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Shugo Chara Fashion Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 22:12:43 No. 269
I just love some of Amu Hinamori's outfits, particularly the ones where a short skirt or dress is frilly. I also like her short shorts and tie outfit. It looks both smart and casual at the same time. Shugo Chara has the best fashion in all the anime I have seen.
I really like the formal shirt and the frilly short black skirt.
>>269 I remember this anime, it was pretty fashy, I like how boys were cute traps too. Boys should be able to dress cute, at least, while they can pull it off nya~
The formal shirt and short frilly black skirt look much better from this angle.
(3.52 MB 2840x1400 003.png)
There's another picture of her in her short shorts and tie.
But what kind of panties does she wear with those short skirts?
I still need to watch the third season! It's probably actually really AWFUL but the first 2 were kino and as long as there's still more CUTE Rima everything should be OK
Peach-Pit has a good sense of fashion. I wish other authors would put a bit more effort into their characters' daily wear.

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