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(59.57 KB 252x258 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT / General Discussion Baby Board owner 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:35:56 No. 5
Self-explanatory. Sauce request, random stuff and stuff that does not deserve its own thread should go here.
Well... I can't launch a Patreon page because the almighty reviewers don't like the words "loli" and "shota". They're basically saying loli/shota is child exploitation and even though the word loli/shota doesn't appear in their TOS or content guidelines, the reviewer just conveniently added a line stating that he doesn't like loli on Patreon. It's so disgusting.
I asked this in the other thread too but I thought I would try my best to widen my reach - does anyone have those PNGs saved that one could use to edit diapers on pictures? It was a huge collection of diaper cut-outs. I used to have them but deleted them during a porn purge, and now I can't find them anywhere. They used to be on 8kun but 8kun's images are completely fucked now. Any link or dump in the edit thread would be very appreciated.
Why is kemono.party never really updated with abdl content?
>>4929 Think it's just people not wanting to discourage or upset the artist by uploading their content to there. Especially when it's $1-3 to access it. Also goody two shoes that think it's wrong to do it in the first place. Updated lilyblax on kemono since Patreon made it a pain in the ass to get gallery-dl to work with it while using it on kemono.party works just fine. Felt like I wasted money since I only did to get pics of their lolibaba OC which there was none of. Another case of payment processors ruining everything.
How do I lose control of my sphincters if I have to hold it for 8-10 hours?
>>5412 Get someone to shove a red hot poker up your ass.
>>5412 That doesn't sound healthy for your body at all.
>Day 11 of nofap
>>6811 Did you go for the diapered chastity option anon?
>>6811 >>6827 >diapered chastity I'm using diapers as a excuse to no fap. It's working but sometimes I feel like ripping my diaper off and masturbating furiously. I don't know if I'll make to the end of the month.
(56.52 KB 700x520 348f671b09932a17.jpg)

>>6827 I just choose not to touch myself but that option would have helped since I ended up pyuing after putting on a fresh diaper and a...moving around. The padding felt so nice, I gave myself a few pats and was imagining myself being taken care of by an older woman. That and moving around causing friction between my diaper and down there was too much for me. It honestly feels pretty great being able to masturbate without having to touch yourself due to how horny you get since I've yet to experience a wet dream after sleeping. Guess I'll continue nofap even though I'm out for this month. I do like how I get into baby mode after holding it in after 10 days. Just casually wearing diapers that I don't feel like immediately taking off after fapping. Even started sleeping with my pacifier and noticing that I need it now to help me go to sleep... >>6841 Ganbare!
>>6841 >>6867 Just remember if you touch your pee pee its instant spankees.
I failed no-fap immediately so been wearing/using 24/7 as a tradeoff. Not going to risk social/professional life, so not going to wear if i go meet friends or have to go to the office. A little scared that by thanksgiving, not wearing isnt going to be an option though. I imagine I couldn't lose control that quickly.
>>6869 I'm not an AB but I made an exception for nofap. After all, little boys shouldn't be playing with their little PP. >>6870 >I imagine I couldn't lose control that quickly. I've been using diapers for almost ten years now and I did loose a little of control in holding the pee. I don't go flooding my pants or anything like that but I have a little dripping if I try to hold for too long. This not a problem for me because I proactively go to a bathroom if I have a chance even when I'm not feeling the need. That's for me, there are many other cases of people wearing diapers for longer periods without any change in the continence whatsoever. Also, I kinda wanted that.
(1.81 MB 3164x2800 ClipboardImage.png)

I am impressed with the anons self control for nofap
>>6811 I am on no-fap too but my desire for diapers is becoming overwhelming
(1.98 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Do any anons have a fetish for diaper usage brought on by excessive anal sex or bumhole destruction?
>>6990 Being loosened up a bit and needing diapers can be pretty hot, I don't know if I like it where there's like prolapsing and actually destroyed assholes though.
Im looking to get a onesie of some kind with all the black Friday/cyber Monday sales going on right now, and Im in need of advice. I mainly want one for the physical sensation rather than the look, ie I will almost certainly prefer something solid color, preferably a navy blue or dark. The thing Im primarily going for is diaper support, keeping everything snug and secure feeling, with a secondary being the pressure it puts on your body. Im looking at https://littlekeepersleeper.com/product/shorty-short-sleeve-short-pants-nauticalnavy/?attribute_pa_size=18 right now, but dont know if these provide any support/snuggness. ODU seems like a solid choice but it seems a bit pricier and I dont think I like the look as much, plus the measurements seem more complicated and I would be more likely to mess something up and get the wrong size. I also thought about tykeables rompers, but they are all out of stock. Is there any other major option I am missing that isnt terribly expensive?
>>6990 Maybe not *destruction* but needing to wear diapers because of a high chance of accidents is a very cute and fun idea, whether its a result of anal sex or some kind of plug or whatever. I'm not into actual significant pain or real damage though.
So are anons ready for the aras to punish all the failures of nofap at the end of this month?
Does anybody know of a just for fans download tool? Like I'm already subscribed and paying for the stuff, all I want is a tool that automatically downloads all the videos and/or pictures at once, preferably also keeping the description, maybe in a text file or something. Just looking for a better way to do it than manually doing them one at a time...
>>7285 I got a severe spanking for being such a naughty baby in November.
(1.46 MB 1451x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7375 Sorry anon, no experience of auto ripping things like that. >>7398 Sure you did anon. Just like fags didn't fuck off to discord.
(240.55 KB 1403x1011 23623.jpg)

Anyone know what happened to Tato?
>>7512 He got mega cancelled by a majority of babyfurs for being more right wing in a post and then people dug up his past pictures of his OCs in Nazi regalia. His stuff is still up on his FA account but he otherwise said 'fuck this shit I'm out' like three months ago.
>>7517 That's sad. I didn't pay much attention to his stuff for a while, since his output became entirely dumps of his commission sketch streams of the same damn characters over and over, but from the sound of things he was living off of those and is fucked without that money. Hope he gets back on his feet someday, diaper art or not.
>>7564 He still seems to be active on his vanilla Deviantart account using his other alias.
>>7512 Do you have more of his work
>>5413 >Get someone to shove a red hot poker up your ass.
>>7564 Honestly, I really really liked his non-diaper personal art. It's probably long gone by now but the shading and detail were very top notch. I don't care what twitter says, the Nazis had great fashion sense. Even the Hitler Youth uniform is kinda adorable. I wouldn't mind seeing more art with some poof in the shorts.
(470.01 KB 686x872 Hn1a1Ps.jpg)

DLsite is having some changes which affects loli/shota content among other things. These changes are effective Jan 14th https://info.eisys.co.jp/dlsite/1b5268a44b3015ba?locale=default https://greta.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/poverty/1640190169/ Reason for this happening. https://otona-life.com/2021/12/18/96922/ Image has the new rules being enforced with some of it translated as the following. >Excessive violence >Excessive nudity >Democrat activism, child abuse <Discrimination against certain races, nationality, creed/religion, gender, societal status & lineage >Suicide >Illegal drugs which I think may refer to aphrodisiacs too >Antisocial (anti-society?) >Anything that is meant to spread 3rd party information to others <Anything that causes discomfort to others
>>7787 >Reason for this happening. >https://otona-life.com/2021/12/18/96922/ So whats the reason for this ban? Just a rule change, problems with payment providers or what ? I don't understand japanese and google translate does very poor job but that article doesn't seem to relate to this loli ban. It seems to be an article about copyright of fan art.
I just learned welding. I want to make some extra money and help out the community by making abdl furniture like high chairs and cribs. Question is where can I sell these things and is there a market for it?
>>7846 etsy handmade ABDL stuff is common there

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