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2D idols (and their seiyuu I guess). prichan-aikatsu, idolm@ster, love live, precure, bang dream

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meta explanation thread Anonymous 04/28/2022 (Thu) 14:49:17 No. 629
for newcomer who want to learn about terminology or local meme It get weird (and lewd) later but it will be fun
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/ai/ = Idle Activities don't ask why it isn't called IA
-/ai/ To explain about /ai/ let’s start with our 3 core franchises and its base in other forum Jewelpet is an arcade game by Sanrio and promoted via countless Jewelpet anime adaptation I don’t know about which one founded first but, Dear My Future (2012) was co-subbed by a group named /ai/. also in 2012 our core show, Aikatsu start airing (2/5 idol generals from /vg/ are made by Bandai. Surely you’ve heard of it? ). At that time the rival company (Takara Tomy) was doing the equivalent of Madoka and trying to make darker idol anime. For whom? I don’t know but thanks Divine Idol they moved on. In 2014 after getting clear demographic they launch Pripara and goes head to head against Aikatsu >so what is /ai/ /ai/ is the name of general thread in /ai/ about shows aimed at little girl demographic. At the time of its conception, little shows that can’t survive on its own banded together in 1 thread so they can talk about it instead of dying in page 10 alone. inside the thread we refer to “/ai/ shows” as series within the spectrum >why I never heard of it Honestly despite its 24/7 nature, the thread is somewhat obscure*. I watched Aikatsu since the end of 2014 but never encountered Aikatsu thread until early 2016
Edited last time by ainon on 05/04/2022 (Wed) 18:27:52.
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if you aren’t aware already idol-based anime are looked down among western community who against the idea of idol. Anime who use 3DCG also got associated with either low quality production or “off putting” against 2D purist who, well, think 2D is the only way to go. People who like idol anime are in middle of that venn diagram. But as opposed to more realistic Idolm@ster, bittersweet of Love Live or happy go luck nature of Bangdream, we are people who like the fantasy world aimed at younger audience. The border when magic and future tech allows for wonkier stuff and beyond of usual plausibility. As for the people themselves just look at these pics
>>636 wtf that little girl is from Bisque Doll
(82.61 KB 500x500 Yuu-chan, da mon.jpg)

>Is "x" ai? Aikatsu, Pripara, Jewelpet, Shugo Chara, Cocotama, Kamen Rider, idol group who sing in our shows, random irl idol who got anime promo, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi, Korean anime, Mymelo, yokai watch, Princess Comet, Princess Tutu, shoujo manga, Regal Acadmy (Italy), Winx Club, Pokemon Throughout years shows that residents like become ‘honorary /ai/ shows’ and get accepted into thread. Love Live and Idolm@ster are considered tomodachi, Precure is our sister thread Zombieland Saga isn’t /ai/ even though it is an idol show and got a “blue twintail character who died and voiced by our seiyuu”

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