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(147.00 KB 1200x675 EcX3FRqUwAEMIWY.jpg)
Vrchat Baby 11/08/2020 (Sun) 13:55:19 No. 1813
Abdl models or worlds
(1.14 MB 1080x1920 3ivd7yn8uso31.png)
I'm wondering how I can find a diapered kon avatar. I already found two Kons sucking on a pacifier, and the underwear is even a bit bulky, though meant to be normal undies, it seems. Would be as simple as changing the texture if the UV map is set up for that, but there's a chance it's not. I'll have to check. If not, might do well to have a slightly more 3d diaper, anyways. Adding it as an extra model (like the pacifier) probably isn't too hard. But then I don't even have a 3d model of a diaper to use... I'm actually fairly skilled with Unity, I just haven't broken the ice on seeing where the files are and what format they're stored in and all that yet. I'm sure it's pretty simple, though. >>1813 If you just search "little" in world search you'll find two worlds. There's a few more that aren't explicitly abdl but basically are.
>>2100 Someone posted a diaper model in the thread on 8kun.
>>2109 Oh, kek, totally missed that. I'll have to give that a try. Looks like the rar actually had 3 or 4 models? Hopefully one of these will work.
>>2113 They look quite okay, the people in the screenshots all use one of the types from the rar.
>>1813 Could someone tell me how VRchat is better than Second Life? I do wonder.
>>2115 VR, More freedom in content creation, No intrusive currency system, Proper and easy to get into scripting support, generally far better graphics. It's an update in every way but ultimatively tickles the same itch. SL is still better for desktop but that might change eventually. I also like that proper flat anime style is more prominent instead of that pseudo realism of SL.
>>2119 The psuedo realism is pretty uncanny and part of what turned me off from SL. That, and seeing that if I got into it it would probably completely displace my first life kek.
>>2123 it holds true again anime + diaper > western + diaper
>>2114 Yes, we use the ones from the rar. Think they have the PDF files too for you can edit the diaper prints and whatnot to what you want. >>2115 Anime + VR
>>2125 Ironically enough given you're replying to my post with that, I actually got into diaper art and into getting diapers through MLP fanart through a convoluted series of events (though I have been DL since I was in them). But, MLP's art style lends to diapers unusually well for western animation. I'll grant most western animation doesn't work with them as well. But really 2d animated diapers > 3d animated diapers, and anime style 3d is a much closer approximation to 2d than... whatever SL uses.
>>2123 MLP as far as I know (I never watched it, just saw still images) has this really rounded flash-kinda look and doesn't hold up to the typical western animation artstyle. Especially with the big anime-esque eyes you can probably explain why it does make a better fit than most other western stuff.
>>2130 >we Damn you people are everywhere yet I rarely see your pictures posted. Make a twitter or something already.
>>2123 >That, and seeing that if I got into it it would probably completely displace my first life kek. I mean...yeah. It might have done that I actually don't mind the psudeo realism though for the most part. It has worked out rp wise before. For example Age regression rp is quite fun when you can find it with someone and going from those base SL avatar to a SMB to a helpless bebe avatar (or TD or Zooby or whatever baby avatar you want to use) is quite fun (or however many stages of age regression you want to act out). >>2125 Though I feel there is enough anime avatars and more to get your anime + diaper fix if you want as well. SL is 15+ years old after all. The main plus it has is the huge ass market of abdl stuff it has over VR chat I bet. Oh and if you want to be a boy you have options as well unlike VR from what I understand.
>>2139 >Oh and if you want to be a boy you have options as well unlike VR from what I understand. I wonder where you heard that because VRC is literally limitless avatar individuality. Whatever you can think of in blender and unity is possible. There is nothing stopping you from making a girl, a boy, a futa with 9 horsecocks or a gelatine blob.
>>2133 You could just get on vrchat while I put my diaper butt in your face.
>>2142 Name?
>>2141 I saw something being posted on the other 8chan's diaper area tbh. Though I may have read it wrong

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