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(34.06 KB 370x699 1510526090980.jpg)
Anonymous 02/26/2021 (Fri) 22:50:24 No. 348
>the intro to Magic Knight Rayearth The 90s had so much soul.
>The 90s had so much soul I was watching some >cuckime from this era the other day, and noticed yet again more herky-jerky moving static images masquerading as "animation." I really should have put it into webm and thrown it into my 'retarded nostalgiacuck' folder to post at newfag animals like you. The 90's were a dogshit era of anime, and once you grow the fuck up and watch more than one hundred (100) anime you will realize this.
>>355 >if you like retro things you're too young I'm actually in my 30s and modern anime does still frame cheats, white non-detailed and or color devoid crowds around MC(s), post drawing age in the computer generated era.

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