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(166.43 KB 637x900 Eb6NC6rU0AAoaUm (1).jpeg)
NAGATORO GETS AN ANIME Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 21:11:55 No. 155
(82.03 KB 600x567 disgust.jpg)
>>155 >flesh fang disgusting
>>156 fuck you
(692.74 KB 480x270 bully.gif)
>>158 He says on /a/
(15.67 MB 854x480 Dream Dream Dream.webm)
>>159 /a/ is actually for anikino only! No >cuckime allowed
>>156 Flesh fangs are perfectly fine and you are a nigger for disliking them.
>>163 If you like deformed lips you're a freak of nature on the same level.
>>166 no u
>>155 When, next season?
I just read the entire 60 manga chapters. would give it 7-8/10.
Well, there goes another manga series that will be inevitably ruined by reddit. RIP. Can't say I didn't see this one coming though
(165.88 KB 440x460 derpytoro.png)
Reminder twitter will stir up a storm over this anime. Calling it pedophilic & saying Nagatoro is black.
>>309 who cares
(105.66 KB 400x400 1453461185834.jpg)
>>310 because those retards are the ones who harass the rainbow-haired journalists who in turn write bad reviews to gain clout from those mentally ill losers which could cause shitty changes to the content to pacify the vocal minority
>>310 >>311 Because normalniggers have control over the industry in the west.
Reminder that if you like nagatoro you enjoy cuckoldry and probably would beat off to ntr thinking about being the husband or the whimpy dude.
>>309 I'm sure twatterniggers have already learnt their lessons and realized seething about anime yields no results. There wasn't much commotion for neet isekai and revenge healer even though they're worse.
The animation is pretty good.
(120.21 KB 600x648 shesmotherfuckingzero.jpg)
The voices are all wrong. I love nagatoro but I really don't think this should be an anime. I wish nagato would go back to its roots where senpai was a self insert, nagatoro wasn't friends with a bunch of sluts, and the whole work was about sfw femdom only true enthusiasts could enjoy. >>314 >nagatoro is a cuckoldress Nagatoro isn't a real female. In the real world yeah the whole thing would just be her just investing in senpai so she has a fall guy if being a slut doesn't work out, but shes not real. In the manga its shes always turning down other guys and isn't interested in the slutty life her friends have. She also loves senpai despite his failings and works to protect/take care of him, instead of the pick-me lip-service you'd get in the real world. In the real world you'd have to pay out the ass to get the attention she's giving out.
(151.92 KB 1464x1079 Eyq3JKBXMAEXnO7.jpg)
Thanks Funimation.
>>376 Idiots in funimation fail to realize using modern trend terms are gonna date their efforts in the long run.
(1.02 MB 1920x1080 1608399796551.jpg)
>>376 Can't forget their hip and relevant translation of ojii-san >>377 >modern trend terms I don't think a functioning adult uses the term "sus" to describe something in day-to-day life. It's just an in joke for kids at the lunchtable and 20 somethings that haven't grown up yet.
(15.94 MB 853x480 サイコーハート.webm)
>>378 >It's just an in joke for kids at the lunchtable and 20 somethings that haven't grown up yet. Gomennasorry for TRUE but no matter the age they actually do use it 100% unironically! Never underestimate the power of cultural soy
>>377 >>378 Funimation "translators" fail to understand anime fans want accurate subtitles. Not meme subs.
>>376 >>377 And there's no alternative subs yet?
>>381 I'm not exactly in the know but it seems like actual sub groups are almost extinct for anime. They seem to all just rip their subs from official english sources.
>>381 Why fansub something when there's already an official source out that does it 1000000000000000000% faster than you and of "acceptable" quality? Only the really popular shit (or something without official sources) get alternative subs, and those tend to take a while. For a shitty cuckime like this, don't hold your breath.
>>383 >using "official" subtitles >ever Anon, it's not 2003. The official translations are shit and the companies buying licenses have deliberately driven superior fansubs out of existence so they can monopolize the market. I will not give them my attention, let along money, in service of that cause. Patronizing fansubs if the only way to keep them active.
>>388 Tell that to anime sub groups on nyaa. Because most if not nearly all of them will always using ripped subs from official sources if they're available from CrunchyRoll or Funimation.
What kind of fag lets a girl bully him? Just bully her back with your dick, baka yaro.
>>395 Just like one of my japanese doujins.
They keep using internet slang , this will be incomprehensible in a year.
Does someone have that one Nagatoro text where she sees senpai on her job with a wife and kids and it makes her completely broken?
Do you remember the days of translator notes? Where they could use odd terms and you would learn about them . Understanding it didn't require needing to be in their bubble? Good times. Show this to someone that watches Scrubs and doesn't know about vidja and the confusion will be constant.

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