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Genderbending Baby 11/09/2020 (Mon) 22:12:22 No. 1819
Any boys turned into girls wearing diapers or girls turned into boys wearing diapers.
(470.46 KB 640x903 05.jpg)
(2.54 MB 2079x2953 47_Notext.jpg)
(673.94 KB 1490x1028 13.jpg)
(377.03 KB 1200x1234 booette_by_buckieabdl_dcoayk2.png)
[Otona no Youchien] Seiten Shoujo Bangaihen ~Ikihaji no Omorashi Shuugaku Ryokou https://e-hentai.org/g/300188/80c89a8694/ https://e-hentai.org/g/337175/c8afab290d/ [Chijoku An] Oshiego ni Itazura Shita Sensei ga Lolikko ni Sarete Hazukashimerareru 2nd and 3rd image is the only diaper content. https://hitomi.la/cg/oshiego-ni-itazura-shita-sensei-ga-lolikko-ni-sarete-hazukashimerareru-english-1452117.html I guess you could also include Ranma 1/2. Seems to be a case where the amount of stories is much greater than art.
Really? I see way more art than stories for Ranma. Any examples?
>>1825 Sorry I was referring to genderbending stories in general. There seems to be a lot on sissykiss though you would have to sort gender transformation ones from the cross dressing stories. Also I just remembered those Brenton Tarrant gender swap pics.
(459.42 KB 1671x2635 1596727873690.png)
What would be your ideal TG/AR or TG/ABDL fantasy or scenario?
>>1887 I think it would be really fun to be a diapered 3-4 year old girl. I could play princess games all day, and then mommy can take me to the park to play. Bonus points if I have an accident and she changes me while I'm lying in the grass. On the more sexual side, I think it be hot to be transformed into a diaper girl and kept at a frat house or something. They would take care of me as long as I "took care" of them, like having to swallow loads of cum just for a diaper change.
>>1887 Regressed to my teenage years. From there my transformation caused incontinence issues so my parents put me back into pull-ups. Im gradually treated younger and younger. At sleep overs my friends insist on babying me by putting me in diapers and forcing me to suck on pacifiers and drink from bottles, even at breakfast they put me in there little brother or sisters high chair and proposition my parents to be my babysitter. After a bit of time my parents give up on trying to repotty train me and put me back into diapers. As this happens my room goes from a room fit for a toddler princess to a flow blown nursery.
>>1887 Oh man just getting to grow up again and make all sorts of new and exciting mistakes sounds great. Add to that it would be the ultimate fix for my current mental illness and its basically an ideal fantasy already. Maybe a ddlg based high school polycue eventually.
(539.01 KB 960x1280 tumblr_pshd3bVQyx1wdqvgu_1280.jpg)
About 16-18 with a dominant daddy twice my age. Daddy would constantly be toying and rubbing my princess parts teasing me until I beg for his cock.
(45.75 KB 461x650 m29.jpg)
>>1887 I think I'd like to be turned into a 6-8 year old little girl. Old enough for diapers and other babyish treatment to be very humiliating, but still young enough to not be judged harshly by society. My potty skills would be a bit worse than other girls my age, but not drastically so. If I was careful to use the toilet regularly I'd be able to stay dry at school and only wet my bed about once a week. I'd be adopted by a couple of lolicons who'd enjoy treating me like a toddler. They'd be very kind, loving and supportive and they'd never do anything that would really hurt me, but they would have total authority over me. They'd decide what clothes I was allowed to wear, what toys I could play with, whether I could use the potty, and pretty much everything else about my life. They'd listen to me and usually take my preferences into consideration, but if they wanted to take me shopping in just a short T-shirt and extra-thick pampers I'd be powerless to stop them. Sometimes I'd be allowed to act pretty much like a girl of my age, although even then I might still be prohibited from doing certain "big girl" things like wiping myself after going potty or eating with a knife and fork. Sometimes I'd be given big girl panties to wear but told not to use the toilet, then I'd get scolded and changed into diapers in public when I ended up having an accident. Occasionally I might just be diapered, restrained, and made to spend the whole day as a 6 month old baby.
(673.57 KB 1080x1920 1594682371475.jpg)
>>1900 I like yours. Id be 12-13, but my parents use diapers as a punishment for misbehaving. Depending on the severity i could be treated like like a toddler where my panties are taken away and made to wear pull-ups at home, and forced to ask my parents every time I need to potty and they watch me. If I get a bad report card from school I could spend my nights in a crib, in diapers with early bedtimes, feed from bottles and a highchair, i get changed only twice a day for a few weeks at a time.
(149.69 KB 465x658 sissy_diaper_by_immmj-d6nylf9.jpg)
>>1911 That sounds like it would be really fun too. Imagine, after weeks of hard work to keep your grades up and follow all the rules they announce that you're going to be allowed to wear big girl panties again. But, instead of giving you your old panties back they take you shopping in the toddler section of a clothes store. You're only allowed to choose from the panties aimed at little girls who are still learning to use the potty - the kind with extra padding and very infantile decorations - and even then they veto a couple of choices as being too grown up for you. From then on those are the closest you come to owning a pair of big girl panties. They even force you to act excited and grateful every time you're allowed to wear them, and you're subjected to regular panty checks throughout the day.
(982.64 KB 2286x2175 85855330_p0.jpg)
>>1887 I want to be a 4-6 year old little girl who wears diapers and still does a lot of immature and babyish things. I don't have any elaborate fantasies, but I like to imagine wearing brightly colored and frilly dresses, playing with other girls at the park, or just playing with toys and stuff alone. My caretakers would be very loving and encouraging. Simple but I love to imagine it.
>>1900 This sounds perfect to me, honestly. The humiliation of being a diapered "big girl" but also the sweet loving comfort of being babied is my ultimate fantasy.

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