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(1.30 MB 1001x998 1594871872570.gif)
anon diaper island Baby 07/17/2020 (Fri) 17:56:59 No. 592
I want to buy island. On that island, I will make anti normie rule, that people who want to live there for any time, will have to wear diapers 24/7. And you will be able to move there, how does that sound? Only problem is, i need some suggestion like where that island should be located and how big it needs to be
I suggest cloud cuckoo land
>>605 Sounds a bit unrealistic, but its something that may be worth doing
>>605 >>609 Yo, instead of talking about the idea of someone actually doing it, why don't we make this thread a creative writing prompt like those globalization threads? Imagin it, out on the open ocean, an artificial island is built, its main purpose for being was as an additional food supply for when nuclear winter was becoming it's harshest, but as people move off-planet it becomes less needed, and some crazy person buys it up on the cheap. They expand it, using the still, slightly intact farming equipment to make a bit of extra money on the side as they build up their dream. A full small towns worth of shops, with a cafe, a large school-sized daycare center, and several luxurious homes. They start a lottery on diaper sites all over, to find those willing to come to her island, with the biggest rule, being that there are no toilets and no adulting! A few people pop in at first, some are willing to work for their diaper supply, some work at the cafe, others the daycare, some serve as dock workers for imports and exports. More people come in, never too many but enough to make a community, the cafe's a hotspot, where the owner or owner's girlfriend depending would sit down on a nice comfy couch and feed the good customers some milk from a bottle. (And the best customers can come into the back to... get rid of the middle bottle, if you know what I mean) Some would spend their days at the daycare, playing like kids, or just hanging out in some computer lab-style rooms and have some fun, Just don't lose focus when the daycare workers come around to check your diaper~ An island of debauchery and small-town wholesomeness, what more could someone want?
Okay. Soon word gets out about this 'island' seeing as how it was clearly built by some global power or former global power, the cafe is squatting on the land and soon goes the way of SeaLand.
>>799 This is why we have to take over a major country and institute mandatory diapering and regressions
Yet another day being shutin with purpose and ignoring men and other human beings. Why don't you learn to enjoy loneliness? There's nothing better. Everyone seems like such a failed normie.
Diaper island will never happen, the scenario where people don't get potty trained until turning 18 or something is way more likely. I mean, kids are turning up to school these days not potty trained (at least in the West); disposable diaper companies realize there's a lot of money to be made by keeping them in diapers twice as long. 4 yrs rather than 2 yrs = 2x profit; soon it'll be 8 yrs; etc
(483.72 KB 1000x1090 SPOILER_1603307499778.png)
>>592 >diaper island tyrant Maybe not an island, but now I wonder if there's actually a market for a diaper cruise. I'd be a bit surprised if it was big enough for one of the huge modern cruise ships - but there's enough ABDLs out there for a very small yacht-sized cruise ship doing a cruise once every few years or possibly even once a year, I'm sure. I'm not sure how lucrative it would be, but if you could get the word out to enough ABDLs and enough are willing, it might actually be a financially feasible business model, even if only a few times or once every few years. The big advantage is that the children of the ultra-wealthy tend to be the most degenerate, meaning some surprisingly large segment of the ABDL community is probably loaded and could pay for an abnormally expensive niche cruise like this.

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