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s o c i e t y Bwak! 08/15/2022 (Mon) 12:58:06 No. 14794
i am thinking... are we all living a lie? what is society of? is it all lie, or is it just self-autonomous selection thing, some kind of gate-keep, ostracization by what THIS society seems to sort by?
>>14794 *crickets*
>>14794 >thinks unironically there is A lie and A truth >don't even imagine there can be lines between and beyond >don't even try to break the concensus by questionning the lie / truth duality lurk more
>>14796 so what are you talking about, in fact, is just incomplete information, data like that? what is the purpose of lie, if not to harm (now not talking white lies)?
how to contribute to society so one dont have to throw up from all the BS happening, all the people around, being blatantly ignorant of world, things they could, but have no will nor time to solve? when will this shit-show end? seems like one big masquarade of dullness, ignorant-pill and running away; from whatever is going on, not admitting a thing, just the stare of hopelessness and misery? we all know something will happen one way or another. that this will stop; either some kind of Agenda 2030, war of soc. classes, or some purge... simply, quitting all this nonsense fooling around and pretending that heat is not here, that people wont colab even if it had to help them all (either against another group, or smething big oppresing, or, just making them mad) just pretending; running away; copium; all at once, "everything IS (just) f(*'in)ine!!!" (/s) where it is NOT!
>>14801 *when it is NOT
(1.43 MB 1280x720 YES!.webm)

>>14794 > are we all living a lie?
>>14800 >what is the purpose of lie <what is the purpose of truth
>>14805 🎵 I've been living a lie, a metamorphical scheme Detective undercover, brotherhood, objective, obscene Oh, no, no, oh yeah 🎵
>>14805 but we cant know, or can we?
the truth is wrapped in lies
>>14824 what now then? what is certain? what is reality?
https://youtu.be/W93XyXHI8Nw eh, everything is fiiiine
You know what? Human condition is all you'll ever experience. Want something moar, something beyond? Well, too bad.
love is the answer
(71.87 KB 960x924 1659233833304200.jpg)

society is just a gathering of people quoting the same tv shows and movies. nothing is genuine, everything is counterfeit. read a book, i dont!
(100.70 KB 828x1045 bed time.jpg)

New Name: Society Man
>>14888 always
>>14887 prolly that
(90.15 KB 611x767 1534899671151-0.jpg)

>>14944 <Society makes a unnatural death sound appealing
(108.21 KB 462x561 Ted_Kaczynski.jpg)

(7.39 MB 960x720 tedcore.mp4)

*societies at you*
>>14956 >that music When you think of Uncle Ted... Do you really think of niggerbop and synthesizers? You don't think maybe a single acoustic instrument and a white man singing might be more suitable? What with him hating electronics and all?
(715.90 KB 360x360 Ted Kaczynski many men meme.mp4)

(83.73 KB 750x654 !.jpg)

>>14957 >When you think of Uncle Ted... Do you really think of niggerbop and synthesizers? Yes
(139.84 KB 678x651 TED WARNING.jpg)

(693.83 KB 500x500 ted.gif)

(138.30 KB 1024x744 TED.jpg)

(4.00 MB 600x600 nope.webm)

>>14957 Hey, I got this one with that Aboriginal wood tube.
>>14953 sus, sauce?
>>14973 i see, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archaeology/news/brain-magnets-decrease-faith-in-god-religion-immigrants-a6695291.html interesting then, there is nothing to do, just wait til someone use (like, all the time)(this) knowledge to make their dreams come true hmmm, so... it seems so, when we build this world so simple now we can replace ourselves with machines, what is human life worth of, now!!?
>>14794 society without cornerstones is lost one too much freedom and indifference, no archor... point of reference :/
(335.48 KB 480x600 busted.webm)

*enters society*
>>14994 me fr
>>15006 to say, holden caufield is shitty role model, but what are yours? cant figure it out for me - the new one :(
>>15012 we dont take kindly to no cauliflower holding round here best you hold cauliflower somewhere else boy
>>15013 yes, he was pretty cauliflower, stinking everywhere, but problems (he had) nowhere to find answers to
(2.37 MB 854x480 Peng dood.mp4)

we live in a society
(857.16 KB 498x347 691.gif)

Society live in we.
>>15030 the f what :|
(6.82 MB 406x720 car nigger.mp4)

(3.86 MB 640x360 cars.webm)

>>15038 society stuff, i wouldnt get it. people have different experiences with cars, i guess?
>>15042 I wish whoever made that cars webm made more of them. Dope af.
(1.97 MB 498x360 G O O D M O R N I N G .mp4)

>>15080 they are fun
>>15082 https://youtu.be/Ki-fATpXa00 (Saint Pepsi - Private Caller) m e m o r i e s p a s t f u t u r e
>>15042 The only thing more hilarious than sovereign citizens is sovereign negroes. It's like they all got together and asked "Cops are already sick of our shit, but how can we make them REALLY pissed?"
i wonder, what things are important? i either deem everything as important, or nothing there is no in-between for me, and it drives me nuts
>>15403 so, how it goes? idk, how to describe it it sucks, but i am afraid if i change, i will not recognize myself and puke
(51.73 KB 370x604 cringe too stronk.jpg)

>>15403 >>15405 nothing matters. execise and get strange.
(3.64 MB 848x436 2tOtmhWG7OwXvdsC.mp4)

(553.14 KB 561x960 safe-t act.png)

live outside society if you are able to. its too late for me, but if i knew about permaculturism 10 years ago we would even be having this conversation tbh

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