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Family thread Baby 07/13/2020 (Mon) 11:59:59 No. 541
Brothers, sisters ,parents anyone
(2.78 MB 3071x4344 diaper change.jpg)
(61.63 KB 800x600 carry.jpg)
(128.56 KB 848x1199 big sister and little sister.jpg)
(914.25 KB 2894x4093 with mom.jpg)
(149.36 KB 1024x577 1481827589077.jpg)
(631.96 KB 1280x720 1551027001508.png)
(87.33 KB 587x461 1258492011721.jpg)
(83.32 KB 597x605 1385297311913.jpg)
(1.00 MB 2058x2001 file.png)
(656.31 KB 2480x2650 spank 2.jpg)
(88.15 KB 886x902 potty.jpg)
(102.39 KB 800x800 pacifier.jpg)
(154.93 KB 1200x1200 1570168372137.jpg)
(263.19 KB 2074x1000 1570174495407.jpg)
(107.72 KB 1000x950 1570175444954.jpg)
Said if before but I'll say it again. Something about a clearly older sibling being in diapers when their younger one isn't is so great.
(949.29 KB 1600x1600 tea_time_by_theowlcan-dac0zll.png)
>>648 Good taste, I’m a huge fan of any sort of older girl being diapered by a younger girl, especially if they’re sisters. I just wish there was more content of that kind.
(1.74 MB 3572x4999 83342620_p0.jpg)
(3.42 MB 5000x5000 83342620_p1.jpg)
(3.43 MB 5000x5000 83342620_p2.jpg)
(76.88 KB 478x599 The_First_Steps_1889.jpg)
(729.83 KB 1200x910 84653212_p0_master1200.jpg)
(139.27 KB 700x652 57393835_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>2251 This is perfection in drawn form. Funny enough one of the main reasons I always love age regression is that while there is a huge layer of humiliation and resistance for it in story and rp (which is quite fun) most of them just end up with someone truly caring for you in the end after you accept that you are just a baby after all or so.
>>2255 I looked up the artist of the second image and I love the guy. His art is super cute, and although some of them have diapers or other related stuff, its clearly not the focus, its not fetishy in the least. Just adorable innocent artwork with no strings attached. Not that I dont like fetishy stuff too, but I also like this sort of stuff as well.
>>2280 Yeah I love this person's art. Point of the pics I posted were to try and just be innocent artwork tbh.

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