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(1.46 MB 1736x1200 NC 02-08.png)
Onesie Shopping Thread Baby 05/28/2020 (Thu) 21:43:40 No. 181
Thought I'd make this thread for anyone shopping for a new onesie, figured I'd post some of the better known options that I've had experience with and my completely subjective analysis of each. Feel free to post other companies that you've tried as well. Onesies Downunder (ODU) https://onesiesdownunder.com/ >Pros: >Kind of the standard in the abdl community at this point >Affordable price >Material is stretchy and soft, holds up after several washing >Very unisex in their cut >Also sells bloomers <Cons: <Huge variance in the quality of their designs due to contracting different artists <Some designs are "limited" and won't come back after the initial run sells out <Shipping can take forever Littles Laboratory https://littleslaboratory.com/ >Amazingly soft and fairly stretchy, holds up to machine washing >Seriously its so soft >Reasonably priced >Designs are subjectively all pretty appealing albeit a little busy >Can sometimes get bloomers with matching design <Cons: <Claims to be unisex but noticeably wide in the hips even on small sizes. <Compared to the other two, limited selection in designs Little For Big https://www.littleforbig.com/ >Huge variety of products >Not just different designs but full outfits >Ships via amazon <Cons: <Material can feel cheap and not super stretchy, feels like an alibaba product <Doesn't even try to be unisex, clearly made for a female body structure <Customer support can be brusque.
>clearly made for a female body structure How extreme is this? If it’s in the bust a bra would probably fix a lot of it, but I could see this being a problem in the hips, even as a larger-hipped male myself.
(591.47 KB 950x1350 SAMUS PINUP 2.png)
>>188 Its most noticeable in the waist to hip ratio, but there is some extra room in the chest too but that isn't as important. Having a really tight waist and then a loose hip is annoying. Plus if you're taller than the smaller sizes won't be long enough so you have to choose between having it be too loose or too short. Suffice to say of my onesies the one from littleforbig gets worn the least.
(6.08 MB 3500x4980 k-on diapers.png)
(197.41 KB 427x328 ClipboardImage.png)
>>189 Yeah I wouldn't mind the chest, but loose hips would get on my nerves to the extent that it'd be a dealbreaker, not to mention I'm six foot. That's the area where you want stuff to be snug and tight. On the other hand, those tutu bloomers on ODU are adorable
(724.57 KB 750x1123 STREISAND 3.png)
>>191 Bloomers are lovely, perfect for when you just want to wear a tee-shirt and a diaper. Haven't tried the tutu ones yet but the normal ones are quite nice and seem to be the same material as the onesies.
(203.14 KB 800x600 k-on diapers 2.jpg)
>>192 >Bloomers are lovely, perfect for when you just want to wear a tee-shirt and a diaper That sounds comfy. Hopefully I'll be doing that in tutu bloomers sometime soon, I'm a sucker for frilly cute stuff like that. How much did you have to take your diapers into account when picking sizes? Also it's nice that I just noticed that Little For Big has stuff like adult pacifiers. With stuff like sippy cups you can just buy what they actually have for toddlers, but the pacifier I have now is a bit small.
(715.43 KB 1005x795 ClipboardImage.png)
>>193 >How much did you have to take your diapers into account when picking sizes? The easiest thing to do is to just take your measurements while wearing a diaper with a measuring tape. But honestly I don't think I've ever sized up due to the added bulk of a diaper. Pacifiers are nice, generally the abdl pacis you see are all the same model with different decorations, I got mine from ODU.
(445.05 KB 1000x1000 enema.jpg)
>>194 >But honestly I don't think I've ever sized up due to the added bulk of a diaper. It sounds like I should be fine then. 99% of the time I've been lazy and just gone with Abena M4s, which are nicely padded but not really that thick. I will have to see what ODU offers as well in terms of pacis. They look the most promising overall so far, bar the issues with limited quality and limited design availability that you mention and I've noticed already from my brief look through.
(1.30 MB 1024x829 ClipboardImage.png)
>>195 M4s are a great go-to diaper, and yeah they're probably thin enough that you don't have to worry about their effect on the sizing too much. Now if you were wearing something really thick like some cloth diapers that might be more of a concern. Looking at their site now it looks like ODU has gotten rid of their accessories section which used to have hair clips, pacis, and paci clips. I don't know if that's because of the pandemic or because they just don't want to do them anymore. Regardless you can find that kind of paci everywhere, I bet you can even find them on amazon.
>>181 Thanks for the summery. I have wanted to get a onesie for a while now but it just feels so overwhelming to be honest. I don't even know what Im looking for or where to start. Do you know anything about tykables onesies/rompers? The rompers look super comfy but also rather expensive, dont know if its worth it.
a con for little for big: they're transphobic as fuck and a shit company in general. the asian dude that is part owner is a creepy asshole. ABU onesies are pretty nice. i only have the all-white one. it's mostly cotton, so it feels pretty nice. cons: overpriced compared to other companies.
(30.15 KB 600x600 based pepe.jpg)
>>476 >they're transphobic as fuck Based?
(284.09 KB 1480x1020 Jean_Grey_FA.png)
I've always been a fan of fleece onesies, personally, but they seem harder to find these days. The one I have currently is from Cosyndry, which I've had for a good 4 years and it's held up fairly well considering I haven't exactly been gentle with it washing wise. Looked to see if they still had the print, in case I ever needed a new size or something, and they just straight up don't have fleece onesies anymore. You could probably request a custom made one, but they don't make them readily like they used to. Cuddlz is the only place I've found that has a decent variety of fleece onesies now, but I've never tried anything from them before and some of their products just look cheap to me in the pictures. The onesies aren't helped by using pictures on mannequins, but they have some variants with pictures of models and they look better in those. I might try one just to see how it is, they actually have fleece mittens/booties that match some of the onesies too so that's interesting.
>>476 >they're transphobic as fuck You mean they don't adhere to your fantasy of being a woman instead of the reality that you're just a man with a mutilated penis and lifelong regret? Go make yourself one of the 41% faggot.
(1.35 MB 1280x718 8WGEBCF.png)
>>451 I got a Tykables romper a few days ago and it is great, stretches well and has decent quality. I also recommend their shortalls. But personally, my favourite onesies are from ABU, as theirs seem to made of an extremely soft cotton material. Sure, the two of them are expensive compared to other choices and some size/design combinations seem to never be in stock, but they are both worth trying. Understand that it's the quality that matters when it comes to these things. Pick a few aesthetics and stick to them, I say. Rearz are odd. There is a good chance I will not order from them again, but the couple of onesies I did get were passable for the price. If memory serves it was made of material that you could see through if stretched in a certain way. Either way, the tapes on their dips are shit and their designs (except Safari) are mediocre. Also, has anyone else found trouble with ODU's sizing? I recently got a few of theirs in Large but was disappointed to find that they fit quite poor on me. I am about 6' 180 lb, so I imagine losing the extra weight around my waist area would make them fit me better. Kind of a shame, since the designs I picked out were so cute.
>>477 >>486 >you still have to live like a woman, you just shouldn't get any privilege out of it
>>490 No one made you perform the intensely unnatural and depraved act of self-mutilation. You are a delusional abomination, and should be treated as such.
(41.03 KB 640x640 s-l640.jpg)
You may have seen pic related on Wish or Amazon or Ebay or wherever you get your chinkshit. I took the plunge because they were cheap enough. The top half is a decent enough generic shirt, simple and comfy design, discreet enough for daily wear and all that. The bottom half is a much rougher cut - they've clearly just extended whatever template they found. None of the finesse as in a ODU or other brand onesie. That said it is functional, uses three strong snaps, good for a saggy diaper, doesn't chaff my calves like ODU does on longer walks. Might get some more.
>>538 whatever, teach
(613.53 KB 362x500 1566857353779.gif)
>>488 Update: it seems the ODU onesies I bought fit me fine now. I think they needed time to stretch out and adapt to my body. I also haven't eaten anything today, so maybe that's why they were bit easier for me to put them on.
(20.46 KB 588x787 51XgsYMBpPL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)
(32.90 KB 776x1471 51iYLVxvU4L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
Anyone ever try tank top onesies? Abena makes one along with another company in Canada. https://abenaonline.co.uk/products/cotton-bodystocking-with-sleeves-and-poppers-medium-70-100
https://littlekeepersleeper.com/product-category/long-sleeve-sleepers/?swoof=1&pa_size=20&really_curr_tax=58-product_cat Recently purchased, as far as fit goes for size 20 I am 6'2" 220 and it it fits great. Fabric feels good as it is 100% cotton, can't stand how 5% non cotton blended stuff feels. Zipping and unzipping is manageable on your own, but be warned it's not fun to do when are really wanting to get it off and use the restroom cause I ended up filling my diaper due to panicking/struggling with the zipper.
>>488 I prefer tykables to abu, the tykables rompers feel more durable to me, and since I'm incontinent anyways I would prefer something that lasts and is comfortable. They are kindof expensive though 40$ for something i use as a work shirt isnt great.

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