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(7.38 KB 340x191 Akane_2.webp)
Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 15:36:56 No. 341
I'm watching Psycho-Pass and I am almost at the end of season 1 and holy shit, am I the only one who thinks that this fucking whore's decision to follow the Sybil system after finding out that it's just a bunch of brains and that it killed Kagari was absolutely retarded on her part? She proved herself to be nothing more than a dumb tool of the system who is too afraid to take any action against it when it's clearly destroying the lives of thousands of people. >Kou would have been better off if the system was destroyed >She could get revenge for Kagari and then chase after Makishima later on. >She could bring justice for the murder of Kagari as well as the murder and suffering of thousand of innocent people who were forced into this shitty situation by a bunch of sociopath brains >Let society actually reform instead of keeping it in this hellish Orwellian state. But she didn't, she only had her eyes set on Makishima and acted as if he was somewhat worse than the Sybil system, when arguably both of them are equally as bad and both of them killed and caused suffering of her friends, I love how she just fucking conveniently ignores the fact that Sybil killed Kagari as well as completely deriving people from the worth of their decisions. She should have a personal agenda against both Makishima and Sybil, but yet conveniently ignores her agenda against Sybil because she is that much of a tool. Sybil was completely right about her, she is no fucking risk because she is too much of an useful idiot.
(302.28 KB 877x722 I want to paint it black.png)
>>341 Kagari was diagnosed a latent criminal by age 5 and chimped out at her so he actually was a bad egg and totally deserved what he got. By the by past this first Psycho-Pass it turns to shit. About Makishima, he's only bad because he's above the system. If he weren't he'd not have misbehaved so much. It's objectively not his fault. Even if it were she obviously hates the Sybil system but going without it means overall more lawlessness, so it is the lesser of two evils. That's the point. Also, if Makishima and other asymptomatic criminals are such mavericks then they really are technically better than normalfaggots. Notice how they never call them sociopaths? They're a step in evolution. The queen bee. That's the point. We are a hive, humans are, without a real queen bee. Government is a joke, so we wish for a god, possibly an AI god, but that's like wishing for the philosopher's stone. Instead you get a new breed of men, that's the asymptomatic mavericks that are above the law and you. They think higher than you, they are above you, judge you, you dn't get to judge your god(s). If you were a good judge you'd not make it about x person. It's not about her, not about kou, not about any x person, not even about Makishima as he can be used to stop crime over all, of which pisses Akane off but she logically knows he's for the greater good. On season two, that over 700 'I want to paint it black' fucker is so faggy. He doens't act like someone with the highest crime coefficient. By three the whole show is different too without getting into why. so just stop watching
>>342 You can literally be diagnosed as a latent criminal by being too fucking passionate about something, so the idea that Kagari deserved it was bullshit. >Implying I don't think Makishima did nothing wrong I never said that Makishima did anything wrong, if anything, I just think that Akane was a stupid bitch for going for the objectively worse option of keeping Sybil around just because she was scared of lawlesness. Literally ANYTHING, even fucking anarchy is better than the Sybil system simply because life under Sybil cannot even be really called life. It's a constantly growing system that will push its power onto humanity and the only way to actually change it is with a drastic change. It's not something that can be "reformed", it's something that needs to be toppled and made anew. Akane is a coward and a normalfag tool because she choses slow death and keeps helping the obviously shitty system. Yes, the brains of the people who make up the Sybil system as well as Makishima are obviously supposed to be something akin to Nietzschesian Ubermensch. But even then, they have already failed their purpose by creating a world of complacency without danger or struggle. Makishima knew it and it is why he rejected Sybil. He was literally the only good guy out of the bunch. Akane was a retarded normalfaggot who would rather let humanity die a slow death and morph into a pathetic fucking species because that was more comfortable. Kou can at the very least be excused because he had a personal vendetta. Yet Akane had a personal vendetta against both Mikishima and Sybil, but chose to not go after Sybil due to simple cowardice. Her assesment that "Sybil is for the greater good" was nothing but stockholm syndrome. Hell even Sybil knows about it, it indirectly TAUNTS her about it. The show was great, I just think that her decision in-character was retarded. I'm still watching season 2 just out of curiosity, I know that it's apparently shit but I lowered my expectations and I'm having fun so far
>>343 Only if the passion will make you jaded enough or motivated in some way enough to break the law. Akane isn't against the law but with it. That's all. She's not stupid or her A's in everything would not have been a thing. She is the most prime citizen. She's not even a normalfaggot or she'd be more flawed. Do not go to three.

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