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locked and padded (chastity) 02/05/2022 (Sat) 13:28:14 No. 8888
Cumming is a privilege reserved for big boys and girls! (chastity Tread) Boys, Girls, sissies and anything you've got as long as they're safely locked away like good sissies should be!
(110.28 KB 1280x720 bdsmlr-817635-0ojVQTeF7J.jpg)

(71.33 KB 500x600 bdsmlr-817635-jN2xqjwBd2-og.jpg)

(186.15 KB 1280x848 bdsmlr-817635-KIS4lsrULc-og.jpg)

(410.37 KB 1280x960 bdsmlr-817635-I8SxJfmYiS-og.jpg)

(423.22 KB 1920x1080 bdsmlr-817635-3EX5wWQi0j.jpg)

(348.27 KB 640x480 7zzh1hwh4wf61.png)

(401.06 KB 1746x2378 bdsmlr-65173-Yb3UtvTkLn.jpg)

(416.10 KB 1080x1920 bdsmlr-18719-UjqJPY0KtV.jpg)

(2.10 MB 3468x4624 bdsmlr-268212-Oc6qhmfIc7.jpg)

(64.97 KB 540x720 bdsmlr-817635-7hrAOJJRfA-og.jpg)

(172.72 KB 800x1080 bdsmlr-817635-uYeHVIAyKg.jpg)

(241.00 KB 1105x960 bdsmlr-817635-zBNVlBq9bo-og.jpg)

(256.39 KB 1920x1080 bdsmlr-817635-LDeORAFLSr-og.jpg)

(213.65 KB 858x1144 bdsmlr-817635-P3OwOovGwl.jpg)

>>8888 I'm an idiot I meant to say littles not sissies
(3.07 MB 2000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(760.71 KB 1316x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.18 MB 1200x950 ClipboardImage.png)

(154.70 KB 763x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(862.18 KB 810x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8896 You also put your subject in the name feel dumb bab Still have some artwork.
>>8889 Sauce? looks really good
>>8895 Perfect, chastity and diapers are under underappreciated combo
>>8923 its Natalie Mars in a clip by ageplay247 its called "Natalie Mars is in Chastity, diapered and bound by rope" its up on clips4sale but I cant find it leaked anywhere.
>>8954 You can find leaked Natalie Mars stuff via xnxx at times but it is an absolute nightmare searching
I'm caged and plugged full-time, I also wear full-time. Makes me feel much happier like this. And I'm not gay either.
>>8987 >I'm caged and plugged full-time Then how do you shit and pee anon? :^) On an unrelated note, isn't diapers and chastity the best way to get into nofap?
>>8987 I have to take the stopper out of my backdoor if I feel like shitting. Since I started wearing 24/7, I've followed a rule I set for myself, which is that whenever I feel the need, I have to go. This is for peeing and shitting too. So, I'm incentivized to wear the plug, especially when I'm out in public or (especially) going for a swim (I live near a beach). Why do I need an incentive? Because my bum can get a bit achey, because I'm doing anal training (I go up a size every three months--doing it very slowly, this way, I haven't had any anal fissures or hemorroids). I have noticed a decrease in control when not wearing my plug, which I think contradicts the theory that anal never causes loss of continence :P In terms of peeing, wearing a cage is no obstruction to peeing, as long as it is open enough at the end. I've been experimenting with catheters and leg bags too, just for fun. >On an unrelated note, isn't diapers and chastity the best way to get into nofap? I agree, I've been doing nofap for a while. Even diapers alone act as a chastity belt to some extent, making it harder to fiddle with yourself down there I have an obsessive personality, with some trauma around toilets, so I love regulating to the hilt the way I go, and the rules I have, and I've been like this since I was a kid. Perhaps wearing 24/7 and having a rule that makes me expel, is one way to get around this rigidity lol
>>9025 Got any recommendations for anyone looking to start wearing a cage for the first time? Like even wear to buy as well?
(37.42 KB 640x449 yu7wbku3bzu71.jpg)

>>9025 >>8987 Ok how do you no fap with this? I inevitably get too horny and take off my cage.
>>9063 Is that leaking pre? I'm diamonds
>>9063 I get the same issue. Takes a long time of wearing till the cage loses is horny edge. I'm finally at that point where I can wear all day without getting erections
>>9028 >Got any recommendations for anyone looking to start wearing a cage for the first time? Just look on Reddit lol, I don't have any special advice. (Well, one bit of advice, make sure you super-clean your cage daily if you mess like I do. Even if the actual cage itself looks clean you could have microscopic shit particles which could cause a harmful UTI >>9063 Is this you? And to answer your question, you simply have to not fap, however hard it is (so to speak). It's difficult when you haven't cum in weeks but that's the life you chose so you need to become used to it. You'll find you have chronic wet dreams if you follow this advice. You'll also cum prematurely, so be careful! If you wear like I do, it doesn't matter if you have a bit of precum coming out, or even a whole load of cum. It's soaked up and just gets mixed with the shit and pee. That's one reason to wear diapers 24/7!
>>9082 Just another thing to add: if you go down the route of unpotty training that will have an effect on your sexual stamina (I believe because the pelvic floor muscles become generally weakened but I'm not absolutely sure, not a doctor). It's common for incontinent people to pee or even shit when they orgasm, both for men and women, but I'm not at this stage. Just look up 'sex' on health forums for incontinent people to see evidence of this. Lots of people talking about how to protect your bed, how to explain it to potential partners etc etc. Can be somewhat managed by just having enema before sex Would be interesting if it was the reverse, you would cum whenever you shit or pee lol
>>9082 How long have you been wearing 24.7?
(3.19 MB 5000x3125 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.85 MB 2996x3094 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.48 MB 2846x2089 ClipboardImage.png)

(165.01 KB 889x650 599383752.jpg)

(215.21 KB 900x1070 818973721.jpg)

(199.46 KB 900x1200 1224441342.jpg)

(169.41 KB 1200x900 1657384609.jpg)

(119.32 KB 768x1024 2121065806.jpg)

(104.93 KB 1024x768 2094538381.jpg)

(89.46 KB 768x1024 1053928163.jpg)

(165.24 KB 900x1200 1054730767.jpg)

(211.78 KB 1268x1080 bdsmlr-465916-SanB8C8mJ6-og.jpg)

>>9290 That's a cute pair of undies
>>9129 Since end of 2017
>>9299 Who's this pretty sissy in images 2 & 3?
I don’t usually like dudes but something about a smooth ass, caged cock and diapers makes me rock hard. I wish I could try this one day. Not sure if it would be the same without a key-holder though.
>>9316 Subconsciously your mind knows they're not real dudes. It's part of the allure
>>9303 How do you remove hair down there if you wear all the time? I've tried waxing but it was too painful to do again
>>9316 Well back in the day you used to get gelded boys and eunuchs who made to be "girls" without any of the downsides. It is often seen as barbarism but in reality they tended to have much better lives and quality of living, far greater than the average anon could hope to achieve. Maybe that baby sized peepee thread is onto something. Mean if a boy is only going to have a tiny manhood maybe it be better if it was removed and they can enjoy life as a baby girl?
>>9670 I use depilatory cream and shave once a week, but it's far from ideal. Waxing is the way to go if you can handle the pain. Some people use laser treatment, but that's expensive and irreversible.
Does anyone have the caption story of wife who keeps her husband in chastities and slowly shrinks his penis to a little nub?
>>8888 Diapers+chastity makes my dick diamonds but I've never been able to keep myself locked more than a day. Nobody atm who can hold my keys either. :( How do bros do it?
Anyone got a chastity cage recommendation? Preferably one that doesn't feel like it will tear my balls off? Or has anyone tried that one in the OP? What are the metal ones like?
>>9765 >>9770 I have the holy trainer knockoff. It's reasonably comfortable when I'm flacid but I'm a hardcore grower going from 1inch to 6. I have to unlock myself as it hurts too much. Takes lots of patience to train your dick to not get hard in the cage (at least not as hard). It's probably better left at fantasy for most people as my cage sits in a drawer 95% of the time
Anyone here been wearing for so long, they don't get erections anymore, when they're in a cage?
>>9776 Also a grower, I use the nub. Sudafed is awsome for helping keep boners down, and frustration high. When I have a half chub getting smothered I can never hold my piss and it makes me the drippiest baby.
(2.25 MB 640x360 1646515338573.webm)

i have no idea what the source is before anyone asks
>>9770 htv3 knockoffs can be good for price but might get one with raised edge that can cause irritation. I cannot recommend enough the birdlocked pico, being locked in spiked chastity, padded and tied down in your spare bedroom while your partner fucks someone else in your bedroom is an unforgetably cruel experience
>>9886 Seeing the cum just pour out of his little caged cock paired with that red little butt makes me cum buckets
>>9972 I think diapered cuck is an underappreciated combo
>>9684 Very true.
>>9886 Are there any downsides to cuming like that long term? That's basically the position my dick has been in when I cum. I'm not in chastity but I only cum in diapers and my dick is pointed down similar to that when I do so. My CG and I have talked about putting me in chastity but so far she hasn't gone through with it since diapers are basically a big white fluffy chastity cage anyway. I wear diapers 24/7 and haven't noticed any real problems yet, I just don't want to pull a muscle down there or end up with a permanent downward bend or something haha.
>>14068 You'd only get a bend or something if you use one of those long chastity cages that look like bird cages. If you use a small one like a holy trainer then you'll have no problems
Are AliExpress chastity cages worth it? I know I should spend on something a bit better but since I'm starting with this I'd rather buy something cheaper just so I don't feel I've squandered my money.
>>15861 They are fine. The plastic ones will break soon but at least will let you try it out plus if you do like it then you can get some more to figure out what kind you like. my favorite cage it a cheap metal one off ebay.
>>15861 I got two different ones, I dont know if I have a weird anatomy or what but the rings are either really shitty and my nut slip out OR its too tight and they hurt me. I tried two different plastic cages, one of them had a round-circular ring the other had a round-flat ring, both of them shit honestly. I was thinking about getting a metal one, with a urethra tiny hose but I am starting to believe that simply chastity might not be for me.
>>15861 I've gone jogging, sleeping in and diaper humping in a cheap $25 chasity cage off Ebay without any issues for a month. Had to take mine off after a week of continuous wearing because the plastic was digging into my skin and causing some bruising. Since it was cheap I didn't mind taking a dremel and sandpaper to it to minimize the skin pinching so the cheap cages are a good way to see what works for you. Also when deciding to splurge in a expensive cage make sure you aren't planning in losing any significant amount of weight because I've read doing so will affect how the cage fits you. Also to the anons that said that chasity cages were good for nofap were liars because it ended up cutting down my nofap streak from almost a month to just now less than a few weeks. They make you more sensitive down there so just a small amount of wet diaper humping is enough to make you pyu. I've heard using a belt and cage does a better job at stopping you from getting a boner while wearing but I was pretty close to flaccid when I came so I doubt that would work for me.
>>15980 I came to the same conclusion, chastity was a fantasy of mine but the reality of it was the cage was uncomfortable, erections sucked and I immediately wanted to take it off and masturbate to the thought of being locked in a cage. I decided it was best to just leave it be
>>9281 >2 AM >About to fall asleep with mommy at my side >For no reason at all, muffled lullabies start being emitted from my crotch, waking her up angrily >Get put into the cuck crib JUUUUUUUUUUUST
I'm looking for this one video about a guy being put in chastity and diapers after cheating on his wife, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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