 KB 720x523 gaysthenandnow.jpg)

>>2759 >if your son is straight, thats a win. he's carrying on your legacy! I guess. It's a cold comfort, though. LGB people don't bother me as long as they aren't bothering me, if you get me. "Straight" gays (ie. not lisping faggots but human beings who just happen to be gay) or pretty women who just happen to like girls (instead of bull dyke penis-enviers) are okay as long as I don't have to listen to them talk about social justice bullshit. One night, we had a birthday party for one of our kids, and my bisexual-in-law and her common-law bisexual husband started talking about how great "Pride" was that year. In front of my kids, in front of my parents, and, unfortunately, in front of me. KNOWING FULL WELL I COULDN'T SHUT THEM UP WITHOUT GIVING THEM AN EXCUSE TO BE DRAMATIC. The next day, I hit my wife with this: >Me: "Would you say that what happens in a person's bedroom is no one's business but theirs?" >Wife: "Absolutely." >Me: "Then why the fuck am I hearing about your sister's sexuality at a family gathering?" She didn't have an answer to that one. I hate attention whores. I don't care if they're white, black, brown, yellow, green, bi, gay, or normal, I don't want to hear about their stupid shit. And now I'm worried my daughter is going to become one of them, and it sickens me to my core. >>2761 >Yeah that sucks bro. Still lesbian better than a faggot. Silver lining. Yep, but that's still a pretty fucking huge black cloud that it's wrapped around.
(1.21 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2814 ah yes, Pride.
(4.45 MB 1280x720 gay pride 2020.webm)

>>2825 I mentioned to the wife that I couldn't understand what, exactly, they had to be proud about. Apparently, their pride was in "surviving in the face of violence and other persecution." Except "Pride" seems to me to be a codeword for "Having sex in public with multiple anonymous partners while children watch."
(147.33 KB 759x904 foto_no_exif (4).jpg)

>>2832 My 2 cents, from stopping by to visit. (I didn't read the thread.) The more you try the more your ideals, end up pushing her away. Nobody wants to be told what to do, at the same time... nobody knows what to do with themselves. So balance this and lead her without being "my house rules" or "the world is yours to learn darling." t. got in a fist fight with my brother and took years to forgive each other after he drew a knife.
>>2836 Not to be a dick, but that's not exactly helpful advice for the guy anon.
>>2837 My wromg, shoulda read all his posts instead of skimming what I caught at the end before entering the thread. I'll refrain from trying to driveby post in the future.
>>2839 It's all good man. You saw his pain and sought to share it, and for moment at least, lessen it. Noble anon.
>>2840 I was about to jump over to the next tab, and hit up another chan. But they can wait. I'll read the thread since it isn't too time consuming. Since I offer shitty doodles currently, would you like another synthyia or anything that comes to mind? Practice will improve, but never perfect. So ask as you please. If you like that is...
(21.35 KB 800x450 lena2.png)

>>2841 I mean I'm not the guy, but you are a drawfag? Draw lena katina. Please. The last guy I asked gave me this.
>>2842 >Lena Katina Give reference or do I look it up? Gotta grab paper and pencil to be quicker. I barely started tablet. But I'll do digital with time tomorrow. Gimme an idea while I fetch a pencil.
(234.80 KB 1200x1600 Lena.jpg)

>>2843 Anon I always carry a refrence. Here.
>>2844 Give me about 10 to 20 minutes I just busted out pens pencil and paper. In the meantime, make a thread so we don't hijack this one.
>>2845 SWEET >>>/b/22776 Is the best place. Meet you there!
>>2846 Alc got the best of me, but catch you round those parts m8
>>2847 Hey thanks man! Have a great night, and drink water.
(3.45 MB 854x480 blk holding them off.webm)

>>2836 >t. got in a fist fight with my brother and took years to forgive each other after he drew a knife. I'm pretty sure I can take her if it comes to that.
(3.79 MB 4032x3024 20210712_124021.jpg)

mid-week in review: >purchased hydroxycut monday >took with no excercise, wrong dosage >took on empty stomach >felt like i was going to die >drove to werk with tunnel vision >sick for hours >drank an insane amount of water tuesday: >ate food >took right dosage >went for a 5 mile hike >ran half of it >good feels today: >ate >dosed >hiked another 5 miles(strictly hiking) mixed with running and push-ups for 2+ months <lost around 25 lbs NOICE
(87.02 KB 500x361 simpsonsjasperpaddlin'.jpg)

>>2739 Me again. >She had her date and it apparently went well. >She's been happier than I've seen her in a long time, possibly due to me remaining calm instead of following them to the theater and throwing popcorn at the girl if she got too close. >they aren't, as far as I know, actually an item, but I suppose it's only a matter of time before we're hosting some kind of dinner where I'll autistically blurt out something that will get me in dutch with the wife and daughter >"So why do you gals hate men and then get some man-looking bitch to fuck you with a strap-on?" or similar >she's got a nose-ring >not a stud, but an actual nose ring >an indicator of unpleasant views, like supporting gay marriage or that blacks are higher primates >I have decided to be egalitarian and treat this relationship the same way I would if my daughter was dating a boy her age >You hurt her? You die. >You try to fuck her? You die. >You turn her against me? Oh, you'd better believe that's a paddlin'. And then you'll die. I am nothing if not a supporter of equal rights.
(1.02 MB 1920x1080 ninja.png)

Intensive biking yesterday. Intensive swimming this morning. feels good man.jpg Tonite In will listen some rockabilly concert, drink some beers and eat french fries. Yup I need it !

(1.24 MB 2535x2464 20210718_141614.jpg)

(101.40 KB 833x787 muh hike.jpg)

feels good on a 70¬įF day. >height still 6'1" >weight still 210lbs
(2.39 MB 426x320 free_runner.webm)

>>3017 i dont own a bike or a pool atm. super jealous. i have shoes good weather and ear buds playing my favourite tunes. i will hike until i run.
(115.03 KB 1024x768 city pool.jpg)

>>3027 I dont own a pool. I go to the municipal swimming pool. Did the city have municipal pool in your country ?
>>3049 >municpal pool we call them public pools. i havent been in one of those since Third Eye Blind was new on FM Radio. Semi-Charmed Life would play at least once a visit during the last summer of my public pool tenure. i was more a fan of Better Than Ezra tbh
>>3051 >i was more a fan of Better Than Ezra tbh I don't know where they got the name for the band, but my theory of its origin is this: >"Howabout 'The Vipers?'" >"No." >"Got it! 'Ezra!'" >"No, wait, why don't we go with 'Shitslurp?'" >"That's fucking horrible!" >"Well it's better than 'Ezra!'"
(25.98 MB 640x480 Better Than Ezra - Good.mp4)

>>3195 >name meaning there officially is none, only conjecture. One theory is that it comes from a line in Ernest Hemingway's memoir A Moveable Feast, in which Hemingway describes a particularly annoying sound as "...no worse than other noises, certainly better than Ezra learning to play the bassoon."
(83.71 KB 750x732 apu hike.jpg)

>took a hike >8.3 miles >stuck to country roads >steep hills >roughly 17,000 steps >70¬įF day i have regrets. my feet hurt.
(2.88 MB 400x224 muslim run.webm)

i took the day off. going to run tomorrow.
3 hours of mountain bike in the evening. Sweet summer rain and nice landscapes. Harsh climbing and funny downhills runs. Then I ate a fucking big pizza, not very /fit/ tbh. But hate pizza and it's been a longtime I haven't eaten one.
(32.88 KB 370x699 cat pizza.jpg)

>>3488 you do deserve that pizza even though you hate it.
(37.83 KB 500x492 mild pain.jpg)

just finished a 2 mile run followed by a 2.5 mile hike back home. did the same thing yesterday. MY BACK : DESTROYED
(77.22 KB 832x1024 1629005525874.jpg)

(235.27 KB 1080x1575 E3nutkdWQAIwQHn.jpg_large.jpg)

>>3869 dont even go to the gym since i started vaxxing.
(90.82 KB 800x601 fitgull.jpg)

Update. >>2025 >at 205 lbs >walk 4-5 miles 3-4 days a week >still mostly drinking water FEELS OKAY!
(52.46 KB 250x250 sleepy.png)

Next Goal Proper Sleep The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours. Most people don't need more than eight hours in bed to achieve this goal. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Try to limit the difference in your sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends to no more than one hour. This may be bretty brutal tbh, but it can be done!
(21.12 KB 1196x752 apu morning.png)

>new sleeping regimen not bad as long as i resist taking a nap. going to rustle out a shit and go for my routine hike.
(92.07 KB 796x588 1472666613003.png)

(125.50 KB 1280x781 pepe lifter.jpg)

took almost a month long hiatus to mourn the loss of my cat. only put on 5 pounds. not bad! >235lbs start >lost 30lbs >gained 5lbs what happened? picked up drinking alcohol for a week and energy drinks. still on the energy wagon. looking to get into cold weather hiking, since it is now freezing. wasnt looking for an excuse to stop excercising but LIFE happened and being fallible is part of the human experience. New Goal: -lose 5 lbs and that's it. -continue to do push ups and hiking -still have energy drinks, but also burn it off
>>6287 bad work. Stopping alcohol (at least on a regular bnasis) is a bad thing. Hiking in the cold is cool to. Godbless !
(146.23 KB 1100x1100 fit frog.png)

>>6349 >g00d work thanks. plans to hike today got derailed. majorly raining outside. >poor excuse? yes. i can only report back actual testimonies and results or the thread is for not.
>>6349 >Stopping alcohol (at least on a regular bnasis) is a bad thing. Uhh based?
(156.82 KB 1280x720 3 days later.jpg)

>>6364 today i will start my regimen!
(118.72 KB 947x1189 bagel-fit.jpg)

>>6441 hiked for 30 minutes yesterday. then started to rain, so i went home. penis hiked 2miles. not good, but not a bad way to ease back into things. supplimenting lunch with walnuts and almonds. still drinking water as a primary beverage w/ 1 energy drink as a treat:)
(11.97 KB 640x384 benis.webp)

>>6505 >penis hiked 2miles lol, you got me fucker!
Just did an intense 30 minute doomer bike ride. Good exercise.
(5.21 MB 834x870 gondla winter time.webm)

>>6967 good for you! it's almost bulking season for me. that would mean something if i were a gym rat, but unfortunately it means ill be cooped up inside, not doing much, until spring. i will get into lifting dumb bells again. pushups too.
(81.23 KB 500x440 coffee-zone-34133296.png)

giving up redbull again. think it was frying out my nervous system(((tbh))) >switching out rebdull for coffee havent had coffee in over a year. "Downing up to three cups of coffee daily is associated with lower risks for stroke and death from cardiovascular disease, as well as death from all causes, suggests research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in France last week." <still looking to not be a tremendous pile of shit >how do i like my coffee? t. New Name won't say
Surfing count as cardio? Yesterday I was shredding some sick ass waves. great way to have fun at the beach. wasn't there to do any tricks or anything fancy just seeing how many waves I could catch
(16.78 KB 300x375 manbaffled.jpg)

Does masturbation count as cardio?
(79.53 KB 640x360 yes.webm)

>>7241 Man I miss going to the sea and playing in the big waves. No board, no surf, just me and the angry ocean. >>7249 Does existing count as cardio?
(12.41 KB 349x349 old i have never enjoyed.jpg)

>>7250 >Does existing count as cardio? No pain, no gain... and existing counts as pain.
(55.90 KB 640x654 pepe fat slob.jpg)

>>7372 thats okay anon. its whats inside that counts. over-doing it gets the wrong kind of attention tbh <try walking more:)
(43.01 KB 413x482 dumbell lifting barbell.jpg)

good stretching not only makes you flexible, but also reduces injury.
(1.54 MB 360x360 1638478658281.webm)

(1.03 MB 576x720 1638478604447.webm)

(2.75 MB 480x854 1638478089536.webm)

(2.40 MB 426x426 1638478129033.webm)

(1.64 MB 480x850 1638605051613.webm)

(600.50 KB 640x640 1638605111207.webm)

(1.87 MB 720x868 1638605169416.webm)

(2.12 MB 744x748 1638605261878.webm)

(1.31 MB 640x576 fit leg exercise2.webm)

(1.03 MB 480x848 1638647121669 (1).webm)

(1.15 MB 640x360 fit leg destruction..webm)

(1.03 MB 576x1024 1638477545432.webm)

>>7625 >Fourth video His bones left humanity behind.
>>7911 Damn that rekt, looks like a fugging cartoon.
(55.40 KB 500x500 shopped.jpg)

>>7911 do you think its real? i want it yo be real, but it has a cgi feel to it.
(1.68 MB 480x480 backflip.mp4)

>>7917 >looks like a fugging cartoon same. something is off (((tbh)))
(226.34 KB 700x402 jesus ripped.jpg)

fugg it, going to do push ups for jesus >what im thinking 12 days of christmas pryamid for 12 days
(6.29 KB 225x225 thinkenings.jpg)

>>8033 just a hunch, nothing else.
(1.58 MB 352x240 ayy.jpg)

12 Days of Xmas Push Ups for Jesus 1st Day of Push ups: 1 Push up
(4.41 MB 636x360 fat finn bench fail.mp4)

on the the fifth day of push ups for Jesus Christ currently First Day: 1 set 1 rep Second Day: 1 set of 2 reps (* = 1second break) 1rep Third Day: 1 set of 3 reps * 2 reps * 1 rep = 6 push ups Fourth Day: 1 set of 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 10 push ups Fifth Day: 1 set of 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 15 push ups
The Rest Sixth Day: 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 21 Seventh Day: 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 28 Eighth Day: 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 36 Ninth Day: 9 * 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 45 Tenth Day: 10 * 9 * 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 55 Eleventh Day: 11 * 10 * 9 * 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 66 Twelfth Day: 12 * 11 * 10 * 9 * 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 78
(1.61 MB 1080x1080 guillotine press.webm)

(672.58 KB 698x524 head press.webm)

(1.35 MB 720x720 peak bicep.webm)

(3.30 MB 640x1138 reverse knee stretch.mp4)

get sum
(2.92 MB 640x800 1639740252328.webm)

(1.87 MB 720x1280 how to do a reverse curl.mp4)

(1.81 MB 1280x720 leg press.webm)

(62.69 KB 720x700 suffer.jpg)

(5.03 MB 720x1280 cramp.webm)

(84.58 KB 640x640 bodybuilder.jpeg)

necro bump! <im not letting you die dammit!
>>10322 Based Chad Dwarf
(9.84 KB 312x293 poopy monke.jpg)

been taking a capful of mirolax mixed with a small amount of water/coconut water every so often. helps with the digestive tract and helps get rid of build up poo. might pick a day to do magnesium citrate for a full on detox.
(282.35 KB 640x818 1588286117255.png)

>>10364 switched from mirolax to meta-mucil. i actually talked to.a doctor and he was quite pissed i was taking mirolax without any knowledge of how it works. meta-mucil is fibre supplement, which he does reccomend and mirolax is a laxative that can cause crystals to form in my kidneys if its abused. been on meta-mucil for almost a week and i can notice a signigicant improvement in regular healthy BMs. nobody ever said being in your late 30s would be fun. started back up on pushups at the house. as soon as its nicer out ill get back to hiking/street walking.
me training for the next job
(135.38 KB 1448x1892 1519329387504.jpg)

welp, spring is almost here and its getting warm in these parts. i declare bulking season officially over. im starting to chin again, so its definitely time for cardio
(79.72 KB 255x255 shitposting.png)

>>10514 >metamucil still amazing. regular epic shits is what they should rebrand it as. t.shitter
(1021.14 KB 1200x1600 DSC_0000360.jpg)

(877.19 KB 1600x1200 DSC_0000361.jpg)

(923.74 KB 1200x1600 DSC_0000362.jpg)

(336.80 KB 1200x1600 DSC_0000363.jpg)

>>11055 >spring is almost here and its getting warm in these parts Yup, gone for a hike yesterday, wandering the country looking for new mountain bike trails. Found an abandoned mine. Will crawl in it soon. Did some mudlarking in swampy areas to, found an handcrafted wood candle holder with nice craftsmanship features.
(376.01 KB 265x256 georgie.png)

>>11063 dont go down there bro.
(29.92 KB 600x338 injun_joe.jpg)

>>11065 Agreed. We all remember what happened to Injun Joe.
(135.35 KB 720x485 mine.jpg)

(115.17 KB 900x437 mine3.jpg)

>>11065 >dont go down there bro. Sure I will do some prep before. >adapted clothes and boots <get >a good flashlight <get >ropes <get <shovel <get >first aid kit <get >climbing gear <get >helmet <get >some courage <get Well what could happen to me down there ? The mine collapsing on me, some spooky scary ghost encountering, me being lost forever inside the belly of the earth. Will ask a friend to call for help if I don't chek him after 24 hours (cellphone will not work underneath). Will give you more news, I plan to go when the weather will be more sunny (there was some rain these days and I think there is some water beneath). Here are some photos of the mine I found on internet. Can't wait to see it by myself.
(1.16 MB 3500x2332 IMAG0001.jpeg)

>>11083 Take a girl with you, so you have something to eat when you get lost down there.
(10.91 KB 250x257 laugh cartman.jpg)

>>10322 >5'11'' That's an evil edit.
>>11086 That would be cool to go down with a girl. Down in an abandoned mine would be a nice BDSM dungeon and a nice place to fuck (it may be cold and went down there tho). I'm not a lot into eating girls tbh.
(1.15 MB 460x816 fear olympics.mp4)

(49.64 KB 680x630 c9ad49ac.jpg)

>>11098 broOo, dont do it bro.
(504.60 KB 240x240 Midget_Front_Flip.webm)

>>11110 i dont understand whats going on. it seems more on the monster rockstar redbull ADHD routine over fear. 9 out of 10 r8 on Athleticism >>11087 ūüôā
(20.39 KB 500x500 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>11063 >new mountain bike trails Had a good ride this morning along the river in the sunny days of the young spring. New bike is very good. >feels good man >>11120 >broOo, dont do it bro. I definitively will. Waiting till summer in hope there were less water inside the mine. I spoke to someone who went there some years ago and he definitively made me want to go. I think I will buy those fishing pants to be sure I stay dry.
(26.67 MB 1080x720 Is This Guy Even Real.mp4)

starting soon. going on all water intake for liquids. eat what i usually eat and back to hiking. seriously thinking about getting a bicycle this year. was on the fence last year tbh
>>11421 >seriously thinking about getting a bicycle this year Do it. but don't ride it in crowded city. Bad things can happen. Go to the countryside. I like bicycling. Hiking is good to. End of coronavirus restrictions here, plan to go back to the swimming pool and to the climbing club.
(401.07 KB 960x1280 la_montée.jpg)

(210.10 KB 1280x960 Le_sommet.jpg)

>>11434 Climbed a local little mountain today. Damn it's been a long time I didn't do that. On the road it was easy but I tried some little rocky pathways and I was forced to go by foot for the last part, and even by foot as a good walker it was quite hard (pushing the bike was not helpful). I usually ride along the river, it's more comfy. Also some good technical paths but no big climbing. Just came back to home, took a good shower and exhausted on my sofa listening some Miles Davis with the warm afternoon of the young spring sending flower scents and birds songs by my open window, drinking a cold beer. >good feels.
(84.80 KB 640x544 cool shirt.jpeg)

>>11550 nice, i dropped some serious cash on a project. sadly the bike will have to wait. hiking is still good for me, but the scenary is limited. i envy your adventure!
(4.61 MB 1500x1500 matt furie - NFT 8.mp4)

weather is getting nicer. hiking soon. >redbull and soda cut completely out of my diet. >nuts and granola injected into my diet, chased with water. >weighed 235lbs last year >weighed 205lbs last year after hiking and all water intake <currently weigh 220lbs the winter was been cruel.
(663.18 KB 360x360 fat gaining.mp4)

Doing it right
(56.82 KB 550x393 jew-jistu.jpeg)

(416.92 KB 498x498 box.gif)

Started some krav-maga lessons with my work (private security). Very effective for self-defense and pleasant to practice, also well adapted for my jobs. Instructor is very competent (may be involved with IDF and / or Mossad shits as an Israeli). Now roast me /pol/, I dare you t. not a Jew
(1.66 MB 2048x1094 bill and ted.png)

I do a pretty modest routine of weights, bit of cardio, swimman (wewther permitting) and calisthenics (essentially jail work outs on children's jungle gyms like a creep). Not weighed myself in years but I do know that size 30 pants are pretty dang loose on me and my abs seem to be developing their own abs. Make of that what you will. I don't do a lot of supplements, but I can say a recent game changer for me in terms of energy boosting and mental clarity was getting nascent iodine and taking a drop every morning with water before eating anything.
>>11745 Based
>>13111 Nice glowing trips
(9.88 KB 657x527 apu anonymous.png)

>>13111 Would you like to pick new poster name? Based works for me if you happen to not return:^) LEMME KNOW!
>>13116 based poster name is based indeed. +1
>>13111 Leafless Canadian ftw
(54.07 KB 800x708 trt-zen-healthcare.jpg)

has anyone trt?
(49.03 KB 726x887 muscular_doomer.jpeg)

>>13147 >me fit but still depressive
(262.01 KB 720x726 1655140062444.png)

lost 5 pounds just by eliminating consuming soda . 5 more pounds to go and i will be a content man.
(2.18 MB 406x720 extreme gym.mp4)

>>13217 >eliminating consuming soda Soda not good. Keep it up man !
(29.41 KB 300x289 muscles.jpg)

ate a salad today
(608.22 KB 608x3892 stretching.jpg)

(50.60 KB 600x362 hand placement.jpg)

(1.57 MB 2481x6600 1411340789740.jpg)

I mainly exercise in order to maintain strength, stamina, agility and flexibility, having looks is nice too, but that's not my focus. Form fallows functionality, beauty fallows form and all that. I'm a bit underweight at present time, because poor neet, but that's fine while summer lasts.
>I can't find the old one. gotcha family, here's the old one merged to your thread.
(143.19 KB 443x342 brain crazy.png)

>>14328 Thanks! Man, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the amount of replies. If it was there still and I missed it, my apologies. Chalk it up to the brain being forced at gunpoint to kick the sugar habit cold turkey.
(38.38 KB 640x361 fatty workout.jpg)

Gah. I plateaued at 269. Still eating right and smaller portions, but it seems that killing sugar only took off 11 damned pounds. Today I hit our busted-ass, Costco-bought eliptical machine. Then I did as many situps as I could for five minutes. Then I did some light weights (5 lb dumbells my daughter bought). 50 bicep curls on each arm and... whatever the hell you call it when you're bringing the weights up to a T-position in a futile attempt to dump underarm fat. Depressing. And it only gets worse for me because, when I'm depressed, I crave junk to help me deal with it. I'm not giving in, but holy crap do I want to.
(84.47 KB 748x935 apu family.jpg)

>>14475 keep up the work! >me been eating better, then fucking it up with redbull. meats and greens mostly, sprinkled with bullshit food.
(8.84 KB 251x242 frogseriously.jpg)

>>14485 Man, Apu gets all the trim. >redbull Dude, no! Sugar and heart palpitations! Weighed myself again, today. It read 266 and I was all "Hallelujah! The plateau has been destroyed!" Then I took a dump, shaved my head and face, and showered. Before I got dressed, I figured I had better double-check to make sure I had the right number. 269, again. >mfw What the hell?! How am I HEAVIER after taking a dump and shaving away some hair?!
(1.45 MB 460x460 gym.webm)

(928.94 KB 400x400 rope snap.mp4)

(1.08 MB 428x428 snap.webm)

(1.63 MB 480x854 zoomer push-ups.mp4)

(121.79 KB 1080x1404 FZRpRwHXoAATyaS.jpg)

me inspiration
(856.54 KB 400x300 R.gif)

>>14475 >Gah. I plateaued at 269 And continued to... until the other day, when I made a horrifying/relieving discovery. Remember when Homer was trying to gain 300 pounds to go disability and he kept forgetting to keep his gut off the towel rack during weigh-in? Well I had a similar experience. >be me, fatty but improving >get on scale >269 >what in the fiery hell?! >remember Homer >remember that Homer was thwarted by the towel rack >take good look at analog scale >scale's set to +5 instead of 0lbs as default >what?! >flip scale over and finally see a tiny dial on bottom >it's set at about the same height as the little bathroom floor rug near the sink >start doing complex equations in my head >realize that every time I've moved the damn scale out from its spot near the wall, I've also been slightly adjusting this bloody wheel by about half a pound >so I've been actually slowly losing weight, but I've been tricked by this Godless machine into thinking I'm not getting any better >both relieved that I'm actually at 264 and enraged that I've been gaslit by a bathroom scale Was pinching my flab today and the brown fat has definitely retreated a little. Not much, but enough for hope. I've got to get serious about the sit-ups in order to not flap when I walk.
(11.15 MB 1920x1080 fat_shaming.webm)

>>14857 have you considered gastric-bypass, lap-bands or those recent experimental weight loss miracle (((pharmaceuticals)))?
More than 3 hours of intensive mountain bike with some hardcore pathways. A little swim in the river at the end to refresh me up and clean the sweat, the mud and the blood (I went through very uncrowded and narrowed paths, my legs and arms getting hit by the shrubs and bushes full of thorns). Seen lot of those gorgeous green lizards and some Common Kingfishers. One also flew in front of me for moment as if he wanted to show me the way, his electric blue feathering shinning briefly in the sun that passed through the gaps in the trees. Was nice. >things were hard, muddy, sweaty and bloody. >feels good.
(171.61 KB 1660x1896 rage HD.jpg)

>>14896 Considered but rejected. Especially the stomach staple. >be me, 5 years ago >friend I hadn't seen in awhile told me he saw my abusive BPD third girlfriend a year before, and that she was a big fat cunt >remember two days later and do a search >find out she's running a "gastric bypass support group" and looks pretty much like she did back in high school >mfw Fast forward to today, and I've decided that, despite being middle-aged with the metabolism of a sloth, I'm determined to take off the weight honestly and eat more healthy. If that means I'm still slightly overweight, then so be it, but I'm recovering more energy as I lose the flab, so I'm hoping this eventually snowballs me into full Swipe Right territory (not that I would ever date again; CY+7 women are completely fucked, but I just want the middle-aged gals 'mirin') >>14857 I'm at 262. I would be lower but depression has had me reaching for the pain-killer comfort food. HOWEVER, despite wanting the bad stuff, I've been doing my best to snack healthy, so at least I haven't GAINED, I've just not lost any. I was better, today, and I'm going to keep plugging away at it. I'm hoping by this time next year to have lost AT LEAST 60 pounds.
>>15103 >see my brother and sister-in-law >mention it's going well >SIL says she can see it in my face getting thinner >mfw On the other hand... >daughter and boyfriend come over to pick up something they need >daughter walks in with box of donuts from legendary local shop >hands wife a Boston Cream >closes box >wife says "Didn't you get one for your dad?" >daughter says "He's cutting out sugar" >mfw no donut >"He's doing well and I don't want to mess that up for him" >mfw daughter is showing support by denying me the sweet, sweet donut
(1.14 MB 574x432 simpsonsgiantgoldhomer.mp4)

>>15143 260 as of this evening's weigh in!
>>15156 Gah! Had steak last night and had some tinned corn with it, disdaining the other sides provided. Looked at the tin afterwards and the fuckers added sugar to it. Haven't weighed myself but I had a rough night's sleep because of it.
(33.39 KB 460x540 LOTR poop.jpg)

>>15168 >go to new PF Chang's location in city because my social group won't just stay at home to eat because "normal" >tasty food, I guess, although mushrooms in wonton is absolutely haram >I was a good boy. I tried one small piece from the dishes and stuck to a bigger bowl of soup >fucking friend orders huge slice of 8 layer cake, but I was strong >get home >start preparing food for my carefully portioned meals that I eat during the week to keep from porking out >halfway through, my stomach suddenly does a dive to the left, and I switch off the burner and run for the bathroom >everything... EVERYTHING... comes out at once. Literally all the poop I was storing in one horrid exit. >stomach feels like it was kicked by Pélé in his prime I'm afraid to weigh myself in case it shows I lost an organ
(1.52 MB 247x194 zootopialaugh.gif)

>>15187 Down another belt size. Altogether that's 4 holes from my starting loop.
>>15238 Nice champ. Keep it up guys !
(10.46 KB 240x255 gong of doom sounded.jpg)

>>14326 Posting in the spirit of doubledipping. Higher level calisthenics are probably the most effective means of exercise which require minimal setup or motivation. Try to get yourself a dip station between 3-4ft or higher. you'll want to avoid anything shorter as it'll be too low to give you the wingspan necessary to work your strength level up or have full range of motion for leg lifting or core raising exercises. Dipping is the best, all shoulder/back pain from prolonged shitposting will be relieved as you dip yourself into attaining dorsal fins.
(242.09 KB 1280x720 1472909240001.jpg)

>>15156 not too shabby. keep it up!
(30.37 KB 720x743 fatty nothing wrong.jpg)

>>15240 >>15250 My 3XL shirts are starting to hang off me like I was a flying squirrel! >>15244 Thanks, fren. I'll keep it in mind. My hardest fight is forcing myself to excercise, and I'm not doing great at it. Once I do it, I feel great, but getting myself mentally there has been a huge challenge. But I'd better get with it or I'm going to end up with a bunch of loose stomach skin hanging off me.
(70.39 KB 507x334 kidsuccess.jpg)

>>15286 Weighed myself again, tonight. 258. I can almost see my penis.

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