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People you miss in the community Baby 11/09/2020 (Mon) 18:22:47 No. 1818
Pic related Who do you wish still posted in the community
(59.42 KB 1023x647 CePtfdmVAAA-zWY.jpg)
(162.66 KB 1024x1064 Chc-pEqUgAEskQy.jpg)
I miss her bros ;_;
Merunyaa, maybe the most obvious answer
>>1820 Didn’t she get doxxed?
>>2254 she got doxed twice and then someone from 8chan started stalking her irl, visited her at work every few days and told everyone he was going to rape her, nobody has heard from her since as she deleted her entire online presence because of it
>>2260 I can't understand what drives people to do this shit.
>>1820 who is she? I don't know !
>>2252 >Merunyaa why did she leave?
>>2275 This was her response to being asked why she stopped, I mean I've still done some here and there because some people on my patreon getting monthly rewards but I just haven't cared enough about having them on my social medias accounts and promote it in my digital 'portfolio'. I don't mind people taking them from the patreon archive and reposting them since I don't mean to keep it private but I just haven't felt the need to remind people everytime I upload bunch of pics on here that 'hello I can draw this' bringing back attention on it and attracting more people to my patreon that will be there and only care for this and nothing else, dragging me back to how it was and felt on tumblr TwT I'm doing less of it than before that's for sure though, after doing barely anythign BUT diapers for about 2 years full time I've grown a bit bored of it because it's a lot of the same scenarios, situations and a lot of recycling, most of the time the pose and angle option to show a specific sequence/situation are a bit limited and I am just the kinda artist that likes to experiment and draw a WIIIDE range of stuff, that's what keeps it interesting for me :'3 you can take that link tho i don't care, spread the lewds at your leisure and glad to be an helping hand in your quest of the meat beatin' !
>>2263 Severe mental illness and never leaving the house.
>>2263 seen simillar things happen on adisc and omo.org Only difference was people there invaded someones privacy for "doing the right thing". Need for validation from other normalfags on forum, for doing something that was the right thing to do in society eyes, but not right in terms of human morals (if they have any)
>>2402 >seen simillar things happen on adisc and omo.org Only difference was people there invaded someones privacy for "doing the right thing". Like give me some examples of this specifically? Is this a reference to that chick who became incontinent deliberately, then collected a pension for incontinence from the NHS (for adult diapers)? I find the diaper "community" interesting sociologically tbh.

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