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(900.87 KB 1156x1113 84427732_p0.jpg)
The Age Regression Speculation Thread Baby 09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:38:09 No. 1285
(This topic exists to stop the off-topic posts in the loli thread) Regarding caregivers: Part of the frustration of being a caregiver comes from the fact that the patient in most cases will never get better or can never be fixed. If the kid is actually growing up again and regaining motor skills/function, this offers something to look forward to. There was discussion of Legos earlier. Actual two-year-olds can't play with real Legos because they might swallow the small pieces. Same way with the little ball magnets. A rejuvenated adult to that age might actually be told to play with such things - by a medical professional, as physical therapy to regain fine motor control! Of course, as an adult, the rejuvenated kid would also have unlimited access to a tablet or phone. You might need someone to help change your diapers when you can't make it to the toilet and you might need to drink from a sippy cup because your hands simply can't handle a real one without spilling it, but you will always be able to shitpost on /abdl/ about it. Also, before anyone even brings it up, anyone who considers rejuvenation to be an appropriate punishment for criminals, or supports social infantilization of the rejuvenated, deserves to be executed on the street. If we had people being transformed into kids through any means, people of all political persuasions would consider that kind of shit a hate crime.
(30.93 KB 513x741 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3415 Would help if I make a better picture I guess
>>3415 >>3416 Not going to lie, I like obscure AR shit from normal media. One trope I've noticed is AR accomplished via some sort of body swapping. It tends to be pretty rare given how weird and discomfiting it is, even by AR standards, but even this can slip its way into some normie works. One example would be Tekumel, a science-fiction/fantasy setting that M.A.R. Barker made, originally off of the coattails of D&D, though it eventually became its own thing. In it, one of the rarer spells that the priests of Belkhanu have is known as Re-Embodiment, and allows the implantation of a soul into a mindless body. This usually involves the Rite of the Avulsion of the Spirit-Soul, which is pretty fucked (its mentioned that the temple doesn't even like to offer it, and pretty obviously to us even once is messed up). This involves severing a soul from the body and automatically casting it into the "Unending Gray", basically a limbo. From there on a new one can be implanted. The text actually mentions that the spirits of newborns are more easily dislocated, and that you thus don't need the Rite of the Avulsion of the Spirit-Soul in order to use Re-Embodiment on them. As a small consolation, the text never says that this "natural" dislodgement sends them to the Unending Gray. Another one is from the novel, "The Several Minds," by Dan Morgan. The plot is honestly tl;dr (I only found this from a book that overviewed other ones), but at one point the protagonist, a telepath, is fighting for mental control of an enemy. For some reason during this a baby of some random couple dies due to a brain embolism and the protag decides to transfer his consciousness into the body, repairing the brain sufficiently for survival in the process. Then the enemy tries to hold him hostage to discover how to become immortal through transfer, but he's able to be killed. The overview didn't really give the context or motive for this and I honestly just mentioned it due to the sheer surreality of finding this mentioned in normal reading. Both of the examples are obviously quite disconnected from traditional "fandom" AR aesthetics, which is sort of what made them notable enough to mention.
>>3417 Interesting stuff friend. Transferring the mind into a new body for AR I don't think happens that often for AR and I think it is usually to a doll or some other object. Though for more known example if you think about it that was what was the villain Chucky has been trying to do in Child's play by stealing Andy's body. I wonder if voodoo has been used for AR before? I sort of want to get some voodoo stuff with AR now.
>>3418 That's a good question, usually AR involving magic is of the generic fantastical kind instead of being based off of a real-world tradition. I think the classic voodoo doll setup lends itself to more general ABDL tropes, but I can't say I've heard of an AR example, though just off the topic of my head I can think of behavioral AR from manipulation of the doll. I can also see spirits being involved, but given their presence in other magic systems I'm not sure how one would distinguish them.
>>3419 Well the AR idea for Voodoo I had could be someone takes a couple of voodoo dolls one tall and looking like an adult and one small and looking like a baby or so and then transfers the person's items (like the lock of hair or whatever) from the big one which they already got the person under the control of to the small one while chanting something like: This is now the body you have now. But yeah I've seen abdl stuff used for Voodoo dolls. The old Secret Squirrel cartoon had a voodoo doll episode where Morocco Mole is playing with a voodoo doll of his boss without knowing better and puts the guy into a diaper and a few other things go on. Its the last episode I guess of the show with the characters even besides stuff like Harvey Birdman.
>>3419 I like magic in regression stories. For me it's more about the physical regression then the mental one. A big part of it for me is the embarrassment because of clothing becoming to big to wear and being helpless against a full sized person. I was trying to write a story were a few girls get these regression cycles. But I have a bit of difficulty thinking of a fun way to do this. Having them regress at completely random moments can be interesting, but I was looking for something that makes them regress. This way they have something they want to avoid giving them more agency over it. But I have the hardest time coming up with something.
>>3420 That's actually not a bad way to handle AR proper, the method you mentioned is actually a pretty clever way of enabling the build up of the regression sequence, at least without the usual scenario of a drug going through the system or magic taking a while to fully take effect. >>3427 Yeah, I find physical AR to be the main draw as well. Can't quite say the same for the embarrassment over shrinking, though that may also just be because I like stories with kids in general. I must say that AR can enable some pretty cute relationship dynamics, though. I sort of wonder about assessing the demographics of ABDL fantasies in general. When I was a kid, I'd usually focus on AR or just the general fantasy of being a toddler in general. With age I have been open to a bit of "meta" fantasy with adults playing into those roles, but it does feel like those only developed upon exposure to ABDL socialization and that they're a bit removed from my desires in general. I feel like subtler hints of it are more amenable to my tastes, like having the "kid" of the group who people might lightly infantalize, but more explicit ABDL stuff usually just makes me wish I was reading about an actual kid. Just sort of curious if anyone's paths have been different, it'd be interesting to see what preferences develop in isolation and what may be "airborne." I'm sure there is variety, in any case.
>>3343 >18 year old girl This is why you don't want to turn legal, the forces of fics conspire against you. Doubly so if you're female, apparently.
Does anyone remember Test Tube Aliens? Obviously the relation to this board is pretty tangential, but I am reminded of the central conceit of "raising" the alien. In the official lore, the aliens were actually once mature specimens of their race before being rejuvenated by the tech of their predecessors and fleeing the destruction of their homeworld. Basically a way to give them cool backstories while still justifying the function of the toy.
I wrote a regression story that I think most of you might like. https://archiveofourown.org/works/31259435
(167.14 KB 800x657 magic_abdl.jpg)
>>3430 Same anon as >>3427 < I sort of wonder about assessing the demographics of ABDL fantasies in general Well for me it is more about embarrassment and that most people will be able to overpower you. This is why I enjoy SW as well as AR. Most of the ABDL stories do not appeal to me because I don't like wetting or messing or even age play. What I like about ABDL is the embarrassment of wearing these types of clothes and that mittens and thick soft booties restrict movement. The stories I like usually contain magic and fantasy. Do you have some suggestions for my story?
>>3439 You're SweetJacqueline? I've really enjoyed your stories, especially when they get deep into bondage and babyplay. Please keep it up.
>>3443 Thanks! A Bet to Lose will, of course, continue.
>>3402 >>3399 Really everyone should have migrated when the loli/shota ban rolled out. There is literally no downside to using this board as far as I can see. Loli and shota is allowed here, as is non loli and shota content. BO is a reasonable person from what I can tell, and interacts with the community from time to time. Also, 8kun has the added downside of being very strongly associated with the whole "Cue anon" thing, which first of all leaves a bad taste in general, and also means that any board hosted on the same site is perpetually living under the shadow of being taken offline indefinitely/permanently and without warning at any time. That already happened once when the original 8chan went down and it nearly destroyed the imageboard abdl community. We barely recovered from that. If that were to happen again, I think we would be even worse off. To make it even worse, with or without 8kun going down, having the population split between both boards is not helping at all. Both boards have low post rates. Its not just an issue of them being split; when you reduce activity, that also reduces derivative activity. People stop posting and lurking because there is so little activity there in the first place. the abdl board on 8kun is slowly killing the imageboard based abdl community across all image boards, because: A) It is splitting traffic B) It associates abdl with the Qanon crazies on 8kun C) It is in perpetual danger of being shutdown along with the rest of 8kun because of the aforementioned group. In short, when it comes to the continued presence of abdl in an open, semi-anonymous environment like an image board, 8kun is a liability waiting to happen.
(1017.07 KB 1000x1000 84669246_p1_master1200.jpg)
(3.46 MB 5000x4072 128.jpg)
>>3454 This site got taken down one time as well before 8kun did even. It was just moved to a different server or something though cause it was the loli content that was the reason the provider at the time wanted it down. >>3439 Dungeon Crawling AR is a fun subject to think about. This story was what I thought of funny enough when reading your story where you brought up monsters doing horrible things to their helpless regressed victims as well: https://www.deviantart.com/littlelore/art/A-Small-Nightmare-879336300 Bit of a warning it is horror.
>>3432 Sorry have no idea. As for what I like about AR it is the loss of power and status and the ability to take care of one self.
(51.28 KB 332x285 test tube alien.png)
>>3461 Yeah sorry, it was these things. Probably just a generational gap.
(47.91 KB 408x351 regressed_fighter.jpg)
(99.69 KB 1024x768 sakura_and_the_baby_card.jpg)
(134.33 KB 1024x1468 nino_the_abdl_sage.jpg)
(197.04 KB 1024x1449 regressaga.jpg)
(761.89 KB 1024x675 tsunade_age_regression.png)
>>3460 I was thinking about this as well, but I could not think of a way to make regression a fun mechanic. Having the player regress might be fun but it has to tie into the game itself. Like for example a bunch of hentai games have this stupid struggle mechanic. To see the lewd animations you need to let yourself get hit by the enemy or worse lose; aka play poorly. Could you think of a benefit of AR in a dungeon? I was thinking of letting the player regress others, but then someone reminded me that a bunch of people would love to see the player character regress as well.
(367.20 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot1584.jpg)
>>3472 I think the best approach is to allow the player to win the game regardless of the character's regression level. Rather than being a lose condition it could simply force the player to make different strategic choices or follow different paths. For instance, there could be tunnels which only a toddler can fit down, or a toddler might not be heavy enough to trigger certain traps. Another idea I had (actually for tabletop games) was to link magic and regression. Magic makes you more powerful but comes with some embarrassing side effects. Then your choice of fighter-vs-mage determines whether your character ends up regressing. The causality could be the other way round too, so that regression improves your character's magic abilities. Bathroom desperation mechanics could also be incorporated such that characters who aren't wearing diapers are forced to make regular detours and suffer negative status effects due to desperation and/or soiled clothes.
>>3472 I absolutely can. The Imagination Dungeon is a place where the more powerful your imagination is, the more powerful you are. Sure, you can go gallivanting in there with the swords, platemail, and even firearms of an adult, but unless you're packing the space lasers, flying armor, and princess magic of a little kid, you don't stand much of a chance.
>>3474 Similar to this, actually. Deeper into childhood = more aptitude to make unreal things happen.
>>3472 >Like for example a bunch of hentai games have this stupid struggle mechanic. To see the lewd animations you need to let yourself get hit by the enemy or worse lose; aka play poorly. Yeah its a common thing in games with ar as well actually funny enough. The you have to play poorly to see it that is. Maximo, Zelda: Oracle of Ages, Super Ghouls n Ghosts et. = get hit by a somewhat easy to avoid attack (the only one that has any challenge to avoiding it is Maximo out of these) to get reduced to a little tot. It even comes up with a babality for example in Mortal Kombat. In order for you to use that finishing move on someone you have to play with a self imposed handicap in the final round (in this case beat the person w/o blocking in every game besides MK2). So someone had to be playing poor to use it. Though I like it here. Nothing like a little bragging rights to your game (Man fighting you was like fighting a child!) But yeah the get hit and get turned into a child is a mechanic for a certain hentai game out there as well. Your Sweet House Succubus Mama and Eldritch Mansion. Kind of wish that wasn't a hentai game because I did like the idea of how age regression was used in that (at least mechanic wise)...just didn't like what happened after. >>3474 >For instance, there could be tunnels which only a toddler can fit down, or a toddler might not be heavy enough to trigger certain traps. I like these ideas. They funny enough are used in a few games. Dragon's Dogma a child character can get into small holes, and recovers stamina fast. But they can't carry as much, get pushed around by strong winds, and them recovering stamina fast isn't a good trade off when they burn it fast and can't cover as much ground as an adult. Sadly Dragon's Dogma doesn't have ar. Zelda: Ocarina of Time again sort of has this stuff in mind. Can't climb up ledges easily, or even hold a proper shield correct. But you can fit in small holes. Shame the ability to go from kid to adult and back again is only in one place. >>3477 Oh please you think your princess magic has any chance against my ultimate holy sword!? >its just a stick I picked up off the ground >>3478 Pretty fun but could be used both ways as well. More dangerous foes for a kid with their over active imagination could be a thing. >>3468 Yeah I was too old to notice them I guess when they came out.
(45.65 KB 340x465 chun_2.jpg)
(1.18 MB 3929x963 Fantasy_AR.jpg)
(2.55 MB 1200x2380 AR.png)
>>3474 >>3487 These are some very good ideas. Not only is regression not a losing condition but it enables a different way of interacting with the game world. How about a Alice in Wonderland themed dungeon crawler? Several characters get transported to a strange dimension. To get back they need to go through a certain looking glass/mirror. The player could be looking for shards or something to fix the mirror. The core gameplay loop is getting strong enough to beat the dungeons. There could be two main states the player and enemies can be in: big or small. Some items, spells, traps or creatures can make a character switch between these states. Each state has its downsides and upsides. big/normal: +You hit harder in combat and have better defenses. -Magic refils much slower. +-Some enemies you will not have to worry about +you can jump small gaps +more equipment available +you can force down some doors -you will trigger traps more easily -?? small/regressed: +magic and better recovery -you have less health +-Some enemies you will not have to worry about +time based status effects will effect you for a shorter time +less change of triggering traps +you're able to crawl in small spaces -some enemies are more dangerous to you -?? I was thinking about having childish clothes and items give better recovery, but making the user more easily effected to certain status effects like sleep. Would love to hear more suggestions regarding this. It would be fun if status effects also effected enemies. 'Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja' did this and it gave combat a lot more dept. You had these spell tags that you could cast yourself or throw it at the enemy to force them to cast it. For example you could teleport a boss away from you by throwing a teleportation spell at it. I think this could work as long as the game is fun to play.
>>3494 >small/regressed: -some enemies are more dangerous to you Really should be most enemies are. Combat really shouldn't be a goal if you aren't even big enough to lift a sword. Plus even if you have "more energy" as a kid it seems to go away much faster. Though thinking of other games that did regression: >Space Ace growing up routes made the game harder cause it was for more skilled players >Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure uses a meter to control your suits power. Over charge it and you grow back to your old man stat.
>>3496 >Really should be most enemies are. Combat really shouldn't be a goal if you aren't even big enough to lift a sword. Things like that can always be tweaked. Maybe though enemies will ignore you when you are small? Or if you have some other suggestion I would love to read it. It's just that I thought that always having to run away isn't that fun. The most frustrating moments for me in a dungeon crawler were when I was at the brink of death and every enemy would have been deadly. I guess having to deal with that for a short while until you can fight again isn't that bad, depending on how long it lasts. My idea for it was that both states have their advantages and disadvantages. What those are and how that would work still needs to be ironed out.
>>3497 Well maybe instead of having to run then you have to work a lot harder to kill stronger foes. OoT does this again by just the fact that a mini boss for Young Link is a full on boss for him. Dead Hand in bottom of the well or the Iron Knuckle in Spirit Temple for example. So having to work harder over all to take on the same stuff you could when bigger. But yeah escape could be a more viable option or some sort of puzzle to take out bigger monsters if you are smaller. Granted I could see how some enemies wouldn't feel any reason to "fight you" if you are older. A nan-e bot for example would normally leave an adult alone but any small child it wouldn't let out of the safety of its area. Which could be a bad thing if you are regressed down to a little 2 year old boy and find yourself in a crib or playpen. Which could be bad if there is an actual monster that is stalking the area and the bot is in a run down ship. Make you easy pickings if you find yourself captured and have to escape from something as simple as a crib. Granted a malfunctioning nan-e bot could assume anyone fleshy is a charge for them and try to capture adults as well. Using some nano machines that regress anyone that comes across it because of being taken over by something. Like maybe a desire to be human so if it ends up making you into a baby it then takes your adult form.
>>3499 > A nan-e bot for example would normally leave an adult alone but any small child it wouldn't let out of the safety of its area. Yes, stuff like that for example. I was also thinking that maybe wearing childish clothes could attract these types of enemies. Other enemies or traps can put you in these clothes. To get rid of these clothes you would need to switch size somehow. If you are small you can grow out of these clothes and when you are normal you can shrink/regress out of them. Combat will have to use roughly the same mechanics even when you are small. Implementing puzzles and such will be a lot more work. I would be curious if I'm able to make a very simple dungeon crawler.
>>3507 Reminds me of Diaper Quest where you end up getting put in baby clothes a little.
Sometimes I wonder where any age progression equivalent communities are. Pretty sure most content out there focuses on the progression to a young or mature adult, but there doesn't seem much for progression into older adults. Just seems sort of weird since the "wise elder" is about as archetypal as the "innocent baby," and in media most AP is into the elderly, for comedic effect. I do know that some people like elderly characters, so I wonder if there's an AP subcommunity that is sort of equivalent to the AR subsection of ABDL.
>>3519 Age regression is innocence and rebirth, being taken care of, being doted on, being removed from worries and placed into a sublime, childlike state. Like anything else, it can be perverted into twisted, destructive evil, but at its base, it is an act of caring and love. Aging, on the other hand, is just brain damage, physical deterioration, and slow, painful death. There are lots and lots of sick fucks in the world, but few people fetishize that.
(1.12 MB 1348x760 Eveline RE7.png)
(18.29 KB 180x350 Rydia2.jpg)
(23.60 KB 250x594 6 years old.jpg)
>>3520 >Aging, on the other hand, is just brain damage, physical deterioration, and slow, painful death. Pretty sure people aren't always thinking of that range of aging when talking AP. For every Eveline I'm sure you'd find a Rydia. Its like with AR though. You can see a range of ages people are put to: teenager, tween, child, toddler, baby, returned to the womb. AP has a odd habit of drawing very mature child characters as adults as well. Part of me wants to say that the 1000 year old dragon loli in fiction is just an example of AP. At least mental AP. Or just having stuff like Piccolo Jr being only 3 years old when he 1st fought Goku in Dragon Ball. Sure he isn't human and Cell isn't either but still.
>>3521 Oh yeah there's a huge difference between geriatrics and "let's age up the loli to make her look legal" (Innocent young girl in a nubile body, whatever shall we do with that?) And the ancient dragon loli is cute and innocent forever. AR, not AP aesthetic.
>>3520 >>3521 I've had what I'll refer to as "invalid fantasies" in the past that are centered around diapers but it's rare even for a pervert like me. Usually it's a type of body swap situation in which some horrible person gets their consciousness trapped inside of a frail old weak and incontinent body. Something about how utterly humiliating and degrading that would be for some tough criminal type person appeals to me.
>>3523 Well maybe the ancient dragon loli can be whatever it wants then. AP or AR or none of them. People already I guess had this talk in the thread anyway on the dragon loli. >>3043 >>3046
>>3520 >>3521 >>3523 >>3524 Probably should have specified but I meant AP in general, AR is more unique in that in its most extreme forms it often coincides with ABDL. I think part of it may be that the typical elder tropes also tacitly require mental AP to really work, and even then nagging questions are left. As an example, Obi-Wan is primarily cool because of what he went through. Assuming someone is APed, and even if they somehow acquire the wisdom of age through mental AP, there is still a relative lack of moral virtue in how it is was acquired (not necessarily reflecting ill on the character, just not making them a "legitimate" badass). Also due to its nature, APs in media usually have to be temporary, or else they do just appear to be a quick road to ruin. Still, just made me wonder if there were any fandoms that idolized grizzled veterans and wizened wizards as much as this thread might do with early youth. Sort of like complementary opposites. At the very least it's more interesting than AP into virile young adults, imo (if you're that young, why not just be a kid?).

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