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little girls anime

Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 16:17:53 No. 46
Despite getting separated, the stars shined their light bright to let each other know they were well Laugh, dress and dancing together with /ai/ Idle Activities
(178.30 KB 1048x587 every year.jpg)
We are back to tradition
This feel like a Kamen Rider scene
Their faint smile and different gaze make it look like they went separate way and will fight each other now
(101.12 KB 768x432 Royal-Demons-Groupie-768x432.jpeg)
>a girl who isn’t good at talking or looking at people straight in the eye. She searches for true love with her friends by her side Nijinosaki-san
People realize this is not Aikatsu
I wish the animated portions of Aikatsu Planet were longer. While I've since gotten used to the 3D part and believe myself to be about as unbiased as I can be now, I still think the anime is better acted and overall funner. It's a little strange seeing accompanying anime sound effects, direction/cinematography, and convention used for and with entirely real women. Not only that, but the cast tends to voice act considerably better than they normally act. Mao, for example, is better as Hana than herself. Compounding the issue is that acting is inherently limiting. I believe the director fully recognizes that it'd destroy the budget and be patently ridiculous for Mao to start swinging around axes, scaling mountains, riding ostriches, or any number of the crazy things they call Aikatsu training, and so shunts all of that to the animated bits. To say nothing of the capability of the actors themselves even doing any of that. It all lends itself to an incongruent feel between the two segments, which is probably a really bad thing since they're trying to sell the impression that Aikatsu Planet, both the place and the show, is not only like an extension of the real world the actors are in, but also serves as more of the same good ole franchise we know and love. As the show goes on, I'm beginning to think, despite best efforts, they've failed at merging the two. It's not Aikatsu. It's nu-Aikatsu, and while I don't think it's bad by any means, it's still not what I originally signed up for. Perhaps it'll get better at selling this impression as it goes on, or perhaps the experiment will "fail" and we'll go back to normal Aikatsu for the next go about. Either way, all I can definitely say is that An is a shit actress both in character and animated (I also hate her character role.) She's so bad it infuriated me enough to go look up the actress, and to my utter disbelief I learned she was 14. I try to cut her some slack accordingly, but she's bad. Really bad. Also please increase the upload limit so I can post bigger pictures and potentially webms.
(2.85 MB 853x480 throwaway.webm)
It's like I'm actually watching little girls on youtube! This is a step in the right direction. Things like this is exactly the sort of highly relevant indisputably Aikatsu content that only the live action portions of the show can convey. They should definitely do more like this.
>>185 3,5 MB now
>>187 It's something, I guess. Don't be afraid to jack it right up though. Most boards shoot for 16 or 32 MB as the standard limitation nowadays.
Imagine being popular Shining Good ♥ Prichan
I will watch Planet 19 this week. For now I'm ureshi there are 4 of us
>>199 Me as Luea
>>200 I'm still in episode 7 of Jewelpet Lady. Can you write synopsis for it >>65?
(397.11 KB 1448x1856 1575316319462.jpg)
How tf do I bulk download files on this site? None of what I regularly use works.
For viewer this foreshadow something. but from Melody pov Hera just do her usual gigs calling them peasants. I think if they don't prepare Hera to be sympathetic to Melody from now it would be rough writing later. Also the first thing I thought is printer trio
This is how you know you are watching little girl show
>kagaaku mirai dakishimete Damm we are taking from Hugtto now
Imagine is she hadoken them
>Prichan Mirai's catchphrase 2018 /ai/ come full circle
What's next for Aikatsu? I'm a bit out of the loop since I've been occupied for about a month, only to recently learn Planet is wrapping up within the week. Did it bomb? Are they going back to 2D only?

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