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Fallout ABDL thread Muslimah-chan 11/11/2021 (Thu) 13:43:41 No. 6792
(459.01 KB 526x800 ClipboardImage.png)

>Ton of Fallout abdl mods >Not one person has thought to make a video of them in action Anyway something copied from Vidya thread https://mega.nz/#!I2IjxCQb!p_XBe72aC2NgGST1snpo98eoH8Kjy6KsqKfeY1-Ke-A
>>6793 I tried radcon and sketchman mod. Nothing too impressive, there's no special animation for wetting and messing. If someone has a list of good ABDL mods,it would be awesome.
What all would go into making an abdl vault, what is being tested, how would it function, given the 40s-50s aesthetic, would we be focusing on just cloth diapers? Would there be nuka-cola brand patterns? We don't see robots with delicate hands so would the vault have a special purpose built caretaker unit? Or should there be a class/caste system, for Littles and Bigs, maybe a psych test for "you must be this mature to interact with the precious water system"? Clearly we can't have just anyone flushing the toilets all the time. Or everyone is treated as infants until arbitrary adulthood demarcation could be what was tested. Maybe the overseer is a power bottom esque person, demanding fussy baby who has others at their beck-and-cry to see how culture evolves around that system. We could get some writing going on for this concept.
>>6800 Disposable diapers were basically invented in the 50s and not really technology that is unfeasible so can have all variety of types. It's just in Fallout that essentially computers are old timey due to lack of silicon chips. As for setting and writing there's honestly so much you can do. From Vaults experimenting with diaper dependency, an Enclave experiment, to some sort of tribal society. Honestly there's so much you can do.
(3.19 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6795 TBH, I never got mods fetish (or sex related anything) mods for bethesda games. It seems kinda weird to me to try and insert coomer stuff as a mod into an already existing game, especially with bethesda stuff
>>6814 Bethesda fans are notorious degenerates. They are up for modding in all sorts of perversions into the games. Devs are not much better which is I am surprised there is not a canon abdl vault already. Mean there's likely one where the inhabitants have to suffer through constant anal fisting.
(2.78 MB 1680x1050 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6819 Someone designed and programmed Fisto, so I'm sure there's some Enclave or Vault-Tec diaperfag in pre-war America that wanted to lock themselves in with a bunch of irradiated, soon to be babies
>Vault-Tec Test 124-mdlb The Great War came to a head between global superpowers, if it was based on male aggression and posturing, what would a female-led one look like? >Female only overseer >Men are in chastity cages and treated infantile from cradle to grave >The men are given on a basis of cock length/girth to loyalist of the Overseer to dampen in-fighting >Men are getting selectively breed for big cocks, empty heads Female infighting leads to what records from some of the males in the secured nurseries call "the long nap time" >Vault-Tec test 124-PiD Was the Great War a result of "small" people being in charge and resulting over-compensation? >All dwellers below the age of 18 are kept diapered and on a formula diet >Upon completion of schooling there is a final requirement before given "adult status" >A Dr.Handy model is hard coded to perform Puberty Inspection Day on a dwellers 18th birthday. >Male Dwellers in the top 25% of penis length/girth, height, muscle development, are given adult status >Female Dwellers in the top 25% of breast size, hip size, fecundity, are given adult status >All others are marked as "Still Developing" and must stay in diapers and be on formula. >Adults have bodily autonomy and no longer subject to checks/changes and now are given private rooms from the nurseries, ergo they reproduce. Records seem to indicate that multiple attempts to hack the Dr.Handy mainframe to change how Adults are classified lead to violent revolutions. >Vault-Tec test 124-ddlg The Great War may have stemmed from a breakdown of the family unit because of 6th wave feminism and the erosion of traditional masculinity. >A strict Patriarchal system is instituted >Female education is based on being a "good girl" and pleasing "Daddy" >The concept of women are infants is kept central >Women are diapered, collared, on their knees, eager to please the partner their Father selects for them. >Masculinity tests are important to keep foundational strength >failure to treat a woman right and live up to the masculine ideal means revocation of male status, anyone not a man is equivalent to a simpering woman. >Men will commonly have 2-3 females, so as they can clean the home, change each other, so he can focus on work. >a live-in sissy can also be used as a maid, cock locked up in chastity so as to not allow his failure to spread. Test ongoing, no seeming breakdown, continued observations needed. >Vault-Tec 124-FAP A vault-tec engineer slipped this one past the approval board, science is still technically being done >Female majority population, mandatory male overseer >Women are divided into producer and pampered >Half are potty trained and lactation is induced >half are kept diapered >males that are not the Overseer are likewise infantilized but kept relatively out of sight, managed by the Milky Mommies, so the Overseer doesn't need to see gross hairy men being changed. >Traps are fine though as long as they are pretty This one collapsed relatively quickly as the orgiastic hedonism of the engineer/overseer in the vault of milk and diapers was not well thought out.
>>6824 Vault 124-FAP sounds like the most plausible in-world, with the expected breakdown that most vaults have. I assume most of the vaults have something mixed into their baby formula to keep them young and fresh until the Enclave deems them ready to be let into the wasteland.
>>6824 PiD sounds like small pee pee thread ddlg padded reich and Taliban Rest vaguely sound like the Tarrant Thread. Still all seem plausible. Only thing missing is a lot more genetic experimentation going on.
>>6829 >Vault Tec test 124-Momazon What if we had better people? >Our 1950's understanding of gender politics leads us to the assumption that it was the failings of women that lead to the world's destruction >A population of scientists and women will build a better woman. >Taller, stronger, lactating, caring, feminine >Amazon mommies, strong enough to do all the jobs but with maternal instincts to balance out that drive supplant the overseer and become more judicious caregivers. >Men and non-modified women are diapered, breastfed, and reduced to simple babies who don't have silly war thoughts >Momazons are love, Momazons are life
(3.16 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6829 Agreed, this lore must have been inspired by all the threads herei, which is to be kinda expected. >>6831 Sounds fine by me
>>6832 On a note is one of you fags commissioning sketchman for Fallout abdl art right now or something? Seems a suspicious amount of Fallout stuff recently that is all.
>>6834 Thats what I was thinking as well, the second after I made this thread, I checked and there was sketchman art from it. I guess everyone from the tarrant thread pooled their good girl points and piggy banks to pay sketch for this
(1.32 MB 1250x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6835 That or /pol/ has been commissioning again.
>>6837 How kind of them, I guess someone must haw forwarded the "abdl cures feminism" thread and they got carried away
So that's the controlled conditions, top-down abdl scenarios that crop up from the usual tropes. But one staple of Fallout is cargo cults and misconstrued landmarks. Let's say in the shiny nuclear fifties, consumerism is a big feature, how else did a nuclear powered hobby horse get on the market? What if Anon Diaper Island happened where there is a commune, or maybe a brand made a theme park or resort/spa? The Fetlife Archipelago could have resource scavengers with this twisted history of cg/l being the pinnacle or maybe machinery that debris goes in, diapers come out. What are some humorous, horrifying, unique scenarios that could come up around that world building?
(3.55 MB 2000x1579 91722049_p0-fallout.png)

(2.11 MB 4000x3000 fvg.jpg)

>>6874 I see that it's mostly some type of nanny-bots that are imagined in these vaults, I wonder what the overseer's role would be in any of this. Also, my favorite part thinking about these baby-vaults is that, if it doesn't immediately go to shit post-war and the residents can stay alive long enough, they will probably super-compliant and regressed after decades or centuries of being bab-ied around.
How the fuck is there this much art
>>6829 >a boy sits in the driveway, baseball glove and ball in lap looking despondent. Say Junior, what's got you looking so blue, sitting there with your ball and glove? Wanted to play catch with the old man but work has him tuckered out? >Solemn nods Well I know where he can go to get the rest and relaxation he's earned and get quality time with you! >Screen wipe to an animation version of a family, dad, mom, and son, in the car going to... Why the whole family can come to The Cradle, a place where everyone gets pampered in just the way they need. >The family is greeted by several people, go in and out different doors, dad has a diaper, booties, and a shirt, mom has diaper, booties, and a big bib covering the top, junior just has diaper and booties. Now junior, why don't you go hit the play yard with the other kids while your folks settle in for some recuperation? I promise they'll be playing with you in no time! >Boy crosses his arms and shakes his head no. >Thats when a walking talking baby bottle and a walking talking Rattle come join him Rattle: Aw shucks BaBa, he doesn't wanna play with us Bottle: But it's so much fun to play with you, I could play for hours! >VO Thats right junior, the play yard has all the BabCo Bunch, and other new friends just waiting! >son takes the characters hands and goes off screen. Now mom and dad, you look the part but you sure don't feel the part yet, let our nannies knock out those knots for you. >mom and dad are suddenly on tables as apron clad nannies start giving massages Now that you're loose and limber, and junior is away, why don't you and the missus here get tucked in to your own crib. >They are lowered in a crib, crib goes mostly off the bottom of the screen but the top of the rail bends and flexes as hearts float out >crib raises on screen to have the couple sleeping But I'm sure that worked up an appetite, why don't we go see what junior is up to? >All three are in high chairs, bottles given, babyfood served, a small food fight breaks out, nannies come and clean them up. Say dad, why don't you and junior go throw that ball while show the missus something spiffy? >Dad and Son zip away, full of energy >Mom is sitting in the highchair pointing at herself, a very "who me?" Look. Yes nothing would make the wife happier than to be as pretty as a princess, our nannies will get her dolled up in no time, looking ready for tea time with the queen! >Nanny gets mom out of the highchair, dressing screen slides across the screen, powder make up flying everywhere, bib tossed over. >now in a babydoll night with rosey cheeks and lipstick, mom is now sitting around a table with other dolled up women for tea time. >Zooming out to see all of the Cradle again Why yes, this whole experience could be yours, if you need a nap, come to The Cradle! >Jingle plays For your babies, big or small BabCo products Fit them all!
>>6880 Because Fallout good, diapers good, locking 50's era housewives for 2 centuries to be turned into babies good. >>6881 Good stuff
>>6880 If anything I'd expect there to be a lot more. >>6881 I can only picture Todd Howard endorsing this >>6882 >locking 50's era housewives for 2 centuries to be turned into babies good I just want some more submissive 50s housewives in diapers tbh
>>6885 I remember there being a short series about something like this on ao3, I think it's in the "diapers solve feminism" thread that gave me this fetish
I mostly browse DA, are there any other good stories/art on other sites?
The Cradle, brought to you by Babcock (tm) is a resort/spa. I picture some special equipment there, a diaper "printer" and a formula fabricator. With handy dandy nuclear generators they still work in 2177 or beyond. Diaper printer - meant to cut out supply chains, this machine accepts anything with cellulose or fiber, pulps it, cleans it, and creates fresh diapers of any size. Does not make designs/patterns, cloth/grass/commie bamboo go in, fluffy diaper come out. Formula Fabricator - Housed in the building that looks like a winking Baba, this food processor, anything could be put into this machine, gets washed, gets mechanically converted into a protien-rich powder, stored in a hermetically sealed silo. Dispenser options include bulk powder, and ready bottle. Now pre-war, it was meant to intake cheaper bulk foods, potatoes, rice, beans, etc. Post-war, you can bet on there being a body or two, radroaches, whatever. It's start point is basically a wood chipper.
>>6887 Art? Pixiv Stories? Honestly not much with consistent quality. Archiveofourown probably best bet. >>6888 I take it that is where the dirty diapers go as well?
does anyone has the edit using this diaper? pic related
>>6890 No reason not to, they probably shipped off the by-products back in the day, but now it can be used by the cargo cult to fertilize any gardens/farms manage to grow in the hard scrabble. I still haven't settled on if it's on an island or some temperate-area of the USofA, or maybe set it up in Canada after annexation and half the year babs are stuck indoors for the winter and the formula silo is what helps get them through that.
(1.55 MB 854x916 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6891 Never seen it before. Looks more like a lego piece than a diaper though. >>6893 >set it up in Canada after annexation >Leafs are all subdued by being babified I can see this as canon
Naturally it goes without saying that there is a nuclear diaper pattern, gives it glow in the dark, maybe a version that is glow when wet design, them not knowing that they are destroying their children's ability to to ever be potty trained. Currency around the Cradle though, not sure if caps will really be a thing, as always there is barter but gotta have that funny fiat currency, maybe commemorative safety pins?
>>6895 >>6891 It looks like a lego piece because it is supposed to be a power armor part, Lifania has done it.
>>6898 Do diapers have any effect on continence?
>>6900 it seems so, I haven't played it yet.
>>6901 what mod is this?
>>6900 RADrumps brand probably has a deleterious effect, but nothing major, it's like drinking nuka cola quantum. As for the Cradle Padricators, it's your standard select-a-size diaper printer.
(2.27 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>>6903 >see pic in one of the mods Really needs combined with a spanking mod
>>6900 >>6901 Oh, sorry, I didn't notice you weren't replying me. >>6905 indeed
>>6900 I meant radiation, shit
(1.24 MB 890x1424 Piper_Fan_Art.png)

>>6908 You know I can just picture bandit groups patrolling the wasteland hunting down lone travellers and diapering them up. Maybe even Ara Mutants going around seeing the people they come across as nothing more than mere babs.
(159.00 KB 1280x1868 1572049333238.jpg)

>>6909 Yeah, bandits would use it to lure and distract super mutants.
>>6913 >Bandits sacrificing an individual to stop Ara Supermutants from diapering them all Can see that as a basis for a story.
>>6909 >ara mutants "Some of the Master Original Army did not appear to have any physical changes to them, but they were mutants nonetheless. This was found out after capturing a few of them and seeing what truly made them mutants; their fetishes"
(161.38 KB 1280x1517 Sierra_Petrovita.jpg)

>>6792 I've found the full picture.
(289.63 KB 1024x931 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6901 Screenshots or webms when done?
>>6916 Hello all, Watermylawn210 from Loverslab here. I worked on the "remastered" version of Lucia1's Fallout 4 diaper mod. I'll admit, my work on it was very amateur and leaves a lot of room for improvement. If I ever get back into Fallout 4 and the modding scene, I might work on it again. If I did, I would definitely go about it a lot smarter. Firstly, I'd only start off with one diaper for the sake of simplicity and testing. As for using the diaper, I recently had an idea where I'd investigate the weapon/armor condition system from Fallout 3/New Vegas and see if I could port it over and have mesh/material swaps at certain condition thresholds. This way, it'd be easier for the diaper to be used multiple times before leaking. And as an added bonus, different diapers could have different durability (absorbency). As for animation, I would love to have wetting/messing animations, and I would have gone through the Creation Engine spaghetti to get it in there. (And if I were a better modder, add companion diaper changes). Only problem is that animation in Fallout 4 requires a very specific version of Maya/3DS Max and very specific corresponding dev kits. Honestly, Fallout modding is actually really enjoyable, at least to me, as it gave me a much stronger appreciation for the game. Bethesda is kind of a scummy developer now, but I respect the programmers for having to deal with the absolute dumpster fire mess that the Creation Engine is.
>>6980 Nice to here anon, do you have any plans (or is there anything out there) diaperfag related for F3/NV?
>>6981 In the thread for the Diaper Lover's Fallout 4 mod over on Loverslab, someone mentioned that they were going to try to port it over to New Vegas. I don't think anything has come of it yet. But porting from Fallout 4 to New Vegas is pretty easy for clothing mods, especially pants. Sorry to let anyone down, but I don't plan on returning to work on the mod any time soon. I finally have a better computer to do so, but I'm still kinda burnt out after the project. If anyone else wants to try their hand at it, go right ahead. I highly recommend learning to mod Bethesda games. It's very rewarding and enjoyable.
>>6980 I didn't know there was a remastered mod. Gonna check that. Does it blend well with any continence mods like radcon or RSE vol 2?
>>6980 >Only problem is that animation in Fallout 4 requires a very specific version of Maya/3DS Max and very specific corresponding dev kits. Know what version it is?
>>6800 Vault-Tech was running a automated system that completely took over all care and needs of it occupants making an overseer obsolete. However over time the program malfunctions leaving to terminal to treat all occupants as babies. The vault went into a standby mode after its last dweller died of old age. After the vault was opened it lures new occupants with lullaby music that can be heard in the vally close to its location.
>>6997 Seems like a good idea for mod design assume been done already to have an area where if you go to you are gonna get babified. Can also see it in Fallout universe and pretty sure basis for quite a few stories.
>>6997 Interesting stuff, I would like to think of there being holotapes, later on during the original experiment, that the occupants just broke and bought into the conditioning and baby-ing
Anyone else think a Vault-Tec Onesie would be cool? Im going to hit up a few etsy shops and see if I can get a custom order. Would be cool to have a custom pipboy with a pacifier as a sew on patch too.
(3.16 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.47 MB 1600x2473 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7003 Vault onesie sound very comfy and cool, there are a few ideas and art concepts of them in this thread already.
>>6999 >>7001 Trying to stay as close to the lore as possible. Id also add that the AI that ran the vault altered the vault to make it into a giant nursery and sentry bots armed with stun batons to subdue would-be escapees. Also have a giant tube jungle gym to escape the sentries and end up back at the reception desk while obtaining loot along the way. Also I think things like notes and diaries of the former dwellers as they slowly accept their fates would add to the mystique. And you as the wanderer can chose to save several wastelanders and shut the vault again or leave it open effecting your karma.
>>7007 Sounds good anon, I only included my suggestion because of stuff you'd find in Vault 11 and a comic (I think a pretty popular fan-comic) about a guy going insane and accepting that his only companion was a hand puppet inb4 cursed ending where you get locked in as well and spend the rest of the game as a diaper-humping baby
>>7003 >>7004 There's already a few readily available. Honestly was suprised by some of the abdl Fallout themed supplies out there. Just do a quick search!
>>7011 Interesting, I didn't even know there were mods for this until a few days ago, until I saw the vidya thread
>>6997 So a bit of a wall-e style dystopia, people trapped in a skinner box of instant gratification. Gen one accepts the robo help to take care of the baby, they stay in diapers longer since mom and dad don't have to change them, everyone is getting switched to protein pastes and gosh darn it, it's great that the caretaker unit can dpoonfeed you while you watch the holovids of the 2069 world series. Meanwhile the caretaker units are expanding the definition of "care" as the babies they raise turn into diaper dependent teenagers throwing tantrums and getting frustrated, robots figure out handjobs, people are hooked on robot overlords and think they are in charge because a robot wipes their ass and jerks them off while robots supplant human control.
>>7026 >they raise turn into diaper dependent teenagers >dystopia Pick one
>>7026 >robots figure out handjobs >Not blowjobs You'd figure machines would develop an orifice designed to keep the sexual organ well lubricated during destressing routines. Also this puts me in mind of Stellaris Robot Empires that keep their meatbag populations subdued and pampered
>>7031 >>7026 But are these bots like securitrons and Mr Handy's, or are they some type of custom-made nanny bot
>>7033 How about an off shoot of Mr. Handy and call them Mrs. Handy? Mr Handy is your butler while the Mrs Handy model line is a nursery helper.
(16.85 KB 640x538 attempt at humor.jpg)

>>7038 That would work, but what other changes would there be? Would there be more or different hands for diaper changing or enema giving and HandJob giving A few ideas I've heard were mini-sized liberty primes but dressed as mommys, ready to pamper and love all housewives that enter the vault.
>>7031 The base model is called Handy, it was the low hanging fruit.
>>7038 I am pretty sure there's a Mrs Handy in one of the Fallout games and referred to as a floating diaper pail.
>>7054 Seems like an abdl fallout is destiny.
>>7089 I guess machines in the Fallout universe are very wasteful and leak oil everywhere.
Average Fallout Fan really is a diaper bab themselves. If you check most abdl communities they are circlejerking over the games. Really comes as a surprise that there's mods but no high quality abdl art or a lot of stories regarding it.
>>7147 I did expect that, but considering all the other weird coomer mods made for fallout, I am also surprised that there's little in terms of mods and art for it.
>>7149 Been shown theres mods and content out there but not actively anyone posting screenshots or vids of said mods in action. I suspect you could make a great all in one mod pack if someone was degenerate and autistic enough. Imagine making an abdl Fallout world where enemies are replaced by Ara creatures and machines that look to diaper human wanderers and leave them with red butts if they resist?
>>7184 I don't plan on getting back into Fallout modding anytime soon, but these are a bit promising. The first link requires me to be in a private club on Loverslab. But if the animations already exist in Skyrim, it might not be too difficult to port them over to Fallout 4. I had no idea Pose Converter existed, it seems like a very useful tool. Again, I likely won't go back to modding Fallout 4 for a very long time. If anyone else wants to work on the mod, go right ahead. Lucia1 doesn't mind people working on the Fallout port of her mod.
>>7205 The club is Little Space https://www.loverslab.com/clubs/9-little-space-private-abdl-mods-and-forums/ there are other exclusive ABDL mods for other games in there too.
>>7218 Seems insanely autistic. Wonder why never heard of such a place before?
>>7218 >closed club Fucking why? Just fucking why? Do you just not like shy people? You're already deep into kink by making sex mods, what, you think because diapers are involved, you're going to be ostracized from your broader clan of perverts?
>>7226 This It's already bad enough I have to make an account on that site to download I'm not about to fucking apply for some fetish club Let me jerk it in peace
>>7259 Be glad they don't make you join several dozen discords to vaguely find what you are looking for.
>>7259 you litteraly just have to click and they approve you. Just a few worthwhile TS4 mods though.
>>7284 Yea, you can just make a shell account if you really care about your image on a porn mod site, pretty sure they accept everyone that applies. The Skyrim mod is solid too, fallout 4 mod is up in full on nexus and nowhere near as in depth. FO4 has extra diaper skins up on loverslab but nothing else. It's pretty busted as it stands, once bladder and bowel levels hit 0 in the fill queue they wont increase regardless of food/water you use so you need to manually increase it with console commands for it to populate again.
>>7310 Got any images/webms to share anon of this in action?

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