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The Black Problem Bwak! 08/17/2022 (Wed) 21:04:47 No. 14877
The blacks are committing massive amounts of violent crimes around the globe. How do we end their reign of terror? We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I strongly suggest you *DOWNLOAD* and learn the PDF available here, containing all the information you’re not allowed to know and much more: https://files.catbox.moe/52salp.pdf (67 pages, 50 MB) (infographics, lulz, and others) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The jews are running the government and media and they’re rigging the system for niggers to attack whites. https://youtu.be/4fsJGrx99R4 Liberal democracies, as espoused by the jews, are anti-white. Jews and niggers are the oppressors, not the oppressed. We are in a situation where we cannot rely on or trust the governments. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The nigger problem must be brought to everyone’s attention until it is fixed. Whites are being punished for acting too civilized and not fighting back. Any diversity laws must be repealed. We must destroy anti-racism. Get some TBP, TBP = Tight Black Pussy ------------------------------------------------------------------ The coal toll is your soul. https://youtu.be/KpQ9T9UQHAw ------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyone who is racist against whites must leave the country. If someone doesn’t like this topic it means they’re racist against whites. Learn to identify and disregard/disarm anti-white people/shills in person and online.
Important and uncensored information on the black problem. How do we end their reign of terror? Comprehensive PDF available here containing all the information in this thread and much more: https://files.catbox.moe/52salp.pdf (67 pages, 50 MB)
>>14525 Focus on yourself more than niggers. Knowing knowledge that proves niggers are the scum doesn't really do anything productive (I would know). BTW Fuck Jews and fuck niggers.
(1.65 MB 697x8275 Africans.png)

(216.91 KB 814x1024 Zawania.jpeg)

Besides some racist memes I don't saved lot of redpills on the nog problem. It's just brain consuming to always focus on this shit when you're already aware.
(86.19 KB 500x415 golem crafting.jpg)

>>14525 > The Black Problem tl;dr - primitive people weaponized by jews
(1.36 MB 1200x800 ClipboardImage-1659695818.png)

>>14567 woof, that is sum black hate!
(1.17 MB 1024x683 nigger bike.png)

i see a future hell's angel
(2.98 MB 1024x576 NEGAAAA.mp4)

(7.11 MB 636x360 ghetto 711 nigs.webm)

(9.95 MB 640x640 black on drugs.mp4)

(4.22 MB 434x720 sleepy nigga.mp4)

(117.41 KB 554x605 why ppl.jpg)

>>14598 rofl
>>14570 You can take the boy out of the cargo cult but you can't take the cargo cult out of the boy
(7.00 MB 640x360 blk summun needs ta pay.mp4)

(790.46 KB 460x256 blk the Paralyzer.mp4)

(232.14 KB 344x329 blk stench predator.png)

(769.78 KB 1244x2880 blk africa zulu.jpg)

(104.83 KB 320x240 Rofflecopter.mp4)

>>14634 >rohl LOL!™
>>14675 you the same Jap flag that is on bronnen, mint and kc? out of curiousity, where else did you post? this will serve as new nigger thread
(4.80 MB 480x360 blk boondocks MLK.webm)

(35.18 KB 451x271 jstew451.jpg)

>>14877 >we're dicks. >get whitey! what a dirty jewbag:)
(258.90 KB 828x693 1660688209358823.jpg)

(5.19 MB 480x676 nigger heaven.mp4)

(52.00 KB 602x684 usa_cops_legalized_stealing.jpg)

(8.48 KB 400x400 city ruiner.gif)

(98.06 KB 700x1189 niggers_stealing_free_stuff.jpg)

>The Black Problem they dont seem to have a problem. it's everyone else's problem. also not my problem, jack! when cities are dying a miserable death, move outside of the city. some call it white flight, i call it the white thing to do.
(80.67 KB 1080x816 civilization.jpg)

>>14885 teachers deserve it, they're some of the chief supporters of this sort of action as long as it isn't adversely affecting them.
(74.93 KB 750x413 2022-08-18_20_31_44_134.jpg)

>>14877 The answer is to start targetting Jewish organizations. They push for these mongrels to parasitically destroy our nations. Richard Von Kalergi dreamed it up, now it is our reality. You see Niggers, I see Judaism in effect.
(268.82 KB 1536x2048 1659787145097196.jpg)

just guessing who wrote the note
>>15052 >Going back to Amazon
(11.71 MB 640x360 blk dead giveaway.webm)

>>15052 >just guessing who wrote the note "Tryna" is a dead giveaway.

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