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Full of the works made by sir-dancalot Sir-Dancalot 10/19/2021 (Tue) 05:29:49 No. 5500
Today is a day to restore this legacy
(53.67 KB 265x208 333875594063211.png)

My name is gamatoto I will post here everyday.
Looks like your archive could use some help!
>>5542 Thanks teammate
(149.45 KB 1200x800 file.jpg)

More for the team!
(194.19 KB 2048x1232 EY5npuoWAAYokG5.jpeg)

(340.36 KB 2048x1947 EQ8xxt2WoAA_7EC.jpeg)

(339.48 KB 2048x1947 EQ8xw51WsAEOAra.jpeg)

(411.75 KB 1771x2048 EEsHjLEXsAMDvI3.jpeg)

(397.31 KB 1771x2048 EEsHiTXWwAMRbCi.jpeg)

(1.43 MB 1280x1194 unknown-6.png)

(325.28 KB 2048x1762 EU3UYNfWAAAj9_b.jpeg)

(179.96 KB 1824x2048 EU3UYNcXgAEqFhU.jpeg)

(277.06 KB 1913x2004 DWqTca1XUAA3UoM.jpeg)

(274.98 KB 1913x2004 DWqS2u5W0AAlDpJ.jpeg)

(225.94 KB 1872x1906 C0Vd0eGXgAANQpn.jpeg)

(188.79 KB 2114x2436 DdBG68hXkAINyLp.jpeg)

(124.28 KB 1576x1666 C3YpgwEWEAAPlOA.jpeg)

(2.64 MB 5680x5408 1635026134909.png)

(3.63 MB 3168x3098 EaWWAkiXgAEKEsI.png)

(1.70 MB 1690x1720 DL_Ce4EVwAAd9sz.png)

(1.34 MB 4096x2861 ERvZ4rhWkAEg1r9.png)

(1.01 MB 2130x4096 EvMpiHDVoAE5SEq.jpeg)

(1.05 MB 4000x4000 EvMplx8UUAAOkAE.jpeg)

(927.94 KB 2196x4096 EvMp70SVgAE9w8p.jpeg)

(919.95 KB 2077x4096 EvMp9HJUYAMDd34.jpeg)

(942.58 KB 4096x2962 EvMqC6zVkAIzVmd.jpeg)

(415.84 KB 1890x2184 EJrCS2jX0AAZGJc.jpeg)

(381.67 KB 1890x2184 EJrCS2PXkAYmQbL.jpeg)

(408.79 KB 1890x2184 EJrCRjHW4AgEFUr.jpeg)

(356.04 KB 1890x2184 EJrCRi7W4AMFP22.jpeg)

(382.41 KB 1890x2184 EJrCRjAWoAI6q5s.jpeg)

>>5920 FA?
(2.00 MB 3528x2541 p-4.png)

(1.09 MB 2048x1475 dancie_3.png)

(1.10 MB 2048x1475 dancie_4.png)

(1.25 MB 2048x1475 dancie_6-1.png)

(474.86 KB 2048x1666 dancalot_tails.jpg)

>>6254 Is this FA? Or personal commission?
(5.59 MB 3000x3000 Dancalot_Miku.png)

>>6257 I forget where I even got it
It's No Nut November
(4.54 MB 4096x3312 Dh3kTaFUcAAB8V5.png)

>>6257 I guess it was a commission, also I guess I can test to see if I can link to source here: twitter.com/Baby_Bat_Boy/status/824267985531633666
(2.27 MB 2048x1091 ETBZlB-WoAEDBaV.png)

>>6257 >>6325 Looks like I can, for now at least, should come in handy when looking for twitter sources, also someone colored that Halloween pic.
(67.26 KB 1280x1075 DhjZYRFW0AIjsSl.jpg)

(55.22 KB 1280x801 DhjZWxAW0AAm5rF.jpg)

(69.16 KB 1280x1228 DhjZVMUWAAAh2_9.jpg)

(43.68 KB 1280x1166 DhjZRIiW0AEqvHz.jpg)

(152.46 KB 1280x1756 D_3JkKxXkAA6th4.jpg)

>>6326 Ey dats pretty good These are ones from CalimariP's Twitter
(1.67 MB 5000x4000 commnazoc 23 censor 1.png)

(1.66 MB 5000x4000 commnazoc 23 censor 2.png)

(3.22 MB 5000x4000 commnazoc 23 censor 3.png)

(3.18 MB 5000x4000 commnazoc 23 censor 4.png)

(501.51 KB 1989x1752 Untitled423_20210829223449.png)

(419.08 KB 1989x1752 Untitled423_20210829221643.png)

(581.67 KB 1989x1752 Untitled423_20210829224610.png)

(715.29 KB 1989x1752 Untitled423_20210829225205.png)

>>6352 That Person did a Remake of that
(2.26 MB 2655x2007 EXIQVT6UYAAIkQW.png)

(2.58 MB 2655x2007 EXIQVT6UYAAIkQW2.png)

(2.14 MB 2655x2007 EXIQVT6UYAAIkQW3.png)

(1.30 MB 2019x4884 file (1).png)

>>6402 Ugh! A nigger
No rasism here
Super Padded Princess Pranks
>>6437 #BlackDiapeysMatter
>>6437 Nigger lover
(5.90 MB 3412x2696 EDKXojUXkAA3luv.png)

(6.02 MB 3412x2696 EDKXojUXkAA3luv2.png)

(6.10 MB 3412x2696 EDKXojUXkAA3luv3.png)

(5.83 MB 3412x2696 EDKXojUXkAA3luv4.png)

(3.03 MB 3232x3308 EQCMGOGX4AEE9a2.png)

(3.37 MB 3232x3308 EQCMGOGX4AEE9a23.png)

(3.94 MB 3232x3308 EQCMGOGX4AEE9a24.png)

(3.56 MB 3232x3308 EQCMGOGX4AEE9a25.png)

(5.91 MB 4000x3592 ETf1mWDWkAINBJZ.png)

(6.09 MB 4000x3592 ETf1mWDWkAINBJZ2.png)

(6.05 MB 4000x3592 ETf1mWDWkAINBJZ3.png)

(3.76 MB 3452x3032 EXHvSHlWoAAY1vN.png)

(3.81 MB 3452x3032 EXHvSHlWoAAY1vN2.png)

(4.08 MB 3452x3032 EXHvSHlWoAAY1vN3.png)

(3.81 MB 3452x3032 EXHvSHlWoAAY1vN4.png)

>>5608 >>6871 Hey, you already uploaded those pics.
(2.98 MB 1635x2000 C3BTakyUAAA4EPi2.png)

(2.61 MB 1635x2000 C3BTYycUoAE8clC.png)

(4.01 MB 3841x4096 DUgBSWqXkAE0CrW.png)

(3.99 MB 2935x3727 EZejS6iU0AACPx9.png)

(1.86 MB 4000x4000 EffMT9eWoAIBqMQ.png)

(2.48 MB 4000x4000 EffMT9eWoAIBqMQ2.png)

(2.68 MB 4000x4000 EffMT9eWoAIBqMQ3.png)

(3.26 MB 4000x4000 EffMT9eWoAIBqMQ4.png)

I forgot where I got this, but I think it was a twitter account before it got protected.
(2.33 MB 4000x4000 EffNS9tXYAEr8jH.png)

(3.22 MB 4000x4000 EffNS9tXYAEr8jH2.png)

(3.14 MB 4000x4000 EffNS9tXYAEr8jH3.png)

(3.22 MB 4000x4000 EffNS9tXYAEr8jH4.png)

(2.99 MB 4000x4000 EffNYKsXoAI_wwN2.png)

(2.79 MB 4000x4000 EffNYKsXoAI_wwN3.png)

(2.70 MB 4000x4000 EffNYKsXoAI_wwN4.png)

Julie Bruin's ABDL Photo-Shoot (Part 2)/ABDL Julie Bruin X ABDL Fifi La Fume
Mirage's Hidden Secret (Part 1) (BTW In case you don't know what cartoon she is from, she's from the Disney Afternoon version of Aladdin)
(904.92 KB 3947x4096 EflpjbzX0AIgY9g.png)

(1.25 MB 3947x4096 EflpjbzX0AIgY9g2.png)

(1.64 MB 3947x4096 EflpjbzX0AIgY9g3.png)

(1.86 MB 3947x4096 EflpjbzX0AIgY9g4.png)

The last of what I can find for now, I hope I come across more that's not already on FA.
(603.15 KB 800x719 unknown-6.png)

(1.78 MB 2416x2860 ETWCzYfWkAYsYKk.png)

(2.16 MB 2416x2860 ETWCzYfWkAYsYKk2.png)

(2.23 MB 2416x2860 ETWCzYfWkAYsYKk3.png)

(2.22 MB 2416x2860 ETWCzYfWkAYsYKk4.png)

(4.19 MB 3921x3182 ERA6IMvUYAEEJK-.png)

(4.78 MB 3921x3182 ERA6IMvUYAEEJK-2.png)

(4.58 MB 3921x3182 ERA6IMvUYAEEJK-3.png)

(4.43 MB 3921x3182 ERA6IMvUYAEEJK-4.png)

>>5555 >>7505 Mr. Gamatoto, I appreciate the art findings, why do you post the same pictures from earlier in the thread? >>6333 >>7254 Sometimes in the same order like these; is there something wrong?
>>7511 Sorry, I mostly get backtracked of which ones got posted or not. It gets really confusing over time
Clean colored edits
(3.29 MB 3108x2988 EQCMy8HWoAAcok6.png)

(3.69 MB 3108x2988 EQCMy8HWoAAcok62.png)

(4.11 MB 3108x2988 EQCMy8HWoAAcok64.png)

(3.81 MB 3108x2988 EQCMy8YXUAA5rW63.png)

>>7544 I would usually skim through the thread just to make sure it's not a repost, but it can get pretty lengthy over time. >>7562 Nice edits, I also try to find whatever I can that's not already uploaded to Furaffinity because I find that they tend to stay there a lot longer than Twitter posts
I do hope that dancalot returns someday
(429.19 KB 2295x2073 EI2KIvMW4AAfNz3.jpeg)

(443.18 KB 2295x2073 EI2KIu4XkAEd5WU.jpeg)

If I recalled there was some that are from the artist Shima Pad has gotten
(1.66 MB 2136x1914 EWpl4TJWsAEsJWj.png)

(1.83 MB 2136x1914 EWpl4TJWsAEsJWj2.png)

>>7575 Hmm, thanks for the tip. I'll see what I can find, I don't have a twitter account, so I'm kind of using the best tools I can without actually having to make one.
>>7580 actually some of my fellow crewmates found some that was lost for a bit
(1.52 MB 2000x2000 kayla_by_sir-dancalot.png)

(2.47 MB 2202x2570 kaylas_subway_ride_1-2.png)

(2.54 MB 2202x2570 kaylas_subway_ride_2-2.png)

(872.83 KB 2226x2346 Dancalot_Tree_Trunk.png)

(3.00 MB 3480x5584 super_kim_and_val.png)

(1.30 MB 1863x2172 Dancalot_Maple_1-2.png)

(1.74 MB 1863x2172 Dancalot_Maple_2-2.png)

(1013.15 KB 3811x3247 RIP_denim_cutoffs_by_sir-dancalot.png)

(439.71 KB 3230x1917 CtfoiO4UsAA4X4a.jpeg)

(438.88 KB 3230x1917 Ctfog-mVUAE_IL-.jpeg)

(438.91 KB 3230x1917 CtfogjEUAAERQ7-.jpeg)

(438.21 KB 3230x1917 CtfofPJVUAAsqXi.jpeg)

(1.82 MB 2048x2000 ER0mv0pXkAYGkJA.png)

(550.67 KB 786x768 ER0mv0pXkAYGkJA2.png)

(570.97 KB 786x768 ER0mv0pXkAYGkJA3.png)

(584.60 KB 786x768 ER0mv0pXkAYGkJA4.png)

>>7582 >>7583 >>7584 >>7605 That's real Nice, thanks for sharing. Maybe your crewmates know where to find the full resolution of these.
>>7616 Well I need a twitter link to the images since these are from twitter, because of the image file names
>>7619 Can you not?
>>7620 Here you go, good luck! twitter.com/CrinkleNoises/status/1233184501892878339
>>7616 Okay so I got some good news and bad news... Good news, we found the person who commissioned this, thanks to you Bad news, the 3 alts are in this compressed state and unknown about there being a HQ version i'm
(425.65 KB 1484x915 ETbNNWmXgAEwSYf.png)

(606.98 KB 1200x1415 ETbNOFIWAAIvNcA.png)

>>7718 Oh hey, I saw this status the other day. I could post the other two but I guess that suffices. >>7670 Hey, it still means a lot that you tried. I guess the person that uploaded it probably didn't share it correctly. Thanks anyways! https://twitter.com/Max232310/status/1240404403519213569
(440.20 KB 1408x1064 ETbQQ7yWsAAVulx.png)

(690.56 KB 1620x1268 ETbQR_aXgAMjlwV.png)

(667.87 KB 1530x1118 ETbQS8fXgAEk4wS.png)

(695.73 KB 2048x1348 ETbQUvBWsAAeyuk.png)

>>7620 You still need to delete them
>>7735 Sadly I can't, it won't let me
>>7748 We're not gonna need another archive so you can do that, are we?
(905.17 KB 3688x2924 Untitled629_20211221184759.png)

(932.03 KB 3688x2924 Untitled629_20211221185413.png)

(925.22 KB 3688x2924 Untitled629_20211222094015.png)

(1.65 MB 2645x2005 EQh8VvsXUAAywTQ.png)

(1.10 MB 1819x1525 EQh76e4WoAAB-HG.png)

(730.26 KB 1301x1237 EQh76e9XkAAbE4f.png)

(847.37 KB 1271x1431 EQh76fBWAAIMrss.png)

(1.09 MB 1600x1431 EQh76fBWAAIMrss2.png)

(606.29 KB 4000x3000 DY1bcKVWAAA75JK.jpeg)

(634.20 KB 4000x3000 DY1bc0pXUAAQaB7.jpeg)

(606.15 KB 4000x3000 DY1bdasXkAA-Ji7.jpeg)

(632.60 KB 4000x3000 DY1bd_sXkAAyzfs.jpeg)

>>7839 That first one was made by Rosy btw..... though the style seems identical
(165.13 KB 2048x1483 DTJ2iTbX0AEiTkJ.jpeg)

(170.42 KB 2048x1483 DTJ3CaXWsAAwr7K.jpeg)

(171.18 KB 2048x1483 DTJ3N2ZX0AEb4Ze.jpeg)

(197.03 KB 2048x1483 DTJ3WXmX4AI5coV.jpeg)

(1.53 MB 1965x2205 ET9732oXsAAdkWj.png)

(898.63 KB 1707x1799 ETbN8NIWkAAP3bA.png)

(689.24 KB 1436x1287 ETbN-GXXsAEchTL.png)

(1.02 MB 1967x1894 ETbPtwnWAAE_Gg5.png)

(561.62 KB 1885x1521 ETbPvPzXsAQuvmz.png)

(236.03 KB 2048x1890 C-Rs87oUIAASmvY.jpeg)

(256.10 KB 2048x1890 C-Rs-TbVwAAjU-g.jpeg)

>>7912 Links?
(4.76 MB 2076x4096 EDGmm5QXYAEzwYn.png)

>>7915 I got them from the same twitter from earlier, I don't think this person commissioned these pics but this is what I found from his profile. https://twitter.com/Max232310/status/1240405261996765185 https://twitter.com/Max232310/status/1240407435480891393 https://twitter.com/Max232310/status/1240407231348211714 Pic here is from this link https://twitter.com/SomeBoondarkle/status/1166896969861742593
(269.38 KB 2048x1461 EI3x2GBX0AECint.jpeg)

(392.12 KB 2828x2612 EFAieVvXUAERqtn.jpeg)

(415.46 KB 2828x2612 EFAieVuXkAYPy8x.jpeg)

(75.28 KB 1212x954 EAQQdmNXoAEmqSd.jpeg)

(316.23 KB 2861x2351 EDkJKvWWsAAOaAa.jpeg)

(162.71 KB 2048x1519 Dy-6nYwVYAEI3hE.jpeg)

(154.17 KB 2048x1519 Dy-6oLGVAAAb6GW.jpeg)

(165.68 KB 2048x1519 Dy-6o8rU8AAo97l.jpeg)

(188.05 KB 2048x1519 Dy-6pxJVYAEW2Wy.jpeg)

(327.71 KB 4096x2861 1232818557412630528_1.jpg)

(346.37 KB 4096x2861 1232886630509350912_1.jpg)

(475.13 KB 4096x2861 1232886630509350912_2.jpg)

(353.66 KB 4096x2861 1232886630509350912_3.jpg)

(207.43 KB 1812x1869 ER5DdIoWoAAJpCd.jpeg)

(259.52 KB 1812x1869 ER5DeYbXsAE1hkC.jpeg)

(269.40 KB 1812x1869 ER5DfRGX0AEyAF2.jpeg)

(288.18 KB 2208x2304 EMvIMF-WkAApeDB.jpeg)

(325.10 KB 2208x2304 EMvINQ4WwAAOBuy.jpeg)

(6.67 MB 4096x2814 C7dZpUFXQAEP6vP.png)

(462.98 KB 777x843 EQh8Vv1X0AAxzLg.png)

(1.77 MB 3512x2212 EXsLBlNWoAAE7RZ.png)

I can't seem to find anymore pics of Dancalot's art that haven't already been archived, or are already on FA. Since the original twitter page is gone, the only thing I guess that's left is to look at each individual tweet that's ever mentioned Dancalot's twitter name.
(250.41 KB 2744x2072 image0 (3).jpg)

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