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Diapered Lolis II Baby 03/13/2021 (Sat) 15:10:13 No. 2909
Let us post more cute little girls in diapers! Old thread >>108
(169.91 KB 576x755 88432057_p0.png)

I was pulling some updated photos from Kuronegi's fanbox and noticed, comparing it to the fanbox posted on sad panda from late 2018, a ton of files are missing from his Fanbox currently. Like, hundreds of files gone. Also, his Fanbox's oldest post is 11/23/2018, while that Sad Panda Fanbox gallery was posted 10/2018. Does anyone know what happened? Did he delete a ton of his posts? https://www.fanbox.cc/@kuronegi https://exhentai.org/g/1503217/1d83636d12/
>>2913 I've thankfully backed up a lot of kuronegi's posts. I used to have a gallery on exhentai but they deleted it for being a "compilation", so I never bothered reuploading it. I'm on a business trip this week, but next week I'll compile all my kuronegi posts and post a link here.
>>2914 Yes, please do. Thanks. Also, do you know why he deleted so much of his work from his Fanbox?
>>2915 It's entirely possible he's deleted them so he can make a completed work to sell on DLSite in the near future, but I haven't heard any particular controversy about him lately. He's got 3 other collections on there (which I've also bought in the past and I'll upload those too).
>>2913 Artist have the ability to remove their fanbox uploads. Most likely to sell their deleted works on dlsite or some other site. I wasn't keeping track of his fanbox so I'm not sure if he deleted a large amount of it or if he was always deleting along with adding new content. I think the uploader who was posting fanboxes on exhentai mentioned on /dpr/ that he wasn't going to bother updating it. At just 3 dollars I might just do that soon though I have no idea how I would be able to add those to the exhentai fanbox if I'm not the uploader. Kuronegi does have a past of selling his works. I got these from /d/ 2011 when 4kidz didn't give a shit about lolis. https://files.catbox.moe/6hr4wr.zip
(375.09 KB 789x999 88504833_p0.png)

>>2926 Man, he's on a roll lately with these pieces. Too cute
>>2927 >>2926 Yeah, that ones really cute! I might try coloring some of them at some point...
>>2928 That would be great!
>>2929 >>2926 Wasnt planning on doing this tonight, but decided to anyway. Still might not finish, but im gonna get started at least. Do you know what these things are? Also do they have hair/cloths that are supposed to be a particular color?
(106.45 KB 454x546 what are these.PNG)

>>2930 Forgot the picture
In regards to >>2897 >>2898 >>2899 >>2902 >>2904 >>2907 from the last thread, heard back from Nozomi. If anyone has these images, please post them! He is arguably the best ABDL artist around now, so it would be a terrible shame to have some of his work lost forever,
>>2931 Her hair, braided then wrapped in loops.
>>2933 Ah, I see. I was thinking they were horns of some sort lol.
>>2931 >>2930 The character is Asuka Momoko from Ojamajo Doremi. Those ring things are part of her hair. The clothes aren't anything she wears in the show but look to be modelled on a kindergarten uniform
>>2935 Ah, thanks! Were gonna gave a brown hair alt, cause I already did that and may as well post both lol
(288.39 KB 789x999 88504833_p0_color.png)

>>2926 >>2929 >>2936 Here is the brown hair version Not sure what to do about the monkey bars. I can shade them in pretty easily, but dont know if it would look right since they are sort of just a rough sketch. I could also just redraw the lines since they are pretty simple and extend them to the edge of the page.
(290.17 KB 789x999 88504833_p0_color_correct.png)

>>2937 and here is the corrected version
>>2938 And the obligatory "Looks like somebody tinkled" variants. I feel like Im slowly getting better at drawing wet spots, but still dont quite have it right. Do any of these seem better or worse than the others?
>>2938 >>2939 >>2940 Good work anon. You've done her skin and hair well and most of the wet spots actually look really good. If I had to choose I'd say wet0, wet1, wet3, and wet5 are all equally good, just showing different levels of wetness. wet2 is too high up the front while wet4 is off to one side. My only other criticism is that the colors in her clothes and the pattern on her diaper are a bit too saturated.
>>2932 I’ll have to dig around and see if they were posted anywhere sometime later. I know I have seen some of his stuff on various boorus before. Unfortunate that we will not be able to see it from him, because I agree he is certainly the best around right now, both the diapers and the little girls he draws are perfect. I’m very curious about this image now though, because I like some loli artists who are a bit more grotesque (name on nozomi.la is 1=2 or 1eq2) than this and you’d think that they would get a lot more controversy than something that was rather mild most likely
>none of these posted yet as far as I can see in this thread or last For shame!
(2.56 MB 2480x3508 88514519_p1.jpg)

(2.44 MB 2480x3508 88514519_p3.jpg)

(3.73 MB 2480x3508 88514519_p4.jpg)

(4.01 MB 1748x2480 88291594_p1.png)

(1.39 MB 1748x2480 88479056_p1.png)

>>2942 Curious to see it too now, bbs and IBs are practically dead in the Japanese abdl/diaper art space and the few places I have found have never posted his art, same for the Japanese art gallery sites so I don't think we're going to find it on some nip site. Never seen it on /aco/ or /d/ based on the description of the set. Only thing I can think of is asking if anyone has it on /d/ and hoping someone got it. >>2943 I was thinking about flooding it first before posting them but I think this place is now active enough to where I don't need to do that anymore.
(170.41 KB 427x565 diaper.png)

>>2945 I was hoping to find it on lolibooru, but after looking at every page I didn't see anything like it.
(3.16 MB 2480x5745 1938116_2.jpeg)

(3.06 MB 2480x5745 1938116_3.jpeg)

(3.34 MB 2480x5745 1938116_4.jpeg)

>>2943 Here's the rest of this set, from his Fanbox
>>2941 >the colors in her clothes and the pattern on her diaper are a bit too saturated. I can see that, especially with the right shoe for some reason. I was deliberately trying to make wet4 be a bit more asymmetric. But yeah, in this context, its probably a bit too asymetric. Maybe if she was laying on one side or something... Thanks for the feedback!
(1.33 MB 2508x3541 88426656_p0.jpg)

(1.34 MB 2508x3031 88497047_p0.jpg)

(1.42 MB 2508x3031 88497047_p1.jpg)

(2.25 MB 2508x3541 88378781_p0.jpg)

(3.93 MB 2508x2508 88438134_p0.jpg)

(2.89 MB 2448x3264 88513244_p0.png)

(6.79 MB 4961x7016 87504398_p0.jpg)

Thank you for your patience. Here is a download link to Kuronegi's full fanbox that I have, along with the DLSite stuff. There's also 6 images I had translated myself from one of his older DLSite sets. Enjoy! https://mega.nz/file/39gQGaRY#VjJFb5N3oapKiNMPLbVqgTKOqm2dFAxmNImaZGaY0pM
>>2957 Nice. Thanks for following through. Anon delivers.
>>2962 what is this?
some retarded nazi fur shit
(89.49 KB 600x848 7925a36bd783e40f.jpg)

(275.84 KB 1024x1448 Eu0nAzVVEAAh2qL.jpeg)

(646.23 KB 2234x2931 EwW1UvqVoAAZDiA.jpeg)

(3.60 MB 2894x4093 88561657_p1.jpg)

(3.57 MB 2894x4093 88561657_p0.jpg)

>>2963 Guess the meido is busy today.
>>2966 That first girl is precious
>>2966 What's the source on the second image, the Chen one?
(284.91 KB 1024x1448 1335894443858096128_1.jpg)

(268.48 KB 1024x1448 1336358508455895041_1.jpg)

(354.90 KB 1024x1448 1337395606466150400_1.jpg)

(378.91 KB 1024x1448 1337395606466150400_2.jpg)

(210.10 KB 1024x1448 1337395606466150400_3.jpg)

>>2980 Nice, thanks anon
I have never seen this artist before. I’m phonefagging so here is their profile link: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/6488196
>>2985 Carotte/padded room has been drawing for a while if you're familiar with Fox Tales Times.
Found this at the end of a doujinshi which wasn't tagged as containing diapers.
>>2988 cute
>>2987 Yeah, their stuff is amazing. They were def my favorite western artist back in the day. Super excited to see them on Pixiv. >>2985 https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room https://diaperedanime.com/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/526
(2.39 MB 2560x1440 88678074_p0.png)

(1.01 MB 1276x1276 88600031_p0.jpg)

(4.29 MB 3858x5098 88658392_p1.png)

(4.85 MB 3858x5098 88658392_p0.png)

(2.14 MB 2893x4092 80978383_p0.png)

>>2999 Loli diaper changes are too cute, I can't handle it. If liking them is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
(306.87 KB 937x1181 88594365_p0_c.png)

This might seem dumb but I dont know what color to make the walls and floor. Especially the floor. Like a floor is more of a texture than a color right?
(317.69 KB 937x1181 88594365_p0_c.png)

>>3008 Something about this isnt working, and Im not sure if its the color pallet being too washed out (I was trying out using a more pastel pallet) or if its the style of line used in the base sketch (not super well defined, so lots of ambiguity where one color starts and the other ends) or if its the hair and eyes being a different level of detail than the rest or something else...
>>3008 >>3009 Here are some reference images for Pastel Yumi in case you find them useful. The first episode actually opens with her drawing graffiti on a wall and then getting caught. Anyway, I think you're doing a really good job with that coloring. The pastel style looks great. My only suggestion would be to keep the contrast in the drawings on the wall much lower than the contrast between Yumi and the background. The viewer's eye is drawn to parts of the image with higher contrast.
>>3011 > keep the contrast in the drawings on the wall much lower than the contrast between Yumi and the background. Thats a good point! I wouldnt have thought of that. Also thanks for the feedback! its nice to hear people enjoy it
(343.98 KB 1048x1130 88731913_p0.png)

>>3011 For her outfit alone I want to pick this up now to watch
>>3015 It's quite a fun show and there's a fair bit of fanservice in the first few episodes. It helps that her panties are drawn in the older style which makes it very easy to imagine them as being padded training pants or even a diaper cover. Also quite recently someone released fansubs for the remaining episodes so it's now possible to watch the whole series with subtitles.
(608.61 KB 1190x1172 88756439_p0.png)

(9.17 MB 8598x6071 86722982_p0.jpg)

>>3016 Oh wow, I had heard of Pastel Yumi before but I did not know that it had been not completely subbed until recently. It's nice to know that it has a bit of fanservice though. That's what I like about some older anime, is that depending on the show we'll even get some little teases with young girls like that. My dream would be for an anime to come out that takes place in a preschool or daycare and where the main focus is little diapered lolis just playing and being cute. It would be a pretty wholesome show, but there would still be a good mix of some ecchi material, such as exposed diapers, wettings, diaper changes and the like. Too bad something like that would never come out. I guess it is left to my fantasies
>>3021 That would be incredibly fun to watch. Something like Hanamaru Youchien but with them wearing actual pull-ups and diapers instead of fluffy panties. I think what I'd really like to see would be a fairly typical cute magical girl anime featuring JS lolis, but the main protagonist has a small bladder and still wets her bed almost every night. It's stated that she wears diapers at night and sometimes you'll see the diaper package on the floor in her room, but it's never a major focus of the show. It's more like a minor side-plot or running gag. There would be occasional omorashi scenes and it might be implied that she sometimes wears diapers during the day but it wouldn't cross the line into outright ecchi. It would just be a wholesome show about a cute girl trying her best despite her embarrassing problem.
(16.23 MB 6071x8598 88734444_p0.jpg)

>>3022 >Hanamaru Youchien but with them wearing actual pull-ups and diapers instead of fluffy panties. They're diapers in my head-canon And I certainly would love a show like what you describe even. Even the implication or occasional gag involving a little loli and her diapers would be fantastic. I don't need it to be a major part of the show, but even touching on it leaves enough to my imagination, I'd say. Your idea sounds super cute, especially because she's just a bit too old by normal standards for diapers. JS lolis = best loli
>>3027 >Spoiler Aren't they diapers? I remember in the manga, the main girl (can't remember her name, the one with the crush on the sensei) made a Christmas wish to be a grown-up which came true (in a dream). Seeing her grown-up self, she started to dash out the door before stopping herself, saying "Ah wait, I'm still in diapers!" >>3021 Don't know if it'd have what you're looking for, but Gakuen Babysitters is a show about a daycare. Thing is, the only one definitively in diapers is the baby, the others, despite being toddlers are never mentioned as having any bathroom issues. What is Japan's stance on diapers? I always got the impression they trained their kids out of them asap.
>>3032 >Gakuen Babysitters is a show about a daycare. Thing is, the only one definitively in diapers is the baby, the others, despite being toddlers are never mentioned as having any bathroom issues. Thanks for the rec either way. As may be unsurprising in a thread like this, I like tots and stuff like this in general so I will almost surely enjoy it.
(712.68 KB 1288x1744 85503448_p0.jpg)

>>3033 I'm glad to hear that! It was a super-duper cute manga, even got an anime. The manga unfortunately ceased getting translated, so that's dead in the water. Babies/tots in anime are obscenely rare for some reason.
>severe loli drought >pic related artist deletes everything >drew mostly loli Things are not daijoubu. Luckily I archived the artist. https://files.catbox.moe/sp322t.zip
(3.41 MB 2480x3508 88514519_p10.jpg)

Oops, forgot the pic.
>>3048 Thank for the archive, anon. It’s sad that this seems to happen with loli artists so often. Being a exclusive lolicon is truly suffering at times
(2.57 MB 2500x2500 88522863_p0.jpg)

(688.33 KB 1835x1983 30.jpg)

(710.37 KB 1835x1983 31.jpg)

>>3048 It's not the first time he does this, lets hope he is ok and wait him to come back. I've seen a lot of artist deleting their stuff in the past months, but they come back eventually.
(629.38 KB 1200x1600 88964546_p0.png)

(853.52 KB 1668x2224 89003169_p0.png)

Uh-oh, someone didn't make it...
>>3089 This is begging for a gif edit of the seat of her diaper growing a bit!
(2.90 MB 1888x2192 88761336_p0.png)

(2.87 MB 1888x2192 88761336_p1.png)

>>3120 I think you copied it before it had finished loading.
mb sorry, is there any way to delete replies?
(8.00 KB 144x103 screenshot.png)

(1.61 MB 4093x2894 88910118_p0.jpg)

(2.54 MB 3508x2480 88927865_p0.jpg)

>>3123 Click on the little arrow at the top of the post. Not sure if it will work though. It doesn't really matter anyway.
>>3125 Purposely wetting a diaper? What sort of loli would do such a thing?
>>3130 A naughty one. One that deserves to be spanked- and by spanked I mean hugged softly and told that it's OK, and I'm not mad, and from there gingerly laid on her back before getting that sodden diaper off of her, gently wiping her maidenhood clean before a new diaper is applied.
>>3131 When you put it that way, all lolis deserve to be spanked.
>>3131 Lolis need this sort of spanking daily.
(3.60 MB 2894x4093 73840649_p0.jpg)

(3.98 MB 2894x4093 73840649_p1.jpg)

(4.24 MB 2894x4093 73840649_p2.jpg)

(3.96 MB 2894x4093 73840649_p3.jpg)

(2.53 MB 2894x4093 73840649_p4.jpg)

>>3131 Maybe she did it because she wants to be spanked.
(3.27 MB 2261x3118 85808897_p0.png)

(1.83 MB 2394x3264 86007211_p0.png)

(4.99 MB 2448x3264 86212027_p0.png)

(908.19 KB 2303x2699 86500199_p0.png)

(2.09 MB 1884x3010 86763261_p0.png)

(353.36 KB 1024x1448 88885507_p4.jpg)

(372.85 KB 1024x1448 88885507_p5.jpg)

(362.93 KB 1024x1448 88885507_p6.jpg)

I liked the Chen set so much I decided to get them translated. I did the typesetting myself so it's not perfect, but I hope you guys enjoy regardless!
(746.75 KB 1280x1810 79938902_p0.jpg)

(789.51 KB 1280x1810 79938902_p1.jpg)

(596.38 KB 1024x1448 81852607_p0.jpg)

(603.86 KB 1024x1448 81852607_p2.jpg)

>>3146 Where are you getting these translated?
>>3147 Different anon here. I can give you a somewhat rough translation for those. I've aimed more for accurate translation of the meaning than I have for eloquence though. It needs a bit of editing before it's ready for typesetting. 79938902 p0 >チルノちゃんまた弾幕勝負に負けちゃったんだねぇ >大丈夫、ミルクを飲む子は成長できるから。。。 <Cirno-chan lost another bullet-hell battle right <It's okay, children who drink their milk can grow up so... >いっぱいミルクチュッチュしょうね >強くなれるよ? >ポンポンもしてあげるからねぇ? <Let's chu-chu lots of milk okay <Can you become strong? <I'll give you pats too, so [drink it all] okay? [the bit in brackets isn't actually stated, but is implied] 79938902 p1 >次も負けちゃったらまた私がヨシヨシしてあげるからね >がんばれがんばれだよ? <If you lose the next one too I'll comfort you so [cheer up] okay <Let's do our best shall we? >あらぁ?おしっこでちゃったねぇ >大丈夫オムツしてるからいっぱいしーしーしちゃおうね <Ara? A bit of pee came out huh <It's okay. You're diapered so go ahead and have a big pee-pee accident [This is a fun bit of grammar. It's a combination of the volitional form and a verb conjugation which indicates the action was done unintentionally. Literally it's "let's accidentally do".] >大ちゃんにお世話されて強くなるどころかどんどん弱体化するチルノであった。。。 <In the care of Dai-chan, far from gaining strength Cirno's body was gradually getting weaker and weaker... 81852607_p0 >チルノちゃん!!文さんに誘拐されたって聞いて助けに来たよっ!! <Cirno-chan!! I heard you'd been kidnapped by Aya-san so I came to help!! >さすがアタイの親友!! <As expected of my best friend!! [Cirno refers to herself using the unusual pronoun "atai" here. I think this is usually translated as "Eye" instead of "I".] >コレっ!オムツつけてあげるから長い時間誘拐監禁されても安心だよっ!! <HERE! I'll give you this diaper to put on so you can have peace of mind even if you're held captive for a long time!! 81852607_p2 >あれっ!? >チルノさんカメラを取りに離れていた間にどうやってオムツを!? <That..!? <Cirno-san, how did you end up in a diaper while I was away getting my camera!? >スンスン。。。ん? >おしっこの匂い? >もしや今おもらししちゃってます? <(sniffing noise)...? <Is that pee I smell? <By any chance did you just have an accident? >大ちゃんのバカぁっ!! <Dai-chan you BAKA!! [TL note: baka means idiot] >チルノさん可愛いです <Cirno-san's so cute <3<3<3
>>3150 Oops, on the third one it should be: <HERE! I'll put this diaper on you so you can have peace of mind even if you're held captive for a long time!!
(1.43 MB 3508x2480 89175096_p0.jpg)

(1.50 MB 1389x1201 86973780_p5.jpg)

(728.41 KB 1000x1000 86973780_p7.jpg)

(493.99 KB 800x800 86973780_p0.jpg)

>>3162 That looks very interesting. Thanks for the link. Hopefully I'll be able to get it running under WINE.
Speaking of games, wasn't there a game a while ago, something like "A week in summer" or "a week at sister's house." ? It was top down rpg game about a little girl who had a bedwetting problem. For some reason the dad was a dog. there were various conditions you could meet to have accidents or not during the night, but you could also do it during the day too. It was in english, but very decidedly of Japanese origin. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
>>3170 yes it's on omorashi.org as well.
>>3170 >>3171 Have you got a link? We should download it while we have the chance. The rules there have changed to ban anything that looks like loli, so it's just a matter of time before it gets deleted.
lol really? Ironically this game >>3162 features a protagonist who is a grade-school girl with bedwetting and sometimes daytime wetting issue so that's kinda ironic. also they have this : https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/6364-akanes-omorashi-eng-machine-translation/?tab=comments#comment-18201 . found it here it is: https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/1450-e-hl-one-week-with-elder-sister/
>>3173 Looks like you're right. Probably done to keep their payment processor and hosting provider happy.
so I'm gonna com some cute loli with a leaking poopy diaper. who do you guys think has more promise? https://skeb.jp/@aoiro_0w0 https://skeb.jp/@strangepop https://skeb.jp/@cougar1404 https://skeb.jp/@xdarjeelingxtea https://skeb.jp/@uminequadrillio https://skeb.jp/@knkhnp . if you guys have better suggestions they are welcome!
>>3176 I think cougar1404 and xdarjeelingxtea both look pretty solid. They all look pretty good though, really. I like the basic idea though—the world is in dire need of more poopy lolis. What is the exact idea for an image that you are envisioning?
>>3178 basically energetic physically active girl playing outside in the usual nearby playground, realizes she has to poo, she has been diapered (for wet accidents mostly I would imagine) so of course logically thinking of it she tries to goes to the toilets. but as she tries to walk away she stumbles and falls on the ground landing face first (it's sand). her pants slip off revealing her childish looking diaper and before she realizes she starts going in it both numbers. my commission would be a snap shot of her pooped diaper with her pants pulled off laying on the ground. well that's what I was thinking of for now. I just need to decide on the character that would fit that description. and I have time so that's nice. I got this idea after a recent com that is currently waiting to be finished (not loli-related) I kinda wanted either to do this loli idea or the other one decided on the other one. but I thought why not both so I'm kinda planning it. yeah the cougar guy seems really promising, cheap and fast and has decent quality stuff. like it's literally written that they finish their stuff in less than a day that's amazing. but darjeeling seems to have a more polished style that i'm leaning towards that but I already commissioned the latter to do the other commission that I had in mind. so probably it's gonna be cougar
>>3162 I tried this with the textractor system, it works reasonably well in that I can more or less navigate the game and have an idea of what is going on, but wish I could use the deepL plugin instead of google translate, as google translate is terrible for japanese. Couldnt figure out how to do that, and also had some character duplication issue. The game itself is great! so far I have only done one full day and night, plus another day. Made it to the bathroom in time a couple times, then had an accident before bed on the first night. It was pretty nice. Changed into a diaper for the night, woke up dry, and decided to explore the city. Kept wearing the diaper, just in case though. It turned out to be a good idea, since apparently the bladder gauge dissapears (not sure if that is intentional, and there might be a way to make it visible. You do get text notifications when you have to go however) and I ended up peeing myself in a park! Im interested to see how the pooping side of things works, but so far Ive done all of that in a toilet.
>>3180 you can make the gauge reapear by pressing A. I'm gonna let you explore it wouldn't get boring with the accident system. I did like a dozen of days and I still haven't gotten all the diaper stuff. after that I'm gonna see the other underwear endings.
>>3181 "endings" meant cutscenes lol
>>3179 I love your idea, anon. I think that would be very cute, and exactly the type of stuff that I love to see diapered lolis doing. I can't wait to see what you get!
>>3181 Oh nice! Yeah my big concern was that the accident system was going to get too predictable and/or boring, but it sounds like theres lots of variety in there. Has anybody looked under the hood of textractor enough to have any idea how to get it to translate stuff using its deepL extension instead of google translate? I would assume its possible since its in there, but it doesnt appear to be as simple as dragging and dropping the extension in.
>>3187 Additionally, I have found that having a screen capture OCR tool like cap2text is nice, especially when there are multiple options and textractor doesnt do a good job of identifying where one starts and another ends.
>>3187 I don't think I have seen anything about that. but probably if somebody has it would on one of those vn people forums
>>3175 Amazing. A normie legitimately finds it better to fuck a 9-year-old in a 20-year-old's body than to fuck a 20-year-old in a 9-year-old's body.
(3.32 MB 2480x3508 89215799_p0.png)

(2.55 MB 2480x3508 89215799_p1.png)

(3.34 MB 2480x3508 89215799_p2.png)

(2.97 MB 2480x3508 89215799_p3.png)

>>3191 This is just pure heart-boner content, jeez
>>3190 they probably appreciate diapered lolis and shotas, but they are doing it as a protocol to keep their website. otherwise you would them purging shit and deleting shit.
>>3174 >https://www.omorashi.org/files/file/1450-e-hl-one-week-with-elder-sister/ I've been playing this one and managed to get put back into diapers during the day. It takes a long time to go from needing the toilet to actually having a daytime accident though. And it seems to be tied to movement rather than real world time so you can't just AFK until you have an accident.
>>3184 welp, the other guy rejected my request guess I would get the loli request sooner. I'm gonna go for the cougar guy. hope he accepts it.
(141.38 KB 1449x2048 D-E07foWkAE37ug.jfif)

(301.90 KB 1442x2048 D9gp8mlUYAIO9tT.jfif)

(218.36 KB 1443x2048 D9gp8mmVAAE0G6V.jfif)

(290.78 KB 1447x2039 DqRiGlvVAAEHSkU.jfif)

(292.53 KB 1447x2039 DuV43G3V4AETmqn.jfif)

(206.68 KB 1443x2048 EC6N_bCUEAAUYiQ.jfif)

(172.86 KB 1443x2048 ENkugkeU4AA5JzI.jfif)

(230.10 KB 1443x2048 Ep6ftJDU8AU_3Rm.jfif)

(232.58 KB 1444x2048 Ep6ftLVVEAAVAvt.jfif)

(221.44 KB 1444x2048 Eq5ObWBVoAAvvS5.jfif)

(209.08 KB 1444x2048 Es4wdWtU0Ac0f1N.jfif)

(196.19 KB 1444x2048 EsB_rpmXEAkylcE.jfif)

(261.21 KB 1787x2048 ETOcpxoUEAAghHn.jfif)

(310.02 KB 1444x2048 Ev4qGwxVgAQxThH.jfif)

(331.24 KB 1444x2048 Eub5pZaVkAEITiD.jfif)

(192.44 KB 1443x2048 EXoSLLaUwAI0uCN.jfif)

(95.59 KB 721x1024 EYIaTO_UMAE1OQD.jfif)

(270.13 KB 1443x2048 EXoSLLbUcAIOrN4.jfif)

(183.70 KB 1443x2048 EXVtdJYU4AAo2rs.jfif)

(300.12 KB 1444x2048 ExVSnzNVcAgd0ar.jfif)

(164.70 KB 2048x1583 Ey8Mq0kVgAcXwx4.jfif)

(281.88 KB 1444x2048 ExVSXS9UUAop7Bw.jfif)

(352.09 KB 2048x1442 EzGQxtZVIAczH-D.jfif)

>>3203 I need more kemonomimi little cuties.
>>3196 well should have seen it coming rejected by the cougar as well. gonna look for some pee poo artists and call it a day lol.
gonna take a while but I I requested stuff from this guy: https://skeb.jp/@PictsSouthern >>3206
(219.94 KB 1399x2048 ExUlnyrVoA4puWw.jpeg)

(220.68 KB 1399x2048 ExUlnzxUUAYbiKb.jpeg)

(237.37 KB 1399x2048 ExUln1rU8AYa6W6.jpeg)

(270.00 KB 695x1045 139265_20140608064227_0.jpg)

>>3209 pinned the link, gonna try him from my future comms. or if the one that I sent again gets rejected lol.
>>3210 yup gonna try that guy in the future my dude in >>3207 just accepted my request. can't wait for the results!
>>2945 >>3021 >>3022 >>3076 >>3121 >>3125 >>3140 >>3141 >>3161 >>3178 >>3199 >>3201 >>3209 why aren't they using real diapers instead of pull-ups?
>>3219 they get cranky once they don't get put into pull-ups.
(112.16 KB 1000x1000 51332654_p0_cropped.jpg)

>>3219 Because they're big girls who can do big girl things!
>>3190 one is pedophilia the other one is not age is just a number
"age is just a number" lmao Age is the time that has passed since a person since they were born, it's not just some random shit. A majority of people are similar on some aspects at the same age, like understanding the consequences of a sexual relation with another person. Some people don't care at some age & when they grow up, they still don't, but other kinds of people regret a ton of shit when they grow up. Kids are in majority fucking dumb ; even with consent, it might be stupid
(900.68 KB 2729x2991 89323374_p0.jpg)

(1.45 MB 2508x3057 79095272_p0.png)

(6.50 MB 4270x4096 89000472_p0.png)

(4.35 MB 4217x4552 89181020_p0.png)

(806.73 KB 957x1276 89016707_p0.jpg)

>>3230 I love this. Nozomi's art is simultaneously so cute but also very erotic to me
sorrt for posting this not really parenting thread, hide this post if you want >>2771 >Introduce my children to my fetish not introducing "my fetish" would mean starting parent-child relationship that is based on secrets child becomes unwanted object in house, when i want to wear myself. why expect my child to be open with me if I am not open with child and if i want diaper wearing to be more tolerated, i need to start from myself , right? so why not teach child about it, same as with toilet? if you wear diapers yourself, you should know better right >diapers are fetish imagine popping bubblewrap. It does not make sense, it is weird, but also fun and helps reduce stress diaper wearing is simillar. You put on diaper, shit in it, rub it with your hands. It is weird, but also fun and helps reduce stress. children experience these feelings. that is the reason why some of them refuse to give up diapers so, another way of looking at it would be, sharing a way to reduce stress, with your child. so why deny access to chocolate if you eat it. of course chocolate is bad for teeth, but with moderation? if we agree to wear only on certain days in month there is "fetish" aspect of diapers, even tho, im not sure why miniskirts are not fetish and diapers are but is it really a problem for child? why make your teenager believe vanilla sex is the best, while you prefer messy diaper grinding equivalent of forcing child to go play outside, while you sit inside and play multiplayer online games why should not your child have same taste? if we both liked vanilla sex, would it also be a bad thing, because we both share something in common? if it happens, it do not see it as problem, we share something in common >live my fantasy at their expense on contrary, isnt forcing them to use toilets only, living their life on society expense and nothing bad about living life like you want, if you are on positive path >They get bullied in school can protect them from system maybe showing some diaper subreddits to bullies could help aswell >They end up hating me i think they will be satisfied with parents that are not npcs >They take my kids away for being indecent behaviour when I think of worst possible scenario, of course I think about kids taken away but if system wants your kids, it will take them, diapers wont matter but, there are no laws targeting wearing diapers indecent behaviour is very broad term as long as they dont wear to school, it will be fine >>2780 >They are fundamentally incapable of separating their own preferences from their natural inclination depends on genetics, some kids are smart and from clown world view : if children can decide what is their gender, they can decide if they want to wear diapers or not >This is why there is age of consent. kids literally are wired different than adults some anons from other boards would disagree about the age of consent >>2792 >first of all, you want your kids to fit in. no? >you don't feed them your conclusions and force your what you want on them others will make advantage of that vulnerability and feed them theirs >teaching children to use them for convenience would make them feel more alienated and have their worldview become even more skewed by you. children need to question the world they live in, from very start, doing it your way serves them fake image making child think parent is perfect is wrong they need to realize parents are humans with secrets, and that things society tells them, can be false pros + child can be babied, to get rid of stress from school + childhood can last longer + children happy because they know they have weird parents who are open and do not judge + wearing diapers as family can be "hygge" + diaper wearing daughter will easily find RICH boyfriends cons - possibly shit smelling sofa, didnt think of that
>>3236 I hope you never become a parent
>>3236 >>first of all, you want your kids to fit in. >no? yes. >>you don't feed them your conclusions and force your what you want on them >others will make advantage of that vulnerability and feed them theirs do you understand what your job as a parent is? you can control other people's "bad influence" if it's actually bad without forcing your own conclusions on them. >>teaching children to use them for convenience would make them feel more alienated and have their worldview become even more skewed by you. >children need to question the world they live in, from very start, doing it your way serves them fake image making child think parent is perfect is wrong they need to realize parents are humans with secrets, and that things society tells them, can be false lol and you do that by making them wear diapers in an inappropriate way due to your fetish? you can still do that without enforcing your fetishes on them. anyways from the way that you listed your pros and cons it seems that you're living in roleplaying realm. which is fine, but if these are actually your world views I'm deeply concerned.
>>3236 >>They are fundamentally incapable of separating their own preferences from their natural inclination depends on genetics, some kids are smart No, you missed my point entirely. Its not a matter of intelligence or maturity. Its an issue of a child's mind running on a fundamentally different architecture than that of an adult. When you are a kid, your brain is optimized for absorbing information. Thats why we learn so well as kids. Just look at language. When we learn our first language, we don't have any reference to work with. You cant say "this word means this" or "such and such is how you ask for a pizza" or something. Our brains have to put together an entire highly complex communication protocol without being able to ask questions about how it works, or really communicate in any meaningful way at all. Imagine trying to build a car from a giant pile of unsorted, unlabeled parts with absolutely no instructions of any kind, no prior knowledge, and without the ability to ask questions or even watch someone else do it. Your only source of information about how to put it together is watching completed cars drive around on the freeway. THAT is what our brains do in our early childhood. Learning language is a mind-numbingly complicated and complex task from a computational point of view, and yet we are able to speak, at least at a basic level, by the age of 1 or 2. On top of that, there are a million other things kids learn at the same time, ranging from how to even control their own bodies to a general/intuitive understanding of gravity, how things move, etc. Imagine an adult trying to pull off the same kind of feat. It would be completely impossible. Now, if this is so efficient, why do we stop learning like that? Why not just have child-like brains our whole lives? There are 2 reasons. First, is that it consumes a lot more energy. It physically burns more calories and requires more energy from food to have our brains run like that. The second is the important bit though. While that style of thinking is great for general learning with no clear goal, it is very, very bad for objective and reasoned thinking. Young kids who are still learning basic language skills dont have very strong logic and reasoning skills. They dont think critically. They dont plan decisions. They cant distinguish between an advertisement and regularly programmed TV. They cannot distinguish between an attempt to manipulate them and the absorption of new information, because the way their brain is structured at that point, there literally IS no difference. The result is that they are very malleable, and very easily manipulated, even to the extent that you can manipulate them unintentionally, and without realizing it. As they get older, their brains gradually shift towards developing more logic based structures, and all the other associated skills. This is why kids start to develop more independent personalities around puberty; before then, they don't really have the same kind of independent personality as an adult would. They cant, because their brains are too malleable. >This is why there is age of consent. kids literally are wired different than adults some anons from other boards would disagree about the age of consent It doesnt matter what people on one board or another think about a particular age of consent, or what it is set at. Its the idea behind age of consent. The point is that the age of consent exists for a reason in the first place.
>>3236 >>3237 >>3238 >>3247 This is a really stupid and un-comfy discussion. Would it be possible to take it to another thread?
>>3236 Let's hope you never have kids, and if you do, maybe you will realize that life isn't like in your sick brain.
(1.08 MB 1281x1624 89038229_p0.png)

(684.27 KB 1024x1321 89365749_p0.png)

(687.48 KB 1024x1321 89365749_p1.png)

(694.41 KB 1024x1321 89365749_p2.png)

Anyway, what have you anons been fantasizing about lately? I’ve really been stuck lately on the idea of a young loli in a one-piece swimsuit all diapered up and playing in the pool. Her swim diaper would nicely bulge out, and she would be wearing cute little water wings on her arms. It’s not an elaborate fantasies, but imagine a girl like that playing, giggling and splashing with her friends is pretty hot and cute to me. And during rest period, she would eat a big popsicle, and have an accident in her diaper. Her caregivers would notice and change her, and they’d head up and put her in her crib for a nap. Little girls get tired after a long day of fun
>>3249 well trying to call it out and talking about it makes me comfy. not calling it out is very uncomfy. is it stupid? yes. however to denounce it and not endorse it is better than not saying anything about it.
(1.64 MB 5500x7000 66663003_p1.jpg)

>>3256 That's a really fun, cute fantasy. Recently I've been imagining a girl who's just kind of babyish for her age and totally helpless (for lack of a better word) when it comes to using the toilet. She really wants to keep her big girl panties dry and she can feel when she gets the urge to go potty, but even when she knows that she's on the brink of having an accident she'll still frequently put off using the toilet for one reason or another. Maybe she just gets easily distracted, maybe her thoughts jump straight from "I can hold it for a bit longer" to "it's too late to make it to the potty" without anything in between, or maybe she's subconsciously sabotaging herself. Whatever the reason, she almost always waits until her panties are already getting damp before she tries to run to the bathroom and it's an everyday occurrence to see her squirming with desperation. She still does babyish things like sucking her thumb and watching preschool cartoons, and she'll often choose to sit on the floor even when chairs are available. Acting her age takes conscious effort, and of course her parents frequently make her wear waterproof training panties, pull-ups, and even diapers because of all her accidents. None the less she insists she's a big girl and gets very embarrassed whenever anyone points out her immaturity. The other thing I've spent a lot of time on is AIdungeon. It's perfectly capable of writing some decent lolicon/ABDL stories if you follow the advice here: https://guide.aidg.club/ The one limitation is that it's pretty terrible at modelling gradually changing states such as a gradually filling bladder or gradual loss of maturity. For omorashi content I've written a few scripts which use random dice rolls to simulate desperation and potty accidents.
>>3259 Your fantasy is very cute and fun to imagine as well. I like how you described her possibly being able to make it if she was not so easily distractable (and maybe a little overconfident in her potty-holding abilities). It'd be cute if a girl like that was watching her little girl anime when she suddenly notices that she really has to pee. But the show she was watching only has a few minutes left, or she's so engrossed that she can't bother to get up and go pee. By the time the credits are rolling she'd be running as fast as possible to the bathroom, but she'd probably end up potty-dancing and wetting her right in front of the toilet. After mommy cleans up that mess you can just imagine that the diapers would be coming out.
(968.38 KB 913x1196 75655610_p0.png)

>>3260 I think the part of the fantasy I like most is the fact that her poor potty skills go a step beyond mere forgetfulness or overconfidence. Imagine she's walking to class after drinking a load of juice and she's already starting to do a little potty dance. She knows that she definitely won't be able to hold it for another hour and she knows that the teacher never lets students take potty breaks. She is fully aware that if she doesn't take a bathroom break now she'll end up having an accident in class, but despite that knowledge she just thinks to herself, "my pull-up's still dry so I'm not really desperate yet. I'll just do my best to hold it like a big girl." I guess it's a fantasy which almost blurs the line with hypnosis since she acts so irrationally while being absolutely convinced she's doing her best to stay dry. After she starts to have an accident or if one of her friends comments on her potty dance then she might realise she's made a mistake, but until then she's stuck in a state of toddler-like cognitive dissonance. Also I love to imagine a girl's thoughts at the moment when she decides it's not worth the discomfort to keep holding it and resigns herself to having a potty accident in her panties or diaper.
>>3261 >>3260 >>3259 >>3256 These are all really cute! Going off of the swim diaper one, I would like to see a loli go pee in them. Since swim diapers are mostly only meant to deal with #2 accidents, if they get peed in it will basically just instantly leak. (which is OK, since they are outside and playing in or around water.) So any time she happened to go while not in the water, you would just see this little trickle coming from the bottom of her swimsuit. Or maybe she decided she just wanted to lay on the deck chairs for a bit, and every now and then she goes while sunbathing, leaving a little puddle underneath.
>>3266 Another idea ive been thinking about lately is a potty training loli who is in the early to mid stages. She goes to her parent/babysitter/whoever and tells them she has to go potty, expecting them to go take her and help her with it, but they are really busy for whatever reason (maybe they are on a conference call, or getting ready to go to dinner, or making dinner, or whatever) and they really just cant stop to help her at the moment, so instead they just say something like "Im kinda busy right now, so it's OK to go in your diaper this time" or "Good job coming to tell me! I have to finish what I'm doing here first, but if you need to you can just use your pants and I'll change your pull-up and get you all cleaned up as soon as I'm finished here, OK?" After reassuring her that its OK, she eventually just sort of sheepishly stands there and holding really still for a moment, then starts to gradually blush more and more (especially if something starts to smell around the same time) and after a while she sort of relaxes, lets out a small sigh, and shyly wanders off to go play while she waits for them to changer her.
(384.54 KB 1170x1600 89425066_p0.png)

(341.46 KB 1170x1600 89425066_p1.png)

Koma-chan is just so perfect for ageplay and humiliation. I love imagining school systems where a loli could be unfairly made to repeat a year or even sent back a year just because she had a couple of daytime accidents or even just for being a bedwetter. I read a story on pixiv about a girl who was stuck repeating 1st grade for the 5th time because she couldn't stop wetting herself and it was just such a cute idea.
(766.62 KB 2480x3508 89450145_p0.jpg)

(776.33 KB 2480x3508 89450145_p1.jpg)

(786.61 KB 2480x3508 89450145_p2.jpg)

(11.68 MB 6071x8598 Untitled (1).png)

Already off to a good start. I like how the newer artist are just doing commissions instead of immediately going to patreon and having to deal with their loli ban. Also someone updated ckaoto's fanbox on kemono but the site is pretty slow at the moment. https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/3330984
(615.79 KB 957x1276 89427849_p0.jpg)

>>3266 >So any time she happened to go while not in the water, you would just see this little trickle coming from the bottom of her swimsuit. Or maybe she decided she just wanted to lay on the deck chairs for a bit, and every now and then she goes while sunbathing, leaving a little puddle underneath. I love to imagine this. It'd be especially cute, I think, if she was not used to swim diapers, so she didn't quite know this fact. What a surprise it would be for that little girl when she relaxes to pee only for it to trickle out of her swim diaper! Eventually she'd start to like this fact though, and would do things like you said with the deck chairs. While her parents were gone she'd mischievously start peeing. It'd leak out of her diaper, into the grass and before long would be mostly soaked up. The only hint for anyone at all would be a faint pee smell caught occasionally. The little loli would get away with it! How naughty. Also I just realized how little art of this stuff there is. What a shame.
>>3256 An active tomboy loli who is often very tired near the end of the day, and her father helps her bathe when she's already half asleep and, of course, diapers her. She finds it exciting when she wakes up without even remembering arriving at home, especially if her diaper is wet. She doesn't keep it a secret, either. She lets her father know that she loves being spoiled in her sleep, and thanks him with lots of hugs and kisses.
(1.17 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)

do you guys have any free apps to do add tags to photos & do research after these tags?
>>3271 >The only hint for anyone at all would be a faint pee smell caught occasionally. That, and at the end of the day when she came back inside, whoever changed her back into a regular diaper would see that her swim diaper was all yellow on the inside. (assuming she hadn't gotten in the water for a while at least) Of course, pointing this out would result in much giggling im sure.
>>3286 Hydrus is the best option I know of. https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/
(1.80 MB 4177x4385 PaimonOnesie.png)

(1.90 MB 3437x3950 DionaPamp.png)

>>3286 diaper squad.

(1.41 MB 1026x1453 89501045_p0.png)

>>3296 The second pic, that's doing things to me. I know it's a bit against the grain, but what I'd give for a dominant diapered loli bullying her sensei or someone else who by all rights should be the one in power. Her smug smile and the deliberate lift of her skirt is just-
>>3307 I can think of a few h loli stuff that include these stuff, well no diapers of course lol. but a loli bullying her sensei for diaper changes and head pats definitely sounds interesting, but I would like to be lighthearted so it can hit my soft spots.
>>3309 Yeah I've found lolidom, and I dig it- so long as it doesn't go too far. In this instance though, I am desiring a dominant loli, in diapers who is a bit more aggressive. Sitting on his face with a smug grin and telling him to lick her through the diaper, and if she doesn't feel it she'll sell him out, only to wet herself and see how long it takes for him to notice. Having the fucking money shot being him flat on the ground, looking up at this diapered lolidom, her visage one of smug victory and playful scorn, her impish features amplified by the room's light hidden directly behind her head giving the little devil a halo.
>>3310 one day anon...one day.
(155.56 KB 1500x1000 51332654_p5.jpg)

>>3310 I could have sworn I had a picture of a princess-type loli acting smug about the fact that she refused to be potty trained, but I can't find it now.
>>3312 >princess-type loli acting smug Damn, that alone already activates me, but the rest is gravy. If you do find it, be sure to post it please. Also, I'm really sorry about not contributing any lolis, I would if I had any.
>>3312 that's a bit of a different "trope". imo, the princess type is more of a spoiled brat who doesn't know to behave type of thing. a dom loli would be something smarter you could say she would know how to deceive people.
(516.35 KB 1080x1920 68301947_p0.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1920x1080 75071390_p0.jpg)

Do these hit the mark?
>>3316 oh forgot about nowi's OC's existence, the oc definitely hits the mark
(180.88 KB 1280x857 696.jpg)

(93.05 KB 1280x943 460.jpg)

(153.07 KB 1280x837 580.jpg)

(102.72 KB 1280x2303 163.jpg)

(528.47 KB 2292x2196 1458666396610-1.jpg)

(640.69 KB 2000x1500 61259903_p1.png)

(706.82 KB 2000x1500 61260042_p1.png)

>>3332 Western stuff can be cute too. I'm not sure I'm a fan of scenarios where the adults are diapered too though. That first image would be much cuter if it was a class of diapered kids being taught by a normal teacher.
>>3332 For a second I thought her knees were bent backwards, then I realized she is laying on her back with her head tilted.
(172.72 KB 715x800 IMG_2192.PNG)

>>3312 Is this the one you're talking about
>>3339 Yeah. That's it.
(338.54 KB 715x800 9896947_p0.png)

>>3339 This was translated on diaperedanime years ago. Angelica Muniman (alias) 8 years old Always had diapers in place of panties, as her father is the boss of a large diaper manufacturing company. For her it is completely normal. Incidentally, those are her special personalized diapers. "What? What's so strange?"
>ywn be a bossy, dominant loli’s manservant >ywn be forced to put up with her bullying and diapered face-sitting
>>3342 ahh this trope needs to be expressed more. one day I will write a storyline revolving around it and then comm a comic around it or something.
>>3349 Have you read Delinquent Princess? Sounds like it's exactly what you're looking for. Any other recs would be appreciated. https://pastebin.com/LHA1Qa0D
(542.65 KB 2150x3036 Omutsukko_PARTY_2_14.jpg)

I spent hours doing a diapered loli roleplay with someone on Omegle last night. I don’t roleplay much but I guess it’s fun with the right person. Would recommend.
>>3355 funny, I just dusted to old f-list profile off and was thinking about getting back into it
(341.11 KB 1024x1448 89656739_p5.jpg)

(374.93 KB 1024x1448 89656739_p6.jpg)

(369.76 KB 1024x1448 89656739_p7.jpg)

(375.27 KB 1024x1448 89656739_p8.jpg)

>>3356 I think you'd have a pretty good time. The only reason I'm back browsing here right now is because of how horny I am from thinking over the fun I had last night. I've never used F-list but I might have to look into it.
>>3357 These are exceedingly cute. Can anyone make sense of the grammar in the speech bubble in the second image? >あいもう年長さんだからおむつ履くやつなんだー It seems to me that she's saying she wears diapers because she's now a kindergarten senior, but that doesn't make much sense. I assume it must have an implied negative so it would really read as: "I'm already a kindergarten senior, so surely I wouldn't be in diapers... Cute isn't it~?"
>>3357 f-list is pretty nice! it's made for rping! building a nice looking profile might take time. but it's all worth it if you wanna rp, and people wouldn't really be toxic or annoying if you roleplay as a younger character.
>>3358 I was having trouble reading that part too, but my interpretation was that because she was has become a kindergarten senior she's now wearing pull-ups (instead of baby diapers?). I am interpreting it like this because of the "おむつ履くやつ". "履く" obviously means to pull on something like pants or to wear something on the lower half of the body. But since it looks like she's wearing pull-ups I was wondering if she was saying something like "Since I'm a kindergarten senior now I'm wearing pull-up diapers!". I think this could be strengthened a bit by looking at the first pic I posted too. She says something like >Oniichan, oniichan, Ai's become a big girl! Do you want to know why? And then in the next page we're discussing she shows her pull-up. My Japanese isn't that good though. I can usually read enough to get a basic gist while fapping so I might be totally missing the mark.
(371.43 KB 1280x894 30680168_p0.jpg)

>>3361 The use of やつ is a bit weird though. Normally that is used to refer to other people in a slightly derogatory way. It seems strange that she'd say おむつ履くやつ if she wanted to imply that it's admirable to おむつ履く. From a bit of searching I can say that there definitely are Japanese sites which use the verb 履く to refer to putting on a tape-type diaper, but obviously it's possible that those sites are using it incorrectly. Your interpretation is definitely possible though.
(31.39 KB 800x557 84376996_p0.jpg)

>>3362 I wonder if やつ is being used derogatorily in this context though. I'm looking at Jisho right now and it correctly points out that when referring to people やつ has a derogatory connotation, but with the alternate definition of 'thing' or 'object' it just says 'colloquialism' and doesn't mention any sort of negative connotation. https://jisho.org/search/yatsu Wiktionary seems to have a similar definition offered as well. >From a bit of searching I can say that there definitely are Japanese sites which use the verb 履く to refer to putting on a tape-type diaper, but obviously it's possible that those sites are using it incorrectly. The problem with 履くis that it means both to put on something and to wear. So I can say おむつ を履いています to say "I'm wearing a diaper" as far as I understand it. Maybe 履く is used with putting on diapers as well since it's on the lower half of the body, but it's hard to tell for me at least, since usually when one puts on a diaper it's not put on by one's self, but by another. I have no clue what verb that would use. Diapers are complicated, it turns out.
(60.68 KB 745x601 ClipboardImage.png)

(47.61 KB 360x480 1536661181-1c119d.jpg)

(315.95 KB 645x911 ah_13_1_.JPG)

(58.94 KB 461x650 m41.jpg)

(373.39 KB 645x911 mama_21_koui252.jpg)

This is the best example I've found of 履く being used that way.
(10.72 KB 615x95 ClipboardImage.png)

>年長さんなのにオムツとれてないってのとテープじゃなくてパンツタイプって自慢してくるのダブルでかわいいです Found this comment which might support the one theory. As far as I understand it the commenter is saying that how the girl is boasting about wearing a 'pants type' (pull-up) diaper instead of a 'tape' diaper is cute
What type of attitude do you like little girls to have towards diapers? Completely oblivious to the social perception of diapers? Embarrassed, but still into them? Something more complicated?
>>3373 It really depends on my mood. There are many different combinations which work well, depending on the girl's personality. 1. An intelligent but mischievous loli who is very much into diapers and knows how they're perceived. She doesn't care though. In fact, she gets off on the humiliation and she knows that she's young enough to not get in any serious trouble for her exhibitionism. 2. A somewhat air-headed and clueless girl who acts kind of babyish and doesn't think there's anything wrong with enjoying babyish things. She has a weak bladder and, although she doesn't strictly need diapers, she frequently wears them just for convenience and peace of mind. 3. A younger loli who is very proud of being a big girl. For one reason or another she finds herself back in diapers, first at night, then during the day. She's acutely aware of how embarrassing it is and tries her best to cling on to her dignity. It's also fun to imagine perverted diaper-loving lolis living in a world where babyish stuff isn't frowned upon to nearly the same extent as it is in ours. That kind of setting would allow them to enjoy a much milder, gentler kind of public humiliation.
(4.82 MB 2220x3106 89520119_p0.jpg)

>>3373 It really depends on the age of the girl for me. I have a very broad range of lolis that I am attracted to personally, ranging from toddlers to just before puberty starts. For the younger tot girls, many times wearing diapers for them will just feel like the most natural thing in the world. They'll happily romp around with their diapers exposed without a care in the world. For slightly older lolis who by normal standards shouldn't be in diapers, I've had diverse fantasies. I love to fantasize about little girls who think they are bigger than they are, and try as they may to be big girls, they always fail to make it to the toilet in time, and thus always end up diapered again. That is always very cute, especially if they are a bit stubborn but don't take their failures all that seriously. Immature little girls are also very precious. She doesn't want to grow up, and doesn't feel the pressure to change along with the other girls her age by getting rid of her toys, not watching baby shows and of course wearing big girl panties. She'd be very stubborn and would have "accidents" just so she could stay diapered. I imagine this little girl would grow into a big ABDL as she got older. More unrealistically, it's sometimes fun to imagine naughty lolis who flash their diapers at their babysitters and put their diapered butts on his face and boss the babysitter around totally not a self-insert fantasy
>>3351 man, wanted to read some happy things after the guro shit that i fapped on but this is depressing. I'm at the chapter 14 hope that it'll get better
>>3373 I’d describe a few of my preferences under their own class, which I’d refer to as the ‘LMNOP’ group: (L)azy lolis that would rather play than use the potty are high on my list. While they might not be so enthused about diapers at first, they are likely to enjoy them if they discover that diapers allow them to be lazy. You mean I can play with my dollies without needing breaks? Sign me up! Another type would have to be the (M)eek type, or the loli that doesn’t really care for diapers, but can’t speak up forcefully enough to make a difference. Even when this loli can get her message across, all you have to do is stick a pacifier in her mouth or put a finger to her lips and tell her to be quiet. This is the type of loli that’s easy to manage. N is for (N)aughty. This type of loli actually enjoys wearing diapers and acting like a baby. She sees the opportunity as a means of rejecting all rules and doing whatever she wants. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Not for the faint of heart is your (O)utraged loli, who absolutely hates them and resists every step of the way. She either really hates them or is using her anger defensively because of how embarrassing it is. In the latter’s case, she either likes or just dislikes them and is using her anger to express that without saying it. Loud but fun. Finally, we have the (P)erky loli, who either enjoys the benefits that diapers bring or doesn’t really care to begin with. I would alternatively call this type of loli the (P)ure type because diapers and baby things just don’t impact her! She loves life either way!
What about lolis who wear diapers because it gets them attention from the person they like? It could be somebody they have a crush on, an older family member they have trouble connecting with, or even a younger or same age person who also wears diapers but is shy about it.
>>3381 I have not had this exact fantasy before, but I like the idea a lot, and I must say that this would be a working strategy if used on me
>>3381 How about a loli that feels neglected by a parent, so she has accidents and ends up in diapers just so she feels that she’s getting attention? Even if it isn’t good attention?
(1.98 MB 1774x2276 89718386_p11.png)

>>2909 more genshin stuff!
>>3381 Super cute- it wasn't a loli but it happened in this one diaper-themed manga. Don't get your hopes up, it fell off hard unfortunately. It was called Omutsu, and it was the main character's childhood friend who did exactly what you described. Each of them had differing reasons for wearing diapers, there were three diapered girls in his little harem.
(266.59 KB 742x883 80867954_p0.png)

>>3406 And of course the best option has the fewest votes.
>>3408 sorry your boomer loli didn't win, anon.
>>3409 It feels weird to categorize lolis according to when the anime originally aired in Japan. Anyway, speaking of boomer lolis, Heidi's pantsu look very much like diapers. Also I recently learned that haikon (from Heidi complex) and alikon (Alice complex) used to be used in the same way that lolicon is today.
>>3410 hey it's the show my mother watched back in the day
(679.82 KB 2896x4096 elephant diapers.jpg)

The elephants on her diaper are CUTE
guys another genshin loli needs help >>3406 this time it's diona the cat girl in here >>3294 https://twitter.com/omulettesDL/status/1392273233517314051
>>3425 looks like she's losing. poor cat girl she wouldn't sleep with a diaper tonight.
Why do I think (diapered) lolis are so much cuter in groups?
>>3434 It’s like being into lesbians: The more there are, the hotter is. In this case, the more cute it is.
>>3434 Cuteness adds up. I know I'm a fan of imagining diapered lolis in groups personally. Even one diapered little girl is nice to imagine because you can imagine what type of diaper she is wearing, how she is dressed, etc. but if there is more than one there's even more to imagine, especially them playing together, romping around, giggling together, all while wearing thick crinkly diapers!
>>3440 I'm more of fan of the. one diapered loli and one non diapered loli. the diapered loli likes her diapers but hates at the same time and wants to get out of it and needs it of course. the other loli is there to tease her and sabotage the loli's tries to go to the bathroom because she's fascinated how someone her age wears diapers, and of course it escalates from there. kinda like the gogo comics with the two girls, gosh I want more of that it's so adorable!
(2.57 MB 1526x1080 20_11_19_1.gif)

(1.12 MB 764x1080 20_12_18_1.gif)

(1.78 MB 764x1080 21_1_23_1.gif)

(1.73 MB 764x1080 21_2_20_1.gif)

(2.90 MB 764x1080 21_3_20_1.gif)

(3.75 MB 764x1080 21_4_22_1.gif)

(472.06 KB 3036x4299 20_10_31_1.jpg)

(478.26 KB 3036x4299 20_11_14_1.jpg)

(601.86 KB 3036x4299 20_11_30_1.jpg)

(757.79 KB 3036x4299 20_12_16_1.jpg)

(704.29 KB 3036x4299 20_12_25_1.jpg)

(616.08 KB 3036x4299 21_4_30_1.jpg)

(797.08 KB 3036x4299 21_4_24_1.jpg)

(856.91 KB 3036x4299 21_2_28_1.jpg)

(995.08 KB 3036x4299 21_3_28_1.jpg)

(674.09 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_1.jpg)

(708.16 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_2.jpg)

(658.04 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_4.jpg)

(880.69 KB 2599x3626 21_3_12_3.jpg)

(719.09 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_2.jpg)

(847.00 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_1.jpg)

(782.60 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_3.jpg)

(856.66 KB 2599x3626 21_4_9_4.jpg)

(654.38 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_1.jpg)

(709.13 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_2.jpg)

(803.86 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_3.jpg)

(813.20 KB 2599x3626 21_5_8_4.jpg)

Nice! Thanks for posting these!
>>3444 That sounds really hot. I like the idea of some light-hearted teasing by other lolis slowly escalating. Eventually it turns out that they secretly like babying and caring for the other girl too. That would lead to all sorts of very cute and intimate diaper changes. My heart can’t handle it
(409.54 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(449.24 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(455.13 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.17 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(506.53 KB 780x1020 ClipboardImage.png)

(75.76 KB 640x908 016.jpg)

(48.70 KB 600x600 007.jpg)

(41.96 KB 453x640 014.jpg)

(151.02 KB 1353x2048 EonoqTrU8AApmIA.jpeg)

(137.06 KB 1183x1606 EonoqTqUUAEKdF3.jpeg)

(5.39 MB 3370x3958 89887046_p0.jpg)

(1.73 MB 1820x3440 89898366_p1.png)

(1.75 MB 1820x3440 89898366_p2.png)

(678.73 KB 736x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.19 MB 3508x2480 90004015_p0.jpg)

(3.23 MB 3508x2480 90004015_p1.jpg)

(3.21 MB 3508x2480 90004015_p2.jpg)

Why is Sakura so perfectly suited to diapers?
>>3552 because all mahou shoujos wear diapers under their cute outfits as we all know.
(1.48 MB 1146x1803 88277589_p1.png)

(1.13 MB 1146x1803 88277589_p2.png)

(1.51 MB 1146x1803 88277589_p0.png)

>>3543 I have enjoyed that particular work more times than I can count. Love how the little sister peaks in and gets excited seeing what she sees. >>3553 Definitely my head-canon. Diapers are what completes the big poofy dresses of mahou shoujos.
(862.79 KB 2896x4096 E2HWXAdUUAAQd_g.jpg)

>>3207 my dude turned off the requests but he's still didn't cancel my on going one. he says on twitter that he would get busy with work irl after he finishes his requests so he wouldn't be to draw for a while. so I guess I made a request at a nice timing. but I hope that he could finish my thing before this month finishes, that would be nice!
>>3552 Looks like the board-tans of /monarchy/ and /liberty/
>>3568 Artists around the world subconsciously draw them for us.
(1.41 MB 1200x1701 21_5_19_1.png)

(1.41 MB 1232x1747 21_5_16_1.png)

(2.63 MB 764x1080 21_5_24_1.mp4)

>>3517 >>3567 full images and vid version of new stuff this one >>3517 especially I had to share because the "I just woke up" is just so adorable and would help convey the image way better!
(250.11 KB 1020x1134 62751767_p0.jpg)

>>3580 Wow, I definitely thought it was a nice pic of a diaper before, but zoomed out it really is even better. I love her little grumpy / sleepy face. That's adorable
(242.37 KB 970x1400 01_095.jpg)

>>3032 >Aren't they diapers? I remember in the manga, the main girl (can't remember her name, the one with the crush on the sensei) made a Christmas wish to be a grown-up which came true (in a dream). Seeing her grown-up self, she started to dash out the door before stopping herself, saying "Ah wait, I'm still in diapers!" I just looked this up. Here's the relevant page in the original. Anzu calls them パンツ = pantsu, which could technically include pull-ups but generally means some kind of cloth underwear. However, there are still plenty of ways around it. For instance, if those white puffy things they wear are just cloth covers (which she calls her pantsu) then she could easily be wearing diapers underneath. Or they could be waterproof training pants which she frequently uses like diapers.
>>3572 Need to get back to bullying them.
>>3601 >Anzu calls them パンツ = pantsu, which could technically include pull-ups but generally means some kind of cloth underwear. Oh, thanks for looking into it! I have seen that before, what are obviously diapers/pull-ups referred to as pantsu in a game (not a diaper game, just had a singular girl with a diaper) Looking at that page though, that's gotta be padding, what kind of panties poof out like that?
(4.02 MB 1952x3073 juju_omutsu_stitched.png)

>>3609 You can thank the spammer for reminding me of that post. >Looking at that page though, that's gotta be padding, what kind of panties poof out like that? I tend to agree. In my headcanon the white fluffy pantsu are training pants which they all have to wear just in case. Some of them are also wearing disposable pull-ups or diapers underneath but they still wear the training pants over the top to fit in with the other kids. Hanamaru Kindergarten isn't the only anime/manga with those kind of suspiciously puffy pantsu though. Here's a screenshot from Mahoujin Guru Guru.
(2.31 MB 2550x3300 90073434_p0.jpg)

(7.22 MB 2894x4093 89872634_p2.png)

(7.21 MB 2894x4093 89872634_p3.png)

>Anon oniichan, c-could you change my d-diapee?
both hot, cute & creepy
(819.84 KB 1063x1276 78115929_p0.jpg)

>>3623 Loving little girls and their diapers is the opposite of creepy, anon!
>>3612 I must have missed them, the more dense posts I kind of passed over. But I've noticed that too, those puffy panties being present on a lot of kindergarten characters. It's one of the things that makes me wonder Japan's relationship with diapers, as every country/culture sees and uses them differently. I may be mistaken, but it's Indonesia I believe where kids will be diapered past five- for Japan though I've no clue. That is a very cute screenshot though, thanks! As much as I like plain and honest diapers/pull ups on kids who need them, it's cute to have those psuedo-big girl panties, knowing that at any moment they could wet them accidentally.
>>3645 >tfw no diaper loli mug I need one
>>3627 > It's one of the things that makes me wonder Japan's relationship with diapers, as every country/culture sees and uses them differently. I may be mistaken, but it's Indonesia I believe where kids will be diapered past five- for Japan though I've no clue. I had not heard about that, but would be interesting if it were true. Wonder if different cultures end up with more people in abdl as well? Also, I remember hearing/reading somewhere that in Mexico kids sometimes stay in diapers longer than in other cultures, as it sort of indicates that you can afford that kind of extraneous expense. No clue if Im remembering it wrong or if its even slightly true though.
>>3650 >>3627 wonder Japan's relationship with diapers, as every country/culture sees and uses them differently Feel like I've seen a ton of stuff about wearing diapers when they're sick in Japanese stuff. Kind of like the last image in here >>3147 Always makes me wonder if that's a thing that happens in RL sometimes since it happens so much in fiction.
>>3656 I lived in Japan for the past 8 years. I can confirm that diapers, while not widespread, are more common and there's no taboo around them. It's somewhat common to wear diapers for situations in which it's difficult use toilets, and they will readily tell their friends or family about it. For example large events, long trips, long shifts, etc. Many places sell adult diapers around my city, much more than I'd see back home. There's a whole subculture that's more related to ageplay and ABDL where people wear them to unwind from their stressful life. Those post a lot on twitter.
>>3693 Is that really true? I'm not calling you a liar, I'm genuinely shocked. I'm also curious what area you lived in, if it was more urban like Tokyo or Kyoto or more rural- I'd assume the former before the latter. >>3656 Also, first time I've ever seen that. I knew about the kindergarteners in diapers/padding, but being diapered while sick is new to me, how genuinely fascinating. It really is interesting to learn about, the cultural nuances every country adopts with everyday things we all know but don't often put much thought into. ...Present company excluded, of course.
>>3693 >people wear them to unwind from their stressful life Ive gotten the idea that in Japan, the work culture is super aggressive, like its kinda expected that you put in 110% all the time on everything, but that when people relax, its like that built up pressure gets released, which is why you have things that other cultures would consider crazy being not all that unusual over there.
(7.93 MB 3553x5605 90236521_p0.jpg)

I was at the store today and couldn't help but notice a super cute little girl probably four or five sucking on a paci. Haven't most girls grown out of them by then? Either way it was cute.
>>3710 >couldn't help but notice a super cute little girl Well just to be a nice person who wants you to live your life peacefully, anon. Condition yourself to not feel super curious/interested when you see people in public irl practicing an aspect of your kind of fetishism. especially when they are kids. I know for a fact that you are most likely not interested in raping children or anything. but it is kind of creepy when you are that conscious about it and actively looking and thinking of it. I know some family members that sucked on pacis and drank from bottles till they were 8 or something, jealousy of new kid type of thing. but it's dependent on the kid and the parents most of the time as most people wouldn't be weirded out if they saw a 4-6 acting like a younger toddler, so there's some liberty when it comes to that but most of the population outgrows them by that age.
>>3712 Don't worry about me, anon, I'm well aware that even for posting some of the stuff that has been posted in this thread that there are insane normalfags who would threaten to kill us. Even more so for anything in public. Though I certainly am attracted to things not accepted in mainstream society, I know my boundaries and don't attempt to anything with it in real life. The entire event that I related in the post above happened in less than thirty seconds as a group of people passed me by, and I gave a glance at most.
Same, I know that i'm a pedo & a trash but the former one isn't the cause of the last. Raping children is not a cool thing imo
(57.37 KB 616x586 ClipboardImage.png)

(217.58 KB 1200x786 ClipboardImage.png)

(217.26 KB 1200x786 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.15 MB 1087x994 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.32 MB 1200x707 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3425 anons. the time comes again. vote diona! https://www.patreon.com/posts/52125495
>>3612 this girl is suppose to be like 9 so it's either just the artstyle or she has some kind of disability (probably the former)
(435.87 KB 2484x1783 90527723_p10.png)

(535.21 KB 2484x1783 90527723_p9.png)

(8.12 MB 5197x7252 90480242_p0.jpg)

I really like the "diapers in a theme park" trope, both for dealing with the long lines, and for if they get a little too scared/excited on some of the rides.
>>3807 It really is a hassle for a little girl to go the amusement park and to have to wait in long lines for rides, not to mention big girl bathroom lines. Diapers as usual are the best option for her. Any more examples of this trope? Now I’m fantasizing a bit
(1.58 MB 750x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(201.34 KB 505x539 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.20 MB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(959.71 KB 1000x750 ClipboardImage.png)

(494.98 KB 707x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

know what happened to this guy? https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/9954626
(697.60 KB 1276x957 90654858_p0.jpg)

(576.68 KB 957x1276 89589221_p0.jpg)

(252.86 KB 750x1000 67190270_p0.jpg)

(256.83 KB 750x1000 67190270_p2.jpg)

(373.62 KB 750x1000 67464251_p0.jpg)

You know, I think in some ways diaper bulges under clothes are actually more erotic than fully exposed diapers.
>>3823 I completely agree. Something about how the clothing over the diaper works to accentuate and emphasize the diaper bulge just drives me wild. It’s very erotic. Part of it is because it’s not in plain view, even if it’s plainly visible with how big of a crinkly butt the loli has. I’m instantly led to imagine what type of diapers she is in, what patterns are on them, whether she is dry or not, etc. I love it. Also that first pic must be new, I love it.
(886.92 KB 1313x1724 90639579_p0.png)

(939.83 KB 1313x1724 90639579_p1.png)

Here's some cute new Chino-chan too. >>3824 Part of it is that I find it cuter when the loli is making an effort to try and hide her diapered state. Also it seems more believable that she might try going out (or be taken out) in public with a visible diaper bulge than with a fully exposed diaper.
(1.25 MB 2480x3508 69362304_p0.jpg)

>>3828 Yeah most lolis past toddler age probably keep their pants and skirts on when they are running around and having fun. I like the idea of a little girl who is just a bit too old for diapers, and still has to wear them. She's a bit shy about it, and if you looked at her butt in public it would clear that she has a little diaper bulge. Even cuter if she thinks no one can see it.
>>3810 Now that you mentioned it, I remember this post on parenting site that stretches back to 2008 talking about it. Shame the site was shut down in 2017
(241.00 KB 1024x768 pc3686_1324799493_petichan.jpg)

(529.59 KB 1200x900 pc6998_1329887192_petichan.jpg)

(130.33 KB 600x450 pc3723_1324799605_petichan.jpg)

(238.97 KB 840x1200 pc5896_1325670742_petichan.jpg)

(587.94 KB 1200x900 pc6997_1329887139_petichan.jpg)

>no new Nozomi diaper lolis for months Feels bad >>3838 Better check out the archives, anon!
(1.56 MB 3800x1100 89592421_p0.png)

(941.94 KB 1003x1416 40783_20160710053257_1.jpg)

(940.09 KB 1003x1416 40783_20160710053256_0.jpg)

(838.54 KB 1003x1416 40783_20160710053253_0.jpg)

(177.53 KB 1447x2047 E4BHtO5VkAAnpiw.jpeg)

>>3859 It's something he's currently working on. I also remember horny abdls asking on parenting sites if they should let their "kids" wear diapers to Disney land because of the long lines. >>3807 I also like the idea of girls wearing diapers in situations that would make it convenient.
>>3355 why is the face cropped out?
>>3865 He only puts the uncropped images on his Fanbox. https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/3330984
(2.57 MB 2500x2500 88522863_p0.jpg)

>>3859 I spent way longer than I should have reading these peoples' comments kek. Thanks for finding this, anon. I would love to believe that there are actually large numbers of lolis from kindergarten to middle school age walking around Disney World in diapers or pull-ups. Even if it is ABDL roleplay it is very fun to imagination. That reminds me of accounts I have read of girls being diapered under their white communion dresses. I enjoyed reading those. Just look up 'communion diaper' and you'll see a ton of it.
>>3870 Wtf I love Catholicism now
>>3870 oh this meme.
>>3859 >>3870 Some weird part of me misses randomly finding this shit when googling around for abdl stuff. When I was a kid I believed some of it but by the time I became an adult it was clear this was just low tier fapbait. You'll still see "parents" commenting on posts in random mommyforums doing this shit. They typically comment on threads of actual parents looking for actual advice for bedwetting and potty training issues saying shit like "oh my daughter is 12 and still in diapers but we're all perfectly ok with it. You should totally keep your kid in diapers too because whatever stupid fuck reason. Oh and also tell me all these gross details about your real kids."
>>3882 I also weirdly miss this sort of thing. Yahoo Answers had a lot of this sort of behavior as well. Nowadays you’ll see that sort of shit on Quora. Other topics I’ve seen discussed include: Wearing diapers to Disney World, putting their kids in diapers on long car rides, using diaper punishments, and probably more that I’m just not remembering.
(336.00 KB 874x1240 90726388_p0.png)

>>3361 I've come across another example of this sort of thing. https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=15367176 If you go to page 5 you'll see おむつはくやつ being used in reference to pull-ups as opposed to tape-type diapers.
(285.71 KB 809x1080 90749331_p0.png)

>>3889 It's good to see that our speculations were not completely off the mark here!
(230.14 KB 1280x1786 20_10_10_1.jpg)

I love the contented look on her face in the second image
(230.14 KB 1280x1786 20_10_10_1.jpg)

(221.23 KB 1280x1786 20_10_10_2.jpg)

(215.43 KB 1280x1786 20_10_10_3.jpg)

(244.96 KB 1280x1786 20_10_10_4.jpg)

(264.17 KB 1280x1786 20_9_11_3.jpg)

>>3938 whoops post got messed up Also love the face in the last one too.
(1.58 MB 2019x1515 E5CtRLIUYAQuLSl.jpg)

>>3982 Twins are an interesting concept. Imagine seeing someone who looks just like you in diapers. It’s a completely embarrassing reminder of how the loli looks in the scenario.
New Nozomi art, and it does not disappoint me!
>>4013 I recently have developed a thing for when the diaper is just a teeeeeny-tiny bit wet. It's like they peed before they even really had to go, because why not?
>>4014 That’s definitely pretty cute. Like they were just playing and a bit dribbled out into their diapers. I also like that with lolis and panties
>>4026 Now Im thinking about a loli in a swim diaper spending the day outside and periodically seeing pee start dribbling down from her diaper every time she has to go and she isnt in the water since swim diapers dont absorb liquid in any quantity. She's just playing around with toys or relaxing on a deck chair and suddenly pee starts forming a little puddle on the ground under her bottom, or a little trail if she was walking/running, and she either doesn't notice or doesn't care because she doesn't react to it at all, just keeps on doing whatever she was doing already without missing a beat.
(2.31 MB 2439x2439 90912582_p2.png)

(2.30 MB 2439x2439 90912582_p1.png)

(2.29 MB 2439x2439 90912582_p0.png)

(3.14 MB 2894x4093 91301732_p4.jpg)

(3.14 MB 2894x4093 91301732_p5.jpg)

(3.22 MB 2894x4093 91318205_p0.jpg)

(3.23 MB 2894x4093 91318205_p1.jpg)

(3.29 MB 2894x4093 91357716_p0.jpg)

happi happi flens
>>4081 Hello lunaposter, hope you have a good day :)
(4.19 MB 2894x4093 91406777_p0.jpg)

(4.21 MB 2894x4093 91406777_p1.jpg)

(3.83 MB 2894x4093 91420812_p0.jpg)

Wataten was such an incredibly good show. I really hope it gets a second season at some point.
(1.35 MB 2508x3248 E6qUIdTVgAEVLdA.jpeg)

(836.07 KB 4096x4096 E6dxV9aVgAAhQ9X.jpeg)

(692.90 KB 1276x957 91300244_p0.jpg)

(973.13 KB 1207x1685 91077438_p0.jpg)

(379.90 KB 1500x2100 27.jpg)

>>4094 I liked it too, hopefully the movie does well enough to warrant a second season. Just another show that should have gotten some decent art but didn't until now, which is unfortunate because it's about a lolicon who enjoys dressing up her sister and friends in cute outfits.
>>3175 Sauce for the doujin in your first pic? Been looking for months.
(65.86 KB 676x1000 E5hGZXZUcAU3pF-.jpeg)

(1.50 MB 2700x3600 EwQV58MVoAQBkMO.jpeg)

(1.44 MB 2700x3600 EwQV7LGVEAIuOs4.jpeg)

>>4102 >ywn use a potion like that Hurts me on an existential level. At least I can fap to it.
(4.70 MB 2894x4093 91462952_p0.jpg)

(16.89 MB 8598x6071 21_7_25_1.png)

Ckaoto updated https://exhentai.org/g/1968442/fe8df5743f/ Untranslated parts start at page 342 which is about 20 pages if anyone wants to continue translating the rest. https://exhentai.org/g/1851153/5baba5561f/
>>4095 Love the aesthetic of the first one. Who is the artist?
(18.22 MB 6071x8598 21_6_30_1.png)

I’ve been fantasizing about diapers in the pool lately. Not swim diapers, but actual diapers. In my fantasy a three year or four year old loli (who still has some potty troubles) is taken to the pool by her big sister. Her parents are busy, so she has to take her sister to the pool. She accidentally puts normal diapers on under her sister’s one-piece swimsuit. Once at the pool she takes her sister into the pool and plays with her, but when she gets out, she’s surprised to see how huge her little sister’s butt has become, since the diaper is swelled up huge from being underwater! It’s very cute to imagine a little loli in her one-piece swimsuit with a huge squishy diaper butt and water wings on. The loli doesn’t mind in the slightest, of course! Pool fantasies are always fun
>>3870 HAHAHAHA I cannot believe this is an actual real. I guess religion has it perks HAHAHAHAAH
>>4244 Matthew 18:3— > “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. No salvation without faith in Jesus and regressing into a diaper baby
(5.54 MB 1754x2481 91549010_p3.png)

(5.28 MB 1754x2481 91549010_p0.png)

(5.59 MB 1754x2481 91549010_p1.png)

(5.21 MB 1754x2481 91549010_p2.png)

Help, I can't stop looking at these pics! There are not merely enough pics with smelly messy lolis.
(193.76 KB 512x680 i.png)

>>4245 ABDL is the only fetish approved/endorsed by God. >Wear diapers >Behave a like child >Go to heaven
Nicely thick
(135.62 KB 731x1024 1428085558408998913_1.jpg)

(523.71 KB 2500x3500 1428399943480320000_1.jpg)

(314.22 KB 1463x2048 1428462631266910209_1.jpg)

(92.11 KB 768x1024 E87SdwTVIAoMbAy.jpeg)

(1.38 MB 1480x2071 92102249_p0.png)

(11.50 MB 3541x5016 92186704_p0.jpg)

(285.31 KB 2017x2016 E9QOSmAUUAMRnbK.jpeg)

(1.06 MB 2000x1200 92105435_p1.jpg)

(88.13 KB 768x1024 Cj7JPufUkAABTWD.jpg)

(239.01 KB 643x900 66030604_p0.jpg)

(793.95 KB 1240x1754 0.png)

(775.02 KB 1240x1754 2.png)

(834.97 KB 1240x1754 1.png)

(794.61 KB 1240x1754 5.png)

(774.35 KB 1240x1754 7.png)

black vs white
(2.39 MB 2893x4092 92093388_p0.png)

(2.47 MB 2893x4092 92093388_p1.png)

(189.87 KB 1280x905 92178349_p0_nowm.jpg)

(180.57 KB 1280x905 92178349_p1_nowm.jpg)

Some cute Madoka art. The second two have had the obnoxious DA watermarks mostly removed.
If you had the opportunity, how would you convince your ideal loli to wear diapers and participate in activities that you'd like her to participate in?
>>4515 What kind of question is that. My ideal loli would already be wearing diapers.
(3.58 MB 2893x4092 92328008_p0.png)

>>4515 Most of my fantasies are about lolis who have this fetish and would jump at the chance to wear diapers. I think the fantasies I like most are when they enthusiastically and knowingly put themselves in situations where they could be stuck in diapers for an extended period or humiliated in other ways, a bit like BDSM play without a safeword. For example, a young girl finds a guide on how to become a bedwetter and decides to start practicing every day even after reading the warning that it could cause daytime accidents and that it might take years to retrain herself. The other main category of fantasies involve a reluctant loli being manipulated or pressured into wearing diapers and subjected to humiliation by another character. It could range from very mild pressure between friends to outright bullying and blackmail. Usually I still end up imagining the loli starting to enjoy her treatment though, even if she has no control over it.
My diaper fantasies have been infiltrated by theorizing about human behavior and the potential structures of society. Mostly centered around "what's the minimal amount of change society would need to go through in order for children to have free access to diapers within reason". Since I remember really wanting to wear diapers as a child.
(2.78 MB 2560x1440 92512875_p0.png)

(299.42 KB 1536x2048 E-SJVuzVcAAeFlg.jpeg)

(2.82 MB 2500x3500 92477805_p0.png)

(903.94 KB 1276x956 92296544_p0.jpg)

(2.52 MB 4032x3024 74815309_p0.jpg)

(2.52 MB 4032x3024 74815309_p1.jpg)

>pic has both lolis and shotas Now I'm conflicted on which thread 1st pic goes to. >>4515 Probably like most tbdl stories. Make them understand that there isn't anything wrong with wearing them, some more coaxing if there's any resistance and eventually seeing them have some enjoyment out of it.
>>4529 >1st pic The squatting loli is the focus of the image and there's more lolis than shotas, so you're in the right thread. >like most tbdl stories Aww, that's cute!
(506.29 KB 1024x1448 92622131_p0.jpg)

(543.78 KB 1024x1448 92622131_p1.jpg)

(26.17 KB 540x800 92622131_p2.jpg)

(498.57 KB 1024x1448 92622131_p3.jpg)

If someone translates these, I'll typeset them!
What type of little girls are the best in diapers? I have long liked JS girls, and JC girls after that, but lately I find that I might like toddlers the most. They are just adorable in their diapers, and have nice little chubby bellies, legs and faces. When paired with a nice thick diaper it’s just perfection. The most versatile fantasies I have are no doubt with JS girls though, since they can be a bit more independent
>>4575 Fuck my life, I forgot what those mean. I know that they're different japanese age groups based on schooling. Fuck my life.
>>4577 JS refers to ‘joshi shougakusei’ or elementary school girls. JC is ‘joshi chuugakusei’ or middle school girls. And for sake of completeness (although outside of the loli category) JK is ‘joshi koukousei’ or high-school girls.

(124.60 KB 1948x1297 E-2VU2_UcAUgLDW.jpg)

(121.54 KB 1948x1297 E-2VX-DVcAYrehM.jpg)

(128.53 KB 1948x1297 E-2VZNKVQAITBCT.jpg)

I played with transparency and overlaying to combine the best of the three images.
(3.49 MB 3000x3000 92478012_p0.png)

(4.44 MB 2894x4093 92588490_p0.jpg)

(5.09 MB 2894x4093 92607044_p0.jpg)

(4.34 MB 2894x4093 92649069_p0.jpg)

(3.44 MB 2894x4093 92669794_p0.jpg)

>>4583 And for full completeness there are also JY - joshi youchienji - kindergarten girls JD - joshi daigakusei - university/college girls
>>4604 >>4583 Oh! Thanks! Yeah! JS and JC, especially the upper end of JS and lower end of JC, those are nice!
>>4568 Image 1: <Ai went pee-pee, so please wipe my crotch~♥ >Ai-chan, even though you're in your last year of kindergarten you still wear diapers all the time and ask to be changed.♥ Literal translation: Ai-chan, you're a JY3-san* but still asking for help with your [favorite/habitually used] diapers Image 2: <Mou-! Ai asked you to wipe the pee-pee off but now there's white pee-pee all over me!! Uu~ it's all sticky >Sorry Ai-chan, you were spreading your pussy so I got excited and felt like cumming. Image 3: Omake (bonus or extra content) Image 4: <Ai likes it when you pyu white pee-pee onto her crotch♥ >So you like the feeling of gloopy semen squirting all over your crotch♥ I wasn't really sure how best to translate 股 (butt/crotch). I couldn't think of a good word which sounds childish and has the right meaning. In general I'm not the best at writing good English dialog, so feel free to adjust things as you see fit. *Kindergarten (JY) is generally divided into three years called 年少 (nenshou/junior), 年中 (nenchuu/middle) and 年長 (nenchou/senior). Generally kids turn 4 in nenshou, 5 in nenchuu, and 6 in nenchou. They turn 7 in their first year of elementary (JS). This girl is in nenchou so she's probably 5 or 6.
>>4604 JY-chad reporting in >>4606 Based, thanks for translating, anon. Hope to see this typeset soon, that would be awesome. While ‘crotch’ really doesn’t seem like a little girl word to me either, I am at a loss for any better translations
(270.00 KB 695x1045 0001.jpg)

(380.61 KB 1195x1449 0005.jpg)

(267.04 KB 1400x1051 0005.jpg)

(189.24 KB 1000x1060 0009.jpg)

(128.95 KB 1150x800 0047.jpg)

>>4575 As far as appearance goes I think on average the lower end of JS are the most attractive, although it depends on art style. A JY drawn by one artist can look almost the same as a JK by another artist. I've had a lot of fantasies about both the Lucky Star girls (16+yo JKs) and the Hanamaru Kindergarteners (4yo? JYs) so I'm quite flexible. The scenario and her personality are in many ways more important than her exact age. If a girl is too young to be embarrassed about walking around in public wearing just a messy diaper then she's not very interesting to me. I'll go for childish little-sister types almost regardless of age, although it helps if they're small and flat.
(1.57 MB 1024x1448 92622131_p1Translated.png)

(1.60 MB 1024x1448 92622131_p2Translated.png)

(38.09 KB 540x800 92622131_p3Translated.jpg)

(1.61 MB 1024x1448 92622131_p4Translated.png)

>>4606 Hello, anon who requested it! Thank you so much for the translation, here is my typeset! I hope it looks sufficient enough. For the 4th image, I took 'pyu' as a sound effect and took a bit of a more literal translation. I'm gonna make another post with alternates for 'crotch' for anyone who wants that instead.
(1.57 MB 1024x1448 92622131_p1TranslatedAlt1.png)

(456.01 KB 1024x1448 92622131_p1TranslatedAlt2.jpg)

(1.61 MB 1024x1448 92622131_p4TranslatedAlt1.png)

(1.61 MB 1024x1448 92622131_p4TranslatedAlt2.png)

>>4618 And here are the alts, using 'little kid friendly' names for crotch (that I found cute).
>>4619 >>4618 Very nice, I can now fap and read without trying to figure out kanji. ‘Kitty’ is a good term to use here. Very cutesy.
(880.04 KB 1276x1276 92656655_p0.jpg)

Shh, she's sleeping~
Since Boxtrot got banned from Furaffinity for drawing diapered lolis, can somebody please post a ZIP File containing all of his art (both human and furry) from his Pixiv account?: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/27472307
>>4634 Here's a translation of the second in case someone wants to typeset it Right bubble: >That was close... Left bubble: >I'm glad I wore a diaper just in case...
(2.91 MB 2894x4093 92044598_p0.jpg)

(2.26 MB 3600x2400 90647324_p0.png)

(2.27 MB 3600x2400 90647324_p1.png)

>>4634 Those first two are really cute. Do you know who the artist is, and if there are any more?
>>4643 Besides these >>>/abdl/4546 >>>/abdl/4633 they are the only diaper related stuff by the artist. Most of their works involve pee. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/105895/artworks
(71.21 KB 2161x2089 70451938_p0.png)

(223.39 KB 3689x2753 72486949_p0.png)

(366.63 KB 2236x4032 72571773_p1.png)

(99.95 KB 3202x2567 76181124_p1.png)

(577.14 KB 565x800 92323691_p0.png)

(129.88 KB 768x1024 92442035_p0.jpg)

(286.71 KB 1536x2048 92769590_p0.jpg)

The third image gives me some very perverted ideas about "pad training" a loli instead of normal potty training.
(3.49 MB 3000x3000 92478012_p0.png)

>>4667 >The third image gives me some very perverted ideas about "pad training" a loli instead of normal potty training. That is delightfully perverted, I love it. Just imagine her getting up from playing with her toys, and then going into the corner and squatting on her pee pad out in the open. Especially if she has little friends over. I'm going to have to fantasize on this one a bit..
Anyone know this artist and where I can find more of them?
>>4712 https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/115018 He does a lot of cute stuff, although most of it isn't really loli.
(309.28 KB 713x851 88782455_p0.png)

(110.14 KB 1075x720 1572216829257.jpg)

Anyone know the source of this art?
>>4773 This world needs more diapered loli yuri.
This artist knows exactly what makes a loli perfect, clothing, hair, diaper, etc. Always so happy to see his new art
(114.04 KB 866x922 61147903_p0.jpg)

I've started watching Gundam recently and Kikka really suits diapers. Plus they'd be pretty useful in a lot of situations. A 4 year old having a potty emergency while the artificial gravity was offline would not end well.
>>4848 Diapers seem to suit that character really well.
>>4848 >>4860 She doesn't change much as a teen.
>>4677 I've actually tried using a pee pad before (it was actually a bed wetting mat, but basically the same) and it's pretty fun. It's great if you're super into water sports, then you can roll around on it and feel all your warm piss.
>>4892 >then you can roll around on it and feel all your warm piss. Now just imagine a loli doing the same thing..
>>4848 >A 4 year old having a potty emergency while the artificial gravity was offline would not end well. I imagine in space colonies where there are sections without artificial gravity like a centrifuge, it would be common for kids to potty train at least a little later, and also stay in pull ups or something for a long time after potty training for "just in case" situations. An accident in 0-G would be too unpleasant to take any risks at all.
No visible diaper or anything, but I found it very exciting to imagine what sort of big thick diaper this little girl is almost surely wearing under that dress
>>4901 How much later? We talking something like into late teens?
>>4915 maybe not into late teens, at least not full blown pullups. Maybe slightly more padded underwear. at that age range. Pullups might be a thing as late as 8 to 12 maybe? I dont really know. Also, I wouldnt really imagine them needing to use them very often either, it would be a just in case sort of thing. They might go for cloth pullups with a waterproof backing or something.
>>4927 Considering the amount of child soldiers in Gundam I can only picture in headcanon that it would involve a lot of diapers if only to stop the shitting themselves in combat going out of control.
(787.43 KB 957x1276 93375797_p0.jpg)

>anon-kun... I n-need a d-diaper change... What do?
>>5201 Spank them for getting kidnapped by the ara patrol and turned into an anime loli
>>5204 Poor anons, they can't even change their diapers any more and are dependent on other anons for care!
>>5206 What they get for going out with strangers!
(458.11 KB 710x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(457.63 KB 710x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(450.77 KB 710x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(414.36 KB 710x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(465.73 KB 710x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.24 MB 2042x4351 93424267_p0.png)

>>5282 Not bad, tbh.
(2.71 MB 2550x3300 93425490_p0.jpg)

(1.85 MB 1480x2071 93415033_p0.png)

>>5282 Very nice.
(191.52 KB 1200x970 20210219_035726.jpg)

(429.48 KB 1950x2048 20210304_020644.jpg)

(1.59 MB 1597x2066 93502698_p1.jpg)

(1.49 MB 2313x2423 20210817_000404.jpg)

(1.53 MB 4000x4000 TrixieCandy.png)

A bunch of stuff from my collection. Toonbabifier and Hackeyslackey (despite merely coloring and cleaning up lineart) seem to do diaper lolis pretty well. Also loli diaper messing is underrated imo
(9.62 MB 1596x1579 loli diaper vr mess.png)

>>5600 >Also loli diaper messing is underrated imo Way way way too underrated honestly. I struggled to even find this one pic to attach to this post. It's a shame because it's one of my favorite things. I guess it is almost too niche. Little girls are already taboo, and little girls in diapers are even more taboo, and a little girl pooping in her diapers is even more taboo than any of these. Shame.
(1.06 MB 3562x3094 20210804_222347.jpg)

(53.28 KB 1057x1200 received_2397495017051727.webp)

(3.34 MB 4137x3980 77015512_p0.png)

(3.03 MB 2956x3814 87818164_p0.jpg)

(5.58 MB 4248x3400 No_Open_Windows_In_Space.jpg)

>>5601 I think the appeal for me is less of the taboo, and more of the "happy babied loli happily fills her pampers" scenario. There's a kind of cutesy, smug charm to it
>>5623 >I think the appeal for me is less of the taboo, and more of the "happy babied loli happily fills her pampers" scenario. 100% this. It has little to do with the taboo in my mind, really. It’s just genuinely cute, a little bit embarrassing for the loli, and shows how little and babyish she is. Pic related from the OP is the perfect encapsulation of why I like messy lolis so much.
>>5631 You know if you changed the hair color to blonde you could post that on /monarchy/ as a Grace comic.
>>5632 I’m going to have to get editing here soon in that case
>>5634 Good! The bullying of other boards must continue!
(177.53 KB 1920x1080 817_Gaming.gif)

(378.70 KB 1080x1920 687_Pretty_full.jpg)

(230.12 KB 1920x1080 735_Piggyback_ride.jpg)

(506.35 KB 1920x1080 736_Squat.jpg)

(561.73 KB 1920x1080 668_Toffee_remaster.jpg)

>>5631 Have some more from my collection. Side note, Sketchman has made a lot of messy/wet diaper lolis and no one seems to bat an eye. Regardless, I just love the smugness and casual nature of a diapered loli when she fills her britches to the brim and goes on like nothing happened. Sometimes, I fantasize babysitting these stinky lolis and even a scene where they wake me up from a nap through their heavy, bloated padding resting on ny face, kind of like what Nowi's oc did in a previous work.
>>5652 >Sometimes, I fantasize babysitting these stinky lolis and even a scene where they wake me up from a nap through their heavy, bloated padding resting on ny face Gosh, that would be wonderful. You're just blissfully sleeping, and then out of nowhere a loli starts plopping her bloated squishy diapers right on your face, filling your nose with the smells. Especially if she does it in a teasing or smug way - 'Haha, anon has a dirty diaper on his face! Ew!' One of my favorite fantasies in this area is watching a movie with a loli on my lap. She's diapered up and clean at the start of the movie, but before long she's just casually filling her diapers on my lap. I pat her on the head and tell her that we'll change after the movie, and we just keep watching together, me and a messy little loli.
(722.71 KB 1055x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.03 MB 751x1063 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5655 I just like infantile caracteristics, mostly feminine. It could be a loli, a grown woman or a femboy if they act like a child it's enough to me. There is some cute aura in this
(2.12 MB 1616x2692 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.13 MB 1616x2692 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5634 >>5632 I tried to do something, I'm not the same guy tho. I can give the layer that i've used as a png if you want. It's not that good but I can do an RGB diaper loli gif
>>5702 Pretty good anon.
(1.42 MB 1571x999 76886004_p1.png)

(169.86 KB 492x609 file (1).png)

(463.21 KB 4096x2731 20210101_013317.jpg)

(604.93 KB 1200x963 20201020_030836.jpg)

(691.96 KB 4096x3232 20201128_022218.jpg)

>>5655 Even better if the loli is a genius/prodigy who has a budding fascination with diapers and wants to be "babied" every now and then to release some stress...I believe Hackeyslackey and some other writer collaborated to write something like that in the form of Wren, his oc
(4.18 MB 1960x3038 91277768_p0.png)

(13.80 MB 4584x6215 93701688_p0.jpg)

>>5873 The thought of a loli who is very intelligent and academically gifted but has a major diaper fetish and wants nothing more than to be treated like a toddler at home is very erotic. It's even better if it's combined with a lot of consensual bondage and humiliation type play. At school she's the top of her class, but every day she can't wait to get home and be fed dinner in her high chair or be made to sit on her potty chair (fully clothed of course) and watch potty training videos.
>>5974 I think there was a few stories on Deviantart by I think Cowkites that had that sort of premise. I'll have to check. I remember one where also they made a robot that babied them.
(4.01 MB 2480x2771 93766783_p1.jpg)

(3.98 MB 2480x2771 93766783_p0.jpg)

>>6025 Sniping is a tough job! Got to sit still for a long time and stay dry! But still be able to stay mobile! That's why lolis use extra absorbent pullups!
>>6035 lolis who just wet/mess their pullups without a second thought are just so perfect...they refuse to be potty trained and yet, they claim to be a 'big kid'...
>>6025 M200 is not a loli! Just very petite.
>>6082 At some point you’re basically just a loli for classification purposes, no matter how much a girl might protest that she is just ‘petite’. It’s like pic related from Non Non Biyori, who is 14 years old, yet flat as a board, short and about as tall as the character in elementary school. Into diapers she goes.

(234.34 KB 1920x1080 284_Komari.jpg)

(329.48 KB 956x1187 77283112_p0.png)

(149.36 KB 601x900 80352592_p1.png)

>>6116 Koma-chan is just too cute for her own good. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was still a bedwetter.
(629.38 KB 1200x1600 88964546_p0.png)

(543.44 KB 1200x1600 88964546_p1.png)

>>6140 >135 cm tall >4.4 feet tall God, she's perfect. It's so obvious that she can't control her bladder, really. Natsumi and Hotaru undoubtedly have to change her diapers a lot! >>6081 They so desperately want to be seen as what they are not. It's adorable~
Edited last time by Diap on 10/30/2021 (Sat) 20:30:42.
>>6142 I think I've posted this edit before, but I might as well post it again while we're on the subject. Imagine Ren-chon being made to wear thick diapers whenever she goes out to play because has trouble taking her overalls off by herself and can't always hold it long enough to get home. Of course she'd find it embarrassing at first, but after a while she gets used to it and starts to enjoy being able to squat down and potty herself whenever she feels the urge. Koma-chan's overalls are really cute too, come to think of it. It's a shame we don't see her in them more often. Just imagine her and Ren-chon going out to play wearing matching outfits, even down to their crinkly underwear.
>>6143 She looks like she is wearing diapers already under those overalls.
>>6143 >Imagine Ren-chon being made to wear thick diapers whenever she goes out to play because has trouble taking her overalls off by herself and can't always hold it long enough to get home. Of course she'd find it embarrassing at first, but after a while she gets used to it and starts to enjoy being able to squat down and potty herself whenever she feels the urge. Just like >>6144 said, it's quite easy to imagine looking at the picture you posted. Her crotch already looks quite padded and thicker than one would expect, I can only imagine that she has a cute little diaper butt as well Also, imagining Ren-chon and Koma-chan going out diapered up in identical outfits is just too cute. No one would even be able to tell that Koma-chan is seven or eight years older than Ren-chon! I imagine that there would be lots of opportunities for adults to mistake her for a little girl again. I need to make some Ren-chon edits now!
(2.24 MB 2400x3200 diapered renchon.png)

(952.15 KB 900x1200 renge 2.png)

>>6144 Well, it is an edit. Actually, I really should make some more edits like that. It isn't too hard to take a screenshot and add something simple like a slight diaper bulge.
>>6149 Very subtle, but it adds so much.
Actually, some of these other screenshots I've got don't even need any editing. There's no way Ren-chon isn't wearing a diaper under her shorts here.
>>6151 I don't know what else that could be, honestly. Looks like a sopping wet pull-up if I've ever seen one! Tfw one of /ourguys/ got into the art department for Non Non Biyori
>>6151 >>6152 Lol that's probably just her fat ass
>>6153 Can a six year old be that thicc?
>>6151 Hahaha koma-chan and ren-chon definitely wear diapers.
(323.05 KB 1280x1210 renchon_overalls_edit_2.jpg)

You know, the more I think about it the more it seems plausible that Ren-chon could end up wearing diapers. 1) Her parents are basically never around so the one who looks after her most of the time is her older sister, Kazuho. Presumably Renge's parents wouldn't want their 6 year old in diapers, but Kazuho very lazy and irresponsible so it's not hard to imagine her buying a pack of pull-ups for Ren-chon to wear "just in case". 2) Ren-chon is at least quite a weird kid, if not a bit autistic. She wouldn't necessarily object to wearing diapers as strongly as a normal 6 year old would. She's also young enough to still have accidents from time to time, especially when she's out playing on her own. Together these seem like a perfect recipe for Ren-chon to start wearing pull-ups from time to time. At that point it's not much of a stretch to imagine her starting to use her pull-ups even on occasions when she could have made it to the bathroom in time. As she gets into the habit of using her pull-ups when she's out playing her bladder control starts to slowly decline so she becomes more dependent on them. As she gets more comfortable wearing and using pull-ups she doesn't always come home to get changed immediately which leads to leaks. The natural progression from there is thicker tape-type diapers, possibly even with a booster so she can play for hours without worrying about potty breaks or diaper changes.
And there was this revelation about Koma-chan in the most recent season of NNB.
(198.38 KB 725x1024 1635059956-be2hf0.jpg)

anyone know the source of this?
(66.88 KB 460x650 m02.jpg)

>>6213 From the art style I would guess it's by M2. I'm not sure of the best place to find most of his art though. Various websites seem to have small collections of his images, often in low quality.
>>6213 Art style looks similar to studiomia in which case that would be diapered trap https://hitomi.la/search.html?studiomia
(152.29 KB 725x1024 itsuwari_3_(16).jpg)

>>6213 It comes from "Fake Kindergartener" by Kaori (偽りの幼稚園児). A japanese story on a super old ABDL fansite which is surprisingly still updated with new stories from time to time. The art is from M2. The story itself is about a short college freshman who takes a part time job and ends up enrolled as a female kindergarten student. http://www.kit.hi-ho.ne.jp/aloerina/kaorine/stories/newsk/itsuwari_youchi_00.html
(8.52 MB 4961x7016 87654692_p0.jpg)

(807.42 KB 1280x1760 FDB6kgiaAAAHelh.jpeg)

(114.41 KB 724x1024 53326946_p3.jpg)

(341.15 KB 1754x1240 70378028_p0.png)

(138.49 KB 718x1200 82939185_p0.jpg)

(247.81 KB 369x696 D5r6tCtV4AAYtNh.png)

>>6256 Think you might need glasses anon.
(624.76 KB 1119x1059 1635602661989.png)

>>5974 Even better if she acts like a brat, constantly wetting and filling her diapers until she can barely walk, refusing to change. She will only settle for diaper layering, just so she can stay warm and grounded...
(1.25 MB 1481x2071 93843480_p0.png)

>>6295 D-did I post another male?
don't you have other different sites. where there are pics of lolis in diapers. because i already intenete with deviantart,pixiv,hitomi la,exhentai,baraag,gelbooru,danbooru,allthefallen and others that i know. but can you give me some different sources where there are pics of lolis in diapers. and similar like in this site.
>>6457 I use nozomi.la a lot
(3.32 MB 2894x4093 92889918_p0.jpg)

>>6457 Inkbunny is mostly furry but has a small amount of loli. There's also nijie.info which is smaller than pixiv and has no English language option but has a handful of good pictures which aren't on pixiv.
>>6246 Was this story ever translated in full, or do i have to do it myself if i want a copy of it?
>>6496 Lol no way. Either learn the moonrunes or try Google Translate... the story is nothing special IMO. There used to be some good moonrune stories with art on www.babylook.net but it all seems to be lost now that Sin updated his site to a blog and mostly moved to Pixiv / on with his life. A shame.
(833.96 KB 2000x1414 84748799_p0.png)

(425.41 KB 718x1000 91968886_p0.png)

(49.76 KB 706x1000 image1.jpg)

(108.79 KB 850x1000 image2.jpg)

(78.12 KB 834x1112 E_tbAT8VgAEYX49.jpeg)

>>6566 Wayback machine has most of the pages archived before the site changes removed the stories, pictures and flash games.
(132.76 KB 290x368 30756566_p0.png)

(114.36 KB 691x1155 30776250_p0.jpg)

(353.94 KB 650x900 85726891_p14.jpg)

(794.74 KB 650x1000 85726891_p15.jpg)

>>6570 Where did you find that 4th picture (of Chibi-Usa)?
(12.16 MB 2700x3541 87274583_p0_edit.jpg)

(1.58 MB 2480x3508 93623465_p0.jpg)

(1.61 MB 1200x1600 93558426_p0.png)

(1.73 MB 1200x1600 93558426_p1.png)

(85.07 KB 1000x1206 image0 (2).jpg)

>>6691 They were drawn by Godhandmar. Don't know where the person specifically got them from.
(1.37 MB 1552x1981 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.38 MB 1552x1981 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.35 MB 1552x1981 ClipboardImage.png)

Something cute about diaper changes
(7.22 MB 5197x7252 21_11_12_1.jpeg)

(5.84 MB 5197x7252 21_11_12_2.jpeg)

(4.96 MB 5197x7252 21_11_12_3.jpeg)

(6.32 MB 5197x7252 21_11_12_4.jpeg)

fellow diaper loli enthusiasts, anyone who can decipher moon runes?
>>6823 It's a bit long to put in a post so let's see if text attachments work.
>>6857 nice thanks anon, the dialogue adds lots!
(110.74 KB 1000x1400 93082567_p2.jpg)

(213.17 KB 1350x1295 92931277_p0.jpg)

(68.86 KB 739x1501 lynn gok diaper.jpg)

(153.99 KB 1350x1295 93030989_p0.jpg)

>>6460 well because what i am trying to look for pics of western loli diapers. like for example the loud house diapers loli pics. and others western characters
No better position for a cute little girl to be in
Anyone want to talk and fantasize about having a diapered loli?
>>7189 I want an alternate reality where children can wear diapers without shame, and have no trouble accessing them and other things that would help them enjoy themselves. I like images stylized to look like diaper ads aimed at little girls, because it perfectly conveys the feeling of such a reality.
>>7193 How about expanding that to a reality where everyone can wear diapers without shame? Maybe even become children again? When I posted before about having a diapered loli, I was thinking about a similar carefree world for that loli where she wouldn't have to worry about anything and I'd handle everything difficult for her. Children don't ask to be born and have to deal with a lot of difficult experiences. At 5 years old we're already expecting them to do and know so much. Shouldn't they be afforded more comforts in response to this? I blame selfish adults who only seek to gain from turning children into tiny adults. Let them be babies longer. Let their hearts be lighter for longer. Life is too dark and heavy already. Fuck, I'm depressed.
>>7197 I kind of just expect diapers to be something that people would get tired of wearing after a while if it was freely allowed. The littles would get tired of being littles as children, then grow up into the bigs who will baby the next generation.
>>7197 >I blame selfish adults who only seek to gain from turning children into tiny adults Offtopic: This is a problem in the real life too and creates pressure to children. Little girls must have adult clothes. Hobbies (sports) must aim at pro level. Smartphones which are very addictive for adults too, are nowdays given even to toddlers in strollers. It's sick
(3.90 MB 3600x3600 94371811_p0.png)

>>7193 I like to think about that kind one world too. Imagine if there was a much wider range of normal ages for potty training. A few kids master it by age 5, but wearing pull-ups is considered pretty normal until late elementary school and bedwetting isn't terribly unusual even among high school girls. In tandem with that, ABDL play is regarded as no more weird than any other kind of teenage sexual experimentation. Of course kids will feel embarrassed if they're behind their peers in potty training, especially if they're still wearing tape-fastening diapers to school and getting changed by the school nurse, but they would never be harshly bullied for it. Even some middle schoolers might choose to wear diapers for occasions like school trips when they know they might not have easy access to a toilet. For kids with ABDL tendencies there's really no pressure to rush things. It varies, but most parents wouldn't have a problem with a potty trained child asking to start wearing diapers again.
>>7211 It really is sick. Why can't children just be left to be children? >>7212 I'm all for keeping them in diapers through middle school and even high school. American media treats everyone under 18 like they're all the same anyway. That would lessen the pressure even more and let adults write off sexual experimentation as something natural that 'babies' do.
When using diapers as a tool of mental wellness, doctors recommend being diaper-dependent for at least 48 consecutive hours at a time. This timeframe ensures that several key events occur: -The patient is diapered after bathing or showering. -The patient goes to sleep diapered. -The patient wakes up diapered. -The patient goes to bed diapered in the same day they woke up diapered, with an uninterrupted period of diaper dependence in between. While a full 48 hours is not necessary for all of these events to occur, the extra time still contributes to an "acclimation" period, which is then followed by a more mentally relieving "stimulation" period. In the case of children, this standard time period also assists the people around the patient. Notifying friends and teachers about their diapered state is a stress that the patient only needs to experience once per session, so longer sessions are relatively less stressful. Young children will often try to cut sessions short, saying they don't want to wear diapers anymore, but parents are encouraged to persuade their child into staying diapered until the planned time period is over. If a child is taught that they can stop wearing anytime, their mind will be clouded with constant thoughts of "should I stop now? or now?"
(661.37 KB 1200x900 65729245_p0.jpg)

>>7217 I think the stories and scenarios I like most are ones where not everyone is in diapers. There needs to be some hierarchy and at least a little bit of potential for embarrassment to keep things interesting. That said, I also completely agree with >>7197
(227.92 KB 1280x720 pullups_leaf_0001.jpg)

I've been thinking about this some more and I really like the idea of a little girl being actively supported and encouraged to regress back to diapers by the people close to her. Even though it's very unusual for a girl her age to still be wearing diapers, nobody bullies or criticises her for being babyish. She's very aware that even some toddlers half her age are able to use the potty and don't have pacifiers clipped to their clothes, but the enjoyment she gets from being babied far outweighs the embarrassment. What I like about it is the interplay between the embarrassing naughtiness of a "big girl" who can't even use the potty, and the loving comfort of a family who completely and utterly accept her no matter how babyish she wants to be. I think it works best if she's in the 4-7 age range, but that might just be personal preference. It's not realistic, but it would be perfect if the whole thing got started in a very relaxed way too. Like she sees a pull-ups commercial on TV and just mentions that the designs look cute, then her parents offer to buy some for her to try wearing. When they give her the pack of pull-ups they reassure her that she won't get in trouble if she uses them and they even offer to get her old potty out for her to play with.
>>7251 This is a very comfy idea and I love it.
(96.65 KB 500x500 94500572_p0.jpg)

>>7251 This is so cute to imagine, honestly.
(755.99 KB 957x1276 94707615_p0.jpg)

Diapered lolis make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. They're adorable.
(530.59 KB 900x1200 94839637_p1_master1200.jpg)

(544.87 KB 900x1200 94839637_p0_master1200.jpg)

>ywn be a baby girl How do you cope?
>>7715 Define 'baby'. Physically or mentally?
>>7720 Physically is what I like to imagine the most. Mentally isn't very interesting to imagine, I can still have fun being little even with a developed brain and all of that. With a different body comes different expectations of behavior as well. I know it's impossible though, but I enjoy imagining it.
(3.40 MB 1316x1679 94911423_p0.png)

(3.50 MB 1316x1679 94911423_p3.png)

>>7715 I tend to oscillate between really wanting to have a cute diaper-loving loli to take care of and really wanting to be the loli.
>>7728 I know feel the same pulls. Both are very appealing in their own unique ways
>>7728 I think I'd prefer taking care of a diaper-loving loli just because little fantasies are severely oversaturated and stale compared to caretaker fantasies.
>>7731 you don't have to apply the roles of littles and caretaker rigidly...there are always areas that are never combined or explored.
>>7734 >>7731 Imagine playing with a diaper loving loli. She would want to diaper you and take care of you while she fails to act like an adult and goes in her diaper, making you take charge back.
(333.77 KB 849x1200 94995853_p0_master1200.jpg)

I'm hoping Santa will bring me a diaper loli tomorrow!
(150.27 KB 800x1024 8bb.jpeg)

(6.15 MB 2894x4093 94994757_p0.png)

(302.12 KB 1024x1024 67134161_p0.png)

>>7812 Only if you have been a good lolicon.
>>7813 I don’t know about you anons, but I have been on my best behavior this year as a lolicon. Hardly ever have I wasted seed on a girl with a chest developed past pettanko level!