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M.U.S.I.C. 08/21/2021 (Sat) 18:06:49 No. 4104
Everyone listens to ɱusic! I usually can't stand Jazz! We hate children's aural hallucination! what are YOU into? I'm sure it's very mature ... I listen to THIS
(6.91 MB 640x360 ItllB(FoalVer)_tC1TuBAig4.mp4)

(9.23 MB 320x240 RyusFriend.mp4)

(25.47 MB 1280x720 WantitHoldMe-Simult.mp4)

Sometimes its the video, that makes the song.
(1014.46 KB 640x480 Gondola-wechosethis.mp4)

I wouldn't mind seeing a gondola dump, TBH
(1.38 MB 1920x1080 ColdWarGondola.webm)

(1.20 MB 360x360 bumcitygondola.webm)

(4.29 MB 640x360 australian_gondola.webm)

>>4107 i can drop what i have:)
(397.53 KB 640x360 coporate gondola.webm)

(3.89 MB 800x600 DoomGondola.webm)

(2.84 MB 640x360 DoomGondola2.webm)

(3.82 MB 640x360 FeudalGondola.webm)

(1.36 MB 640x360 gondola.webm)

(2.96 MB 640x480 gondola_-_sunless_void.mp4)

(3.17 MB 276x240 Gondola_for_your_NES.webm)

(4.08 MB 456x640 gondola-chasm.mp4)

(3.96 MB 1066x600 gondola-cyberpunk.webm)

(2.26 MB 640x352 Gondola 8bit.mp4)

(3.72 MB 704x480 gondola 3030.webm)

(1.28 MB 320x480 gondola city.webm)

(2.62 MB 1280x720 Gondola Drive.webm)

(1.37 MB 640x278 gondola interstellar.webm)

(1.99 MB 964x542 gondola late munchies.webm)

(2.61 MB 1000x564 Gondola on pier sunny day.webm)

(8.67 MB 1280x720 gondola rare.webm)

(3.36 MB 400x225 Gondola Shiver.webm)

(2.55 MB 488x360 gondola shower.webm)

(3.99 MB 1280x720 gondolaspaceship.webm)

(3.54 MB 350x230 gondola trains peace.webm)

(4.03 MB 640x360 gondola vice.webm)

(679.69 KB 900x400 gondola vr.webm)

(655.28 KB 640x360 gondolawaveee.webm)

(15.84 MB 640x360 pepe vs gondola.mp4)

(985.79 KB 638x268 Pointillist_Gondola.webm)

(2.37 MB 480x360 spacegondola.mp4)

(5.61 MB 1920x1080 SpaceGondolaCrash.webm)

(16.06 KB 327x379 gondola.jpg)

thats all the gondolas i have!
(8.98 MB 1280x720 to go to bed forever.webm)

(8.78 MB 1000x1000 CyberPunk_gondola.webm)

(4.78 MB 380x260 SeaCreatures.webm)

(7.19 MB 500x281 Rising_sun.webm)

(16.97 MB 640x360 VoreMLP.webm)

One gondola, several randos.
(19.25 MB 816x572 float on.mp4)

(3.16 MB 640x360 1504820561004.webm)

(1.19 MB 640x480 1447337950001.webm)

(1.99 MB 800x600 1447337768001.webm)

(17.22 KB 683x384 gondola cliffsa.png)

(7.64 MB 1280x720 TEARS IN RAIN.webm)

(1.40 MB 640x360 Rough_Gondala.webm)

(3.63 MB 854x480 RisingSunWarDola.webm)

(11.80 KB 664x433 gondolaclimbingacliff.png)

(676.73 KB 576x360 hard times.mp4)

(25.20 MB 640x480 Falco - Der Kommissar.webm)

(13.92 MB 634x360 joji - WORLDTAR MONEY.mp4)

(10.75 MB 480x264 boygem.mp4)

(1.60 MB 480x452 1466706767000.webm)

(719.19 KB 460x480 me_going_to_store.mp4)

(3.80 MB 567x590 b.webm)

The catalog seems to be missing a thread. Complainer pissed more than just the locals? I posted a webm and don't remember if it was good enough to post somewhere else or not. But I don't think so. Have some pony aural hallucination.
(74.15 KB 1092x720 (you)-1.jpg)

>>4366 >missing board bashing threads yeah, i migrated the one thread to a similar thread. turns out both threads were his and he deleted. took care of itself:)
(682.70 KB 990x700 Appuls.jpg)

(205.31 KB 2400x2172 Arryanne_LaughsDerisively.png)

(3.18 MB Naked+Famous.opus)

(5.50 MB 05-Megaghost.mp3)

>>4368 I literally can't stop laughing. Well, okay maybe I just chuckle again every time, still, that I glance back at this thread.
(25.89 KB 644x800 QF1JroZ.png)

>yeah, i migrated the one thread to a similar thread. turns out both threads were his and he deleted. took care of itself:)
(54.55 KB 464x332 mad.jpg)

>>4373 >tfw psyop fail
(1.85 MB 392x376 robocop bebebe.mp4)

(6.40 MB 720x480 VCR - Sparksss.webm)

(3.00 MB VCRSparks.mp3)

>>4389 i almost forgot how good Mew is! >and the glass handed kites album best prog rock imo
(53.52 KB 400x400 godspeed you! kot.jpg)

>>4517 still holds up. great build up. long ass sitting song.
(2.08 MB 640x360 Peppa cursed music.webm)

>>4104 >We love children's aural hallucination! what are YOU into?
>>4638 Yeah, I was referencing that one. What's the source song?
(10.51 MB 1280x720 UrsineVulpine_WikdGame .mp4)

Nearly there
(5.93 KB 206x210 face of death.jpg)

>>4663 >tormentor woah, nice song!
>>4676 you like industrial?
(12.03 MB KMFDM - Zip.mp3)

>>4678 >industrial once upon a time, yes.
>listening to this song now seems liked it borders the erotic
(8.82 MB 352x240 france_thunderbird.mp4)

>>4639 I dunno sorry fren. The hurdy gurdy goes brrrrrrrrr
(24.98 MB 1280x720 ATC - Around The World.mp4)

>>4855 Nostalgia. >>4678 >you like industrial? YES. Especially really dirty noisy industrial. Vid related, boomers gone mads.
Do... Do you want some discipline senpai?
(20.04 MB 640x358 Cher - Believe.mp4)

(19.09 MB 640x360 Dannii Minogue.mp4)

(19.84 MB 640x360 Kylie Minogue.mp4)

(6.80 MB 726x720 Ode To My Family.mp4)

(15.40 MB 480x360 Azuras_star.mp4)

>>4861 >know who cher is >know shes a woman >never cared about artist names just the nice sounds they make Holy shit, I always thought the singer was a guy.
>>4868 >>4868 Yes when I was a kid I thought it was a transexual or something. Cher is pretty old school she debuted in the 70's with Sony in the TV show Sony and Cher.
>>4876 Cher has a nasty habit of killing folks, from Sergie Kourdakov in 1973 up through her own ex in 1998. Never trust an Armenian.
(20.82 MB 640x360 Robert Miles - Children.mp4)

(7.40 MB 356x360 The Touch.mp4)

>>4877 >Never trust an Armenian exceptions can be made fren:)
>>4879 nice techno!
(6.46 MB 368x360 Thunder in Your Heart.mp4)

Feels Like Halloween
(29.51 MB 640x480 Space - Magic Fly.webm)

>>4866 >car vid First thought was this from Weebl -- err, excuse me Savlonic -- musïc is upper-meh but video is memorable. Or at least I remember it, but can never find it because I keep forgetting whose video it is or who's singing or about what. More savlonic coming? They have some okay stuff, really. But see here -- this other video keeps getting b&'d because MTV had a special deal where you could only see it the once. Except that was over the internet so whatcha gonna do? POST IT HERE, OF COURSE plus posting some other noise to round out your hallucinations this morning.
>>5069 >röyksopp - remind me both versions are great. im partial to Melody A.M. version. but i do like "(Someone Else's Radio Remix)" too:) THANK
(3.21 MB Scary Garry.mp3)

(3.77 MB Remind Me.mp3)

(9.09 MB 1280x720 Space Kots.mp4)

(28.88 MB 492x360 Justice -Stress.mp4)

>>4678 I have some furry industrial
>>5124 >megaman track Nice.
(4.12 MB dead-star.mp3)

>>5124 >deadstar Nice! have song named dead star
minimalist keyboard dream pop
>back to mine series what musicians listen to at home
Edited last time by 404 on 09/22/2021 (Wed) 03:06:41.
>>5169 these guys are usually alright. Kinda surprised I don't have a few more of their tunes.
if you like the first track at all, these guys are worth a listen. came out in 1997 <extremely obscure and endearing >>5173 ill drop a few more. i refuse to post the stuff they made when they decided to sell out and make "Float On", Pee Yoo!
(13.41 MB 360x360 Mario Mathy - Jambo Sana.mp4)

(4.88 MB 720x720 💿💿soon.mp4)

(12.07 MB 640x352 y2xzxy.mp4)

>>5260 That singing voice puts me in mind of David Gira (sp? Pronounced yoo-rah, more or less) I posted four over here >>1676 so while it's still I up I won't repeat those but here's a few more. I'm always amused to play "song for the sun" next to "God damn the Sun" even though they have no thematic overlap.
(3.71 MB 1280x720 superman.mp4)

you can't spell skate without ska
>>5342 blast from the past!
>>5341 >That singing voice yours reminds me of this track tbh
>>5363 Maybe a little bit, yeah. Though in your song the British accent is pretty pronounced.
>>5363 >>5364 Do you know what's near D-E ? D-I ! SLAANESH IS WITH US! Have some video-game inspired aural hallucination s
>>5363 Not my favorite DI6 album tbh but I l0v3 DI6. Gira's voice sounds more like Lloyd James the singer of Naevus.
Casio Mario World Soundtrack
>>5991 >2rd Vid >Yann Tiersen the Composer <Amélie the Movie is it an okay watch? the cover art has always been familiar. never seen (((tbh)))
>>6005 Yes it's ok to watch. Cute, but mostly a "girl movie". It's ok if you're comfy with your inner girl I guess.
(67.00 KB 540x525 1537141017045.jpg)

>>6033 WOW! not going to lie, i didnt know she was singing in english at first. very solid song tbh The Lyrics Help: Carrying prose Broke my real friend The devil bite's dirty, we wax and we wane The devil bite's dirty, we wax and wane Licking our wounds The devil bite's dirty Reckoning we'll taste We wax and we wane The devil bite's dirty, we wax and wane Caring is a bury gin shot The devil bite's dirty Up to the wee wanes Oh, we laugh in their faces The devil bites dirty, we wax and wane <mfw no 90s goth punk gf
go0D earbud musick
(31.16 MB 640x358 Trisomie 21 -The Last Song.mp4)

(167.99 KB 895x1055 IKTFdoomer.jpg)

>>6035 >mfw no 90s goth punk gf I know that feel bro.
Have you ever heard the original, non-sped up version of Caramelldansen?
(12.31 MB 480x360 Pont Aeri - Take a trip.mp4)

(52.17 KB 340x340 Mákina.jpg)

>>6255 ngl the sped up version is far way better. Here some mákina, a special blend of hardcore techno from spain. Pont Aeri was a famous club specialized in this kind of techno. All cool guys used to blast this in their car.
(4.37 MB 480x360 Real McCoy - Runaway.mp4)

>>6255 fun, the sped up version if used for cancer posts typically. original version is best version. >>6256 are the 90s on its way back? thinking maybe:)
(1.88 MB 500x540 spoopy_beats.webm)

TOR posting is completely broken; were you expecting this?
(982.72 KB 1000x1042 stickler for a tickler.jpeg)

>>6403 >TOR posting is completely broken; were you expecting this? i was not.
(34.04 KB 465x303 bald_with_ponytail.jpg)

>>6403 >saw a pony lost interest
(4.02 MB Lorn-Anvil.mp3)

(10.36 MB castle.mp3)

(248.75 KB 1200x1200 a0943946688_10.jpg)

>>6495 he is one strange hombre, thats for sure.
>>6495 >Saw link, not music >Lost interest Also, yes >>6408 TOR posting is definitely borked for this site, or at least this board. Haven't tried other boards on this site but have posted to threads on other sites today. Reply button ignores me; like the goggles, the button does nothing.
(105.74 KB 600x600 onion poster.png)

>>6516 >TOR posting is definitely borked for this site how so?
This one goes out to the Board Owner formerly known as D̶a̶v̶e̶y̶
>>6599 thanks bruh. yeah, call me what you want bruh. retards were hating on that handle bruh. not even my christian name bruh. they were coming out of the wood works bruh. shitting my board down bruh. looking for blood bruh. t. hanks for visitng bruh. means the world to me bruh.
(6.51 MB 820x720 wol.mp4)

good boomer rock song
(8.20 MB VIRGINIA.mp3)

>>6647 >boomer music spot on, love it!
Hey. It's been a while since I've been here. Well over month or two, penis more idk, time has been flying by. Anyways I've found the time to stop by.
>>6895 welcome back:)
>>6895 >penis more idk How in the fuck did i typo that...I think I was super tired but I meant penis more
>>6913 wtf happened to the word penis???
>>6914 oh ffs, nvm, i'm not coming back. i can't even write a proper sentence because of some retardation with this site.
>>6916 Word filters, amirite?
(117.70 KB 748x489 apu smug.png)

>>6913 >>6914 >>6916 lol, it was a word filter. FUN penis you come back, penis you dont
>>6895 >>6917 cool songs btw:)
>>6922 "Lurk more?"
>>6951 always be lurking fren >>6952 only ever heard this on IBs. the world is missing out. >>6957 noice!
(25.58 MB 1280x720 Tekashi69-Shinigami.webm)

(18.90 MB 1280x720 645AR - 4 DA TRAP.mp4)

okay movie, good soundtrack <i picked some of my favs
Take my hand and pray with me My final days in company The devil now has come for me And helicopters circling the scene And I pray for rest Could you pray for us? We know he loves you the best We know he loves you the best The light's inside my cave I'm tired of my pains Ooh Ooh Oh, these drugs, they play On me these terrible ways They don't pay like they used to pay I used to make it day to day No one cares for me I keep no company I have minimal needs And now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me Now they are through with me
(1.27 MB bebebebe.mp3)

(310.92 KB 355x284 Screenshot.png)

>>7399 >Shinigami >rfw the little faggot is snitching on him, too
some Lost Highway™ tracks
(45.53 KB 600x600 pepe tekashi.jpg)

>>7434 >Shinigami >rfw the little faggot is snitching on him, too did you mean >>7025 ? >rfw hmmph?
>>7456 r=Ryuk. The shinigami from Death Note. I shouldn't have to explain that one.
>>7511 believe it or not, i never made it past the first episode of death note. was not doing it for me. in that shinigami video it has a scene/snippet from black lagoon. watched the whole thing. great tiny story (((tbh)))
The late and great Levon Helm. THIS is how you combine country and rock.
(20.89 MB 640x360 The Third Child - Nobody.mp4)

Came across this guy the other day. The song is an earworm for me.
>>8812 >>8814 bought on bandcamp
(3.41 MB 312x302 approves.gif)

>>8821 >The song is an earworm for me.
(24.09 MB 1280x720 Goose - Synrise.mp4)

forgot how good this song was
also cant stop listening to this casio version of over the ice
(50.54 KB 1201x630 R.jpg)

>>6033 >but mostly a "girl movie" Meh. Tatou gets her tatas out, so it wasn't too bad. The weirdest thing about The Shape of Water is that Del Toro appears to have taken a lot of influence from French cinema, and I felt like I was watching Amelie 2: Porked By A Fishdude Still a great flick, though
>>8967 I can't find any chiptune versions of my preferred icy songings.
(2.48 MB 3000x2393 penguin apu.png)

(33.09 KB 800x800 wojak question.jpg)

>>8997 you strip the filenames?
(6.40 MB 720x480 VCR - Sparksss.webm)

(11.37 MB 640x360 DVRST - Close Eyes.mp4)

>>9114 worth ripping(((tbh)))
(2.13 MB 640x360 nasheed peppa pig.webm)

>>4104 > I usually can't stand Jazz!
(1.68 MB 476x360 1618546374364-1.mp4)

(12.15 MB 720x720 Pepe_GoldenDawn.webm)

Some interesting music encountered while researching the seventeenth letter. Also apparently Meatloaf is headed back into Hell after at least a couple trips out and back already. IOW: Michael Lee Aday is dead. Seventy-five isn't a bad run, though. Second song's title makes me think of Boswell autotuning Sagan who said (now singing) "a still more glorious dawn awaits" Which in turn makes me think of Autotune the News which used to be funny then turned political. Sad. What's not sad is you've seen clips of it before. But this appears to be the whole vid. I'll think about downloading some early autotune the news. >>9161 cute!
>>9237 Louie Anderson died, as well.
(3.92 MB 480x480 gabber.webm)

(9.02 MB 320x240 tack back our future.webm)

>>9237 >pepe nft vid i do like the song (((tbh)))
from The Source Thread
>>9242 >Louie Anderson died, as well. Louie, for all his degenerate ways, was based in the sense that some faggot tried to blackmail him by revealing that he, Louie, was gay. Louie's response was to come out of the closet. There's also the Splash show where he put his dignity on the line and managed to not bellyflop his way to failure. And then, perhaps most based of all, he had a successful cartoon on Foxkids for a few years (Life With Louie) where he made his abusive drunken father look like a complete clown in every episode. https://youtu.be/AGhRnK156jg?t=209
>>9583 I owed Louie Anderson a personal apology. I guess I don't have to do that now.
>>9643 >Orbison My negro.
>>9690 >A file had a format that is not allowed by the server. But... but they were BOTH MP3s!
(31.01 MB 720x480 American Antipathy.mp4)

>>9709 >America i did like for a time. good choice! <me like >a horse with no name >ventura highway >tinman >lonely people >i need you
still holds up
>>4372 why are you off-handing an ar-15 that's retarded.
>>10052 You don't know that Applebloom isn't left hoofed. I mean, it's unlikely, but I've also heard from a coworker, that his brother always shoots left handed even though he's not either. gets brass down his shirt and didn't want to ask for a LH-AR because "I'm not left handed" Ya well y'know...
(158.64 KB 600x485 caprisonnenfrosch.png)

>>10053 wholesome:)
>>10708 me liek sax. bonus points for nights into dreams
(23.59 MB 1080x720 Rustie - First Mythz.webm)

(1.63 MB 640x480 gondowow.webm)

(12.75 MB 400x300 pour l'amour d'un dauphin.mp4)

>>11071 Ah la poésie française...
(12.27 MB 854x476 The Prophet - Wanna Play.mp4)

going to go through my mp3s and come up with a list of songs that held up overs the years that i still like and would reccomend to irl people. >the plan >go for a drive >run through likes and dont likes >mark down likes >post muh list >???? >The Prophet
(23.11 MB 1280x720 Vladimir Cauchemar - Aulos.mp4)

>>12080 Moar flute.
>audio visual depiction of myself casually strolling into /404/
(4.52 MB Silverado.mp3)

This album is rilly gud. Great production and a weird mixture of almost House of Pain/M.O.P style shout-rap with deep euro electro/dance backdrops. Ruskie rap from Ukraine.
(7.92 MB 480x360 Michel - Na zdrowie.mp4)

///Gopnik recruitment ritual filmed/exposed!\\\
(3.83 MB 640x352 94832.mp4)

>>12133 >>12137 >>12138 >>12139 >>12161 OOOOOOooooooo!!! ill be sure to listen and rate. (You) have excellent taste in the musiques (((tbh)))
>>12194 I like Jazzy Bazz alright, tho I gotta say none of his albums have really impressed me. Just good songs here and there (like the one you posted). Sort of the same deal for Nekfeu. 'llow thé Lil Kleine vid. I know nothing about Nederland rap other than they clearly reference Harmony Korine's seminal "Trash Humpers" toward the end.
>>12192 Wish I could guarantee they're all winners, but such is not the case. Will say the "silverado" tune is a Bone$ good'un tho
>>12195 >Just good songs here and there Same for me. I must admit I'm more into old school french rap (90's ~ 2000's). And I don't listen as much hip-hop I used to do younger. I still enjoy some good freestyles tho.
>>12196 Nice tunes.
And some random shits.
That's it for the moment. Don't want to fill the thread. Need to post more music from time to time. >inb4 muh cross posting
>>12081 Damn, just noiticing the fucking GIF as the same size as the full video. Need to work my skills.
>>12201 Yeah Sheesh, that early Lunatic stuff is still like catnip to me. Bit of a shame ol' B2O went in the direction he did and that his name became internet slang for big tits Great tracks, thank you!
>>12204 I'm still so unskilled I can't get SoundCloud rips with artwork
Spanish house remix of this classic by the Cure.
(14.12 MB 640x352 Oxmo Puccino - 365 Jours.mp4)

>>12361 Merci, il y a quelque chose de spécial à propos de cette époque "Time bomb". >Oxmo un autre mec qui a du talent mais qui n'a jamais réussi à retenir mon intérêt pour un album complet. Quand-même il a des grandes morceaux clairement faites pour les cafés introspectif.
(5.73 MB 1280x720 Roi Heenok.mp4)

>>12362 >époque Time Bomb. Clairement l'âge d'or du rap français oui. Du côté de Marseille aussi ils avaient faim à cette époque. Les featurings allaient dans tous les sens, les mecs travaillaient le fond et la forme et les instrumentales typiques de cette époque (beaucoup de faces B de rap US). Oxmo avait de bonnes phases mais il a évolué vers un truc plus bourgeois (il a toujours été précurseur dans cette volonté de "désenclaver" le rap de son caractère voyou. En freestyle il est tout de même assez méchant. En général je n'écoute plus trop les prods studio et me régale de freestyles. C'est là qu'on reconnaît les vrais. Et sinon, Le Roi Heenok on en parle ?
(5.08 MB 1280x720 Roi Heenok.mp4)

>>12363 >Roi Heenok.mp4 C'est mieux comme ça je crois.
>>12363 J'aime bien les impros mais par contre je considère l'artiste qui travaille ses textes en studio le vrai test de créativité. Quelqu'un de génial en termes de freestyle ne peut souvent pas faire un album cohérent pour sauver sa vie. Un peu long pour uploadé, mais bonne comme impro quand-même : https://youtu.be/6AnLDOLrUsI >Roi Heenok Enfin il est correct. La chaîne touche son pénis. C'est une déclaration précise avec une documentation à l'appui
>>12366 L'impro et le freestyle sont deux exercices différents, en général le freestyle bien que laissant parfois la place à l'improvisation consiste à poser un texte préexistant sur une instru en direct. Ce qui permet de juger le niveau du flow. Un rappeur peut-être bon en impro ET en freestyle (Fuzati, Zoxea, Busta Flex, Le Rat Luciano...) généralement ça va de pair, mais certains bons freestyleurs sont incapables d'improviser un texte (Kool Shen, Booba, Oxmo...) sans pour autant être de mauvais auteurs. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4oFiXrmEOMc https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Jg0SGhU7IlE 1995 et la clique j'avais un pote qui les écoutais beaucoup mais à ce moment là moi j'écoutais déjà moins de rap. Il faudrait que je me replonge dans tout ça.
>>12369 >Fuzati sans masque Freaky to see. Funny enough I think I've heard him use a lot of those same rhymes from the freestyle on other early tracks. >Freestyle vs. impro I will just swap and misuse terms constantly. So many times they run together for me since I know a lot of "freestyles" are written verses. Especially when you have people hyping up every line. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. >Zoxea Underrated producer too. The 2cd "jusqu'à l'amour" by 'Sages Po' was one of the first frap albums I ever got. Makes me sad there's still no proper release for the first Lunatic demo/album. >1995 I think out of all of them Alpha Wann is the most consistent. So much of what they put out is garbage though, especially sad considering the sort of talent Nekfeu has. There is that feeling with them of just a reboot of things you recognize from the 90's, but occasionally they make something good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyjQFMksvaM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-Kd2wlOHJI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r37x9Gvmn8
(1.56 MB 640x360 dancing_goat.mp4)

>frenchanon >canadanon >boat load of musiques had to stop halfway through due to time restraints. however, i will say i do like "Silverado" , weird gupnik beats from doodles, and the 80s synth from frenchanon. saved and currently giving re-listens. will pick up where i left off at some point this week. cant overload the senses or i feel ill miss out on something great shuffled in the mix. NICE DUMP!
(6.68 MB 5. I.R.L.mp3)

>>12390 Francoanon has put up a lot of great stuff, sorta puts me to shame. I got sort of excited just being able to chat about fRap, a real rarity for me, and another reason why your bort is a special place.
>>12402 No no, you already posted yours >>12399
>>12403 Is there meant to be a daily limit for musiposts? I have not contracted to these terms and conditions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2fUGXzCWhM
>>12404 Yes it's 1 music post per day so everyone gets equal attention for their music.
>>12405 Not a bad protocol, I'll try to keep to that... ...In the future. Didn't mind the Nikocado edits btw, third one gave me a chuckle.
>>12406 I deleted them because your flooding kinda ruined it.
(13.96 MB 640x360 Holland Boys - I'm Gay.mp4)

>>12411 >delete what was it?
(534.75 KB 600x598 mayhem.png)

>>12411 Well geez Mr. Onionanon, you have my apologies. I promise no more 'floods' and will lay off the musiposts for a few days to even things out. (You) have my word I won't bury anything if you decide to repost.
>>12418 Going off memory they were some musical Nikocado edits. Funny stuff which I did not mean to overshadow or diminish.
>>12418 Nice tune. Onionanon doesn't deleted anything and a sketch of Sonic spinning with his nose on a ring is still needed in order to start working on his request. Until fulfillment, onionanon is considered gay. >>12423 If you want to parler français and discuss about french rap feel free to >>>/planche/ mon ami.
(602.59 KB 640x660 roastie.mp4)

>>12424 >Nikocado heh!
>please repost them again Cope, you had your chance and you blew it.
(113.05 KB 1247x702 planche-ministre.jpg)

>>12436 >cope™ Can't/Won't. As a cancuck every day is a new opportunity to apologize. >>12426 >planche Don't mind if I do
Been a while since I been on this board. Anyways, on with the post- nvm because WAV is apparently not supported here and i'm not gonna bother converting lossless files into a lossy format for this retarded website. now i remember why i stopped coming here. >>12212 I can get the HQ stream with all the metadata (incl. artwork) so if there's anything you want hmu.
>>12451 i can ask for wav to be accepted. last time we did flac and m4a. they dont bother accepting all formats if they dont have to. ill ask today!
(5.29 MB 480x592 terrorwave.mp4)

>>12451 >>>/site/5558 request respectfully submitted :^)
wav test
"Mistakes & Regrets" If I could make a list Of my mistakes and regrets I'd put your name on top And every line after it 'Cause every inch of hope Becomes a world of shame I've had to walk through Each and every day And if I screamed, "You were wrong" At the top of my lungs It would never return All the faith that I've lost And there is nothing left to say That has not been said If I shouted, you wouldn't listen I don't think it'd even sink in If I could make a list Of my mistakes and regrets I'd put your name on top And every line after it 'Cause every inch of hope Becomes a world of shame I've had to walk through Each and every day And there is nothing left to say That has not been said If I shouted, you wouldn't listen I don't think it'd even sink in If you forget how to feel Reach inside your chest Is there a heart beating? Is there just emptiness? If you forget how to feel Reach inside your chest Is there a heart beating? Is there just emptiness?

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