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(471.99 KB 1652x2048 Ek1ZahBXUAMdoSJ.jpg)
(346.88 KB 2475x2382 EkrAkkuXgAEYO65.jpg)
(440.08 KB 932x1200 ナナチ_by_かぶ.jpg)
Made in Abyss characters diapered RK7 01/07/2021 (Thu) 22:16:54 No. 2225
Just mark spoiler on post anime events (it doesn't include the movies)
(258.33 KB 662x875 66859295_p0.png)
(104.42 KB 421x999 77206289_p0.png)
Diapers really suit Riko. I bet she had to wear them from time to time in the orphanage.
(145.95 KB 725x670 Diapered_Mitty_by_Kaissy.jpg)
(265.43 KB 839x697 Diapered_Ozen_by_Kaissy.jpg)
Yeah, i'm maybe the only one but i like Riko, she may be simple but she's cute tho, where's the 2nd from?
I would bet good money that Tsukushi is into diapers.
>>2227 Not the only one at all. I almost like Riko more than the show itself. She's just adorable and has that optimism I miss having, myself. I've never really felt tempted to see her diapered, funny enough. Just the wrong kind of energy or something, I dunno. Even though she could've used them like 3 different times. Not to mention how futile disposable diapers would be on a trip like that. >>2232 I'm fairly sure he is. It's just a guess but based off of some things I've heard. Which means there's probably official (as in done by him) diapered character art on his computer. Kinda sad we'll probably never see it but can't fault him for wanting privacy and to keep it on the down-low. DL DL.
(1.29 MB 480x270 suspense.gif)
>>2259 >Not to mention how futile disposable diapers would be on a trip like that. That's definitely true. Even cloth diapers would be a logistical nightmare on a trip like that. The most she could wear would be something akin to cloth training pants to catch small leaks. Then again, Riko spent a long time living up in Orth where diapers were readily available. The orphanage staff are very willing to subject the kids to degrading punishments so it's easy to imagine Riko getting diapered for her bedwetting. Especially if she made a habit of sneaking around after dark and using the toilet as an excuse when she got caught.
>>2261 ... that, and disposable plastic-backed SAP diapers are like 60s/70s(?) tech, and they're like, 40s at best, but look more like 1880s-1920s. Bondrewd had little radio things but he's very much way ahead of his time. So cloth diapers are all there is. Not that that can or should keep anyone else from drawing such things, but it's something always present in the back of my mind.
I really don't think that the autor's has this fetish, we're not even sure if he's a lolicon or not, he can like nude loli art without fapping to it
>>2278 I'm 99.9% sure he's into loli and/or shota to some extent. I'd also be very surprised if he's not into a bit of BDSM, omorashi, and scat, given the content in the manga. Minor manga spoiler: There's literally a sentient flesh-toilet which is implied to have once been a human. Riko uses it after eating some food which didn't agree with her. Whether he's into diapers is much more debatable.
>>2279 I can’t wait for Toilet-kun to get animated
I read the manga 2 times but it could be a way to display the weird shit of the abyss
>>2279 >There's literally a sentient flesh-toilet Ok, someone needs to tell me more about this series. Like, give me a summery, plot, random details/samples relevant to this board, etc.
(157.69 KB 445x1000 77135523_p0.png)
>>2288 The plot revolves around a young girl named Riko who lives in a city that has been built around this massive mysterious abyss. The abyss has many different layers, and the further one goes down the more alien and precarious it gets. Riko's mother was a famous delver into the abyss, but it was believed that her mother was dead. Eventually there is something that happens that could be interpreted as her mother being alive and waiting for her at the bottom of the abyss, so Riko sets off with some friends to try to brave the dangers and make it the bottom. The main character is of course a loli, and there is also a shota robot with a delicious tummy. There's not too much that is directly relevant to /abdl/, but there is some evidence of the author's potential fetishes throughout the work even though it's not a fetish manga. For example there's a part where Riko is strung up naked at the beginning, or a part where she is squatting and pooping in the background, wetting herself at night, along with various guro stuff. Both the manga and anime are great, even if it's not really an /abdl/ thing. Plus it makes normalfags cry about "muh pedos" and "muh Tsukushi is sooo weird!"
>>2291 >with a delicious tummy. That made me chuckle Does the main character always or frequently wet the bed, or was that a one off thing? Is there an english version/translation? Where would I go to read/watch it? (subtitles would be OK as well)
>>2293 The wetting happened at least once or twice, or was alluded to in passing if I'm remembering correctly. I read it on Mangadex, personally: https://mangadex.org/title/16482/made-in-abyss Now for the anime, unless you want to download it, here's it on a streaming site that I sometimes use. I like this site because it is not utterly pozzed with ads: https://simplyaweeb.com/series/?id=made-in-abyss-episode-1
>>2295 >or was alluded to in passing if I'm remembering correctly Just to clarify we actually get to see her wet bed sheets at least once, and it is alluded to after that maybe.
>>2293 >Is there an english version/translation? Where would I go to read/watch it? (subtitles would be OK as well) If you want to torrent the anime (which I'd recommend), these are a good set of torrents to go for: https://nyaa.si/?q=made+in+abyss+asenshi
(4.81 MB 2256x3200 MIB_anthology_v01_ch002_p3.png)
Her bedwetting is also shown in chapter 2 of the official anthology. It's a compilation of short side stories drawn by different artists so it doesn't really contain any spoilers for the main manga.
>>2293 I thought the dub was good. The only voice I'd say might be bad is a child only present in the first 2 or 3 episodes, and even then it just sounds like a child's "explaining things" voice when he's explaining things. If it's any indication, I think it's the best series I've ever seen (only contender being Madoka Magica), and I've only seen the dub, so it didn't prevent it from achieving that.
>>2293 Also, Riko's the only one to wet herself, and she did it 3 times: 1. Didn't make it to the bathroom at night. You just see her run back to bed (and you're pretty scared, too), and in the morning the sheet is hung to dry. Someone already posted those screenshots. 2. Once in pain (or while passed out?), you don't see it, and believe me you don't think to check that in the moment, either. (Thanks, Orby) 3. You actually see her wet the thing she's laying/sitting on the third time - this time is also in pain and understandable. Honestly I never thought much of it, other than it's not pulling punches. It wasn't until that third time I thought maybe it's fetish fuel. Because that third time you kinda wonder why she nor they thought to have her go relieve herself, first.
>>2291 >with a delicious tummy Truth
(2.37 MB 1012x1422 ClipboardImage.png)
(70.38 KB 527x800 nanachi_by_liteu.jpg)
(2.35 MB 1754x2481 88646235_p6.png)
(2.38 MB 1754x2481 88646235_p7.png)
(2.46 MB 1754x2481 88646235_p8.png)

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