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Diapered Lolis II Baby 03/13/2021 (Sat) 15:10:13 No. 2909
Let us post more cute little girls in diapers! Old thread >>108
(10.72 KB 615x95 ClipboardImage.png)
>年長さんなのにオムツとれてないってのとテープじゃなくてパンツタイプって自慢してくるのダブルでかわいいです Found this comment which might support the one theory. As far as I understand it the commenter is saying that how the girl is boasting about wearing a 'pants type' (pull-up) diaper instead of a 'tape' diaper is cute
What type of attitude do you like little girls to have towards diapers? Completely oblivious to the social perception of diapers? Embarrassed, but still into them? Something more complicated?
>>3373 It really depends on my mood. There are many different combinations which work well, depending on the girl's personality. 1. An intelligent but mischievous loli who is very much into diapers and knows how they're perceived. She doesn't care though. In fact, she gets off on the humiliation and she knows that she's young enough to not get in any serious trouble for her exhibitionism. 2. A somewhat air-headed and clueless girl who acts kind of babyish and doesn't think there's anything wrong with enjoying babyish things. She has a weak bladder and, although she doesn't strictly need diapers, she frequently wears them just for convenience and peace of mind. 3. A younger loli who is very proud of being a big girl. For one reason or another she finds herself back in diapers, first at night, then during the day. She's acutely aware of how embarrassing it is and tries her best to cling on to her dignity. It's also fun to imagine perverted diaper-loving lolis living in a world where babyish stuff isn't frowned upon to nearly the same extent as it is in ours. That kind of setting would allow them to enjoy a much milder, gentler kind of public humiliation.
(4.82 MB 2220x3106 89520119_p0.jpg)
>>3373 It really depends on the age of the girl for me. I have a very broad range of lolis that I am attracted to personally, ranging from toddlers to just before puberty starts. For the younger tot girls, many times wearing diapers for them will just feel like the most natural thing in the world. They'll happily romp around with their diapers exposed without a care in the world. For slightly older lolis who by normal standards shouldn't be in diapers, I've had diverse fantasies. I love to fantasize about little girls who think they are bigger than they are, and try as they may to be big girls, they always fail to make it to the toilet in time, and thus always end up diapered again. That is always very cute, especially if they are a bit stubborn but don't take their failures all that seriously. Immature little girls are also very precious. She doesn't want to grow up, and doesn't feel the pressure to change along with the other girls her age by getting rid of her toys, not watching baby shows and of course wearing big girl panties. She'd be very stubborn and would have "accidents" just so she could stay diapered. I imagine this little girl would grow into a big ABDL as she got older. More unrealistically, it's sometimes fun to imagine naughty lolis who flash their diapers at their babysitters and put their diapered butts on his face and boss the babysitter around totally not a self-insert fantasy
>>3351 man, wanted to read some happy things after the guro shit that i fapped on but this is depressing. I'm at the chapter 14 hope that it'll get better
>>3373 I’d describe a few of my preferences under their own class, which I’d refer to as the ‘LMNOP’ group: (L)azy lolis that would rather play than use the potty are high on my list. While they might not be so enthused about diapers at first, they are likely to enjoy them if they discover that diapers allow them to be lazy. You mean I can play with my dollies without needing breaks? Sign me up! Another type would have to be the (M)eek type, or the loli that doesn’t really care for diapers, but can’t speak up forcefully enough to make a difference. Even when this loli can get her message across, all you have to do is stick a pacifier in her mouth or put a finger to her lips and tell her to be quiet. This is the type of loli that’s easy to manage. N is for (N)aughty. This type of loli actually enjoys wearing diapers and acting like a baby. She sees the opportunity as a means of rejecting all rules and doing whatever she wants. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Not for the faint of heart is your (O)utraged loli, who absolutely hates them and resists every step of the way. She either really hates them or is using her anger defensively because of how embarrassing it is. In the latter’s case, she either likes or just dislikes them and is using her anger to express that without saying it. Loud but fun. Finally, we have the (P)erky loli, who either enjoys the benefits that diapers bring or doesn’t really care to begin with. I would alternatively call this type of loli the (P)ure type because diapers and baby things just don’t impact her! She loves life either way!
What about lolis who wear diapers because it gets them attention from the person they like? It could be somebody they have a crush on, an older family member they have trouble connecting with, or even a younger or same age person who also wears diapers but is shy about it.
>>3381 I have not had this exact fantasy before, but I like the idea a lot, and I must say that this would be a working strategy if used on me
>>3381 How about a loli that feels neglected by a parent, so she has accidents and ends up in diapers just so she feels that she’s getting attention? Even if it isn’t good attention?
(1.98 MB 1774x2276 89718386_p11.png)
>>2909 more genshin stuff!
>>3381 Super cute- it wasn't a loli but it happened in this one diaper-themed manga. Don't get your hopes up, it fell off hard unfortunately. It was called Omutsu, and it was the main character's childhood friend who did exactly what you described. Each of them had differing reasons for wearing diapers, there were three diapered girls in his little harem.
(266.59 KB 742x883 80867954_p0.png)
>>3406 And of course the best option has the fewest votes.
>>3408 sorry your boomer loli didn't win, anon.
>>3409 It feels weird to categorize lolis according to when the anime originally aired in Japan. Anyway, speaking of boomer lolis, Heidi's pantsu look very much like diapers. Also I recently learned that haikon (from Heidi complex) and alikon (Alice complex) used to be used in the same way that lolicon is today.
>>3410 hey it's the show my mother watched back in the day
(679.82 KB 2896x4096 elephant diapers.jpg)
The elephants on her diaper are CUTE
guys another genshin loli needs help >>3406 this time it's diona the cat girl in here >>3294 https://twitter.com/omulettesDL/status/1392273233517314051
>>3425 looks like she's losing. poor cat girl she wouldn't sleep with a diaper tonight.
Why do I think (diapered) lolis are so much cuter in groups?
>>3434 It’s like being into lesbians: The more there are, the hotter is. In this case, the more cute it is.
>>3434 Cuteness adds up. I know I'm a fan of imagining diapered lolis in groups personally. Even one diapered little girl is nice to imagine because you can imagine what type of diaper she is wearing, how she is dressed, etc. but if there is more than one there's even more to imagine, especially them playing together, romping around, giggling together, all while wearing thick crinkly diapers!
>>3440 I'm more of fan of the. one diapered loli and one non diapered loli. the diapered loli likes her diapers but hates at the same time and wants to get out of it and needs it of course. the other loli is there to tease her and sabotage the loli's tries to go to the bathroom because she's fascinated how someone her age wears diapers, and of course it escalates from there. kinda like the gogo comics with the two girls, gosh I want more of that it's so adorable!
(2.57 MB 1526x1080 20_11_19_1.gif)
(1.12 MB 764x1080 20_12_18_1.gif)
(1.78 MB 764x1080 21_1_23_1.gif)
(1.73 MB 764x1080 21_2_20_1.gif)
(2.90 MB 764x1080 21_3_20_1.gif)
(3.75 MB 764x1080 21_4_22_1.gif)
(472.06 KB 3036x4299 20_10_31_1.jpg)
(478.26 KB 3036x4299 20_11_14_1.jpg)
(601.86 KB 3036x4299 20_11_30_1.jpg)
(757.79 KB 3036x4299 20_12_16_1.jpg)
(704.29 KB 3036x4299 20_12_25_1.jpg)
(616.08 KB 3036x4299 21_4_30_1.jpg)
(797.08 KB 3036x4299 21_4_24_1.jpg)
(856.91 KB 3036x4299 21_2_28_1.jpg)
(995.08 KB 3036x4299 21_3_28_1.jpg)
(674.09 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_1.jpg)
(708.16 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_2.jpg)
(658.04 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_4.jpg)
(880.69 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_3.jpg)
(719.09 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_2.jpg)
(847.00 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_1.jpg)
(782.60 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_3.jpg)
(856.66 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_4.jpg)
(654.38 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_1.jpg)
(709.13 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_2.jpg)
(803.86 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_3.jpg)
(813.20 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_4.jpg)
Nice! Thanks for posting these!
>>3444 That sounds really hot. I like the idea of some light-hearted teasing by other lolis slowly escalating. Eventually it turns out that they secretly like babying and caring for the other girl too. That would lead to all sorts of very cute and intimate diaper changes. My heart can’t handle it
(409.54 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
(449.24 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
(455.13 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.17 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
(506.53 KB 780x1020 ClipboardImage.png)
(75.76 KB 640x908 016.jpg)
(48.70 KB 600x600 007.jpg)
(41.96 KB 453x640 014.jpg)
(151.02 KB 1353x2048 EonoqTrU8AApmIA.jpeg)
(137.06 KB 1183x1606 EonoqTqUUAEKdF3.jpeg)
(5.39 MB 3370x3958 89887046_p0.jpg)

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