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HorribleSubs has finally died because of Covid. Anonymous 10/02/2020 (Fri) 04:41:55 No. 247
https://archive.is/Xhuh5 Time to dance? It would be good if actual fansubbing returned.
Actual fan subs still exist. There's just few groups that actually take it seriously & don't just rip subs with minor adjustments if any beyond timing.
>>247 >because of chinese flu big doubt
That many series getting fansubs isn't feasible. HS existed and persisted because it was expedient and convenient. You weren't waiting for weeks or months for a small fansubbing team to get one new episode put out for an ongoing series.
? Oh no no no? Someone else will just TAKE their place OK It's not like this actuallyc hanges anything
>>247 Wasn't there claims that HorribleSubs was just ripping off CrunchyRoll's subs anyways? If so, good riddance.
>>254 That's not a claim. That's what they literally do.
>>254 Love that CrunchyDick huh?
>>256 No, but I'd rather have some independent fansubbers (or legitimate translators) making proper translations, even though some group is probably just going to come along in the future and do the exact same thing, as per >>252. But I'd personally rather see CrunchyRoll torn down and some reasonable people that actually care about the product they're putting out. I think it's been made obvious over the past few years that, despite all the PR they do, CR has long since stopped caring about anime and just cares about corporate profits.
It was either HS ripping CR or dealing with Commie's bullshit. Might as well learn Japanese and watch raws.

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