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(130.47 KB 1600x1066 gn.jpg)
Baby 02/06/2021 (Sat) 21:36:37 No. 2608
Has anybody else heard anything about the sizing rework on goodnites? Apparently they are splitting Large and XL into different categories. What does everyone think? Are we gonna get goodnites that actually fit noticeably bigger, or is the max size still going to be about the same or only slightly bigger and not really meaningfully different? Also why now? I feel like people have been saying that they need them in larger sizes for years? Other thoughts? I was kinda bummed when the underjams -> ninjamas ended up having the style of waist they did rather than the what they had before. They look to me more like bigger training pants instead of bedwetting diapers.
Confirms the theory that bedwetting is getting more common, and happening at later ages. It's all in the interest of diaper companies though, so don't expect any pushback in the media. The potty training age will unironically be 18 by 2030.
>>2608 >They look to me more like bigger training pants instead of bedwetting diapers. This is the first I've heard of the changes, but that sounds like a very good thing to me. I'd love to be able to get toddler-style pull-ups in my size.
>>2619 >The potty training age will unironically be 18 by 2030. Yes please
>>2619 The only way this would be mathematically possible is if elementary school kids were put back into diapers right now.
>>2669 kek
>>2625 >>2669 >>2619 I do think the average potty training age might continue to go back farther, but I dont know how far the limit will go. At some point kids will just not *want* to be in diapers. The thing is, our development does not necessarily need to be linked to our physical age. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, species with a longer childhood tend to have more advanced brains and greater intelligence. We are the most advanced species on the planet in terms of mental capacity, and we also have by far the longest childhood proportional to our full life span. Childhood isnt just the time before you are large enough to be an adult; we could grow much faster. Whats really happening is the assimilation of information at an astonishing rate. Our brains as kids are wired and behave in ways that are very different than when we are adults. Our childhood allows us to develop an intuitive understanding of a complicated world and to be able to solve complicated problems. And our world and its problems continue to grow more complicated as time goes by. It stands to reason then that there is actually a decent reason why our childhood might become extended, either as a natural consequence of our more complicated world, or, eventually (using medical and scientific breakthroughs that are not even on the horizon yet, Im talking centuries to millennia here) by artificially extending the length of our childhood. And if you have a proportionally longer childhood, then presumably most if not all of its stages would be extended equally, so you might have a scenario where people are actually potty training at 18, but they wouldn't be equivalent to our 18 year olds, they would be roughly at the same level of development as our 3 or 4 ish kids. If we are talking a super advanced civilization altering the length of its development, it seems reasonable that they would alter the physical development to match as well.
>>2672 So what you're saying is, the best way to act out ABDL is to keep learning stuff? I'm game.

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