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(9.73 MB 640x426 aftermath.mp4)

(1.22 MB 324x640 prelude.mp4)

messing general Baby 07/27/2020 (Mon) 16:52:54 No. 737
Lets have a messing thread! Vids, images, real, drawn, discussions, etc, whatever floats your boat. Please abide by the BO's rule that visible poop be spoiled. As long as the mess stays inside the diaper, it does not need to be spoiled (based on >>645 and >644 )
(66.76 KB 768x960 0.jpg)

(14.81 MB 1280x720 tumblr_o7r4cdy9MQ1v84e3q_720.mp4)

(2.47 MB 854x480 very wet.mp4)

(71.13 KB 499x449 1535424476704.jpg)

(151.17 KB 995x680 1535424496284.jpg)

(50.33 KB 740x543 1535424512210.jpg)

I want to make a messing video but I don't know how to get a good mess. I know this has been discussed a lot, but what do I eat to get a big mess? Is it something I can do in just a day? Like eat a bunch of something for one day and then the next day when I wake up maybe I can mess?
(14.59 MB 1080x1920 20200721_070205_Trim.mp4)

>>755 The basic thing is to eat a lot of fiber. It might not happen overnight, but depending on how often you go, within 3 days it should probably be taking an effect. Fiber will make you mess softer (not to the point of making it loose though) and will help with volume. psylum husks (or however it is spelled) supposedly also increase bulk significantly, but I have never tried it long enough to find out for myself. (I took one capsule and that was it) Another thing is to stay hydrated, as this will not only make the mess soft enough that it isn't too hard to push (but still wont make it loose by being hydrated alone) plus the little extra volume from being less dried will help as well. I think the thing to remember is that it might take a few days for anything to have any real effect, so whatever you do, stick with it for at least 3 days before you write it off as not working. As for specific foods you can try, I have had some indications that pecans might be good. They definitely seemed to make my mess softer, but Im not sure if it did anything for volume. You might just try to keep track of what foods tend to cause larger messes over the course of your regular life as well. >>TLDR: >> 1) eat plenty of fiber (either as a supplement or as food with a lot of fiber in it) >> 2) stay hydrated >> 3) try taking psylum husks, as these not only provide fiber, but also have an additional bulking effect >> 4) make note of any foods that tend to increase your volume and eat those more before messing >> 5) go ahead and try eating larger volumes, but you dont have to go super crazy with this >> 6) dont be afraid to do some trial and error. Try some stuff and see if it works. >> 7) IMPORTANT: make sure you give whatever you do time to work. It might have an effect overnight, or it might take a few days before you even notice anything. It depends on what in particular you are doing, and how your body responds to things.
scat faggots are the single most vocal and obnoxious group of people that they think are the majority despite being the disgusting minority in terms of a sub-fetish. I am very much appreciative that you congregate here and stop posting pictures of shit elsewhere, thank you.
>>763 Why did you even bother writing this anon? Seriously, why? You just went out of your way to enter a thread dedicated to something you don't like and insult everyone in it despite the fact that, by your own admission, most of the messing content on this board is in this thread. You just came out and attacked us without any provocation whatsoever, and you are acting like we are the ones that are causing the problems while you are the one who is being so polite and considerate of others. Im not trying to start an argument with you, I just genuinely want to understand what prompted you to make this post. Please, I want you to literally tell me what was going through your head leading up to it.
>>763 Normalfags like you have the entire internet to look at while people like me who like to shit in diapers and talk to other people about it have a handful of threads. Kill yourself. Be glad that the content is spoiled
>>757 This is so amazing it hurts, the audio makes it that much better as well
>>737 Hot, who is she & where can I find more of her!
>>763 People associate diapers with piss and shit. That's why normies think every single ABDL shits themselves. Also last time I checked, anti-mess ABDLs are the most vocal because people like you just come in and say how much you hate shitty diapers without contributing to the thread. At least sage asshole.
So something just happened and Im super excited about it! A few hours ago, I mixed between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of epsom salts with a few ounces of water, then gave myself a little mini enema with it, also adding a little bit of extra air in at the same time. I didn't really feel any kind of effect for a while, but after maybe an hour or so I got a few minor urges to go, but it wasnt anything strong at all, kinda like I had mild gas, and that continued occasionally for the few hours until now, with some mild gurgling mixed in. Just a few minutes ago though, I was working on something that had my full attention, and I had to fart, but I was focused on what I was working on so I didn't really pay any attention to it and just kind of relaxed and pushed really gently without even thinking about it. There was a short, really wet, bubbly sounding fart and I pooped myself a little bit. It took me completely by surprise! I had gotten so focused on what I was working on that I completely forgot about the mini-enema and had a little, but 100% genuine, unplanned accident! On top of that, I really did think it was just gas and had a little "uh-oh!" moment there! I was of course planning on messing eventually, but I didn't expect to make a mess right then and there! I feel really little now...
>>870 That sounds really fun! I will have to try something similar one of these days
>>872 Yeah, fun is actually the best way I would describe the experience overall. It wasn't painful, there wasn't cramping, it wasnt uncomfortable. It was all very relaxed and calm and gentle. Relaxed is a good word for it. Even when I finally did go, it just felt very relaxed, very natural and calming. The whole thing had this sort of comfy feel to it. One thing I did notice however is there wasnt a lot of volume, but that was probably more to do with the fact that I didn't really have to go that much in the first place. I cant wait to try this again when I have to actually go! >will have to try something similar one of these days tell us how it goes!
>>873 So now I do actually have to go, but I got literally nothing done yesterday and I just cant afford to do that today, but on the other hand this would be the perfect time to try again... I keep telling myself there will be plenty of time for having "potty emergencies" in the future, but it isn't making it any easier...
>>873 > It wasn't painful, there wasn't cramping, it wasnt uncomfortable. It was all very relaxed and calm and gentle. Relaxed is a good word for it. Even when I finally did go, it just felt very relaxed, very natural and calming. The whole thing had this sort of comfy feel to it. That sounds great. Most near accidents I've had have been with cramping or discomfort of some kind, so it would be great to experience a natural and calming messing, especially if I'm diapered, regressed and sucking on a paci or something.
Quick update on using epsom salts to help with messing. I just finished putting on a diaper after doing another epsom salt enema. This time I actually already had to poop before doing the enema. In fact Im actually a little behind on my regular schedule, so I probably have at least 2 messes worth "in the chamber" so to speak. I wasnt actually trying to hold it to build up more volume, but was really busy for the past few days and just have kinda been putting off sitting down and just going. I also used more water and more of the epsom salts this time, plus I am currently making an effort to drink plenty of water, although I dont know if that will make any difference in the short term other than making me have to pee more. So now Im sitting here in a fresh, clean blue megamax waiting for things to get going. My stomach is kinda gurgling a little, but that may be the air that got in with the enema. Also I finally got my package from amazon containing (among other things) a bottle of baby powder. I ran out a couple of weeks ago I think, so it was really nice to have some again. This is gonna be great I think. Would it be fun/enjoyable/interesting if I post periodic updates whenever something interesting happens, or would that just be spam for everyone here? For some reason I have this urge to share whats going on with everything, but if its just going to annoy people here, then I can do it somewhere else like a twitter (which Im not using for anything else at the moment, so may as well) or another thread or just not do it at all. Most of the rest of this is just me rambling, but go ahead and read it if you want! I feel like this particular megamax is fitting a little weird. Not necessarily in a bad way, but just a little different than I am used to. I havent worn one of these in a while, so it might be just that. It feels like it is really long, so the front and the back both come up nice and high. I usually have issues with diapers not quite making it above my hips on the back, so instead of the top tapes being angled downward a little, they are more or less horizontal. So instead of sort of pulling up the front of the diaper from above your hips, they tend to just pull them tight from the sides. It still is fine, but the feeling from the megamaxes pulling up from above is nice, it feels secure and comfy. The other weird thing is they dont feel as thick as some abdl diapers do, especially between the legs. That being said, I still think that might be that Im just not used to wearing them, since I know that megamaxes swell a LOT. I feel really talkative right now and Im not sure why. Maybe its just a little bit of my little side starting to bleed through triggered by the diapers, but it could also be that Im just subconsciously looking for something to do instead of the actual work I need to get done here pretty soon. I havn't actually explored my little side that much, so I honestly dont really know what Im like in that headspace, but I feel like I would get really talkative and everything.
>>947 So first update, I just wet myself! (most of it stayed up in the front because my "bits" were kinda pointing forward/a little bit upward more than I realized) I had forgotten how good that mix of powder and a wet diaper smells!
>>947 >Would it be fun/enjoyable/interesting if I post periodic updates whenever something interesting happens, or would that just be spam for everyone here? I wouldn't consider it spam. This place needs more activity, so please continue. Also it's useful to hear about other people's experiences using different types of laxatives.
>>950 cool, sounds good! And I agree, I wish there was a big "master list" regarding just about every laxative, simulated messing, etc you could imagine along with peoples experiences with them. Not sure how one might set up or organize that though.
>>951 >>949 Also, another quick update, getting some more gurgling and had a couple pretty big urges to go. It feels mostly like gas, but also like there's more than just that.
>>952 So I think Im getting pretty close here. Im pretty sure that epsom salts will probably not *make* you go, at least not so much that you physically cant hold it, which means that I get to choose what position it happens in. Should I go with the classic squat, standing slightly bent over, laying on stomach, laying on back, laying on side, sitting on my knees with my legs tucked underneath, or try sitting in a recliner? Im leaning towards the recliner option, but Im not totally sure.
>>953 Well, I just pooped myself. It felt really nice, it was soft but not so soft that it wasnt solid. I feel like there's going to be a round two in a little bit though.
>>954 Just made a second mess. Still feels like there might be more though. This is quite enjoyable.
>>955 Goodness! I just had a THIRD stinky "incident" down there! They have all been relatively small so far, but not like tiny small. I would say a solid medium size. Plus I keep having little toots that feel and sound really nice!
>>956 Just made another mess, but this one was super little. Have still been having some nice wet sounding gas pretty often though.
I really enjoyed reading about your messing, anon! Right now I’m in a messy diaper myself so it made it especially nice. More of a big firm mess for me, I’m not a huge fan of softer ones in my diapers but having multiple messes so close together sounds enjoyable
>>960 >I really enjoyed reading about your messing, anon! cool, thanks! I was afraid it would just kinda sound monotonous and/or uninteresting, Im glad you enjoyed it! I also like big firm messes for the most part. I mean, I don't want it to be hard and dry or anything. Basically what I like is for it to be firm enough that it will hold its shape for the most part, but soft enough that it can still deform a little bit so it can sort of mold itself to the seat of your diaper when you "go". Also like it to deform maybe a little bit from sitting down in it, but not so much that it just totally flattens out and goes everywhere, because then you cant really feel the bulk. Speaking of which, I never posted anything about what happened next after >>957 . I had sat down right after >>954 and played with a vibrator for a little bit, and after I was finished I was still sitting for a while. I had stood up and kinda just leaned forward when >>955 happened, after which I laid down on my tummy for a while, but after a bit rolled over onto my back (without squishing my second mess) to try and keep things towards the seat of my diaper on my bottom instead of moving forward between my legs. I was still laying on my back when >>956 happened. After laying there for a bit longer, I started playing with my vibrator for a little bit, then sat up (trying to put my weight down on the front then moving backward so it didn't squish everything forward) and continued playing. <spoiler>I also ended up kinda rocking back and forward in it, and also a bit side to side as well. I like having the bulky feeling more than it just spreading out all over the place, but it felt realllly good and I kinda just couldn't help myself :) </spoiler> While doing this, I was having several of those wet farts, but one of them turned out to be >>957 instead. It was shortly after this (*before* I was finished "playing") that my vibrator finally died. The cord going into it had been fraying from the inside for a couple days, and it kept cutting out unless you held/pressed against the cord juuuust right, and finally it reached a point where no matter how I turned, twisted, pulled, or pushed the cord, it just wouldn't run anymore. Quite frustrated, I tried using a little battery powered back massager, but it wasn't anywhere near enough. I then got a screw driver, opened up the case of the vibrator, cut the electrical tape and heat shrink away from the damaged section of cord (which was there from a previous, similar repair from a while back I had done), cut out the damaged segment of the cord, stripped the wire on both ends of the good cable, twisted the ends together, then warmed up a soldering iron and soldered them back together, wrapped them up in electrical tape, and screwed the thing back together. The neat thing is I did this all with a *VERY* poopy bottom! Something about doing that in a yucky diaper was actually quite enjoyable. Anyway, the vibrator worked great after that, and I went ahead and flopped/sat back down and finished playing. While I kinda wanted to sit around for a little while longer, I was starting to get pretty stinky, and I was afraid of someone else noticing. (I was in our basement, and nobody else really goes down there, and I have been working on cleaning it up for most of the summer, so it made sense for me to be down there a lot) I went up to go take a shower, laid down on the floor, untapped my diaper, and was pretty amazed at the mess I had managed to make. It actually almost went all the way to the very top of the back waist band of my megamax. I mentioned earlier that megamaxes seem to fit really long on me, so the front and back go up really high, and I was now very, very glad of this. I probably had an inch or less before it got to the very top. I was more worried about having leaks around the legs, and while there was a *liiiitle* bit that had gotten past the internal standing leak guards, it was all held inside by the external ruffling/elastic, so I was all clean on the outside! After seeing everything after I had taken the diaper off, it felt like there should have been more volume based on how it felt when it was coming out, but then again it was also squished around a lot, so that may have had something to do with it. The clean up wasn't really that bad. It wasn't a quick, easy clean up either, but I was afraid it was going to be much worse. I ended up using some toilet paper to get the worst of it into the toilet, then just got in the shower to clean up the rest. Overall it was a really nice experience. I didn't feel as little as I did the first time I tried this when I actually had a totally real "uh-oh" moment when I though I had to fart but ended up having a little accident instead.*** Im pretty sure that the little accident I had the first time was probably just a fluke (unless I can figure out how to distract myself like the first time again) so I wasn't really expecting that again. I also think that to really, truly enjoy any kind of messing and get the full little space experience from it, you basically have to live alone, or at least have the house to yourself for a long period of time, (unless of course there are other little friends with you) otherwise you just cant relax enough, you know? Another thing I noticed from the first time I tried this was that my poop the next day was *huge*, much bigger than it normally would be, and it came out really easily. Unfortunately I wasn't diapered at the time, because it would have been pretty much the ideal poopy diaper if I had. Im thinking of changing into another diaper here soon in case the same thing happens this time. The way I understand how epsom salts work is that they basically trigger your intestines to release more moisture into your poop, making it softer than it normally would be, so I guess it makes sense that it could both increase volume and also move things along, especially if you were a bit backed up, effectively taking what would have otherwise been 2 poops and combining them into one. ***(I had been making a deliberate effort to not let myself toot, because I knew that if I did I would probably get a surprise, but I was working on stitching together a DIY onesie and had gotten so focused on it that I just sorta forgot. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I really didn't even consciously notice that I needed to fart, so I was just sitting there sewing away when all the sudden I heard this really wet, bubbly *pbpbllblplbplpblllbllt... bllbpblblppt...... plplblt* kind of sound and felt something warm and wet on my bottom that sort of spread out just a little bit. (I know that probably sounds made up like something you see in an abdl comic or something, but I swear its true) I sort of just sat there thinking "oopsie...", then went back to working on my onesie. (It wasn't a big deal since I was already wearing my diaper))
>>963 >>881 Almost forgot one more thing. This might be obvious but Im not sure, so I'll go ahead and say it. With the epsom salts, it didn't really *make* me go. Like, if I had wanted to, I could have held it and not made a mess in my pants. What it did do though was make it a lot easier to go. When I'm diapered, I sometimes find myself having to try/push really hard to poop myself, sometimes to the point that it is physically strenuous or even painful, and even then I feel like I cant quite get it all out. Even with naturally soft messes, I sometimes feel like I have to push kinda hard to get it out, and it sort of shatters the illusion of being really little and either not really noticing it or just not being able to help myself. With the epsom salts though, everything happened really easily. I felt like I hardly had to push at all and suddenly I had a mess in my pants. Again, I could have held it pretty easily (there were a few times where I had to put in a pretty large amount of effort and really try to keep from making a mess however) if I had really wanted to, but when I did decide to go, it was really easy, I only pushed a little bit and the next thing I knew I had a yucky bottom!
>>963 > I don't want it to be hard and dry or anything. Basically what I like is for it to be firm enough that it will hold its shape for the most part, but soft enough that it can still deform a little bit so it can sort of mold itself to the seat of your diaper when you "go". Also like it to deform maybe a little bit from sitting down in it, but not so much that it just totally flattens out and goes everywhere, because then you cant really feel the bulk. That is my favorite as well. I like feeling a big lump form in my diaper, and then feeling it in the seat of it with my hands on the outside. It's great. And it is basically impossible to regress with people around. Basically every time I've really regressed I've had like the whole day to myself. Then you can really diaper up, turn on some babyish program or movie and play with toys while you watch. Usually I've made a little snack too, but I also suck on my paci or drink from my sippy cup too. During the movie or show I just wet or mess as needed and really enjoy being a stinky baby
>>965 Yeah, I think your right with needing pretty much the whole day to really regress. The issue for me is that unless I know I will have way more time to myself than I am going to spend diapered, I get paranoid about it. I start worrying about running out of or losing track of time and suddenly I'm sitting around in a stinky diaper when everyone gets home. That, or even if I am all cleaned up and changed back into big boy undies by the time everyone is back, I worry that they would smell it anyway (but that only applies to when I make a mess of course). >> During the movie or show I just wet or mess as needed and really enjoy being a stinky baby That sounds really awesome. One of the things that I like most about diapers, either for wetting or messing (but especially for messing) is to just be able to use them without a care in the world. To just be sitting there (or laying on the floor maybe) watching a move or show, maybe eating some pizza for dinner with a glass of milk, and suddenly you have to go so you just push a little and take care of it in your diaper before going back to whatever position you were in before and resume watching the movie. Its not even just the act of casually pooping yourself without planning or worrying about the consequences though, its still not worrying about after your done that I really wish I could experience, you know? To just go back to what you were doing as though nothing happened, to not worry about sitting in it and making a (bigger) mess, to not worry about being stinky and having someone notice it later on. That's what I fantasize about, know what I mean? What kind of positions do you usually end up messing in? I tend to end up just sort of leaning forward and bending my legs a little, but I feel like there are possibilities that Im not exploring...
>>967 I know what you mean about worrying about others when you're regressed. The main times that I'm able to do what I described in my previous post have been when I've been explicitly told that everyone will be out for the night or when my parents leave without me for a week-long vacation. Then there's zero worries to be had except for someone ringing the doorbell or some friend trying to hit me up, which only happens occasionally. It'd be nice if I lived alone haha. > To just go back to what you were doing as though nothing happened, to not worry about sitting in it and making a (bigger) mess, to not worry about being stinky and having someone notice it later on. That's what I fantasize about, know what I mean? Exactly, those are the best regression sessions. When you truly don't have to care about what happens after you poop your diapers is when you can regress the deepest. You just let out a little grunt, feel the warmth and go back to sucking on your paci or watching your baby program. If I have no paci though I sometimes babytalk "Uh oh!" or "I made a stinky!" >What kind of positions do you usually end up messing in? I tend to end up just sort of leaning forward and bending my legs a little, but I feel like there are possibilities that Im not exploring... Depends what I'm doing. I like to squat a lot or push it out while on my hands and knees. If I'm watching something or playing with toys I might be laying on my side partially and propped up with my elbow. I might have to sit up slightly but it's easy to fill a diaper with minimal interruption like that. And other times I kind of sit on my feet while doing stuff. My butt will be hovering off the ground a bit and you can mess well like that. Favorite position is all fours though but when regressing, like I said, I only minimally shift from my position to fill my diapers before just continuing what I was doing
>>969 >I sometimes babytalk "Uh oh!" or "I made a stinky! Thats adorable! Im not sure if this is a common thing, but I really like having various little cutesy words for things while diapered. Its the variety that I like I think, like instead of just saying/thinking Like instead of just saying "messy diaper" I might say poopy, yucky, stinky, dirty, etc. Something about all the different ways to say the same thing but with various levels of regression, you know? Also, something about using "yucky" or "ewww" makes me feel kinda little, like Im just big enough to know it should be gross but not really being bothered by it yet. Ill have to try going while laying on my side, sounds fun.
>>970 >>969 Aaand I finally pooped! I've been holding it most of the day because I had some stuff to get done, but now I finally have some time to myself. It feels huuuge! I'm just laying here on the floor and keep feeling this great big mound on my butt! I definitely think that the epsom salts continues to have some effect (although much smaller) even after you finish pooping the first time. Its definitely still soft, but it doesn't quite slip out the way it did last night. Pretty close to the perfect consistency actually.
>>970 That sounds similar to how I am as well. I've never really thought about what the best words to use are, but baby talk just kinda comes naturally to me when I'm regressed. And like you said, it happens in my thoughts as well. I'm also a lot more giggly in general when regressed. You can just do what feels good or right without caring how silly it looks >>971 That sounds wonderful. Do you wet when you mess? When I push pee often starts to dribble out
>>973 >Do you wet when you mess? When I push pee often starts to dribble out Sometimes, unless I had just recently peed, then I usually do.
(537.88 KB 1920x1080 big mess.jpg)

>>740 Wow! Who is this? is their tumblr still active? Are they somewhere else as well?
(6.35 MB 720x1280 uh-ohhhhh trimmed.mp4)

This is just about perfection.
>>1586 Where is this from? :0
>>1635 https://twitter.com/allison_b_song She posts more stuff on her tumblr, which is linked on her twitter.
>>1586 >>1636 Thank you! :D
>>1586 >>747 These are amazing! Who is this? :o
>>747 Oops. I meant these pics.
>>1715 That is lilo, her instagram is here https://www.instagram.com/lilo_babybean/ Those pictures in particular are from an older account which has since been deleted, but she still has a decent amount of stuff on her current account. She tends to post stuff sporadically, but in clumps.
>>763 Then why the hell are you here?
(6.05 MB 1760x1072 messy.mp4)

I finally made what I would consider to be a decent messing video but infuriatingly I'm off camera for a second since I had to squat. It's pretty minor actually but it still irks me, I just can't go standing up like that
>>2684 Nice video. What kind of diapers are those?
>>2687 Thanks, they're rainbow something or other from cuddlz. I bought a sample of 2 recently, turns out they have a very low capacity so I just used my other one for this
>>2684 Nice!
(7.82 MB 1494x938 messy again.mp4)

>>2684 Alright I made one where you can see the whole thing, and it's probably even better than the other one so I'm happy now. That's enough messing for a long time for me >>2690 thank you thank you
>>2731 I think your right, this one probably was better. Looks like that felt good! From your comment, I take it messing is something you only do in moderation?
>>2733 >>2733 It did, it felt really good. Yeah the last time I did it until now was probably 4 or 5 months ago. I enjoy doing the act of messing but everything after that isn't as good. I'd rather be able to fill up a soggy diaper and play with it for however long I want than have to discard it shortly after messing. Still I love fantasizing about it and watching messing videos so I wanted to make one
There seems to by a lot of videos of guys who mess on twitter. Unfortunately female asian abdls are not into it and the non asian ones post them behind a paywall.
>>2760 There are some girls go like messing and post it for free, or at least some of it for free. I wish so badly that there was sound in the video that last picture is from...
>>737 God that is just the most beautiful, ideal mess imaginable. To begin with, look at the size of it! If it was a third of that size it would be decent! Its not even that it just got squeezed into a thin layer, you can see actual thickness all the way around. On top of that, you can tell it was soft enough that it probably wasnt super hard to get out, but not so soft that it was super messy and runny. And possibly best of all, it didnt stick! There was hardly any that stuck to her skin, and what did just wiped off no problem! I want to know how to replicate that consistently!
(1.96 MB 3648x2736 20210325_114551.jpg)

(1.90 MB 3648x2736 20210325_114531.jpg)

(1.04 MB 2944x2208 20210325_114252.jpg)

(1.07 MB 2944x2208 20210325_114135.jpg)

Do I need a change?
(1.85 MB 3648x2736 20210325_121224.jpg)

(8.04 MB 400x568 88366731.webm)

(10.35 MB 725x725 88732973.webm)

(10.25 MB 700x700 88734757.webm)

(546.38 KB 500x500 88784999.webm)

This guy has been making some really nice messing animations: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/18824385
>>3030 These are pretty good. I’m especially happy that we’re seeing some little lolis filling their panties. These would be nice with added sound too. I’ll have to see if I can edit them in the coming days maybe
(417.29 KB 720x1280 Screenshot_2020-09-10_020012.jpg)

(29.24 KB 720x720 IMG_20210613_063718_042.jpg)

(4.86 MB 4032x1860 20210121_003634.jpg)

(4.85 MB 1280x720 20210121_004216.mp4)

(25.32 KB 854x480 131674251284.jpg)

(34.84 KB 700x393 133172864851.jpg)

(88.55 KB 565x755 131649579982.jpg)

(150.66 KB 1504x1000 131674219613.jpg)

(89.32 KB 768x1024 1405902027671015431_1.jpg)

(82.93 KB 768x1024 1405902027671015431_2.jpg)

(282.62 KB 1352x1800 1402458475897049096_1.jpg)

(3.25 MB 720x964 1388363778123730945_1.mp4)

me in goodnite/eazy ups am a guy hope thats ok
(12.50 MB 1280x720 20210617_000045.mp4)

(943.60 KB 2616x4096 E4X_GJ7UcAcWp5y.jpeg)

(907.64 KB 2616x4096 E4X_HvKVoAUOYgB.jpeg)

(1.30 MB 4011x5111 85231472_p1.png)

(157.10 KB 1073x1239 EjqsSwTVcAA2tuG.jpeg)

(337.94 KB 1480x1409 Shamiko.png)

>>3854 sauce?
(1.50 MB 4032x1860 20210616_233721.jpg)

>>3854 >>3867 That diaper looks amazing with that skirt. Very nice, anon! >>3863 Love the artstyle on the first two.
(1.80 MB 4032x1860 20210620_010350.jpg)

(1.78 MB 4032x1860 20210620_010031.jpg)

>>3868 ty. they are cuddlz nursery diapers. sadly they are a discontinued print. but i still have 6 packs of them to go through.
>>3880 Luckily I think you would look good in any diaper haha. Hope to see more stuff from you, thanks for sharing.
(1.16 MB 3296x1520 20200625_003516.jpg)

>>3887 lemmy check my folder...
>>3897 Sounds like someone has a poopy butt
>>3888 >>3880 >>3854 wow you are very cute, post more
>>3899 getting padded later tonight. so may have more piks.
(1.65 MB 4032x1860 20210624_000307.jpg)

(1.64 MB 4032x1860 20210624_000547.jpg)

(1.74 MB 4032x1860 20210624_002349.jpg)

(1.59 MB 4032x1860 20210624_002419.jpg)

(17.29 MB 1280x720 20210624_003043.mp4)

halp i needs a change TwT
(1.60 MB 4032x1860 20210624_004122.jpg)

rate my battle station UωU
>>3903 Ngl I came really hard to your squish of that mess
>>3905 LEWD .>,<.
(103.91 KB 1360x1237 Esz70tSU0AIZvNZ.png)

>>3904 Cute Astolfo.
>>3906 The squishy sounds paired with such a cute diaper-wearer made it impossible not too!
>>3908 O////O b-baka!
>>3907 i had pre-ordered it for 8 months in advance £60
>>3910 >diapered tsundere Kawaii~
(1.90 MB 4032x1860 20200326_110036.jpg)

>>3907 i also have astolfo plush OωO
>>3903 very cute again, filled diapers just look so good on you
>>3907 Thats an incredibly adorable image. How would you describe that? Cheeky? silly? playful?
(628.35 KB 1600x1063 131627520654.jpg)

(34.84 KB 700x393 133172864851.jpg)

(112.09 KB 755x565 134493871313.jpg)

(65.54 KB 664x1000 137078271780.jpg)

(88.81 KB 590x720 137613742461.jpg)

>>3916 Playful I think. She's pointing it out but she's not all too serious about it.
>>3924 I always loved that last picture. Something about the angle and the smile.
(1.10 MB 1860x2448 20210627_235426 - Copy.jpg)

(1.64 MB 4032x1860 20210627_235713.jpg)

(1.01 MB 1860x2384 20210628_010106 - Copy.jpg)

(1.07 MB 3296x1520 20210628_010233.jpg)

(1.86 MB 4032x1860 20210628_010333.jpg)

new content!
(1.30 MB 4032x1860 20210628_010441.jpg)

(2.05 MB 4032x1860 20210628_010559.jpg)

(1.66 MB 4032x1860 20210628_010649.jpg)

>>3943 cont...
>>3943 >>3944 Cute overalls!
>>3943 >>3944 That's a very cute outfit.
trying to work out what i should wear tonight to make content with. surgestions?
>>3949 Have anything like a sundress? Really anything cutesy would be very nice. Either way I am looking forward to see what you choose. I have been fapping to this thread a lot lately haha
(1.10 MB 1860x2492 20210628_233156 2.jpg)

(985.59 KB 1860x2452 20210628_233302 2.jpg)

(1.06 MB 1836x2792 20210628_233333 2.jpg)

(1.69 MB 4032x1860 20210628_233542.jpg)

(1.63 MB 4032x1860 20210628_233422.jpg)

Im a good girl pure of heart.
(1.70 MB 4032x1860 20210629_001258.jpg)

(1.63 MB 4032x1860 20210629_001127.jpg)

(1.63 MB 4032x1860 20210629_001336.jpg)

(1013.77 KB 1860x2136 20210629_001443 2.jpg)

(1.66 MB 4032x1860 20210629_002057.jpg)

>3951 .>,<. NU changies!
(7.45 MB 1280x720 20210629_001615.mp4)

>>3952 Only Squish!
>>3953 You are perfect. So cute! Can you do a set in just your diapies?
>>3953 >>3952 >>3951 Cute outfit choice tonight. I have been enjoying these a lot!
>>3954 maybe in a couple of days. >>3955 the 3rd one is a vid
(1005.24 KB 1860x2672 20210701_001502 - Copy.jpg)

(1002.96 KB 1860x2500 20210701_001528 - Copy.jpg)

(1.63 MB 4032x1860 20210701_001556.jpg)

(1.67 MB 4032x1860 20210701_001655.jpg)

(1.61 MB 4032x1860 20210701_001708.jpg)

>>3954 >Can you do a set in just your diapies? sure :D
(1.65 MB 4032x1860 20210701_010308.jpg)

(1.10 MB 3296x1520 20210701_010246.jpg)

(8.74 MB 1280x720 20210701_010703.mp4)

>>3969 am sorry i couldn't hold it .>,<.
>>3969 >>3970 you look just like a baby! don't worry about not being able to hold it, i'm sure you love being in a messy diaper anyway :3
>>3970 you made me spray nut all over my shirt, fuck you.

(6.35 MB 720x1280 uh-ohhhhh trimmed.mp4)

(1.93 MB 1280x720 phew~.mp4)

>>3969 Fuck you are cute
>>3944 God damn, those overalls are cute, where'd you get them from?
>>4012 https://www.baby-pants.com/shortall.php i took off the lable off the back so i can wear there out as normal cloaths.
>>4008 thankyou~
(1.02 MB 1860x2856 20210709_005054 - Copy.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1860x2940 20210709_010924(0) 2.jpg)

(1.53 MB 4032x1860 20210709_005240.jpg)

(1.60 MB 4032x1860 20210709_005223.jpg)

(1.57 MB 4032x1860 20210709_011018.jpg)

new content, i got me a Japanese summer sailor dress. OωO
>>4022 >new content Great stuff! You're really cute.
>>4022 where's the vid?
(1.36 MB 1860x3240 20210715_005125 - Copy.jpg)

(1.69 MB 4032x1860 20210715_005159.jpg)

(1.29 MB 1860x3148 20210715_005328 - Copy.jpg)

new content. tartan dress edition! dry 1/3
(1.86 MB 4032x1860 20210715_011414.jpg)

(1.69 MB 4032x1860 20210715_011528.jpg)

(1.91 MB 4032x1860 20210715_011638.jpg)

>>4050 oopsie! 2/3
(8.30 MB 1280x720 20210715_012605.mp4)

>>4051 it's squishey~ .>,<. 3/3
(1.27 MB 1860x2860 20210716_004756 - Copy.jpg)

(1.27 MB 1860x2936 20210716_004842 - Copy.jpg)

(1.68 MB 4032x1860 20210716_004920.jpg)

(1.17 MB 3296x1520 20210716_005008.jpg)

i was told this mini skirt will be enough .>,<. hempf~ 1/3 - dry
(25.11 MB 1280x720 20210716_005431.mp4)

>>4057 Ah~ nu fair i couldn't hold on! *pout* 2/3 - messing
(1.30 MB 1860x3336 20210716_010905 - Copy.jpg)

(1.68 MB 4032x1860 20210716_010947.jpg)

(1.67 MB 4032x1860 20210716_011041.jpg)

(1.75 MB 4032x1860 20210716_011336.jpg)

(18.74 MB 1280x720 20210716_011153.mp4)

>>4059 shhh keep this a secret from mummy... i dont think she'll notice~ 3/3 squish~
>>4057 >>4059 >>4060 Fucking succubus
>>4063 *pout* Im a good girl pure of heart!
>>4068 Well good girls DO fill their diapees. But im not convinced on the whole "pure of heart" stuff, you little temptress.
I gave myself a small epsom salt enema a little bit ago, gonna see what happens...
>>4105 ummm... Something just happened. Like, s-something big. a-a lot bigger than normal... >///<
>>4111 I think that maybe I shouldn't sit down... That might be a... a bad idea.
>>4112 PICS
>>4113 I dont know how much you can see from the outside... It was, um... a lot mushier than I was expecting...
>>4114 >>4112 >>4111 >>4105 Well, that was certainly an experience. I wasn't expecting something that mushy. I do prefer solid or soft messes, but normally I would have been perfectly fine with this, except I was wearing a northshore supreme with a booster in it which A) probably isn't the most suited for containment and B) totally wasted the booster because I didn't have to pee as much as I thought I would despite drinking a lot of water. I ended up changing not long after. I was terrified I was gonna leak all over my chair, so I put down a puppy/bedwetting pad. It ended up being a good idea (only a tiiiny bit leaked though, but still). The first wave was a LOT softer than I was expecting. I had kind of lifted myself up and leaned forward since I dont really like it going up between my legs, but it went suuuper far up the back instead, like I just felt it rolling like a big bubble or something, it really surprised me. Probably 10 or 15 minutes later I had to go again, and I thought it would be a lot more firm... It wasn't really. This time I was standing up, so it all pretty much stayed right where it was though. I also managed to get a tiny rash on the tip of my, erm, parts. Wasn't even from the messy accident, since that didn't go that far up. I think it was just from rubbing against the front of the diaper...
>>4127 Pics of the rash, if it's okay with you? The idea of an ABDL getting a diaper rash is adorable to me, but there's never any pics shared of it for various understandable reasons.
>>4202 I have to admit I'm a bit curious too.
>>4202 sorry, its already cleared up, it only lasted about 36 hours. Basically it was just a little red patch on my glans.
>>4227 Ah well, glad it cleared up that fast.
>>4237 Do you post anywhere else besides here? If you have Twitter, I'd love to give you a follow.
>>4513 I have a twitter, but I mostly post stories and ideas, not actual image or video content of myself. I might post a wet diaper I took off at some point though.
>>4022 Cute
Hello, I'm a refugee of sorts from 8kun, hoping this site will be a little more unknown and by extension, a little less autistic. Just want to share some content and pick some up along the way. Here's my mega full of women messing and masturbating in diapers https://mega.nz/folder/VcFG1TiS#E2a0gEAc75nR2JkXXNOnew Guess we'll see if the DMCA folks lurk here as much as they do on 8kun.
>>6006 >this site will be a little more unknown Correct >this site will be a little less autistic Incorrect Thank you for sharing. Now go shag a dog.
>>6006 Lmao thanks for the fap material but this place is still super autistic
(28.94 KB 500x460 sweating pepe nervous.jpg)

>>6006 >a little less autistic Should we tell him?
>>6021 We'll let him convert to Islam by himself.
>>6008 >>6017 >>6021 Fair, I suppose I meant a little less of a low IQ kinda tism, kek. >>6008 >Now go shag a dog. Fugg, how did he know I'm a leaf.
>>6006 >a little less autistic Bad news, this place has become an islamic conversion board in the last month
(3.98 MB 270x314 1629087447470.gif)

>>6086 It's alright I'm a Christian, we can co-exist.
(985.01 KB 1100x1386 ClipboardImage.png)

Forgive me anons for I have sinned!
(850.64 KB 706x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.35 MB 850x1202 ClipboardImage.png)

(879.14 KB 720x900 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6100 same to you, christ-bro >>6102 when shadbase got face-revealed and exposed as a crackhead, I felt it was a way of revenge for that series of art
>>6102 >I have sinned! Kek, we all do.
>>6102 Do you think that the nun spanked the heresy out of her?
>>6134 Maybe, also the pic needs a diaper edit.
>>6086 >>6100 lul abrahamoids

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