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(640.44 KB 1920x1080 PLAYTIME.jpeg)

Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Anonymous 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:28:17 No. 2
Welcome to /abdl/ - Adult Baby / Diaper Lover Rules 1. Global rules apply 2. Requests should go in the request thread when you don't have enough content (~5 images) to start a good thread). 3. All scat content must be spoilered* 4. No advertising or shilling 5. Do not create threads for which there is already an existing thread able to be posted in *scat refers to clearly visible poop. So a picture of a messy diaper change would need to be spoiled, but a brown bulging diaper would not need to be Rules are liable to minor changes, so check back here occasionally. Anything major will likely be announced in a way that all users can see
Edited last time by Diap on 07/20/2020 (Mon) 18:01:18.
tsk tsk, not using the edited version of that image.
(795.34 KB 1380x1559 stop thinking like adults 2.png)

>>3 First thread made and I already need a good spanking. I should have listened to Grace's words of wisdom..
>>4 That's alright, it'll need to be updated anyway as I think it has "julayworld" in it. Shame that's not one of mine or I'd just do it
(744.53 KB 1074x1517 bed.jpg)

I'm going to try to email that one guy in a little bit who is helping /monarchy/, /liberty/ and /fascist/, but right now cock.li is fucking up so I'll try again in a bit. I'm archiving threads from spqrchan/Julay right now as we speak. They might have their hands full, but it doesn't hurt to try to get our threads, and it would likely be best for the health of our board.
>>6 Luckily I was the one who actually made the edit, so stand by for a new and up-to-date version! I was originally going to post it but refrained due to it saying "Julay".
>>8 Seems like tor users can't post images, is that site wide or something that can be changed for the board?
>>9 I just looked through my board settings (which are pretty similar to Julay's) and didn't see any option that would effect this. It might be a site-wide thing, unfortunately. I'll ask about it in my email in case I'm missing anything. Hope that is not too big of a problem.
Edited last time by Diap on 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:58:38.
>>11 Adorable, that really is such a good edit >>10 Its not super convenient, thanks for asking about it
(372.83 KB 1172x1108 new edit FINISHED.png)

>>12 >Adorable, that really is such a good edit Thanks, it's really one of my favorites too. I need to take the time to figure out who the artist is to see if they've made anything similar. Even if not, I love how coincidentally so much diaper art features girls with black hair and blond hair. It really is a sign tbh, they were meant for diapers. I'll fix this edit while I'm at it >Its not super convenient, thanks for asking about it No problem, I'd prefer Tor most times as well so I can understand.
Edited last time by Diap on 05/24/2020 (Sun) 20:21:21.
>>9 >>10 Images are allowed on Tor if you access it via the .onion, but not if you use Tor and access via the clearnet domains.
>>14 Thanks for the info, that's good to hear
(335.43 KB 1172x1108 new edit FINISHED 8moe.png)

>>14 Strange, I am using .onion and it still is informing me that Tor users are not allowed to post files
>>17 I was able to reproduce that. It was working fine last week. We changed the ports that LynxChan was looking for Tor on and it might have broken it. I'll bring it up and try to have it fixed tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
>>18 Alrighty, I can be patient. I'm just glad we have a new board I was missing /abdl/ ever since Julay imploded.
>>18 Based vol.
(106.09 KB 1200x1200 WOkAwyc.jpg)

(1.93 MB 3000x3352 grace pyramid diaper.png)

I hope /liberty/ and /monarchy/ decide to come here too instead of anon.cafe. Should we also start bullying Mark and /v/?. Do they still claim Vivian? I do like lynxchan more since vichan can't do basic shit like mp3/flac files. Any news in migrating the threads from julay.world?
>>21 Well even if they don't I don't think that should stop us from getting them in the stroller. It would be great if moe joined the webring. I think we should start bulling whoever, post Vivian pics and I'll get to editing.
>>22 BO mentioned there are plans for joining the webring. I think I have some more vivian abdl content in my archives to check for.
I'm missing a few more, but is pretty much it
>>24 *this
>>21 From what I’ve been following from Anon Cafe, it seems most likely that all three of them will be here sooner or later. I hope they come here too. >Should we also start bullying Mark and /v/?. That could be fun. With a new site comes new territory for the Reich to conquer. There’s also the /pol/ here on which we can use our Erika pics, not to mention probably other boards that I can’t think of off the top of my head. New Lebensraum awaits.
I have emailed the guy everyone is talking to on Anon Cafe about the Julay threads. If he responds and says he’ll work with us we’ll see how long it will take. Sit tight
>>21 >/v/ It’s already begun
>>30 Real gamers wear diapers.
>>31 Konata has always struck me as a diaper girl tbh
(17.92 KB 710x216 ClipboardImage.png)

SAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT IN THIS THREAD, GOOD CHANCE THAT THIS BOARD WILL GET NUKED MOMENTARILY WHEN AN IMPORT HAPPENS It's not guaranteed yet, but as this email says, it could very well happen today.
>>34 Our old threads and our hoppe-sama babies potentially getting migrated over? What great news!
>>35 Luckily they found out about Robi's scraper! I hope everything goes smoothly. Having all of our threads will definitely bring in more people than starting from scratch all over again would, that's for sure, plus I like having our favorite three babies in close reach.
>>36 Well really we have four babies, Grace, Aurelia, Integratalist-chan, and Rita. Even if /fascist/ is in a state of perpetual tantrum.
(494.03 KB 667x2000 ita daki diaper edited.png)

(336.04 KB 806x633 integralist grace spank.gif)

>>37 We've certainly got our hands full. /fascist/ will need a good reminder here soon, I feel.
>>38 I have a version of that Rita picture where I used vectors to clean up the lines on the legs to make it more congruent with the rest of the image. I'll post it once the tor posting issue is resolved.
>>39 Based. Thank God for vectors
Lucifer is asking if you want to become a volunteer for julay computer games: https://spqrchan.xyz/meta/res/12785.html#12803
>>42 And what does that entail?
(1.76 MB 854x480 diaper.gif)

>>42 I said I'd accept it, the Padded Reich must grow. I'm not sure if he'll look back favorably on this decision though. I will do my job good but the diapers come as part of the package.
(11.60 KB 652x168 ClipboardImage.png)

Diapers are /vidya/ approved
>>45 An interesting development to be sure, nice to see a board so eager to accept their diapering.
>>46 Some boards are smart enough just to accept who they really are, rather than stubbornly resisting like /liberty/, /fascist/ and other unruly babies. I will have to find more video game related diaper images.
>>47 It's okay, the bratty babies need love too, they'll accept it eventually. But this is great, the cabal expands once again.
(1.09 MB 1280x720 welcome to abdl.png)

>>48 It's only a matter of time with the bratty ones. Soon there'll be more diapered OC than actual OC of them and they'll grow accustomed to it. >But this is great, the cabal expands once again. The power of the fetish continues to surprise me. I've got people handing me whole boards and now vol privileges. I don't even seek this shit out, it just falls onto my padded lap.
I forgot to mention something earlier - I told the guy dealing with our threads just to do it as soon as he possibly can, so there will be no warning when the board gets wiped later. Just expect weird stuff like that when it finally happens (could be as early as tonight, could not, no clue)
>>50 That's fine, I don't think anything new has been posted here that doesn't already exist on the julay threads or is backed up elsewhere. Any word on the tor issue?
>>51 Not yet. I've seen from the emails though that today is apparently some "fix shit on 8moe" day so maybe this will come up in discussion. If not, I'll enquire.
(76.80 KB 1320x259 ClipboardImage.png)

Top kek we just can't stop winning
>>2 Damn someone finally made /abdl/ Impressive.
>>54 We’re here from Julay’s /abdl/. We’re trying to get our old threads imported right now, so hopefully the catalog will be filled by 2000 or so posts worth of threads soon.
>>53 kek, today is a good day >>52 Fair enough, I have a nice surprise once it's fixed
>>49 Where is the /ita/ Pizza Delivery Girl in that pic
(2.72 MB 3000x3715 RitaAndGrace.png)

>>57 Rita isn't in that one
(2.10 MB 1920x1080 CutiePatooties.png)

>>11 >>13 >>56 Well looks like the tor issue is fixed, as promised here's the surprise!
(794.16 KB 1380x1559 PamperedPrincess.png)

>>4 That picture is the original that has the sleeve error (the sleeve falling behind her diaper which messes up the perspective), here's the fixed version.
>>59 Very nice, I like the more babyish snake image on Aurelia’s diaper. The crown is a nice touch for Grace too. It seems that Aurelia’s eyes are the right color now too, I’m not sure how I managed to mess that one up back in the day! >>57 I might try to remake this here soon completely to make it up to date and to have all of our girls
(535.81 KB 768x720 lchaim.png)

>>61 Aurelia's eye color and the kinda strange background coloring on the changing table in the original edit inspired me to give it a shot. The original was still quite good. I felt that was the appropriate snek to use for Aurelia's onesie.
(756.01 KB 890x2667 LovelyRita.png)

>>38 Here's the cleaned up and vectored version of that Rita
Looks like some boards are getting migrated over today, exciting
>>218 I heard they were aiming for this weekend, it would be great if it did happen today!
(2.63 MB 1456x1622 ClipboardImage.png)

>>219 Rereading the message at the top of the page you might be right about it being tomorrow, still its soon!
(627.50 KB 1024x768 spank.jpg)

>>220 Whoops I didn't even see that at the top. I was wondering where you heard that. Now I know kek
(137.09 KB 640x723 Siesta spoonfeeds.jpg)

(107.54 KB 1280x720 hand nose kusai.jpg)

(239.99 KB 480x270 Go ahead, push it all out~.GIF)

Would threads for POV images that don't directly involve diapers but likely appeal to ABDLs be okay to post here? I have an assortment of various images such as POV spoonfeeding and girls covering their noses I could post, but I would like to see if anyone else is interested in things like that first.
>>283 That would be fine, I can definitely see the appeal. I don’t have too much to contribute myself but I look forward to seeing your thread
BO or diapered meidos needed to remove underage pics from the last post of the Asian thread. Also reported so hopefully it gets taken down quickly. https://8chan.moe/abdl/res/27.html
>>59 wait wait wait wait wait.. WHAT WHAT IS THIS PLACE Are these diapers? Are they,... Oh my god
>>324 I’ve been a bit neglectful the last week or two, but it looks like they were cleaned up luckily. I am going to try to be a bit more active, and I think I should find a vol while I am at it. If that one guy who is often in the Padded Reich thread who makes a lot of edits is here, lemme know if you’re interested
(591.49 KB 904x1083 Shrug.png)

>>330 >If that one guy who is often in the Padded Reich thread who makes a lot of edits is here, lemme know if you’re interested I'd be amenable to the idea, but I don't know the first thing about it.
>>343 You’d have to make an account on this site and I would add your username as a vol. Once you’ve been added you’re able to see that you’re a vol on a given board, where you can delete posts, pin them, lock them, and the like. It’s not too bad of a learning curve. It’s up to you though of course, you’re the main person I know has a solid record and posts here a lot. Either way I’m gonna start checking in more now
If there is anything you haven't gotten from julay /abdl/ or any of the porn related boards now would be the time to get them since they are being removed in 4 days.
>>362 Thanks for the heads up
Please some diapers in public, either under clothes or just showing off proudly? Messy ones if there are any; maybe some on the beach. These images are so hard to find!!
(49.96 KB 550x850 icup.png)

Can we expect the diaper gang to rise up in the next icup? The preliminary deadline has passed but I think there's still time if you come up with a roster and shit by August.
Is there any particular reason the board is unlisted now?
(50.62 KB 674x352 screenshot.png)

>>445 I don't think it is and recent post do show up on overboard but not on the sfw overboard.
(359.71 KB 972x1350 1591087958591.png)

Looks like the stupid pig farmer is starting to enforce the loli/shota ban which is now effecting /abdl/. Now would be the time to shill, hope we can get some activity now.
>>447 I can do some shilling later on Cuckchan when I’m fapping. EDIT: I realized what this post was talking about now and feel dumb. Either way I’ll do my rounds
Edited last time by Diap on 07/08/2020 (Wed) 21:10:25.
(52.51 KB 1308x176 spam.png)

>>448 Hey /diaper/ BO, dolphinigger has been spamming /v/ and /japan/ with random posts from 4chan /r9k/, and judging by your increased PPH and all these nonsensical recent posts on the first page it seems this board is his current target. I recommend you to enable captchas per post and limit the number of threads that can be made per hour (if you haven't done it already), and delete all the random blogposts made around 00:27 and the posts quoting very large numbers. Here are some of the bot posts: >>696 >>699 >>692 >>700 >>703 >>695 >>694 >>687
>>732 I have deleted the posts and will temporarily turn on captchas per post. I may turn on the robot too in case there is a limited number of spam posts being used.
Edited last time by Diap on 07/27/2020 (Mon) 02:29:01.
(26.61 KB 713x132 65445534 2.jpg)

(148.52 KB 1430x649 65445534.jpg)

>>734 is this the reason so many posts are missing? Why are are the pictures loading all so slow?
>>874 I don’t know about the pics, that looks like it is from 8kun. Any posts that make zero sense or are replying to massive numbers are spam as well. I cleaned up most of it a few days ago but I’ll deal with the rest here in a few hours
Should we get an IRC?
>>919 Could be comfy
>>919 Would be too slow
/delicious/ and /tot/ were deleted because of hosting provided being force to by Russians. Save any of the loli/shota content that you care about. I'm backing up those threads just in case. Here is thread that is specifying what is happening at the moment. >>>/v/107393
>>1176 Fucking hell, if we’re not able to have loli what is even the point, bros. I’m not sure what to do.
>>1176 >>1177 They're coming back. We're working on it.
>>1181 Ganbatte
I miss the Attention Hungry Games, think we can start something like that here?
>>1516 Does anyone know how exactly they ran the games? Honestly, we could be devious and just set up another board ran by someone, shill the attention hungry games hard and then use it both for attention hungry purposes and as an engine for diaper OC
>>1518 I believe back on Julay the games were either run by Robi or by rulescuck, eitherway we'd need some sort of prize for winning. The whole reason people participated was to get their board advertised up in the header for a week. But if something like that can get adopted here that might at least spur some greater activity and cross board interaction.
>>1518 Also I dont think theres even a need to make another board to run the hunger games since this site already has a meta board in the form of /site/ that could be used as a place to run it.
>>1524 We could always badger the administration here to start something, or at least to put up an announcement for the winner. >>1526 True
>>1528 I think that would be the only real way to get it going since a prize like that requires administrative support
>>1516 What were those exactly?
>>1615 It was a game on the Julay /meta/ where different boards could enter into a contest and one board would emerge victorious and would be advertised at the top of the screen for a week or so by the admins. It was like the Hunger Games books / movies where they’d “fight”. Basically it was like a text game that progressively advanced and eliminated players, and the person running updated it every few minutes until the winner remained. On Julay’s /abdl/ we used to fuck with people and put their board-tans in diapers
>>1615 >>1619 It worked well because boards were entered on a first come first serve basis. And since we're such kind and considerate babies we made sure all the other boards with cute board-tans didn't miss entering their board in the contest.
(23.48 KB 441x411 lets hug.jpg)

We're finally on the webring.
>>2058 Hopefully we will get a boost in traffic! It's slow but comfy here though
this board must be purged, it is cancer preferably with cheeze peeza
(171.76 KB 624x641 loli property.png)

>>2102 Rude.
>>2102 Aw poor baby is angry~.
Meri Kurisumasu
>>2152 Merry Christmas, anon
(103.07 KB 800x600 Winter.jpg)

Can anyone put up the messy videos from Mindlessly diapered? She really embraces messing unlike some girls, like she doesn't mind if it gets smeared all around her ass. Or any links to her content for free
>>2430 >mindlessly diapered have some self respect man, jesus christ
>>2475 Lmao I know that she went berserk on the old chan because of a 'copyright violation', but I like her for the fact she was happy to put herself on the British tabloids and was discussing openly the fact she shits in diapers everyday. That's like the top form of exhibitionism Most women in ABDL don't mess, and the ones who do tend to do so only begrudgingly. Or are there any other chicks who mess and do so in a way that isn't completely vinegary and boring?
>>2476 Nikki?
>>2648 no, mindlessly diapered.
>>2476 Lollylalaz
(63.37 KB 892x457 party.jpg)

>>3566 Wow I can't believe it's been that long already!
I have been thinking of changing the scat rule. No other board really has anything like this. If I were to change it maybe I would make it for real poop only. I would be interested in hearing anons’ thoughts
>>3649 I mean, is it really a situation that is likely to come up in other boards? I can see your reasoning to a degree, but there is typically a divide between the messy and scat crowd. Then again, this is all reliant on which group forms a larger part of the demographic, so it could go either way.
>>3649 Is having the rule in place causing any problems? I don't pay attention to messing-focused threads because it's not my thing, but seems to me if it's not broke don't fix it.
>>3649 Is it causing any problems? Have the admins said anything about it? If not, then I don't see why you'd change it.
>>3692 >>3691 >>3659 I probably won’t change it after all. Like the one anon said if it’s not broke don’t fix it
>>2475 this >>2476 >any other chicks who mess asiandiapercutie, kimmie, babypickles, danni and jesse from wetset btw check https://diaperz.club
(65.06 KB 472x648 pillow.jpg)

Does anyone have the OC from which pic related is derived? It was from the infinitechan of yore, but I can't seem to find the source.
Is there any reason >>3964 hasn't been deleted?
Does someone have mor Infos about that? Nanme or a Source maybe?
>>4421 Saucenao says this is from a comic named "Teens ni Nacchau Mae ni". I suspect the sad panda may have it?
Could the BO of this board please check their inbox? The BO on 8kun is considering a migration and I wanted to see if you guys could work something out.
>>4578 I have a new email and changed it a while back. Please tell him to email me at [REMOVED]
Edited last time by Diap on 09/10/2021 (Fri) 19:59:20.
>>4579 Good to see you back. I sent you an email.
>>4584 Responded.
We're probably going to get more faggots attempting to upload CP. If it gets out of hand, it might be a good idea for the meidos to check the board daily.
>>4595 I will try to check in more myself.
(282.27 KB 533x703 DiaperedNezha.png)

anybody have audio content from BeGoodForMommy? I have a folder with some of her stuff but it's a bit outdated, anyone willing to share more recent stuff would be appreciated
>>4653 This image says much about the development and convolution of human civilization.
>>4658 don't know about that, but I feel like it says a lot about how I like to piss and cum in my diapers
>>4658 The person in that picture has reached peak enlightenment as far as I'm concerned.
When is the diaper jihad?
>>4991 That thread's a bit down there. Either it gets drawn and made, or it dies.
What happened to /abdl/ on imageboards? All the communities seem dead.
>>5111 For 8kun, the site is just so poorly run that it's no surprise that the community dissolved pretty much as far as I can tell. The board-split there is also another problem. This is basically the only not-dead /abdl/ board I am aware of now. Now on places like 4chan, the diaper threads still get a decent amount of traction. Imageboards in general aren't doing too well, honestly.
>>5128 8kun admins also banned a lot of proxies and full of boomers. Though I subscribe to the theory that anon posted about the Tarrant Aras abducting anons.
>>5131 >Though I subscribe to the theory that anon posted about the Tarrant Aras abducting anons. Certainly a factor that cannot be overlooked. Luckily their fantasies are becoming reality
>>5132 But what if its actually a nightmare?
>>5133 For some it might be, but they won't remember that for long! They'll be too busy playing with toys and being babied by their ara mommies.
Can please somebody post a ZIP file of all of MrWhiskerz's ABDL Art from Inkbunny?: https://inkbunny.net/MrWhiskerz
>>5142 What if anons are being turned into board-tans and someone ends up being Aurelia?
>>5146 > and someone ends up being Aurelia? Intense bullying and spanking is the inevitable result~
>>5148 I thought it was Integralist who gets spanked the most while Aurelia gets bullied about her constant bedwetting? imagine ending up as Grace though?
What if I don't want to be turned into an anime girl? What if I want to become an Ara instead?
(1.29 MB 6627x5000 ClipboardImage.png)

I assume this board is also 18+ only, right?
>>5197 It's a board about pornography and shitting in diapers, what do you expect?
>>5200 Hugs?
>>5203 That's definitely part of the package here.
>>5205 More huggies than hugs.
(592.46 KB 750x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

It feels like most /abdl/ communities are definitely dead, not just on imageboards. Seems like everywhere gated themselves off to allowing outsiders. Guess most were content to retreat to a discord and circlejerked themselves out of existence. You'd think anons being highschool girls backstabbing each other would have been the biggest contribution to self implosion of this fetish scene but it really wasn't.
>>5236 I think that it's because this fetish has been the butt of too many jokes for what seems to be almost a decade, so I would see it not becoming super popular or accepted
>>5200 Just making sure
>>5240 Don't suppose you have been clothes shopping recently anon? Some of the fashion feels designed with the padded in mind.
>>5240 Do people really care what normalcattle think that much?
>>5254 Unless you are a transvestite catboi nobody really cares what you think.
>>5240 Actually I think the problem is that actually did go mainstream. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBestLife
The fall of tumblr certainly did damage to the scene.
can the jannies please try to clean up all the actual children being posted on some threads? Thank you
>>5374 Jannies really need to get used to changing diapers around here. Anyway, when do we invade /islam/ boards?
>>5426 >Anyway, when do we invade /islam/ boards?
(306.50 KB 546x850 ClipboardImage.png)

(317.38 KB 546x850 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5426 >>5589 Here are some pics, if needed
>>5255 Are you talking about the vore pin image?
>>5426 What active /islam/ boards even are there at this point?
>>5602 /tv/?
Happy b-day, and first week of embracing this fetish
>>5622 Does this mean Grace has to get a birthday spanking?
>>5622 I hope you’ve been enjoying the diapered girls, Muslim-kun
>>5633 I am, thank you very much. I suppose there is worse things to be addicted to. I guess it was better than vore or anythijng else that could be haram
>>5638 Just don't get caught by the Ara Patrol anon!
>>5650 The Ara Patrol is just an old myth that you tell little anons so that they behave. It is just as real as the smell-less diaper or the infinity use diaper. That patrol just isn't real at all.
>>5681 t. Ara patrol
>>5685 What does (t.) mean?
>>5687 >t. is an abbreviated form of the Finnish word terveisin (meaning "regards" in Enlgish), frequently used on several online forums and imageboards like 4chan in order to parody what a certain group would say. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/t--2
Can admits update the theme now? Its been over a day
>>5692 I clicked to delete the CSS but it's not changing. I'll wait a bit to see if it updates before fucking with it more.
>>5681 Grace you can't fool us!
Thank you for making the ui normal again, jannies.
Y'all babs know how to search pixiv right? diaper OR abdl OR おむつ OR オムツ You can thank me later if you never knew this Stupid babs
Anyone save any of the stories from julay? In particular the loli space pirates?
(265.27 KB 600x790 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5756 Add 幼児退行 OR 赤ちゃんプレイ to the list You can thank me later stupid babs!
is it just me or did this board take a nose dive in quality since 8kun went to shit
>>5999 Only when you started posting anon.
>>5999 It's a porn board, who the fuck cares. It's been more fun lately, imo.
>>6019 I though this was an Islam Faith Discussion Board?
>>6044 Inshallah
>>6019 >It's a porn board, who the fuck cares people who come here for porn?
>>6046 >he says, as the catalog is filled with porn
The porn lately sucks
>>5999 This board has been fucking great in the past weekk. >>6044 Yes, anon.
Why aren't we using an /abdl/ Grace spoiler image?
>>6105 Good idea, we need to come up with one
>>6114 Literally >>88
>>6115 Will add
>>6122 I might need to add the word 'spoiler' on the top in a couple hours but otherwise it's looking good.
I think we need a Defcon style meter for when the babs are likely to be out of control. Also as an excuse to say "We're at Loli Alert 5"
>BO actually puts us at Loli Alert 5 Based. Need to write out what these mean though. Guess 5 is that lolis are content in their playpens and not causing mischief. While Loli Alert 1 would be they are loose in the facility, nearly about to breakout. Authorisation of harsh spankings on sight.
>>6400 Can you shut up about your dumb RP shit for 5 minutes?
>>6418 Well someone is getting cranky. Guess we need to go to Loli Alert 4.
>>6419 We're at Autism Alert 1 right now
>>6420 When are we not?
>>6420 We've been at that since the tarrant thread, and we were stuck at level 2 since the "diapers solve feminism" thread
>>6423 Alert 1 is higher than 2 stupid bab.
>>6418 >getting this assblasted This board has been top-tier ever since RP autism took over. Seethe, cope and dilate.
>>6418 You're in a diaperfag board right now. I dont know what you expect
>>6434 Healthy Quran discussion?
>>6439 Inshallah
>>6443 >>6439 Cowwect
Can someone draw some good pics of Chuckie Finster in a diaper or getting his diaper changed?
(144.67 KB 422x600 2486508_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>6500 You should really provide images and ask in the edit thread and "maybe" an anon will get back to you. In other news I think we are heading to Loli Alert 4. General disgruntled babs. Timeouts authorized.
>>6586 Yeah, a few pre-transformation kids are acting up, thankfull someone is trying to call the ara's in to get them bab-ified.0
>>6587 Send in the Stroller Patrol!
>>6400 I saw that and was worried we were gonna lose our hosting or something, forgot that defcon works in reverse.
>>6611 Well guess I'll have a go: Lolicon 5 - Lowest Threat Level - Lolis are behaving themselves and content in their playpens. No authoritarian measures required. Lolicon 4 - Slight Threat - Lolis are disgruntled and having the occasional tantrum. Use of reminder swats, timeouts and being sent to the concentration corner authorised. Lolicon 3 - Moderate Threat - Lolis are actively starting to throw their toys with intent to hurt and are making escape attempts. Use of light spankings, mittens and early bedtimes authorised. Lolicon 2 - High Threat - Lolis have broken out and are starting to wander causing mischief. Use of harsher bare bottom spankings now authorised as well as the likes of castor oil. Lolicon 1 - Highest Threat - Lolis have taken over and are rioting. Paddlings on sight authorised!
I think we gotta update the LOLI ALERT, since the onee-san rebellion succeeded
>>6626 Wait till we get the Loli Uprising.
>>6632 you're right, the lolis aren't acting up, just fucking and messing around with them
Update: Grace has indeed been buttfucked by Infiltrator anon. Better put her back in diapers, until that ass recovers
>>6642 >/abdl/ fucked /monarchy/ in the ass Just like old times!
>>6642 Not the first time Grace has been robbed of her dignity.
>>6731 I think BO has been abducted by the lolis and taken to the playpen.
>wakes up >checks the most updated threads >the diaper mask one >the used diaper sniffing one It's gonna be one of those days
(415.30 KB 286x847 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6936 Be the change you want to be! Time for diapered maids!
>>6941 New thread idea. Thanks anon
(2.52 MB 4032x3024 74815309_p0.jpg)

>>6936 >>6941 >>6944 It's always better to post what you want to see rather being a nigger that constantly complains about the content while contributing nothing at all.
>>6965 How is that complaining you dumb diaper shitting nigger? Its nust an observation from what I can tell
>niggers calling others niggers while acting like niggers Like pottery
>bump locking the tarrant thread What did mods mean by this. Also, I didn't know babies had such foul language
>>6984 It wasn't bump locked it was at its bump limit Also I blame the lack of parenting. Aras not doing their job right!
>>6986 And now that stinker Muslimah-chan is in control, the new thread is gonna be a bit interesting
>>6987 Stinky bab shits her huggies and cries for mommy - the end!
>>6998 /thread
(2.22 MB 1777x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

Time for some mouth soaping!
>bump limit reached >tarrant thread now on second thread It's been fun while it lasted
>>7088 *second page
Time for a tea party anons!
(5.35 MB 3496x4083 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7103 Agreed
>>7108 >>7103 >>7104 <slurps and sips tea in the most obnoxious and loud way possible
>all anons have been turned into Islamo Diaper Girls and be sold off to the Taliban How does it feel?
(5.95 MB 3496x4085 FollowUpClipboardImage.png)

>>7137 >slurps and sips tea in the most obnoxious and loud way possible <Then she stops her sips, get very quiet as her face is starting to fill up with lustfull enjoyment & relife. As you heat a strong hissing soung emminating from inside of her diaper. As it expands & gets very full wet & warm.
(5.56 MB 3496x4061 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7142 >after another obnoxious sip, she takes a break from the tea, gazing you with a face full of enjoyment and pleasure <you then smelled a peculiar smell fill the room, all coming from her rear
(199.70 KB 546x850 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7141 All going to plan, then
(642.78 KB 800x629 ClipboardImage.png)

French girls are superior.
>>7166 That maybe true in relations to English girls, but German Girls Über Alles Is!
Can somebody please make ZIP files for: * Every piece of ABDL art from Carnivaltricks' ABDL Discord server: https://bluffington.org/where-to-find-me/ * Every piece of ABDL art from Faalofman20's Discord sever: https://www.deviantart.com/faalofman20/status-update/9789406 * Every piece of ABDL art from Ryan Rabbat's Discord sever (You'd have to PM Lillilly over on FA about what Ryan Rabbat's Discord sever is): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lilLilly
(93.18 KB 340x333 rhodesia.jpg)

It's been (i think) around a week or so since I've left, and I'm slightly concerned about how shrivelled this place has become. I've grown and learned a lot here, but getting on noporn was the right choice for me. Good day, and I hope this place can be kicked back into activity
>>7439 It sort of comes and goes here, sometimes there is massive spikes of activity, other times it is more quiet. I've been doing a bit of noporn myself lately and I am a frequent poster so that might have been a contributing factor as well.
>>7459 Yeah, Im probably gonna need to fast for the rest of my life in repentance for the faggotry Ive posted here
>>7439 >>7459 It is more a sign of the times. Its not even that imageboards are pretty much dead but a good chunk of the internet as well. Fetish sites are often replaced with patreons and discord servers. There is not as much sharing as there used to be as everyone secures themselves in their private little circlejerks where they are super sensitive about their feels. The public discussion that can be had boils down to "Someone said something I didn't like on twitter" or "haha tiktok funny!" and thats about it, nothing really fun or truly creative being posted. It's basically becoming insanely difficult for the type of user who just wants to shitpost and fap. >>7493 I bet though when you close your eyes at night this is all you see.
(2.09 MB 866x1340 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7515 That is true. I was completely shocked about finding this place at all from other monarchist groups online, so I shouldn't be completely shocked that it isn't swing season or whatever. >pic related The angle and POV is kinda confusing to me, but you aren't wrong when you say that I still have dreams of thick, crinkly padded bottoms.
Thought the main reason imageboards died is they won't let you post. Mean seriously fucking let me post some images and vids for fucks sake!
>>7531 in what ways. Either way, whatever gets me to consume less of this is probably for the better
(1.82 MB 1784x1654 94442466_p4.jpg)

(1.70 MB 1784x1654 94442466_p0.jpg)

(2.52 MB 1784x1654 94442466_p1.jpg)

>>7523 > I still have dreams of thick, crinkly padded bottoms. Based and redpilled.
(716.00 KB 1600x1342 1640351300955.jpg)

(69.20 KB 667x1200 1640362075170.jpg)

(1.61 MB 1250x1408 1640366277879.png)

Merry Christmas!
>>7825 Merry Christmas, anon! May Santa bring you lots of nice diapers and girls to wear them
(120.55 KB 1205x853 Xmas2003.jpg)

(228.06 KB 911x645 Xmas2006.jpg)

(231.32 KB 911x645 Xmas2007.jpg)

(302.64 KB 911x645 Xmas2010_1_.jpg)

Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa.
I dunno if this was already posted but someone created a dedicated ABDL imageboard : https://abdlchan.com/ Can be usefull as a bunker. I dunno BO stance on loli and shota.
>>8021 No Loli or shota unfortunately.
>>8036 Makes sense since some of the anons that didn't want to come here was because of the loli/shota threads.
would there be enough interest in pirating abdl ebooks to warrant a thread for it?
>>8021 Tarrant allowed? >>8054 Maybe. Honestly can be quite hard to kick off a good story thread.
>>8121 First you have to explain what tarrant is. If you throw up ebook stuff let us know so we can mirror it onto ipfs.
>>8036 >no loli or shota Into the trash it goes.
>>8155 I just don't enjoy loli or shota myself, I think its a little creepy and a little gross. and of questionable morality. There's AB's on our board, There's DL's. People who like thick diapers, People who like pullups. but there will be no 300 year old dragons in a 6yo girls body etc unfortunately. Thank you for your understanding.
>>8135 >First you have to explain what tarrant is. Have things fallen this far?

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