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(19.01 KB 474x267 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.jpeg)
Is this fetish or its components infectious? Baby 06/15/2020 (Mon) 20:20:38 No. 344
It seems like if you just show someone who even might be on the far end of the edge away from this fetish, this can linger in their head for long periods of time before the right combination of events occur and suddenly it's thought about more than usually if it wasn't gradual already. Now that's not really based off anything, barely even observations either, but it seems like it given the recent attention and the way some people describe their introduction to this fetish (or sub fetishes of) on forums or reddit seems like they were thinking about this for a while (although not always explicitly saying it). Now some of these people may have had the alleged innateness with it that was just dormant and just awakened or it was just in the back in their heads and equally grew gradually over time. It's these people and the people that didn't have this fetish from an early age that are interesting (and more importantly the latter). I'm noticing a lot of young people get into this and maybe they've always been into it but just being vocal about it now (last 5-7 years or so). It seems like 1995-2001 and a little beyond are really vocal since they've just turned legal, but even years beyond it seems are showing more interest. I have a feeling the main attraction point for at least the diapers for most people other than people who think of early childhood when they wear diapers is the feeling, softness, the smell and feel when messing and/or the warmth and smell and feel of piss if they got that far and curious enough. Some of the body fluids appear to scare people off, but it's hard to tell if they just post that because they repress those emotions because they think it's going too far or they know at least in the back of their head the amount of time and money they would need to invest, and/or they are scared of revealing that raw feeling because of the ramifications of being a true degenerate or being truthful of themselves or other. If they stop and don't want to go back to bodily fluids let alone diapers this may still linger in their head and the feeling would be stuck with them forever if the right feelings and emotions come up as well as the right images and comprehension. At least for a long time if those feelings and new images to comprehend to remember don't come up. If that smell and feeling of bodily fluids and dormant thought is true, that it is what pushes over those who get there and can tolerate it as well as get into the minds who cared enough to try it regardless, could there be an underlying reason for this? Could there be a parasite of some kind that brings someone closer to shitting or pissing themselves because of the smell or feeling? Something with similar results to Asperger's/autism regarding this? Could it be that this latest generation is more susceptible to whatever it could be than previous or maybe even generations older than that (most likely older if in the event there is)? Mass proliferation of degeneration and substitute is among us and I feel there's more than being relatively upper class/privileged, young and naive, abused, autistic, and mere childhood memories to this. Maybe circumcision plays a bigger role (at least to some degree, but not too much. I'm seeing lots of females get into this as well). Or maybe it's just natural and humanity is doomed to like some part of this fetish if they are introduced some part of it. Or maybe they're so dull they like getting messy with food and eat with hands for the fun of it or being slobish without any thought regarding fetish or attraction and it makes them feel good to let loose and relax and not clean because nobody is telling them they can't and it feels good and/or "funny" and could unknowingly get into components of this fetish due to those allowances without knowledge of the fetish itself with knowledge of it following naturally highly concentrated cause and effect chains do and/or allow. I'd like to hear thoughts regarding this. To me, regardless of the good they do, all seem like worms eating shit to me when it comes to day to day averageness and the living pre-school everyone's in due to the invisible paths they are set upon and the inevitable domestic protectionism encroaching every year. Mass degeneration is a fetish of mine and abdl and components seems like the inevitable final frontier if attempting to manipulate people getting closer to that degeneration goal. I don't give a shit how repressed my own feelings for not losing control and being submissive and actually participating in the fetish instead of voyeuristic desires, I want to watch the worms writhe in their unknowing daycare development infrastructure, equally embellish it and the carelessness they see fit to thrive while still not knowing they are doing it, and watch them from a distance and manipulate them all the way like the fucking jew I am.
>I don't give a shit how repressed my own feelings for not losing control and being submissive and actually participating in the fetish instead of voyeuristic desires Correction: I don't give a shit how repressed my own feelings are for losing control and being submissive and actually participating in the fetish. The voyeurism makes me feel superior and I will see to maintain it and not fall prey to full degeneration for which I have slipped up to previously. i like sitting in my shit and feeling the hard bits when it smears all over my ass and balls cuz it feels gud and i like the smell of containerized/segmented shit from the rest of the body as well as moistened material in that same containerized/segmented area due to piss and the smell from that and the fucking squishing and mud squishing. Boy I am a fucking worm and I live for this shit, better exact my attraction to everyone else so I get the upper hand and think I'm better than everyone so I don't fucking keep on thinking about how average I am and often less and thus stupid. ffs
>It's these people and the people that didn't have this fetish from an early age that are interesting It was weird to find out this was unusual. I never remember wearing diapers and had zero interest in them before I randomly stumbled across an ABDL video on Youtube one day. At the very most I had some childish habits like sleeping with stuffed animals and drinking from a sippy cup far beyond the accepted age
>It seems like if you just show someone who even might be on the far end of the edge away from this fetish, this can linger in their head for long periods of time before the right combination of events occur and suddenly it's thought about more than usually if it wasn't gradual already. I think pretty much every fetish is going to form like that for the people that have it. I don't think there's anything special about diapers in particular. It just feels like the obsession with diapers is inevitable because that's how it is for you.
(444.39 KB 2000x1352 77732758_p0.jpg)
In a word, no. There are plenty of examples of memetic viruses which can spread like that, but fetishes aren't one of them. Someone who's already into humiliation play might gradually become aware that ABDL scratches the same itch, but that's not the same as acquiring a new fetish. It sounds like you're trying to construct some grand decline-of-humanity narrative around an obscure and utterly inconsequential fetish.
I probably wouldn't have ever gotten into this fetish if I didn't stumble on ABDL shit on the internet in my early teens. So OP might be onto something. I know there was a proper study done on infantilism way back when but I haven't heard of anything since then.
>>351 >>354 Please name me a fetish as sensual and indulgent as this one (yes all fetishes are indulgent, but I would say it is more accessible to an individual to practice this one (or components of) due to giving more opportunity for indulgence and indulgence without sharing it with another presence). But yes, other fetishes can develop from childhood or come later in life with the right order of stimulus (not saying small possibilities, there could be 1000s, still needs to be in a right order for any of them to get somewhere even if they overlap). But if that's the case, especially for later in life, there must be a way to carefully manipulate towards a component of this fetish.
There are lots of different reasons. I think kids now wear later and later; in the UK there's been tremendous debate in the media, because now kids have started to enter school (which is about 5 or 6) and still have to wear out of need. There's been a broader social shift in the West to infantilise kids, as it makes them easier to deal with in a school environment, and diaper companies have been normalising diapers at older and older ages (interestingly, Goodnites are sold in the baby aisle, next to the baby diapers, even though it's for 8-15 year olds; whereas beyond that the diapers are now called "continence pads" or some other euphemism and are tucked in the health aisle; medical issue now, no longer "normal childhood/babyhood"). Enuresis is no longer considered a moral failure of the child (as it was in the 1980s), or a medical issue (as it was in the 1990s); since the 2000s it's now seen as 'normal', as natural and not to be repressed or punished; the child shouldn't be humiliated or even made to feel it's unusual. Given that lots of kids were mistreated and punished for an issue which is, after all, not in their control, I can see how this would be a positive move. However, the research shows that enuresis which continues into late childhood/adolescence predicts incontinence issues later in life, which manifests itself as a "small bladder" at first (one has to piss a lot) and later on becomes uncontrollable leaks. The research also seems to show that kids who are ashamed of enuresis and whose parents shame them have poor outcomes; on the other hand, kids who see enuresis as "normal" and whose parents think the same also have bad outcomes, which continues on until, like a brick wall, adolescence forces them to see a doctor because it's realised that enuresis is a real barrier to romantic/sexual relationships. (FYI, the best outcomes are where the parent and child see it as a fixable medical issue, like a broken arm: not an issue to be ashamed of, but not an issue which should be left untreated.) What I mean, to circle back to the topic, is that fetishes are constructed based on our experiences often when we were "pre-sexual"; I can recall when I was 8 or 9 I liked to wear, but it didn't turn me on at all (I had no idea of sexual arousal), it made me feel warm and relaxed and that was all. Given that the penis/vulva is the focus of sex, but also of enuresis, I think it could be the case the two become interlinked somehow. You could extend it further and explain the desire to be treated like an infant, or the desire to mess, as a sublimation of internal feelings of shame or inadequacy. There have been a few PhDs done on AB/DL tendencies, someone who has access to academic papers should download them for us. (Sorry if this is incomprehensible, English is not my mother language.)
>>367 >There have been a few PhDs done on AB/DL tendencies, someone who has access to academic papers should download them for us. I’ll look tomorrow and see what I can find
>>369 Cool. If I ever enter medicine/psychiatry I'm thinking I'll write something about us AB/DLs because I (both personally and intellectually) want to understand why we are the way we are. I'm not ashamed by any means, but I am curious as to how people exactly turn out this way. And whether it differs between men and women
No you have this fetish because you were raised badly and were lonely as a child t. armchair psychologist
>>358 >Please name me a fetish as sensual and indulgent as this one (yes all fetishes are indulgent, but I would say it is more accessible to an individual to practice this one (or components of) due to giving more opportunity for indulgence and indulgence without sharing it with another presence). To be clear, when I said "I don't think there's anything special about diapers in particular" I meant in terms of the idea I quoted and responded to. I think all fetishes are going to grow the same sort of way for the people that eventually get them, where they're exposed to it and they don't understand it or necessarily even find it sexual, and it lingers in their mind for potentially years and years before it grows into a fetish for them. I imagine people that end up an inflation fetish look back and think "so THAT'S why I always remembered Violet turning into a blueberry so vividly". It's the same shit. There may well be unique things about this fetish. I just don't think the way exposure to it can sort of plant a seed is one of them. Like, I can't personally think of any other fetish where people seem to have arrived at this fixation for such a wide variety of reasons that easily can but don't necessarily overlap. >ageplay aspect of it >bondage-like aspect of it >humiliation aspect of it >loss of control / dependency aspect of it >finding it comfortable and calming >just enjoying the feeling of diapers >enjoying pee and scat Are there others like this? Or is it maybe a consequence of ABDL being sort of an umbrella term for a bunch of closely related fetishes more than it is one specific fetish?
>>383 >ageplay aspect of it >bondage-like aspect of it >humiliation aspect of it >loss of control / dependency aspect of it >finding it comfortable and calming >just enjoying the feeling of diapers >enjoying pee and scat I like all of these aspects, what does that make me?
>>371 I looked on JSTOR yesterday and suprisingly did not find anything particularly relevant. I looked under various terms too such as “ABDL”, “diaper fetish”, “diaper fetishism” and the like. I’ll look a bit more elsewhere and maybe try some other terms here soon.
>>385 I am the same, but I don't think I got all of these interests simultaneously. I had a core few (humiliation, scat and pee, the loss of control / dependency aspect) and picked up a lot of the others as I started getting more into diapers.
>>383 >>391 That's what I was getting at in the initial post. I don't think I was very clear about it, though. But, the idea is if there is a way to get interest in the components of the fetish (and would be easier due to it being more focused) and then naturally people would find their way to other components of the fetish and hopefully over time come over here. If AB/DL is an umbrella, then I'd hate to say it like the fags at reddit do, but it would be something like a spectrum. If that's the case then there would need to be a way to see all components that fit in there, a way to measure how many components are picked up over time, and a way to measure how alike their interests are relative to the AB/DL umbrella. The final value may not be as important for manipulation, but may help in gauging those who identify and help in further studies to see how AB/DL as a whole aggregation of fetishes/interests can instigate manipulation, although as of now it seems dubious how a measure of manipulation via whole aggregation can be ascertained. If there was an experiment to at least demonstrate subfetishes/interests that move into the AB/DL umbrella, and then to contrast those results with a control that consists of people who are into other fetishes and do other experiments like this for other fetishes that have umbrellas of subfetishes/interests, it at least would show something is up. Although, it could be the nature of the internet that encourages this rather than the fetish itself. Regardless how inconclusive it might be, if results show to be within those expected results then it would show there is a way to influence given it happens without a manipulator (yes, in the "natural process" there could still be manipulation or influence, but I'm referring to an instigation/influence/manipulation outside of that system which is subsequently introduced for the fetish manipulation).
>>393 *... as a whole aggregation of fetishes/interests can instigate or be used as manipulation
>>393 **If the experiments show that there is no relative difference between how subfetishes/interests (also speed is important forgot to add that) are attained under these umbrella fetishes, it would suck that AB/DL and components isn't special due similarities of attainment under BDSM, but it would at least more clearly show that there is a way (albeit the results depending on collection method may not show exactly the way (they can with careful planning and collection though)) to get people into long-term fetishes you want them to.
>>395 *careful collection and planning to show trends and allow other data to be extracted.
>>389 Try looking for more broad terms that describe what it could be for fetishes in general rather than just AB/DL or components. Stuff like fetish retention, fetish sub communities, fetish markov chain (or process), fetish emergence in adulthood, etc... If there is something mainstream like bondage, try searching regarding that.
I do believe there is something slightly infectious or "memetic" about ABDL, although I can't put my finger on why that might be. Anecdotally, I know that both I and my sister, as well my cousin are all into ABDL/ageplay and given the rarity of the fetish the chances of it being random have to be something like 1/1,000,000, so it must be the case you can 'transmit' it somehow? I guess it's nice to not feel like such a weirdo given I'm not the only one in my family, but I wonder what happened to us to make us this way
>>437 If you don't mind, could you tell how you found out about your sister and your cousin having the fetish/subfetish?
>>443 Seconding this. I love a good story
>>389 Its psychological term is "Paraphilic infantilism". Or a paraphilia of infantilism. >>437 I recall hearing there's a genetic predisposition to developing fetishes.
And sure you meant "how do you manipulate people into getting the fetish", but the question "is the fetish growing in popularity" is a really interesting topic. I, too, get the feeling it's been growing in numbers the last few years. So it would be interesting to see if that's real or evidence if it might be real. I wonder how hard it'd be to come by market data on adult diaper sales, or specifically abdl diaper or accessory sales. Though there's a number of issues with that metric, it's better than a gut feeling from subjective exposure to things.
>>437 I know my sibling is also into it. Anyone else know they are not the only one in their family who is into abdl?
>>1761 How did you find out?
I can’t imagine it happening like that other than being a fad or the person trying to make their partner happy(women do this often). I just can’t imagine getting into this fetish without having it with you from the beginning. As far as I am concerned, I always wanted to be back in diapers. It has always just been a part of me.
It's obviously something that can run in families because, well, same parents and same genes means siblings are likely to both have the psychological factors that predispose you to liking diapers (slightly OCD personality, anxious/neurotic), and the childhood experiences that start off this fetish (being trained too late, too slowly, being treated a certain way for bedwetting, etc). I know what my cousin is an ABDL as well--she just came out and told me, I didn't ask but already sort of knew--but I'm too nervous to admit I am one too. But I wonder how common this is? Someone should study this because I find the basis for fetishes really fascinating
>>389 Try Paraphilic infantilism.
>>1915 Tell her so you both can have a sleep over and hang out in your dips.
I think it's possible? Probably just depends on the person. I've gotten every girlfriend I've ever been with in them, and know for a fact at least one of my ex's is still into ddlg shit because of a story a close friend told me. My current gf was a little before we were even together and I got her into padding and she's loved it for a long time. Also, one of my best friends came out to me as a DL last year. He already knew I was one and he'd occasionally poke fun at me for it in private and one day I guess told him about ABUniverse and he just impulse bought some one night and fell in love. That's my 2 cents on the subject.
>>1918 >I've gotten every girlfriend I've ever been with in them How?
>>1919 Your guess is honestly as good as mine. Part of it is luck and another part of it is probably how I went about telling them about ABDL and its components? Idk I just made it clear it was something I was into and if they weren't I would keep it far away from them, but always made it apparent I'd find them really hot all padded up.
I don't know about it being passed on but when I was like four, my gran was diapering up my baby cousin and I asked her if I could try one on and she gave it to me no questions asked. Think that this is how I got started. Was only when the internet became a thing that I found out I was not the only degenerate into this shit. I have gotten 2 gf's padded but the second gf (later wife) wasn't too interested in being in them, more into keeping me padded which is nice all things considered.
>>1915 my brother is an abdl, but neither of us have ever said anything to the other. You should really consider telling your cousin, depending on what sort of relationship you have (not like a RELATIONSHIP relationship, I mean like how close are you? do you talk, or is it more of a "see them at holidays" deal). I would never tell my brother I am an abdl, even though he knows and I know he is, and he knows I know etc, etc, just neither of us have directly said anything. If he openly said he is, I would probably say I was too though.
For me I know I always had this fetish. I was potty trained by age 2 and never wet the bed but I was a prolific diaper thief. I actually became known for it and my mom would regularly find diapers I hid in my room. Eventually I just couldn't get diapers anymore because my cousins were potty trained. (That lasted a while youngest cousin was 4 when he got out of diapers). I always tried to find diapers to steal but I was unsuccessful. By the time I was in middle School I just couldn't find diapers that fit me. When I was a junior in high school i saved up some money, bit the bullet and bought some diapers online and started enjoying myself again. I don't know anyone who just had diaper fetishes out of nowhere, there's always a story of how they stole diapers or fondly remembered wearing them
>>1924 That's an interesting point. It always seems like people have either always had it or don't. I think maybe I've heard of people discovering it later on? But those stories seem pretty rare if I'm even remembering them right. But I have heard stories of people getting others into it.
>>1922 She and I are good friends, like brother and sister. Will take some courage to admit to her I'm ABDL, if I do

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