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==Funny(/)Gore Thread== Steve Jobs 06/02/2021 (Wed) 20:17:23 No. 908
Since it's gone again, I'll start. Old letter colors things are better be working
(48.96 KB 604x453 autschi16.jpg)
>funny gore ill see if i can lend a hand
(6.30 MB 636x358 happy days.mp4)
>>912 >>913 >>914 Thank you for your contribution!
(917.15 KB 360x628 motor.webm)
(1.45 MB 480x848 GeorgeFloydTheIraqiVersion.mp4)
Two more
(63.80 KB 419x610 1620948830441.jpg)
>>937 shhhhhiiiieeet
(7.75 MB 720x404 erwrererwe.webm)
(2.22 MB 1920x1080 hopeWillneverDie.webm)
(6.17 KB 246x246 IcantBreed.jpg)
>>940 shieeeeet
>>945 >>946 >>947 Thanks for the contributions!
(6.74 MB 224x352 tough guy.mp4)
(3.35 MB 608x540 739457.mp4)
>>908 Pretty sure this vid counts.
>>977 I didn't understand anything from it when it was posted in endchan, I still dont know what's going on there. Thank you! >>1013 That's disgusting, Though I wonder if Gordon Ramsey is faking or being himself there. Thank you! >>1015 Thank you for your contributions!
(97.98 KB 598x800 georgefloyd1.jpeg)
(3.34 MB 640x640 dziura.webm)
>>1019 >dont get a shopper died in the mall the night before. he died standing up, rigors set in. everyone. who worked at that department store, was trying to figure out what happened.
>>1023 Did they find out what happened to him?
>>946 I'm looking for the music used in this clip if someone can help with this.
>>1036 yes, ill soundhound it for ya. its actually 2 songs blended together, which is kind of a cock tease. >ok, sourced mid-post Space Exploration by Timo Hellström <the screamer mixed into Space idk to this day.
>>1059 Dunno don't sound the same (except synths). Maybe a remix with some screamo vocals. I spend 1 hour on youtube browsing screamo and shit and it was really annoying. Anyway, thanks fren.
(14.87 MB 480x360 always forever.mp4)
>>1026 i would assume heart attack. i downloaded this from kc/int/ 2 years ago, so sourcing the complete story might be tough. he died doing what he loved. being left behind, in a shit mall, holding the bag.
(9.74 MB 640x360 baffometti 9.mp4)
>>1062 its not the same, its a mash-up. the base song is space exploration for sure. the other song laid over it, that is a mystery.
(13.20 MB 406x720 ice.mp4)
>>1063 Thank you for the info man, it's weird that no one noticed though, they probably found out that he died after a few hours or something Good one by the way, quality >>1064 Poor kids Thanks for the contributions
(10.29 MB 640x360 baffometi anime.mp4)
(5.66 MB 764x480 baffometi electric.mp4)
(7.47 MB 320x240 baffometi kids.webm)
(5.82 MB 480x360 baffometi.webm)
>>1089 that jap politician getting sworded is always fun to watch.
(14.43 MB 640x360 baffometti 1.mp4)
(15.39 MB 640x360 baffometti.mp4)
(8.80 MB 854x480 baffometti 2.mp4)
(13.37 MB 640x360 baffometti 3.mp4)
(5.61 MB 540x360 baffometti 4.mp4)
(3.81 MB 640x360 baffometti 5.mp4)
(9.79 MB 1280x720 baffometti 6.mp4)
(2.44 MB 640x360 baffometti 7.mp4)
(15.32 MB 640x360 baffometti 8.mp4)
>>1089 very edgy but nice one, thank you!
>>1098 >>1099 >>1100 >>1101 Watched them all, shit man, thanks for the huge contribution Though, I wonder, how can one find montages like that or the "funny" ones
>>1148 i know you are asking for "funny" gore. i just dropped entertaining "gore" as a sugar substitute. ill be sure to find things that meet the criteria more.
(1000.43 KB 100x300 kid nerfed.mp4)
(1.18 MB 480x848 kid ooh-la-laa!.webm)
(274.52 KB 480x480 kid subtle reprimand.mp4)
Grief, mortals, at the suffering of the children!
>>1160 >rolling start my memory bank just exploded. i fucking hated that game. i owned it, never wanted to own, had anyway. thanks for the reminder https://youtu.be/pls6OyJpCWg
Edited last time by Davey on 06/09/2021 (Wed) 12:52:51.
>>1155 >>1156 >>1157 >>1160 >>1163 Thank you for your huge contribution! The kids stuff were nice :D especially the nerfed kid and oh la la kid. Glad they didn't horribly die
I just can't find shit, all I could find were either B.C. gore compilation vids or some stupid porn shit
(1.02 MB 404x720 kid can't handle it.mp4)
(367.87 KB 292x400 kids off the wall bitchslap.webm)
(2.93 MB 222x400 kid flip of a lifetime.gif)
(1.79 MB 300x307 kid aerosol dancing.gif)
>>1166 >Glad they didn't horribly die I aim to please. I don't normally hoard gore, and if I did, it wouldn't be of kids or animals, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a non-fatal fail. Also, I'm not the /baph/ guy.
(5.68 MB 406x720 kid black babies.webm)
(1.09 MB 460x816 kid cat's asshole.mp4)
(157.63 KB 460x460 kid OH DAYAMN!.mp4)
(2.00 MB 383x225 kid life is disappointment.gif)
(978.55 KB 1047x1580 cabbagepatchskater.jpg)
>>1170 As an aside, Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia need a kick in their vaginas. Kids don't want black babies unless they actually ARE black, and sometimes not even then. >be me, about 14 years ago >Cabbage Patch Kids did a big re-release and the wife and I thought we'd better grab a couple just in case the great Cabbage Shortage of Christmas '84 happened again >it didn't >wife insisted on buying a black one as well as a white one >I was bluepilled as fuck back then but I still knew it was a waste of money >trytotellawomanno.jpg >Christmas morning >4-year-old daughter is delighted with her white Cabbage-goblin and ignores Quanesha-Margaret >goes out of her way to hide the diabolical thing >wife is disappointed in our daughter's apparent race-preference >mfw I had to patiently "mansplain" to her that she was retarded
Because this is gore-to-be This is country equivalent of simping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faRmoiDVM64
(207.38 KB 340x347 Poo baby.png)
>>1171 i liken black cabbage patch to garbage pail kid (((tbh)))
>>1169 >>1170 Thanks a lot! All great vids, especially the that kid who goes prince of persia and the one where kid falls into the abyss :D as for the kid, don't know if she's spoiled by refusing and crying to her gift or right by doing that because the baby is black, as I know kids are way more xenophobic than adults >Also, I'm not the /baph/ guy. What do you mean by that? Do you mean you're not a psycho or you're simply someone else Also, doesn't folk just doxx people in baphomet?
>>1204 They all look similar, and chubby therefore cute
>>1217 ill step in, im the baff guy cuz of baffometti vids i dropped. /baph/ on 8ch proper did doxx people among other things. wasnt a fan, plus /b2/ was waaay more into doxxing and swatting. i still have a few of their swat stream clips. >will return with swat vids i believe it was the summer 8ch got taken down.
>>1219 Nice to meet you friend! Baphomet board on 8kun and endchan are still doing the doxxing thing. As I have seen and read, they're more into doxxing assholes (or they think they are) other than any random person. Can't say I've heard of b2 but I'd love to see their vids
>>1203 How come our "GREATEST ALLY" needs so much money? Wouldn't that make them our "BIGGEST DEPENDENT," instead?
>>1217 >Do you mean you're not a psycho or you're simply someone else I meant I was someone else, but, since you asked, I'm not a psycho, either.
(57.78 KB 565x547 1556199747787-1.png)
>>1222 nice gets! if you are up to it, you can pick a New Name for posting. SEE https://8chan.moe/404/rules.html >its something i carried over from 8ch.net/caos/
>>1226 Well met, I'm not a psycho too. Anonymity makes it harder to recognize people, as that's the point anyway, but you got what I meant >>1230 Pardon my ignorance but I really don't know how to pick myself a name but thanks!
(114.26 KB 680x559 0b5.png)
>>1233 LOL! example is Plin Plom. i picked it when i got Trips! EASY AS THAT!
(3.50 MB 720x1280 2D Face Model Texture.webm)
(322.04 KB 720x404 lazy fuck.webm)
(3.98 MB 480x360 circus lions.webm)
(6.88 MB 1320x720 swatting.webm)
(11.13 MB 1304x720 swatting 1.mp4)
here's some 8ch/b2/ swattings. >inb4 its from some onion site not /b2/ <i have better ones, still digging
(20.37 KB 512x384 fuck it.jpg)
>>1235 Like this? >>1236 Reminds me of GTA Vice City >>1237 >>1238 Thank you for your contributions, good ones! >>1247 Thank you for posting those, I'm looking forward to see the others, though I wonder if you have any backstory with those, like why would they prank an old crippled lady? >>1252 Thank you!
(178.27 KB 631x474 1571636115302.png)
>>1266 >Like this? No, when you hit trips, quads, quints .your post number will be highlighted with rainbow animation. then you can request that the Anonymous poster name be changed. Example: >>1222 New Name: Ahmo i change the name and EVERYONE who doesnt namefag will be Ahmo, until the next trips, quads, quints. i know there's a language barrier but thats the gist of it. you hit trips, everyone's name is what you pick. ill set it to Ahmo so you understand the game, because thats what it is, just a Name Game:^)
Edited last time by Davey on 06/11/2021 (Fri) 20:41:42.
(2.54 MB 640x360 1448697815082.mp4)
and thats how the name game works. also lets you know im here:^) t.BO
(3.59 MB 640x352 доигралась.webm)
(16.51 MB 264x480 ultragore.mp4)
(9.70 MB 640x352 brazil prison riot.mp4)
(10.56 MB 1280x720 brazillian cop mom.mp4)
(896.06 KB 960x768 brazil starter kit.png)
(2.67 MB 450x338 Fatal Lexus Crash.webm)
>>1286 Not going to lie, that did put a smile on my face. >>1288 Why is it always Brazil?
>>1295 >Why is it always Brazil? It's a variety of issues coalescing into a pot of nightmares. Some of these issues are: >hot >poor >full of Brazilians
(210.03 KB 664x374 what the hell is even that.mp4)
>>1267 >Ahmo
(4.38 MB 640x360 polish brazilian.mp4)
>>1296 >full of Brazilians not always
(2.41 MB 460x416 Russian gunshop.mp4)
(4.12 MB 640x368 bull.mp4)
>>1267 Oh I think I got it now, I'll type in like that New Name: Example Name Thank you! >>1268 What's 65.000$ stands for? >>1286 Did the dog die or just spasming? >>1287 Yeah, seen that one, very weird that guy is still alive. I wonder what did he do to deserve that >>1288 Caralho got Caralho'd Their trademark has to be dull blades >>1289 Technology at it's finest >>1297 A short for my name but I thought only I'd have it >>1305 He's asserting dominance in Brazil way >>1310 Why would you pull a grenade's pin when you're selling it or showing it, we are kind of similar though, in here people would check gas leak with lighters :D >>1312 Thanks a lot for your contributions!
Oh I guess I have to fill the name part, or this for a day or week?
>>1335 the dog did not die its from some russian youtube channel >The Name Game dont worry bruh, Shit Poster is new name:^)
(14.17 MB 646x1080 youthsaskingmanfordirections8.mp4)
(6.27 MB 352x640 gore.mp4)
(15.11 MB 640x368 video-1623538193.mp4)
>>1338 Yeahhhh who tough nowwww
>>1337 One of the very first gore vids on the internet Did I fuck it up or someone else got the lucky number? >>1338 That guy looks like a cop, why hasn't he shoot or arrest them? >>1339 Thanks for the contributions!
(3.52 MB 640x480 Ohio_is_for_Killers.webm)
>>1348 SEE >>1333, next chance is 444:)
>>1305 >"Tarzan Boy" Based descendant of Nazis who escaped to Brazil.
(3.84 MB 720x720 hispanic white alliance.webm)
>>1352 thought it was argentina? maybe both!?
(4.42 MB 638x350 finalcollapse.webm)
(1.56 MB 288x360 MANLET_SLAMS_TRANNY.webm)
>>1351 >>1353 I wonder if there are more vids like that, different version or same context, I too downloaded that :D >>1358 >>1359 Thank you for the contributions!
(2.49 MB 360x360 oh,deer.mp4)
(255.67 KB 500x375 new kid.png)
>>1404 New filter: white = superior white (case insensitive)
>>1404 >>1405 Since when does getting a '404' post grant you the power of adding a filter?
>>1409 read das rules;^)
>>1410 >(no more than 10 characters) Unnecessary dumb rule. People should be able to use the full name length.
(70.41 KB 500x500 Question Jew.jpg)
>>1412 what is the full name length? i added the date and time for labelCreated to mobile. i didnt want to go any longer than Anonymous. this is an aesthetic move tbh. the word filter character limit was arbitrary, what the filter character limit? i may change that, since "superior superior white" goes beyond 10 anyhow:) >dumb rule those are my only rules outside of global and it acts more as a reference than anything. AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
(415.87 KB 607x675 3gbw1o~2.png)
>>1415 There should be no (arbitrary) character limits at all. Live free or die.
>>1404 What do these animals eat in there? also how do I see that filter and where is it?
(130.00 KB 657x527 apu burger.jpg)
>>1420 idk, im just a dood with a rent free board. i dont think, in the history of IBs, there were rules that every poster agreed with and ill leave it at that:^)
(917.80 KB 480x848 molotiv cocktail.webm)
>>1423 deer eat attention. >word filter if 404 gets, pick a word to be filter. example: New Filter: like = liek (case-insensitive) tbh = (((tbh))) nigger = 💩
(2.20 MB 640x360 reft_turn_from_right_rane.webm)
Wong Way Memorial Highway
(10.68 MB 640x480 HotlineChristchurch.webm)
(1.92 MB 406x720 1557824502764.webm)
>>1453 Ah, thank you for the information. Also, based >>1485 >>1487 Thanks for the contributions!
(2.04 MB 800x432 1474719182031.webm)
(6.85 MB 432x934 brazil bike theft prank.mp4)
(1.50 MB 400x400 brazil breastfeeding.mp4)
(2.94 MB 460x252 brazil thief gets hue hued.mp4)
(2.09 MB 238x360 laugh hue hue hue.webm)
>>1353 >thought it was argentina? maybe both!? Definitely Argentina, possibly even Hitler, himself. I just thought the guy's blonde hair sort of called out for Nazis diverting to Brazil for a quick insemination session with the local wildlife.
(219.66 KB 840x688 well_hue'd.png)
>>1509 >irl hue hue
(1.52 MB 750x410 antifa rekt in albeq.mp4)
>>1505 Thanks again :D >>1509 Great vids, I wonder if that news is true though, thanks!
(10.76 MB 854x480 Kenosha Jam.mp4)
(3.70 MB 347x244 laugh putin.gif)
>>1521 Oh noes! Poor Pantyfa!
(2.24 MB 640x360 antifa nutshot.webm)
(374.82 KB 606x767 antifa nutshot aftermath.png)
(14.43 MB 856x480 kenosha shoot me nigga.mp4)
>>1531 i do like this one:)
(4.65 MB 720x576 moldy locks.mp4)
>>1536 i like this antifa one too <member this bitch that got socked in the face?
(5.58 MB 1280x720 Yep that's me.mp4)
(4.92 MB 1280x720 tbc.mp4)
(5.10 MB 640x344 VID_20210618_005825_592.mp4)
(5.43 MB 480x848 16238693575183.mp4)
>>1536 this'll change the subject a bit but still >>1542 That's one's very good too, has more meaning :D >>1544 Begone'd >>1577 yep thats me is hilarious, I don't like the to be continued thing but even that is funny, thanks! >>1580 serves that piece of shit well >>1581 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9560497/Horrific-moment-two-bloodied-men-attack-machetes.html https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14909067/two-men-machetes-brawl-lancashire/ Guess they wanted to go medieval Thanks for the contributions!
(9.17 MB 1920x1080 BurnBabyBurn.webm)
(4.85 MB 368x640 14350_SD.mp4)
(369.39 KB 500x375 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1625 Not going to lie, that one made me chuckle.
(1.62 MB 1024x743 refugees welcome.png)
>>1613 >>1625 >>1644 Thanks for the contributions!
>>1644 Not sure if it's the same guy in both sides, but I sure fucking hope it is.
(98.76 KB 239x221 barftiger.png)
>>1544 I know this is a gore thread, but showing Moldylocks's porn is taking things way too far.
(34.07 KB 481x574 Samuel Paty.jpg)
>>1744 i was thinking the same thing, pic related it the guy. Samuel Paty, he was a teacher who was behead by a muslim in france.
(4.76 MB 1280x720 nigger furry.webm)
(4.28 MB 1280x720 germany.mp4)
>>1793 i dont live near muslims, they huddle in the city. in the city most of them are shop owners(bodegas/house in the ghetto converted into a shop), auto repair shop owners(never go there!) and diarrhea restaurant owners. the rest are welfare agents that just shit out kids and have speakers in all muslims neighborhoods for their neverending prayers. i went to a highschool that had 2 muslim families attend. they got on the bus and reeked of B.O. , never cleaned the wax out of their ears and packed stinky food with them. the 2 families shared a duplex. maybe 20 of them lived there, the structure was designed for 8. they didnt grow up to rape or kill anyone but i was repulsed by the sight of them back then tbh and this was before 9/11. i dont know if muslims are the same or worse than niggers?most niggers are muslim.
(3.95 MB 406x718 BearEatsDeer.webm)
More deer, now with bear. Can you bear the humor, deer?
(8.92 MB 640x360 huggy_bear.mp4)
(3.54 MB 406x720 shitty bear spray.webm)
(19.08 MB 1280x720 russian vs bear.mp4)
>>1807 that bear is getting his. the guy recording it should work for national geographic. very steady hand.
(1.09 MB 426x240 wildebeest.webm)
(1.96 MB 300x486 1580443481100.webm)

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