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(148.49 KB 1280x850 fda93dc.jpg)
Diapered africans 10/02/2020 (Fri) 20:08:58 No. 1415
Why are there so few diapered african pics?
Because they can't afford diapers in Africa??
Niggers are ugly and they know it.
>>1415 Because they're unattractive.
they are a minority everywhere they go.
>>1423 Pretty sure North Africa is majority black people
>>1415 Because no one likes having to deal with a blowout.
>>1947 wdym u dont shit yourself?
>>2017 I think that they mean that Africans themselves are blowouts.
because there are too many racist judgemental Cowards that hide there keyboards.
(18.53 KB 253x306 suit pepe ak.jpg)
>>2084 I spot a shitskin. Hold still
>>2084 >Missing words and improper homophones >Obviously written in a rage Stay mad, nigger. Better yet, go back to >>>/leftypol/ where you belong.
>>2149 Kill yourself. Not samefag. As a white person I assure you not all of us are bigotted like this. If you are black, keep up the good fight. There are those of us that would gladly murder any of this shut-in racists and not lose any sleep over it.
(79.59 KB 618x490 5b1.gif)
>>2384 Oh for fucks sake, can you save the virtue-signalling SJW BS for Reddit? Replace maiden with biggers in attached image. Now, IRL, I am not racist at all. I think race is a stupid 1800s division of peoples to acquire political control. Most "black" people in the US have half or more European blood anyway, were not even that distantly related probably. But it's a fucking anonymous image board; ignore the trolls, get a life.
>>2387 Who you portray yourself to be on the internet is who you really are internally. I don't wanna hear anything otherwise. It's the fucking truth. We all project who we want to be out there in the world, but when it comes down to it you are just a racist piece of shit. Period. There is no justifying it or explaining it away with "it's the internet" or references groups that have specific ideologies. You are a racist and a trash human being. Get help.
>>2450 I hate racists as much as you do, man. But I doubt he'll really get help if he was one of them. Plus the previous poster has a point. This is an anonymous image board. He could pretty much have a black wife for all I know.
I hate niggers. This thread should be deleted.
I love upsetting people but i'll don't say anything racist for once. Because people who have this fetish are rarely attracted to african people. Nothing racist, just preferences

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