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(468.72 KB 2500x2500 drawing.jpg)
/abdl/ Banner Thread Baby 01/28/2021 (Thu) 15:11:43 No. 2509
I am thinking of trying to make some banners later today or tomorrow, so I thought I would make a thread to maybe spur the interests of some other anons. Let's spruce up the board!
(56.53 KB 546x224 ClipboardImage.png)
(138.65 KB 298x256 abdl banner 2.png)
I would love to do something with this, unfortunately I dont have time today, but later this week I should be able too. What resolution do the banners need to be?
Taking banner requests. Just post an image and the desired resolution and I'll make a banner of it. Just check that the ratio of the source image and the desired banner are similar.
(60.85 KB 300x100 banner abdl 3.png)
>>2778 >What resolution do the banners need to be? Unfortunately it's hard for me to give a direct answer to this, since it seems like 8moe resizes things somewhat. Basically any from 300 x 100 to 600 x 450 shouldn't be bad.
(17.82 KB 300x100 pacifier-banner-edit.png)
>>2788 300x100 is the "standard", and all banners are resized to fit that resolution by default. BOs can add [code]#bannerImage {height: unset !important}[/code] to their custom CSS to disable that feature and have multi-size banners.
>>2789 Interesting, I did not know that, I will have to maybe work on some CSS here. Thanks
>>2790 I'm not a CSS expert, but I think adding a .css file with nothing but body { #bannerImage {height: unset !important} } should be enough to disable the forced banner size without needing to make a whole custom theme.
(68.72 KB 300x100 banner_2_300_100.png)
(86.19 KB 300x200 banner_1_300_200.png)
(41.83 KB 300x100 abdl_banner_1.png)
Here's one. I'll try to make a few more.
(58.78 KB 300x100 abdl_banner_2.png)
I didn't put the /abdl/ text on this one, but I can easily add it if you'd prefer.
(41.30 KB 300x100 abdl_banner_3.png)
(40.67 KB 300x100 abdl_banner_4.png)
So, what will be the "official" banner size? >>2800 I saw this banner on /tot/ the other day.
>>2803 Honestly I had a feeling that a couple of those might have been made into banners already, but I couldn't remember. There aren't that many images with the right aspect ratio.
All new banners posted so far have been added, be on the look out for yours! >>2803 What we're seeing so far seems pretty good with 300 x 100 and 300 x 200. Don't feel compelled to stick with it though, it's a very limited area to work with.
(33.82 KB 300x150 abdl_banner_5.png)
>>2807 Added!
(55.16 KB 300x100 banner_4_300_100.png)
(24.09 KB 300x100 banner3_300_100.png)
(294.84 KB 698x702 screenshot.png)
I was too baka at curving the screenshot to fit the monitor perfectly and resizing the image to 300x200. Still this was fun even with the resolution limitations.
The board is starting to look even more comfy now, anons. Thank for the submissions. I will have to make some of my own here soon too. >>2818 Very nice job, added!
(25.73 KB 300x100 abdl_banner_6.png)
(27.13 KB 300x100 abdl_banner_6_v2.png)
>>2855 Here's a small update to make the logo more closely match the real Yuru Yuri one.
>>2856 Akari absolutely wears diapers. Added
(755.59 KB 600x1768 akari-needs-the-toilet.png)
>>2857 Definitely. It was even strongly implied that she didn't make it to the toilet one time, but her clothes remained dry.
(111.88 KB 300x200 banner_5_300_200.png)
>>2821 Kinda fixed since I noticed it was added anyways with the transparency still left in.
>>2859 Readded
(376.90 KB 571x381 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2818 >>2859 I've used a basic perspective transform here. If anyone wants me to I could add more detailed warping to account for the curved screen, but this should be sufficient for now.
(61.22 KB 300x150 abdl_banner_7.png)
Not sure if this is relevant enough to be a banner.
>>2863 I like it
>>2863 That is how a good diaper feels sometimes. Added

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