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(3.70 MB 2046x2894 omo4.png)
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(244.70 KB 648x1062 omo3.jpg)
(223.32 KB 708x1000 omo2.jpg)
Peeing Baby 10/11/2020 (Sun) 16:37:06 No. 1520
ITT: girls peeing, wetting their pants or desperately having to go pee BO approved: >>1484 >>1486
(1.60 MB 1894x3093 87369994_p0.jpg)
(1.81 MB 1894x3093 87369994_p1.jpg)
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(1.29 MB 1200x1697 87092517_p0.png)
(726.06 KB 1344x1200 84508594_p0.jpg)
First image: >Kaoru-chan, it's time to have an accident. >Let's practice so that you can become a bedwetter >The more embarrassed you are, the better you'll feel when you wet yourself, right? Second image: >Ah... >You're able to wet yourself Kaoru-chan... >A lot of pee came out. It's embarrassing, right... >It feels good to pee in your futon doesn't it? >Let's make you able pee no matter where you are, okay...
(58.78 KB 640x480 mpv-shot1458.jpg)
What do you guys reckon? Is that stain on the yellow panties a pee stain or is it too high up to be that? The screenshot is from Miracle Girls if you're wondering.
(927.51 KB 846x1200 87309678_p0.jpg)
>>2578 I'm leaning towards it being a pee-stain. Even if it's not, it's always funner to imagine it that way
(277.62 KB 992x1403 86638867_p0.jpg)
>>2579 Also the artist who drew it must have been aware of the implications of a yellow stain on a pair of panties. I'm guessing they quietly slipped it in as a bit of niche fan-service.
(735.54 KB 2498x3532 EdWwYoRU8AATSEZ.jpeg)
(199.16 KB 1200x1600 EeAz7T3UEAIv7mE.jpeg)
(105.90 KB 960x1280 Efdp8SJU8AEXCDE.jpeg)
(166.20 KB 848x1200 EZbhN-LVcAUT-5H.jpeg)
(90.35 KB 484x640 image1403757977.jpg)
Toilet girls are underrated
i mean, that's a diaper topic at the base
(97.59 KB 755x1100 DgnHn0qUcAAQFwI.jpeg)
(256.56 KB 1247x1719 Dpx79sMU4AArQYO.jpeg)
(585.35 KB 2001x1503 DvVyq6bU8AIi37t.jpeg)
(546.54 KB 2892x4096 EuzIDk-VkAI303M.jpeg)
(117.61 KB 600x600 1384677663398.jpg)
(628.92 KB 450x253 20120713211715.gif)
(630.02 KB 450x253 20120713211716.gif)
(2.64 MB 450x253 20120713212425.gif)
(5.17 MB 640x360 20120713154917_original.gif)
>>1550 Ones from official anime are great, I just wish they would make the desperation last longer. Pic related is my favorite.
(2.70 MB 640x480 poppu.webm)
>>1550 remade that webm with subtitles...
If I shock myself with a taser when I have a full bladder will I pee myself? Thinking about buying one to find out
>>2850 I've had similar thoughts about how to induce wetting accidents, but I wouldn't fancy doing it with a tazer. Any pleasure from the forced wetting would surely be more than offset by the pain of being tazed. My advice would be to try it with the zapper off a shock collar. Those usually have adjustable levels so you can find the setting which works best.
>>2851 >I've had similar thoughts about how to induce wetting accidents, but I wouldn't fancy doing it with a tazer. Same. I have tried using a tens unit once, and didnt really have anything happen. That being said, the pads I was using were old and not working very well, and also the placement was far from optimal (hair was getting in the way), and it was low on power. I just tried placing the pads right above my bladder. The one thing I will say with tens units is to seriously heed their warnings and be sure not to use it without understanding them. It is absolutely not impossible to turn it on and literally fall over and die if you put the pads in the absolute worst possible spot. (you would practically have to be trying to do this; something related to the carotid artery and receptors that control blood pressure. Trip the sensors in a way that doesnt have a negative/self correcting feedback loop, and your blood pressure and heart rate can just drop until you pass out very quickly in a worst case scenario.) Basically the rules of a tens unit are dont put the pads on your head, dont put them directly on your spine, dont put them on either side of your neck, dont put them front to back so the current passes through your body/heart. Also dont take the pads off while its running, but that wont actually harm you, just give you a potent zap. I think the key would be to find a specific place to place the pads so that they trigger the bladder muscles. A less likely to work (in my opinion) approach might be to put them near the nerves that actually let you control your bladder, and use them to disrupt the signal they carry, so basically your bladder just defaults to emptying on its own when it doesnt receive a meaningful signal.
(1.39 MB 1447x1525 70226275_p0.png)
(1000.31 KB 1393x1915 70437119_p0.png)
(1.47 MB 1328x1801 70963520_p0.png)
>>2867 I suspect the relevant nerves and muscles might just be buried too deep to target safely from outside the body. The safest option would be a catheter with a small solenoid valve which could be opened electronically to make you have an accident, but it wouldn't feel quite the same as a real accident. You could still have some fun with it though. For instance, you could link it up to a smart watch to act as a potty watch. At random times the watch vibrates to let you know that it's time to pee, then a short time later the valve opens.
>>2875 That seems like a fun idea. I never thought about a catheter that could be mechanically opened and closed. I've wanted to try a cath with diapers for a while, but I am afraid of A) ending up with an infection that can become very serious (and would also probably be pretty hard to explain) and B) just the pain/discomfort of having a tube go into my dick, and also the sensation of it moving or getting bumped while its still in. I think the discomfort part might be the more significant issue in the long run. There are a lot of steps you can take to minimize the risk of infection. Wash hands, genitals, and any area covered by the diaper as well as all the areas surrounding that space very well with antibacterial of some kind before inserting and probably use something like high purity isopropol alcohol on your hands and maybe some of the less sensitive diaper areas right before, use a sealed sterile cath, drink a lot of water before putting it in, while its in, and after it comes out so that you produce a lot of pee and it flushes any bacteria out, dont keep it in too long, maybe use a diaper that is from a freshly opened pack so that nothing from the air in your house has landed on it, maybe even shine a UV light on the inside for a few minutes just before putting it on, ensure you have a healthy diet for some time before and after, getting exercise, etc. I know that none of that 100% prevents you from getting an infection, but it should certainly minimize the chance. But the one thing any amount of hand washing wont fix is that putting something into your urethra has got to be immensely uncomfortable. The closest thing I have ever done was to poke a twisted piece of toilet paper into the tip, maybe a cm, give or take (I was a young-ish kid, not sure why I did it, guess I just wanted to see what would happen?) and I remember it being surprisingly painful. And that was a thin little strand made from toilet paper. By the looks of it, some of the tubes on caths seem pretty thick. And you dont just stick it in a tiny bit, you have to feed it all the way down the length of you dick and even further until it goes inside your bladder. (I think, right?) Also what happens if you get aroused while its in? I would still like to try it some day, but that doesnt actually mean I will, if that makes sense.
>>2875 I do like the idea of the cath that would more or less randomly open with little to no warning. On the subject of fantasy scenarios, another fun one is having it be open all the time, and it just drains into your pants more or less constantly at a slow, steady rate. I like to imagine a loli or shota doing that in the back yard while they play (why they are cathed is beyond the scope of the exercise, the idea is just that they dont need to have a bag or anything since they are outside and nobody is there to see them) and within maybe 10 or 15 minutes a small damp patch starts to become visible on their pants, and over time it gradually grows larger and larger while they play, totally unconcerned.
(87.76 KB 534x524 Ewlk4jgUcAICmDY.mp4)
(166.43 KB 627x886 image1404268201.jpg)
>>2877 I share a lot of the same concerns. The idea of having a catheter or stent up there is nice, but actually installing it would be both uncomfortable and medically risky. The more I think about it though, the more I think you could get almost the same effect by just using an external reservoir of fake pee (or real pee) with a pipe running into your pants. A catheter would prevent you from feeling the pee coming out anyway, so it doesn't seem like it would matter whether it came from your bladder or somewhere else.
>>3081 >I think you could get almost the same effect by just using an external reservoir of fake pee (or real pee) with a pipe running into your pants. Now this is an idea. If you wanted the constant dribbling experience, you would need to find a way to have it empty very slowly, but I dont think that would be too hard. Just having it randomly empty would be easier probably, just have a little micro-controller and a valve like was mentioned before. I think getting the temperature right would be important to the experience too, especially if you wanted to simulate unexpectedly losing control all at once instead of slow dribbling. Either having it go off fairly close to when you fill it up, or having a little thermostat and heater of some sort would solve that though. The only other thing to deal with is how to mount it in a way that doesnt feel disruptive, but I dont think that would be too hard with a little creativity. Instead of purposely drinking more, you might want to deliberately drink less so you wont have to go much at all, as that might sort of break the illusion. Also, if diapers were involved, water would let you "use" the diapers more than pee normally would, as it has less salt and all that in it.
(202.07 KB 1024x1448 50777286_p0.jpg)
>>3088 Yeah, I was actually imagining a cute randoseru backpack with an insulated liquid container, heater element, microcontroller and power supply all packed inside. Or maybe one of those cute animal backpacks which doubles as a harness. I hadn't thought about the extra absorbency of diapers when using pure water though. That could be really fun with some of the modern ultra high capacity ABDL diapers. To expand upon the potty watch idea I think it would be fun to add in false alarms and much more variable timing. Sometimes the valve opens after 30 seconds but other times you're sat on the potty for 10 minutes before anything happens. Half the time it's a false alarm but you have no way to know which ones are real. Would you sit patiently on the potty for 15+ minutes like a good toddler, or would you give up after 5 minutes and risk an accident in your pull-ups? Even when you thought you'd finished peeing it might sometimes surprise you by releasing a bit more a few minutes later. Or maybe, instead of using a watch to notify you that you need to run to the potty, it could just let a little squirt out in your pants. To get a slow flow rate (and very precise control over the flow in general) you could use a small positive displacement pump, but noise might be an issue.
(1.42 MB 1063x1505 88923369_p0.jpg)
(305.88 KB 708x1003 88923369_p1.jpg)
i love things like that too, wish someone would post some
(125.14 KB 710x1002 Et1PyJxVoAEop-O.jpeg)
(127.21 KB 710x1002 Et1Pyu4VEAMbog7.jpeg)
(125.97 KB 710x1002 Et1PzJeVgAIEQEb.jpeg)
(130.30 KB 710x1002 Et1Pzm1VkAAofkq.jpeg)
(143.19 KB 917x1200 Ey-JSd-UcAI0NH1.jpeg)
>>3224 Come on over to the other thread, anon.
(716.98 KB 1200x1000 bfbdf181a16d70b527b258f7d4a8b69d.png)
(145.22 KB 680x960 89449792_p0.jpg)
(29.37 KB 500x500 41407703_p0.jpg)
(380.65 KB 793x1185 81455825_p0.jpg)
(407.72 KB 784x1187 81455825_p1.jpg)
>>3275 >ywn taste Madoka’s hot pee
(671.43 KB 1600x1200 27542569_p0.png)
(265.43 KB 748x505 32671891_p0.jpg)
(486.58 KB 922x1142 45984406_p0.jpg)
(219.26 KB 450x636 65347327_p10.jpg)
(361.51 KB 1000x1414 466d2ba1b4f3c57747e7dd9eace182da.jpg)
>>3276 I wouldn't drink it, but the idea of her becoming a bedwetter or being forced to have accidents is really hot. There's nothing better than a girl blushing with shame as she loses control and feels the all too familiar sensation of warm pee soaking her panties.
(353.82 KB 716x850 17208737_p0.jpg)
(181.73 KB 600x870 54658865_p0.png)
(178.94 KB 600x870 54658865_p1.png)
(200.61 KB 600x882 54658865_p2.png)
>>3279 >>3280 I have a whole sub-fetish around the girls from Madoka Magica peeing themselves it feels like sometimes. Especially Madoka. I rewatched recently and I kept think how good she would look in a thick diaper, especially when she was in her magical girl form. I bet Homura would love to put her in diapers after she started wetting her pantsu
(320.92 KB 1005x983 45984406_p3.jpg)
(260.09 KB 700x990 51539756_p1.png)
>>3281 I've also been rewatching it recently and I feel the same way, at least as far as Madoka is concerned. Her magical girl outfit really pairs well with a thick crinkly diaper, and I'm sure Homura would be more than happy to see her in such a state. In my headcanon that's the kind of thing Homura would probably do to her after the end of Rebellion. Her singular goal has always been to protect Madoka's childlike innocence from the harshness of reality. It stands to reason that she'd want to create a world where Madoka didn't even have the option to grow up, and what could be more emblematic of that than taking away (or limiting) her potty training? Plus Homura's definitely a huge pervert. I feel I'm in two minds when it comes to diapers though. Obviously it would be fun to see Madoka nervously tugging at her short skirt or the look of shame on her face as she realizes she has no choice but to use her diaper in the middle of class. On the other hand there's a lot to be said for making her wear panties so she can't hide it when she has an accident.
(2.35 MB 1600x1200 89493163_p0.png)
(148.21 KB 840x1200 005.jpg)
(597.03 KB 2700x2160 EwMzlmLVcAgi6ni.jpeg)
(8.29 MB 3024x4032 89511628_p0.png)

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