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(22.89 KB 400x437 question-mark.jpg.cf.jpg)

QTDDTOT nodev 05/15/2020 (Fri) 20:12:23 Id: 1a6cc9 No. 7
>Ask questions that are probably better asked on the active >>>/v/ thread instead of here >Receive answers
Is there actually anybody here? This shit seems dead as fuck. I'm too /nodev/ to actually post anything worthwhile, so I'm wondering if we have activity around here.
>>9 There's a thread on /v/ here, as well as on zchan. I think those are the two bunkers right now. Julay was one and then its /v/ went through two planes. The threads were always more active than the board.
>>10 >>9 It's also somewhat risky to use the site/board as a means of archival what with the deplatforming and such. The wiki is probably the best thing to use
(44.36 KB 660x520 ClipboardImage.png)

(43.59 KB 589x586 ClipboardImage.png)

Not a question but a tip, if you use Blender here's a thing I found for making it easier for putting in real measurements faster than having to hit a key to go into advanced input bullshit like second pic related. It's useful for doing architectural in imperial and so forth for me.

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