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little girls anime

Royal Garden Anonymous 05/05/2021 (Wed) 18:39:38 No. 164
cafe, longue discussion about the board
(2.82 MB 1920x1080 Meta topic 1.png)
Court is in session for future recruitment
Current discussion Picking place to advertise our boards to, whether they are worth educating or not and where we should draw the line Future schedule mid June: see if at least 3 new people stick around. If not I will start guerilla marketing
Edited last time by ainon on 05/18/2021 (Tue) 11:38:54.
>>159 >steeped in political correctness. I was in youtube shipping video of Yuri on Ice and Bang Dream. These are people who wince at the thought of people shipping a sister (and funnily make me look how much we fall when incest is just normal to imageboard community). If they can’t take at least incest, they are not ready. I can’t explain it but this is different than gatekeeping. >>161 >I don't care as long as they're willing to learn and genuinely participate Not about lurker. I hope I don't mistake you for the other person but if you are >>155 , you should know about parasites and griefers. Aka people who keep sticking to thread just to make things bad for everyone else. With them as consideration, we won’t open up directly to 4/ai/
Edited last time by ainon on 05/08/2021 (Sat) 03:49:55.
Recap of our discussion so far (the situation in future might change from what you read now) At first BO (that’s me) wants to bring some posters from /4/ai here. Added users is just a bonus, not necessity. This was BO’s full initial plan on 4chan and other imageboard’s prospect and arguments against and for using: https://pastebin.com/Y8fwDJYf First thing is the perceived state of this board. Are we just slow or stagnate? 1 poster argue that being slow is not a problem since 3 of us are certain to post each month. The other poster concern that “Single digit PPH is stagnation and inevitable death” So the next things we came up is place for recruiting people from wikia in internet (danbooru, wikia, other chans, forums etc) (still discussed). Arguments against and for using wikia (or other softie places) -majority of wikia are “actual teenage girls steeped in political correctness” +other poster gives them a little more credit for reaching into /ai/ franchise, hoping that in time they will get used to it (with the current idea let’s put recruitment specifically on wikia on hold) So to satisfy both thinking on how to add somewhat polished poster without tracking the mud here. BO’s should invite from other place and guide them in this board (and hopefully they will stick around) while keeping the culture the same
Edited last time by ainon on 05/18/2021 (Tue) 11:39:23.
Future idea (June and beyond) >spreading breadcrumbs in E-H gallery -a small portion of people who found our clue can still talk about it and bring it to 4chan. Since most of people there enjoy non-h portion of fandom >posting about us in 4's Pretty Cure thread when it is in page 10 and halfway died -even bigger chance of getting find out since it is directly next to 4/ai/ +in my knowledge the problematic posters don’t cross thread (but it doesn’t mean they don’t lurk there) So I think of this a compromise: instead of in 4/a/ main idol thread, I can post in their Precure thread about 8chan anime board (or the newly founded Ojamajo Doremi board), siphoning their user to 8chan. And when 1 of them make thread there, thats where we reel them in. Of course they might flat out ignore me or stay in 8/a/ instead of going to us +doesn’t directly point to us -the thing about being vague with your clue is they might not make it to even 8chan (or went to wrong 8chan aka 8kun) Rejected ideas >blogging thread I meant it as a way for single user to keep a log of his thought but I guess that would defeat the purpose of Anonymous IB >talk about /ai/ in the 4chan threads without saying that it's on 8chan.moe I tried. They are too dense if I don't say it to their face. Even when I post a youtube as 2nd post in a character birthday thread no one bother checking my link in the youtube comment.
(1.38 MB 2515x1537 76429041_p3.jpg)
(117.58 KB 1247x257 later (TM).jpg)
For diversifying topic/content beyond weekly discussion BO prepared something but it have to wait until either we are sure we won’t recruit 4/a/ (which at fastest June or Juli). OR if 4chan/a/ accidentally make their way here (from a leaked intel or wherever) I will wait another 2-3 months, hoping they got bored.
I had a look at a 4chan /ai/ thread and it didn't seem as bad as you made it sound But maybe that shitposter you refer to wasn't there in the thread
Long time lurker here. I found this board while browsing /kind/. To this day I'm not sure what to post. Is it okay to have a thread dedicated to (re)posting Twitter / Pixiv fanarts?
>>206 Go right ahead anon.
>>206 Really yes!
(57.82 KB 1487x666 Safe o Meter.png)
I don't know if I want this to be taken seriously or not
>>213 According to what this guy says here https://www.deviantart.com/kasuga39/art/PreCure5-in-swimsuits-61574661 it's official policy to never go above 3 on that scale. How awfully uptight!
>>214 I'm certain this is not the case any longer, if it ever was. Precure have been in swimsuits before. I distinctly remember Hugtto having an episode where Hana was swimming around. I think the only actual 'rule' regarding swimsuits is whether or not they are sexualized in any way. Since it's Pretty "permaflat" Cure, you can imagine how it goes.
I will start telling people I recruit that they can use their own language if they reply that they can't use english.
I speak for myself that this either could lead to “half-assedly choosing everything” or realizing “none of the options are interesting ” Back in March I hit the panic button because Aikatsu Planet and Prichan are halfway and the plot is kicking top gear. 3 months later the additional posters ended up came from smug (and 1 from Discord). In negative tone: why do I even panic in the first place? I sound desperate but inviting people turned out more difficult task than it looks like.

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