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Minimizing Client Tax Burdens Lage Anderson 08/09/2022 (Tue) 12:32:58 No. 14673
Good evening. My name is Lage Anderson and I am a tax professional. I am passionate about minimizing my client's tax burdens. Please fax me if interested: 650-342-7685
(802.54 KB 1024x984 1660076489248.png)

>>14673 >Lage So is it "Layj" or "La-guh" or "Lajay?"
>>14680 This gentleman is highly memeable, guys. I kind of feel like we could make him our own.
(1.53 MB 976x549 Lage shredding party.png)

(54.36 KB 404x433 movie coverage.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1430x1071 tax.png)

(199.97 KB 720x312 Can't Sage the Lage.jpg)

(172.32 KB 1919x953 lol.jpg)

LOL ! /*Board Tan*/ body { background-image:url(/.media/8953308d987dcf6cb29e85971cfc121696d5c775b2cabdfad2d42841755826350.png) ; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: right bottom; }
>>14720 can you make him bounce around the screen thnx
(29.10 KB 615x588 cwoln.jpg)

(599.42 KB 616x734 smil.png)

(199.81 KB 1294x1244 .webp.jpg)

(157.20 KB 666x606 Page from Lage.jpg)

(57.99 KB 754x600 Lage Frog.jpg)

(956.49 KB 1200x800 cece.png)

(3.45 MB 377x372 laugh gal.gif)

You're all sick fucks and I love you
(123.88 KB 1080x691 lagedception.jpg)

(835.25 KB 474x599 of1kijiv copy.png)

>>14673 So, "Lage," you going to 'fess up why you posted this poor bastard's cheerful countenance?
(51.80 KB 714x702 frog pepe ultraHD.jpg)

Guys... maybe it's just me, but Lage actually looks like the kind of guy who'd walk by, see you were having some trouble lifting or fixing something, and offer to give you a hand.
>>14846 He definitively have that good fella vibe on his face. I like it.
(439.32 KB 474x316 OIP copy.PNG)

>>14848 I'd be like "Darn this lawnmower!" and Lage would be all "Hey, neighborino! Having some trouble with the mower?" and I'd be all "Lage! Yeah, buddy, the darn thing quit on me again" and he'd go "You know, I had a similar problem. Turned out it was the darn cable to the sparkplug! Let me just... tighten... THERE! Give it a try!" and I'd go "No way that actually--" and the mower would be all "BrbrbrbrrrrBRRRBRRRBMMMMMMMMMMMM" and I'd just go "Lage, buddy, let me buy you an iced tea" and we'd sit on the porch and things would be allllll right.
Lage will even offer you iced tea made by his sweet little wife. And you will spend some good time chatting about some simple pleasures of life while his cool dog come for some scratchies. Lage is the man for sure.
(71.62 KB 894x894 frog pepe monitor.jpg)

>>14858 I don't like that I'm falling in love with Lage, guys.
(120.21 KB 404x404 lage negated!.jpg)

(107.63 KB 927x831 Fat and Happy Lage.jpg)

(83.44 KB 404x404 lageboy.jpg)

(165.24 KB 500x380 getting laged.jpg)

(16.68 MB 1920x1080 nyantax.mp4)

(17.35 MB 1920x1080 nyantax.mp4)

>>14938 Messing with kdenlive. Original song (other one was pitched down).
>>14880 >Lage goes in all fields!
(1.45 MB 256x256 video_1662086647115.mp4)

>>14673 Are you ever going to tell us what the deal is with Lage? Do you know him?
>>15157 (OP) is Lage. Current address for Lage is 225 Warren Rd, San Mateo, CA. Lage E Andersen and Modell M Andersen are connected to this place. Here is Lage's phone number — (650) 343-9683 (Pacific Bell). Three persons, including Modell M Andersen, Lage E Andersen, Delaney M Andersen, listed the phone number (650) 343-9683 as their own, various documents indicated. Zip code 94402 (San Mateo) average rent price for two bedrooms is $3,480 per month
(117.25 KB 239x294 zootopia unimpressed.png)

>>15163 >(OP) is Lage I don't believe that. Lage wouldn't be a spammer douche. Just look at that face. The dude's nothing but honest and is obviously a bro.

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