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(1.50 MB 1280x720 ccrRLaOwjtPCJzY2.mp4)

Scélérat 10/22/2021 (Fri) 14:22:02 No. 6203
Biden shit his pants live on CNN
(971.91 KB 1280x720 _XmOZ6YTdR5dEpVC.mp4)

his brain falls asleep from time to time
Disregard politics, at least Trump era was full of memes. Biden is just a boring old fart that inspires nothing but pity.
(174.20 KB 366x423 joe biden.png)

biden memes are funny for different reasons. >tfw you almost survived 1 year
(62.51 KB 582x900 1634942660707.jpg)

>>6238 Got a genuine laugh out of me.
>>6203 I miss the orange guy tbh Shit was cheaper
(16.08 KB 320x320 apu cornholio.jpg)

>>6238 i need tpp for my bunghole
(165.16 KB 610x591 019.png)

>>6288 Trans-Pacific Partnership?
(44.75 KB 710x577 1634841922394.png)

>>6290 lol, you got it!
(78.84 KB 864x586 the great cornholio.jpg)

(97.17 KB 862x1149 stupid motherfucker.jpg)

you know the thing
(153.93 KB 3655x897 white house dog.png)

(2.12 MB 852x480 my butts been wiped.mp4)

He is also shitting on the floor and they blame the dog.
the original video from CSPAN--that is the original audio. give it watch:)
(135.11 KB 886x490 my butt's been wiped.mp4)

>>6520 is this the same video, different angle?
(1.32 MB 592x1280 sucking blood of kids.mp4)

(1.22 MB 640x340 biden I got hairy legs.mp4)

(308.82 KB 705x643 biden can't remember.png)

(74.64 KB 840x770 biden all along.jpg)

(289.28 KB 382x468 poo time.png)

>>6713 >blames the dog time to visit the white house
(3.65 MB 426x238 come on man.webm)

(67.80 KB 660x484 joe_fart.jpg)

So I heard that Joe farted.
(67.17 KB 652x601 sniffer.jpg)

>>6819 who ever smelt it dealt it
(568.16 KB 771x675 1630370676135.png)

(3.93 MB 1920x1080 skyrim lincoln.mp4)

(597.42 KB 575x613 trump kwon do.png)

i wish this meme was still president
>>7252 >jbfw the orange man chops the locked door open during the press conference and starts slowly striding through the wreckage
(490.19 KB 720x406 Biden - Paige.mp4)

(665.36 KB 1280x720 Biden Jet Pack.mp4)

(385.97 KB 848x478 Riden with Biden.mp4)

(42.20 KB 960x720 heyjoe.jpg)

(69.84 KB 800x600 anime Ed-ward.jpg)

>be me, surfing on 8kunt's news board >see a bunch of insufferable faggots celebrating Biden illegitimate win >mention what a farce the election was, when we have LITERAL VIDEO PROOF of the dems cheating >some faggot says "You upset sweetie?" >instead of my usual response to such a thing, I decide, just this once, to go with the truth >"Honestly? Yes, I am. A senile, racist pedophile has been elected to the highest office in the land by cheating, and you people are celebrating. Within a year you are going to severely regret this moment in history. You will see losses the likes of which you have never dreamed and all because you got triggered by some shitposts on twitter." >mocking and jeering from the faggots >"You'll see." >ffwd to now and, instead of smug, I'm still upset about how democracy was subverted and how a puppet with senility is making a fool of the United States. His commie handlers set policy in order to glom personal power and money. CNN hides everything about Hunter, including the picture from his laptop of a middle aged girl in lingerie which I wish I could unsee. The power behind the throne and their servents all deserve to be shot for what they did, but instead they are killing thousands every single day, in one way or another
(12.09 MB 640x362 Twatter coverup.gif)

>>7510 cornpop was a bad dude
(631.93 KB 854x480 biden is a sick fuck.mp4)

>>7510 > of a middle aged girl Shit, screwed that up. "Under-aged." Except that doesn't fully describe the disgust I felt at seeing a 7-9 year old in lingerie with Hunter showing her the way to the bedroom.
(341.13 KB 432x244 VID_20220206_221748_675.mp4)

(960.37 KB 1440x1215 cat kicky politician.png)

>>10215 I'm a leaf. I was envious as hell of you guys when you had Trump in charge. Now I don't know which country has the worst traitor living in Soros' and Shwab's pockets.
(173.92 KB 710x372 before and after vaxx.mp4)

(1.77 MB 1280x720 VID_20220215_225550_668.mp4)

(317.38 KB 720x406 xCUFKdNaNnvUBpDX.mp4)

(2.74 MB 1028x504 1631654097418.webm)

(2.78 MB 1080x1080 Joe NPC Biden.webm)

(120.16 KB 909x1024 1645110728036.jpg)

(4.85 MB 1280x720 k14n5CVqFkbcelYm.mp4)

(164.35 KB 1170x717 FMUD8IDX0A4oKWd.png)

(802.22 KB 1200x799 white house no clue.png)

(1.04 MB 1600x1739 ClipboardImage-1645744390.png)

(494.41 KB 733x710 1645790944667[1].png)

(88.55 KB 1280x1280 1645747624622-0.jpg)

(76.78 KB 1280x1280 1645747624622-1.jpg)

>>10572 >tfw you realize that China might have been fibbing to you about all sorts of things, but they keep writing checks and you keep cashing them
(2.35 MB 426x240 biden rant.mp4)

(447.69 KB 900x629 joe.png)

(4.55 MB 480x360 biden_caught.webm)

(148.14 KB 1080x829 me biden.jpg)

(961.84 KB 720x406 Tom Cotton - Alarming..mp4)

me the glitch
(4.32 MB 886x496 biden blablabla .mp4)

(7.71 MB 480x360 biden dementia.mp4)

(136.31 KB 1071x1101 biden.jpg)

(174.20 KB 488x467 ClipboardImage-2.png)

(906.08 KB 448x640 usa.mp4)

(3.16 MB 1280x720 6Hast_j9hg1y38AK.mp4)

(478.17 KB 700x782 8756d8da7c536608.jpg)

(87.24 KB 1024x682 FViqCoUWQAcC4lo.jpg)

BREAKING: Biden falls off his bike because he forgets to put his foot down when he stops.
(1.21 MB 672x848 VID_20220618_173633_346.mp4)

>>13261 lol!
>>13262 Oh he did put his foot down. Guess the adrenochrome shortage in his body just kicked in then.
(1.37 MB 1200x1200 biden loves children.png)

>>13284 >Guess the adrenochrome shortage in his body just kicked in then. Hey, be fair, now. It's not as easy for him to prey on victims now that he's always got the cameras on him.
(110.70 KB 223x317 zootopia WHAT‽.png)

>>13676 I've always looked at the blacks when watching this vid. It wasn't until today that I realized the interviewer is the "bussin'" meme made flesh.
(355.28 KB 652x562 zoomer eating tide pods.gif)

>>13695 >interviewer is the "bussin'" meme made flesh. im interested but also have no idea to whom youre referring
(51.76 KB 827x679 hunter_biden.jpg)

(81.12 KB 772x877 1657420404648.jpg)

(394.36 KB 684x376 Fore.mp4)

(937.52 KB 720x720 EI9LOTnR6nTlSuuq.mp4)

Weird deepfake video posted by Biden himself. Look at his eyes. Source: https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1551993265473323010
(23.38 KB 327x436 Biden - Taliban.jpg)

>>14391 he's not alive anymore, calling it!
(25.62 KB 480x470 #DarkBrandon1.jpg)

(274.73 KB 1250x1380 #DarkBrandon2.jpg)

(31.95 KB 680x509 #DarkBrandon3.jpg)

(60.12 KB 772x723 #DarkBrandon4.jpg)

(30.07 KB 503x496 #DarkBrandon5.jpg)

(40.93 KB 776x555 #DarkBrandon6.jpg)

(57.10 KB 636x424 #DarkBrandon7.jpg)

(130.18 KB 1080x1058 #DarkBrandon8.jpg)

(70.43 KB 640x640 #DarkBrandon9.jpg)

(41.13 KB 692x390 #DarkBrandon10.jpg)

(3.94 MB 1280x720 #DarkBrandon11.mp4)

(1.48 MB 640x350 #DarkBrandon12.mp4)

>Donald Trump "I'm not taking questions from CNN. You guys are fake news." >everyone freaks out >Biden "I'm not taking questions from anybody! My butt's been wiped!" >MSM completely fails to mention it We live in the worst timeline.
(1.65 MB 1280x720 biden walmart.mp4)

(1.99 MB 592x1280 Hey Joe.webm)

>>15195 It doesn't look much like Biden, and I refuse to believe his dick is that long.
>>14744 >pic 4 He's not just near him, by the way. Biden cited Byrd as a mentor.

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