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(468.72 KB 2500x2500 diaper color.jpg)
Pic is Your Next Life! Baby 10/09/2020 (Fri) 17:42:40 No. 1464
Look at how much fun anon is having with his playmates!
Big sister knows best, don't worry you're pretty little head, Big sister will do everything for you, that's it just let everything go into your diapers, bet that feels so relaxing right? We've bot 88000 more diapers to get though sweetie, come on~
I know it’s embarassing being out in public like this and having everyone see your diapers and these childish clothes, anon, but you’re gonna have to get used to it, this is your life for now on!
Great news anon, you've got the modeling job. Even better its a full time job, plus we've assigned you a minder to make sure that you stay in the right mindset.
(62.43 KB 820x615 crawl.jpg)
Lately it's seemed like you are having trouble realizing that you are a baby now, anon, so we've taken some steps to help you get used to crawling around and not talking so much!
>>1515 Sucked into another dimension, your new mommy seems extra happy to keep you padded.
(155.72 KB 645x665 jhjhuj;.PNG)
(1.63 MB 3216x2026 Kumatora 2 (full res).png)
>>1565 I hope you like doing the potty dance anon!
>>1580 Actually, there are not many things which I would want more than to have a sudden intense urge to go, making me sort of hop around and desperately wiggle and squirm while I bend my knees, squeeze my legs together, and press my hands against my crotch as I try my absolute best to hold it, but after maybe 30 seconds or maybe even a few minutes, I suddenly start feeling my diaper getting warm as I start to dribble, then moments later lose control completely, feeling every little bit of it because I am still squeezing and holding myself!
Sorry anon, but no desperation for you, you're completely at the mercy of your bladder. But more importantly you're completely at the mercy of your desire to please your master. Even in the coldest nights, you're gonna be wearing nothing but a diaper so he can check you, and you'll be up early in the morning to start making him meals~
(683.97 KB 1280x1031 1.png)
(694.51 KB 1280x1031 2.png)
(678.58 KB 1280x1031 3.png)
>>1590 Tag yourselves anons!
>>1591 for me? Probably a mix of green shirt and sailor suit, but mostly green shirt. Also, hope you packed extra underpants! (or pullups)
Time for school, anon, make sure you're all diapered up! >>1591 I definitely relate the most with the girl in green.
(126.28 KB 800x1000 1576113980030.jpg)
Enjoy your first day back at kindergarten Anon!
(6.12 MB 2480x3508 solo.png)
You don't let your caretakers know, but all that fuss is an act. You love how wet diapers make you feel
>>1609 Looks like someone's first day back at school didn't go too well!
>>1610 Looks like the picture didn't process
You are feeling a lot better now than you were an hour ago. Your tummy hurt so bad! Now your pants feel icky, but that's not what you're focused on. You're too preoccupied with bouncing to care...
(92.81 KB 679x1000 loli blush.jpg)
Time to go to the park, anon! Huh, you're asking if your diaper is showing? No, it's fine, don't worry, the other kids can't see it at all! >>1613 God I wish that was me
(481.91 KB 2416x3296 1595651738512.jpg)
Your brother didn't like sleeping in the same bed, but rules were rules. Mommy didn't need two ruined beds if both of you happened to leak. Your bed was big enough for the both of you, anyway. You wondered what annoyed him more: being stuck in bed diapers touching, or that he's had way more wet nights than you lately?

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