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Comfy Fall/Halloween Thread Bakanon 10/03/2021 (Sun) 04:19:02 No. 2807 [Reply]
It's getting cool at night now and the leaves are turning, how is everyone enjoying fall? Watching any spooky movies? Baking any treats? Carving any pumpkins?
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I like the fall, the only downside is it's right when flu season starts so I always end up getting sick for like a week every year. Aside from trick or treating and carving pumpkins as a kid (which I grew out of pretty quickly) I never had any regular traditions. A lot of anons on /v/ mention they play a certain game like F.E.A.R. or Silent Hill yearly, so I might start doing something like that. When I was younger though I remember Cartoon Network would always air Scary Godmother a million times during Halloween. It's really cheaply animated and not that great but it always felt like a nice counterpart to all the extremely scary, high-energy Halloween specials and horror movies that'd bloat the airwaves. Plus I like the witch lady. >>2814 The late 80's/early 90's were such a cool fucking time. Maybe the vignette and vintage fade make it all feel extra nostalgic but whatever, it always looks so memorable and genuine. Plus it's when a lot of great horror films came out: Nightmare on Elm Street, The Fly, Nightmare Before Christmas...
(39.45 KB 425x600 d0.2195835.jpg)

(303.38 KB 1158x1196 kakai.jpg)

What's /c/'s favorite kind of pumpkin? I'm rather fond of these although unfortunately they aren't for pies and end up making somewhat nonstandard jack-o-lanterns.
(1.01 MB 1500x1500 black light.jpeg)

Why is it so difficult to find a functioning incandescent black light? The last several that I've gotten have ZERO fluorescence. Did they forget how to make them?

(392.81 KB 2600x2700 1520620244366.jpg)

Really stupid mistakes you have made Bakanon 05/12/2021 (Wed) 02:20:09 No. 519 [Reply]
>1 month ago >decide to buy an external HDD to free space on my PC >move a truckload of files I haven't used in a while but still want to keep (old documents, music I almost never listen to, family photos, old games) >"do you want to encrypt the HDD?" >click yes because doing it made me feel like a haxxor >write complex password I have never used before to increase the haxxor mood >don't write a hint or set up a way to recover it to make sure nobody sees my shit >forget about the HDD and its content <1 month later >want to play an old game >connect old HDD to PC >"Please enter the password" >... >shit >FUCK >can't remember the password >none of the passwords I usually use work

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>get new CPU fan because it had been running hot on the stock one >undo the screws on the old fan >pull gently >it won't come out >pull more forcefully >still stuck >pull forcefully while jiggling >pops out >turn over CPU <BENT PINS >ohfuckohshit >carefully use tiny screwdriver to put them back in place >continue as if nothing happened, heart racing >while cleaning off crusty thermal grease I accidentally touch the pins with a cotton swab >wisps of cotton in the pins >realize I'm probably fucked at this point as I carefully remove the cotton >eventually get new cooler and CPU installed

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(436.58 KB 720x720 hellmans brand cpu paste.mp4)

>>2852 I built my current (first) PC on a budget following a guide and I'm only partially terrified of what I might fuck up when I decide to upgrade or make a new one or what I might have fucked up with this one and just don't know yet. Thankfully that was a few years ago now so if anything was going to burst into flames it should have happened by now.
(55.28 KB 166x402 1517699519976.png)

>>2831 "Arr rook the same" isn't just a meme. I have a hard time telling people apart and remembering them, and I suffer every time somebody asks me about somebody whose face or name I don't even remember. >>2852 >>2856 I once tried to look smart in front of my old parents by disassembling their laptop to clean its insides and replace the cpu paste, but only made a mess after mess. For starters, I forgot the position of the screws and accidentally put large ones in places where they shouldn't be, causing them to pierce the case (I said it was in purpose because the original screw was damaged and I had to replace it with whatever I could find in order to continue), while losing a couple of other ones. I also scratched the case multiple times and broke a couple of locks trying to remove the keyboard, connected the HDD wrong without noticing it (causing the laptop not to start and making me disassemble it again, piercing the case with another screw), dropped the CPU in the table (luckily nothing happened) and piercing even more parts of the laptop with big screws. Luckily the laptop managed to boot and even lowered its heat at the end, letting me save face and be praised for being a "tech expert" by those who didn't know how bad things really were.

(3.06 KB 128x128 1627095794103s.jpg)

Bakanon 08/27/2021 (Fri) 07:26:44 No. 2324 [Reply]
feel like shit, I met someone last week in a game and after we messaged on discord and began talking daily. she told me a lot and taught me new ways to see thing and made me think completely different about things it was such a nice experience but woke up today to being blocked and don't know what to do, thought I made a new friend but don't really know what to do now
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back to give an update, she messaged me again and gave me some thoughts and we spoke a bit but we've been friends again for another 2 weeks but it seems the same thing is going to happen again, I'll probably just have to give up on this friendship and move on thanks for the replies love u all
>>2808 >I'll just give up on friendship and move on Or maybe you can see how its going, why >she left for 2 weeks and try to be a better friend to her than >she was to you.
Kill yourself for using shitcord. At the very least, go back to cuckchan and never come back.

(1.56 MB 2048x1491 87402540_p20.jpg)

(2.77 MB 1677x2451 87402540_p21.jpg)

(5.92 MB 3305x2329 87402540_p14.jpg)

(1.71 MB 2000x2000 87289098_p9.png)

(584.31 KB 2456x3484 85384879_p1.jpg)

What show/cartoon/movie/anime have you watched recently? Bakanon 05/02/2021 (Sun) 18:33:20 No. 412 [Reply]
Just finished watching both seasons of Hilda (pics related). Its a really cute and wholesome cartoon about a little girl going in (mis)adventures with her friends and dealing with creatures from European folklore and myths (witches, ghosts, trolls that turn into stone, goblin-like guys that kidnap naughty children and fed them to an ogre, giant worms, vikings, etc). Really enjoyable show, which is a real oddity because Netflix only produce ugly garbage almost all the time.
12 posts and 13 images omitted.
(639.94 KB 1000x1000 89164628_p1.jpg)

>Star Trek Insurrection movie It was kinda dumb, and the effects were silly, but not a bad watch. we enjoyed it. "It was like a long episode" my bf said. Much more action-filled than a long episode, but yeah it did have a decent amount of that feeling in it. >Bring up great theory everything that happens after Picard enters the Nexus in the Generations movie happened inside the Nexus, he never left >explain how all the events can be related to Picard's issues and psyche >bf gets so offended he just gets up and leaves the room abruptly Star Trek Majora's Mask: Picard is Dead but that's just a theory A Trek Theory Do you think he's ever coming back?
If by "recent" you mean last thing I watched, Space Dandy was the last slides I actually kept up with. That came out like 6 years ago now, didn't it? There's a lot I've always wanted to watch, mainly older animation like Moomin and Lupin the 3rd. Not so many movies or TV shows though, most stuff that comes out today is just so samey or derivative it's not worth the time.
>Vroomiz Ughh, its really good.

(25.00 KB 280x280 DmSp1rLX4AAW-xa_(1).jpg)

The Little Things in Life Bakanon 09/20/2021 (Mon) 05:08:11 No. 2756 [Reply]
Sometimes very late and into the quiet hours of the night I can hear the train whistles blowing from the town a few miles over. It reminds me of the pleasant times I had in middle school closer to that town, and makes me feel a little more comfortable knowing out there beyond the endless darkness and crickets chirping there are other people, as far away as they may be. Are there any small pleasures that keep you going in the day? Tiny things that make you feel a little better or carry you home on a higher note?
1 post and 1 image omitted.
>>2757 Those moments are very nice. I personally don't like being around a lot of people and am always on edge so it's like a massive breath of fresh air when it happens. The few times I really did enjoy working at my old job were during very slow mornings and very late at night when almost no one was around and I could just shoot the shit with coworkers/managers or dick off doing crossword puzzles.
Making retards I hate angry.
Taking a walk out in nature, smelling the breeze, watching little insects or other animals go about their days, etc. Just being out in Creation with the sole intention of observing and basking in it is the most meaningful pleasure I've ever experienced. It makes life worth living.

(270.73 KB 512x512 seed01365_psi-0.3.png)

(241.89 KB 512x512 seed16904_psi-0.3.png)

(409.81 KB 512x512 seed16904_psi-0.9.png)

(279.82 KB 512x512 seed51148_psi-0.3.png)

(298.36 KB 512x512 seed51148_psi-0.5.png)

This Anime Does Not Exist Bakanon 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:37:39 No. 2500 [Reply]
https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/ is one of these sites that generate images using artificial intelligence, but in this case the AI creates "anime" pics. Most of the time it creates anime girls, but sometimes it creates manga pages, artwork and surreal art. It has a slider to control the AI's "creativity". At lower levels it'll make smooth images with a more defined shape, while at higher ones it will change the entire image into something surreal (or give everyone boobs). Moar examples: https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=04553 https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=16904 https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=01365 https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=51148
10 posts and 28 images omitted.
(432.59 KB 512x512 seed80567.png)

It's most fascinating when it tries recreating kana.
(351.10 KB 512x512 cyberpunk tomboy.png)

(255.29 KB 512x512 romance anime coveer.png)

(357.42 KB 512x512 delicious brown fighter waifu.png)

(244.09 KB 512x512 Is she even saying anything.png)

Some more interesting images I've found.

Dumb cute garbage Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 02:04:55 No. 21 [Reply] [Last]
Just DUMB stuff that is CUTE anyway
77 posts and 151 images omitted.
(193.59 KB 1080x1037 iamsodapressing_20201103_15.png)

>>1723 > everyone in the room died within 6 months Not quite. In both accidents only the person preforming the experiments died. One 9 days later and the other 30 days later. In one of the experiments a person was 2 or 3 feet away from the core and he lived several decades more. It's unsure if the prompt criticality contributed to his death or not.
>>647 Tgis is the best thing ever

Music at the end of the world. Bakanon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 01:45:05 No. 12 [Reply]
A thread for the songs that make you feel a strange feel.
16 posts and 25 images omitted.

(1.09 MB 948x1302 matthew7:13.jpg)

>>198 Thank you; I've probably listened to this song a couple thousand times and I've never realized what he was saying at that line. Do keep in mind that that album was dedicated to the lead singer's mother. Maynard has always dealt with religious topics in his lyrics, and we could probably thank her for that ("Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended"). Religion explores the human condition, the nature of existence, and when you explore those topics it's hard not to use religious language. Christian or otherwise. That's okay! Here's one from their latest album. A fitting track for the apocalypse and a good example of what I mean. Listen to the lyrics, and pay attention to the rise and fall of the tone in the music, as well as the key changes to give the song a touch of the transcendent. The song's theme not only covers the individual, but all levels life. From the lowliest cell to the various societies and zeitgeists of today and of history
FGFC820's Doctrine is pretty good. Not to mention instructive.
This song always hits me

(397.75 KB 960x720 space_comf.png)

Bakanon 06/19/2021 (Sat) 09:30:23 No. 1624 [Reply]
[comfy music] Kikoeru ka Kikoeru darou Harukana TODOROKIIIIIIII
6 posts and 4 images omitted.
Please enjoy this lovely song I discovered from watching Space Dandy, of all things. I wish more songs would include nice acoustic sections. Blur and Gorillaz are both pretty good at that kind of thing.
(4.88 MB 720x720 Cure for Pain.mp4)

What defines comfy music to you? A pleasant melody, soft vocals, optimistic or benign lyrics? It sounds like a simple question but like a lot of things it's subjective to everyone. For me it'd probably be quieter, acoustic sounds. On the other hand, sometimes really nihilistic stuff like Nirvana or really heavy punk bands resonate with how I'm feeling and thinking, and that makes me feel comfy in a different way, like the comfort that comes from knowing someone else feels the same way you do. Here's a song that falls sort of in between those two. Is there anything you all like that's a little more out there? Reminds you of a good time, or someone you knew, or just puts you in a comfortable place?

(345.66 KB 3840x2160 bg.jpg)

Bakanon 05/27/2021 (Thu) 02:59:10 No. 994 [Reply]
Let's draw a map of 8chan, one country board at the time. I'm still not sure if the countries should be drawn according to their PPH or number of posts, or if the map should be fantasy themed (with kingdoms and weird areas) or look "modern" (with countries and unions), but let's see how it goes.
20 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>2323 Pretty cool way to reference the movie nights. >>2339 It's alright. It fits well with the tiki aesthetic of the board.
>>2339 Nah, it fits the look and aesthetic fine. That does make me wonder if any newer islands will incorporate other ones into them or make any minor alterations.
(129.04 KB 1600x700 Palau_header_WIDE_2.jpg)

>>2341 I based it on a collection of little islands in Palau's lagoon. I've always thought it was a really pretty setting.

(21.13 KB 583x293 1442596004166.png)

Bakanon 05/31/2021 (Mon) 14:29:41 No. 1106 [Reply]
I'm broke and unemployable, and ineligible for neet bux of any kind. What do?
14 posts omitted.
>>1129 >what language English. Are you... Turkish? Indian?
>>1130 >Indian? Hello, your computer has a virus?? I speak Spanish ¡hola, amigo!. I wanted to show you a YouTube channel about Dwarf Fortress, it's in Spanish, but I think he has some things in English: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7-alYOJyYEWMr01-90hcTg
rebolution :DDDD

(53.75 KB 700x525 1598087203809.jpg)

Thread for ads/shill/sponsored posts Profrssional Retard Board owner 08/16/2021 (Mon) 05:10:15 No. 2257 [Reply]
I've noticed several threads promoting various communities, and while I have no problem with others doing a little advertising with the intent to grow (as long as they don't resort to spam), I created this thread to keep the board from becoming a classified ad section. This is where any thread promoting another place will be moved, as well as the recommended place for future ads to be made.
6 posts and 2 images omitted.
ATTENTION FAGGOTS CAKE/V/ IS CUCKED BY KIKES (MARK) AND PONYFUCKING MANLETS. COME TO >>>/vv/. KIKES NEED NOT APPLY. >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/ >>>/vv/
>>2256 >Ponyfucking manlets wow rude, i dindu nuffin

(725.18 KB 680x383 Jiggle.gif)

Bakanon 06/14/2021 (Mon) 18:23:10 No. 1529 [Reply]
Some think God is evil and/or life is inherently wrong to allow to exist because it creates suffering unnecessarily. In short, there is no reason God needs to make life. God can make anything, why make something capable of suffering? But here's my position, secular and religiously applicable: Creation is fundamentally good. In infinite universes where creation is has no value and does not happen, nothing happens. Time has no meaning as there is nothing creating or changing. Nothing has a duration, nothing has consciousness to perceive of the universe. Only universes with creation can exist with any meaningful sense of 'exist'. Life need not be, and was not, the first thing to exist in almost any religion or interpretation of the universe. Many things existed first. In ever evolving complexity, more things can be created by god/the-universe for truly unfathomable spans of time until eventually life is made. All life that could not perceive the environment did not persist. All life that could, but did not react appropriately to it, did not persist. Experiencing a sense of danger was necessary for life to persist itself. With ever evolving complexity of life, the interpretation of danger evolved in complexity too. This may be essential to what makes life inherently good though, as our complexity allows our greatest trait: Creation. We are creations that can create. Not just that, we can perceive creations and abstract them to influence creations of our own. We were not made to suffer, we were made to create. Creating life was not creating suffering. Suffering is merely a byproduct of complex interpretation of the world around us, a vital component to persisting and creating. tl;dr Creation is inherently good because if it wasn't, there would be nothing. To value *anything* means creation is inherently good. Thus, because life can create things on their own, it is good to create life.
I am pretty ignorant on these religious/spiritual issues, but I agree that God was "good" (by human moral standards) in endowing living creatures like humans with the capacity to suffer and allow them to feel pain. This God probably knew that by endowing his creations with the gift of free will many of them would cause harm to their fellow man in exchange for personal gain (material good, advantageous positions or simple pleasure), and yet it reasoned that suffering this constant pain was a better outcome than taking away our consciousness and turning us into primitive creatures who only respond to base instincts, or worse, into flesh puppets who simply obey whatever their God wishes them to do, without even having the possibility of imagining a different situation than the one they find themselves in. This is why I thank whoever endowed humans with the gift of free will, for even though it causes an immeasurable amount of suffering, it saved us from a fate in my opinion far worse (the inability to think and feel at all). tl; dr: God preferred to see us suffer and evolve than to see us as inert and stagnant creatures in their own pit of ignorance, and that is good from our point of view.
Necessary suffering that makes you grow is good, but unnecessary suffering that doesn't seem to have a point is not. Therefore creation cannot be naturally good because it has too much unnecessary suffering. Take Candace Newmaker for example, there is literally no point in her dying a horrible death suffocating in her own vomit. Whatever God's plan if he exist and is wholly good might be, it does not justify making a girl suffer like that. It does not justify what happened to Junko Furuta. It does not justify the many children that are born just to suffer in African countries, nor does it justify a lot of unnecessary suffering in the world. The fact that we value reality does not make reality inherently good, it means merely that we perceive reality as inherently good. That perception is wrong, reality is not inherently good. Good and evil to begin with, are just creations of our perception. Reality cannot be called inherently good or evil. Good for whom? For you? For Junko Furuta? For your neighbour? Life might be good for you, but an absolute hell for someone else, both of those constitute reality. There is no good and evil in reality. Reality simply is, it is in itself a collection of different perceptions that make it up, which cannot be judged in such simple terms as good or evil. The most we can do is to make the best out of it we can, and love it no matter how it is. Because the one thing that is true about reality, is that its inescapable. You cannot cut yourself off from it and the pain that it brings with you. So you have to deal with it, to love even the most horrendous moments of your existence. You have to go constantly forwards saying "Yes" to the world. You will never reach this ideal completely, but there must be a point in your life where you look back at everything that has happened and you tell yourself "From all the things that have happened to me, I would not change even a slightest detail, I would go through it all again, if it meant just to live and to appreciate the things I have gotten".
>>1581 Even angels have free will, certainly enough to choose whether to serve God or turn against Him and become demons.

(36.59 KB 2560x1440 1617014531728.png)

(596.04 KB 2560x1440 1621383534369.png)

(1.17 MB 1920x1080 1620923211872.png)

(2.35 MB 1639x922 1620710125805.png)

(1017.85 KB 1920x1080 1618878303808.jpg)

Cute and Comfy Wallpapers Bakanon 05/19/2021 (Wed) 07:16:32 No. 649 [Reply]
Post your cutes and comfys desktops wallpapers.
17 posts and 60 images omitted.
>>2090 >he wants to be in the mass effect ending
(475.95 KB 1440x900 1284408787352.jpg)

(120.31 KB 2048x1152 26ad3e8748499552acab7273429f0061.jpg)

(1.19 MB 1920x1080 881490.jpg)

>>2090 Yeah, it's a lot of fun to mess around with and works fine as a sandbox but I'm really hoping some extra detail gets added like people and boats mulling around. Ambient noises, signs and names of places, maybe even little shops. >>2131 >not wanting to live in the same universe as the Asari
(96.81 KB 1920x1440 RjU0Arv_3x.png)

(93.68 KB 1950x1380 hY0efeX_3x.png)

I was able to enlarge two pixel art pics into wallpapers

Comfy Places Bakanon 07/08/2021 (Thu) 14:33:09 No. 1899 [Reply]
Post comfy places and comfy spaces. Where ideally would you like to live? Where do you see yourself relaxing? What time of day would you like to spend most of your time in? Post those images here.
7 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>1899 >ideal house: A 4-floored log cabin mansion spacious enough for 17 people. >ideal gf: Unlikely. >ideal source of income: None if eberrything is paid for me already >ideal country to live in: A private island kingdom with diverse weather patterns and ecosystems. Its name shall be Argyria. >ideal average day: I wake up with my 11 brothers and sisters at 6am every morning and have fun and play together until the sun goes down. We have 3 meals a day where we all congregate at 2 long 10-chair tables. We sometimes visit other houses around the kingdoms, where there are other housing styles, climates, and locales. Thanks to the advanced technology Argyria has, we never have to age or buy or worry about anything. The prince has hired 5 caretakers for each home in the kingdom, a head mommy and daddy with three working directly under them. Despite the fact that there are caretakers, we are still asked to help out often.
>>1899 >>1900 >>1901 >>1902 >>1903 Pretty much any place absolutely surrounded by nature I find incredibly comfy. It does sort of depend on the type of nature though, like I'd rate a place surrounded by forests, mountain plains, or the ocean shore a lot more comfy than places surrounded by desert, jungle, or badlands BUT I'd still put those over big cities or suburbs.
(87.38 KB 768x960 1542543415178.jpg)

(1.63 MB 2560x1600 rancho-gory-peyzazh-priroda.jpg)

>>2200 >Ideal house A multi-generational home, a four bedroom, two and a half bath, with kitchen, dining, and living room. Enough space for me to have a large family while also letting my grandparents stay so they can leave Ohio. Wide backyard so I can start a small garden and maybe have some chickens and goats. >Ideal gf Preferably a White woman I would meet at my church, although I wouldn't mind a cute, socially-awkward girl I could meet at an anime convention >Ideal source of income Working part time to cover basics. Using my spare time to do some freelance work (commissions, contract) to invest in some dividends and in crypto. >Ideal country to live in Rural land, in a wider, open area with other like-minded people once the US has been defragmented into smaller states (i.e. the Greater Idaho Project) >Ideal average day Play and take care of my three sons and two daughters. Homeschool them. Go out hunting and fishing. It would be important that we decrease the amount of technology that we "depend" on to go back to our primitive, tribal roots. So no cable TV, no smart phones/tablets (especially for children), limited time on vidya, that sort of thing.

(1.48 MB 706x1000 1503562379813.jpg)

~ Dreams Thread ~ Bakanon 06/01/2021 (Tue) 00:58:47 No. 1141 [Reply]
I just woke up from a really fucked up dream, but thanks to it I managed to learn something really cool that may work or not (it was a dream after all). In my dream, I was able to travel to lower iterations of it. Said lower iterations at first glance were identical to their superior level, but the really cool thing about them is that you could narrate events about them from the superior level and said events would be "forced" into the inferior level. Something like telling a story while telling a story, except that you're living both stories at the same time. Anyways, here are the instructions and effects I could remember (again, just woke up, but I'm already forggeting parts of my "metadream"): 1.- On the first level, get an audio recording device (to save the voices from the upper and lower levels), headphones (to hear what they say more clearly) and a person who can talk to maintain a semi-conscious state while dreaming. 2.- Connect the headphones to the device and to your ears, turn on the device and try to sleep on the first level. 3.- With a lot of will and luck you will be conscious in both the first and second level. 4- Have the person on the first level talk to you about happens on the second level in order to increase your levels of conviction. 5.- In theory what you narrate will happen on the lower level because of the way external elements affect your subconscious. Notes on my (unintential) experiment: - It is also theoretically possible to affect a higher level from a lower level, but the effects are much more tenuous - For example, commanding from level 1 to rain on level 2 will make it happen normally, but the same command from level 2 will only cause a faint drizzle of a few seconds on level one. - Is also possible for a lower level to affect a higher level unconsciously. During my experience the time stamped at level 25 was synchronized with the time at level 26 - Just like in Inception, sufficiently loud noises can travel from one level to another. For example, a falling stone in the real world was heard as thunder just above my head on level 2. - Technically it is possible to descend an infinite number of levels, but the congruency and logic of the worlds decreases enormously as you travel downwards. - For example, on level 25 I used a phone with Zoom installed to record the voices, while on level 26 the phone was replaced by a portable cassette recorder. Also, level 26 featured a clock with hands on the stove, which managed to transfer to the upper level by accident.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

10 posts and 4 images omitted.
>Dream that teeth keep falling out >Dream that I can keep pulling a tooth out of my mouth, like a wad of cotton but the wad never ends and I keep gagging >Dream that I still have my retainer from high school >Dream that I've graduated from college, but that my diploma doesn't count because I somehow am missing a high school credit to get my diploma there, so I have 3 classes and 1 spare, but I don't know what day of the cycle it is, so I spend the whole dream wandering around lost and eventually settle into a friend's class
>>2171 For whatever reason teeth and school are two really, really common themes in dreams. Teeth I think just has to do with stress since a lot of people grind their teeth in their sleep without knowing, and school being such a common theme is just evidence of how much it fucks you up for life despite being pretty much irrelevant.
You guys ever dream that you were dreaming? I've done that a couple times but I'll wake up in my dream just to do normal stuff like make breakfast or read the news, then I actually wake up.

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