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(4.95 MB 4608x3456 3wr3.jpg)

(90.81 KB 1280x720 sdsadw.jpg)

Guilty pleasures / Stuff you won't reveal Bakanon 06/24/2021 (Thu) 17:51:01 No. 1714
I know you folks like to act tough on the internet, but what are the little stuff you do enjoy and like doing, even just for the silliest of reasons. Share your guilty pleasures, things you won't share otherwise. I love watching the silly facebook-mom tier videos, watch this puppy try to grab his own tail, watch little girl try to sing, this panda can't climb a ladder, the usual shit which I never actively choose to watch, but if it appears I watch it for hours. I guess it started with trying to show some videos to my parents, not be seen just staring at a dark theme website all day long, but I now unironically enjoy it. And seem to always sneak a view or two.
>>1746 the original team (house, chase, foreman and cameron) had the best episodes later seasons tried to throw house outside his hospital, where he should fail and needed to learn, i guess we got more 'house the gary stu'. House-Wilson is the best moments
(1.85 MB 2160x3240 1575862023671.jpg)

(1.83 MB 1600x2400 1574745297545.jpg)

(1.90 MB 2280x3420 1575861705926.jpg)

I want to marathon all of House, but I can't find a place to watch it online because I don't want to download 70GB or pay for whatever streaming service has it now. Any ideas? >>1745 Considering that there are sex dolls shaped like a 10yo kid I wouldn't be surprised if dildos shaped like a willy existed as well (at least in Japan and Taiwan where these dolls come from). Pics related, "loli" dolls from a /b/k/fag that I saved some time ago because they were cute.
>>1756 >I don't want to download 70 GB Is this a bandwidth concern? Otherwise you can just torrent it and, you do realize you can do partial downloads of a torrent, yes? You can just grab a season at a time or something
(5.60 MB 3072x4608 15582312750_02429c8b1b_o.jpg)

(68.14 KB 546x800 31748506_p3.jpg)

(1.50 MB 2000x3456 39267542_p4.jpg)

(235.67 KB 1500x1000 39267542_p8.jpg)

>>1756 Unless it has visible ball-joints, it's a bottom tier doll.
(32.24 KB 770x332 ds-skelton.jpg)

>>1758 >Is this a bandwidth concern? Yes, and a storage one. I just want to watch it on my PC (and phone when I'm bored and without my PC). >>1760 Most sex dolls have skeletons made of pipes like pic related that are covered with TPE or sillicone. I've seen a couple of special fleshlights that can replace a BJD's torso by attaching the limbs and head to the fleshlight, but not whole dolls that can be fucked.
(455.50 KB 1000x900 32212962_p5.jpg)

(98.06 KB 480x585 43457930_p9.jpg)

(157.06 KB 480x640 43457930_p5.jpg)

(93.15 KB 360x640 43457930_p6.jpg)

(365.39 KB 670x1005 20160301213859878.jpg)

>>1762 So like suggested, and like I do, and just download part of the torrent at a time. I rewatched dragon ball z with only 12 episodes on my HDD at any given moment >special BJD fleshlight While interesting, the best sex dolls just have a very well-sculpted vulva, not penetrable. Why would you need to penetrate it? That's sociopathic. Only get sex dolls that are aesthetic, artsy, ball-jointed
>>1763 If I had one of these dolls the last thing I would want to do would be cumming on it. I feel like the materials would easily be ruined with any "weird substance". Not to mention that the good ones are really expensive.
>>1756 its youtube channel has loads of clips of the best moments of house, 10 mins each and multiple per episode. You can really watch and entire episode and an entire season like this. I don't want to support yet another streaming service or let others, but its on peacock.
(142.86 KB 577x289 ClipboardImage.jpg)

I've come to realize that Smallville might be my favorite tv show. Yes, it's incredibly gay, and the middle seasons especially are heavily aimed at teen girls, but all of that homoeroticism and teen girl bullshit is built upon actual good sci-fi plots, and some very interesting and well developed characters. Also I'm pretty autistic for capeshit, but honestly I think this show might be one of the major things that got me into the genre. In the first few seasons it's really a family drama with the sci-fi elements, and it's very well done. The young Superman's parents are actually interesting and likable characters that do some cool stuff you wouldn't necessarily expect. The guy from The Dukes of Hazzard playing Pa Kent does an excellent job giving the character flaws, but making clear that they come from a good place. People got mad in Man of Steel when Pa Kent was so overprotective of his son, but I had watched this show, so I knew they were probably trying to have him be like he was in this series, but without as much time to develop him as a character, and with a very different tone in general, they couldn't pull it off. Now, the family drama thing is pretty goofy sometimes, but it's in a lighthearted and fun way. For example, they introduce Red Kryptonite and it's basically like drugs for Superman, so when he becomes depressed (over a complicated season arc involving his spaceship accidentally causing his mom to have a miscarriage) he takes a bunch of Red Kryptonite and runs off to be a degenerate in the city, forsaking his simple small town roots and morality. This is the season finale cliffhanger. The season premiere, then, is his dad getting matching superpowers and going to the city to hunt down teenage Superman and beat some sense into him. It's surprisingly an actual cool fight scene, and makes the dad into a total badass, and not the guy from the comics, who is generally too "good" to actually ever get the chance to be cool. Then the family dynamic is mirrored with the antagonist and his father, who are by far the most interesting part of the show. Normally I hate when an adaptation of a long running series makes original characters be some of the most important in their adaptation, but Lionel Luthor is an incredibly charismatic character and while he begins as basically just a replacement for Lex Luthor, since Lex isn't evil yet in this series so they needed a new antagonist, he ends up developing into a much deeper character than I would have expected out of anyone in this series, let alone an OC villain created just to replace another villain they couldn't use. Meanwhile, Lionel also serves to make Lex Luthor's backstory (which we're watching in the show), personality, and motivations, a million times more interesting than it ever was in the comics, and he's already an interesting character in the comics. From the very first scene of the show, it's incredibly obvious how both of these characters will end up, but seeing them get there ends up being way more interesting than ever expected. Now, I'll admit the worst part of the show is the high school/college stuff, which becomes more important in seasons 4-7. The homoeroticism between Superman and Lex Luthor becomes more pronounced as they fight over a girl for seasons at a time, and she gets more focus in the plot than she deserves, while being an awful bitch that the writers refuse to acknowledge. But at the same time, these seasons introduce cool shit like Brainiac, the Justice League, and some deep lore stuff in Season 7, so it evens out a bit. By the last two or three seasons, though, they ran out of the "origin story" stuff to do, so they just give up and the show ends up becoming maybe the best live action capeshit show ever, outside of maybe The Incredible Hulk, but that's a really different type of show in general. The sci-fi plots become much more prominent, as rather than generally using monsters of the week with the season arcs being more about character relationships (family or romantic), the season arcs are about sci-fi stuff, each episode has its own monster, and the characters are mostly already fleshed out so the relationship stuff is therefore more minor. It's very different from the family drama of the first few seasons, but I like it just as much. Also, while they refuse to have him wear the costume or call himself Superman until the last episode (which is the entire point of the series. You know he won't do that until the last episode), they have pretty much every DC character ever show up, except Batman and Wonder Woman. But Green Arrow becomes a main character, and was cool enough for the same people to make another Green Arrow show right after this ended. Except it sucked even though it got a bunch of seasons and a bunch of spinoffs.Yes, a lot of the costumes on Smallville looked stupid, because it was a low budget tv show on a network nobody watched, and partially just because of the style of the time (Green Arrow wearing shiny leather and sunglasses is pretty gay) but you get used to it, and I wouldn't say it kills the show. Booster Gold's suit might look pretty cheap, but it's the only live action Booster Gold we're ever going to get, and the writing and performance are both good. Doomsday might look like absolute shit, but they try their best to only shoot him in the shadows so you can't tell. They tried, okay? Don't let the current awful CW DC tv shows make you think Smallville was as bad as they are. It wasn't. I rewatched the whole thing and it's not SJW, for one thing. Also, all the problems Smallville does have are greatly exacerbated in Arrow and its spinoffs. For example, Smallville's original love interest, while technically a character from the comics, was drastically altered to be a major Mary Sue that ruins basically any episode where she is important. In the first three seasons this isn't so bad, but she becomes much too important in Season 4, and while they reel it in a bit, it's still a problem until Season 7, when she leaves (and the show gets immediately better). Meanwhile, Arrow would do this with a character called Felicity, a minor character from the comics who was in one episode basically as a cameo, but the writers were so in love with thee actress that they made her a main character, killed off Green Arrow's traditional love interest, Black Canary (another superhero, and therefore much more interesting), and had the whole show become about how great Felicity is. Other shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow also had characters somewhat like this (though none as bad as Felicity), so when I went back and watched Smallville, remembering how annoying Lana was, I found that it wasn't as bad as I came to expect from these new shows. It still gets bad sometimes, but it's concentrated to a few seasons, and a minority of episodes in those seasons. Let my autistic post about the show show how much I like it, but also that it is a guilty pleasure, because I don't have anywhere else to talk about it. I'd be far too embarrassed to admit in public that I like a show this gay, and which has the stigma of all these later shows which are almost spinoffs of it, but are a million times worse. On rewatch, Smallville holds up better than when I watched it in its original run. In fact, it's probably my favorite show. Also, the Alison Mack, who played the nerdy girl that continually gets friendzoned by Superman for the entire series, turned out to be second in command of an IRL sex cult that did things such as branding members. She is now in jail. Superman's old friend that he friendzoned and then forgot about coming back as leader as a sex cult would be a cool plot for the comics. There's already a cult of Superman in the comics, and it wouldn't be any more degenerate than the time Darkseid forced Superman and Big Barda (Darkseid's son's, Mister Miracle's, wife) to make a sex tape together so he could show it to Mister Miracle and br
>>1786 never thought tv bring up smallville again. It was a different time when people were optimistic about cape shows. >turned out to be second in command of an IRL sex cult that did things such as branding members. She is now in jail. how did such a thing got past under the radar? When did this happen?
>>1787 She got busted a few years ago, but apparently she got involved with it while the show was still going. She's now trying to play the victim and blame it all on the single guy who was higher on the chain than her. I think the one that played Lana was involved too, but got out earlier, and didn't make it as high up. Things like this can go under the radar as long as they all play along with it. And it was all consensual anyway. If a bunch of dumb bitches want to get branded for girl power, since it was marketed as a feminist girl power group, then fine. Also, they were obviously all just hot for the one chad at the top.
>>1787 >how did such a thing got past under the radar? Probably because it was actually pretty tame from what I remember hearing about it. Like >>1792 says a bunch of women basically voluntarily got themselves involved in a sex "cult" because they thought being some retards whores was hot. I think the most extreme shit they did was brand the women with hot iron, but that's pretty mundane BDSM shit to a lot of people. For whatever reason the media and normalfags found this to be some sort of cardinal sin and are putting people away for decades over it because women get treated like they have absolutely zero agency over the decisions they make so they get to retroactively decide if someone was consensual or not based on how manipulated they felt after the fact.
>>1795 > they get to retroactively decide if someone was consensual or not based on how manipulated they felt after the fact. Not to mention the fact that once the endorphin high is no longer present they will inevitably hit the drop- kind of like a hangover combined with depression. They may also feel the aches of whatever physical act they have participated in and ashamed of themselves for having 'betrayed' their morals. So for them it has to be someone else.
>>1806 Likewise, I heard Bill Cosbys trial just got overturned due to improper proceedings from before. Wasnt really following it. What I heard from #GG thread was that he hired prodtitutes and consentually roofied them to satisfy his fetish. If that was true, and both parties were amicable, there really was no crime; yet again and again and again women have been shown to have post-sex regret, especially against celebrities. So now I'm picturing him in an incredible grey area
(326.45 KB 1129x448 nostalgia_for_a_better_time.png)

>>1818 What I don't know about metoo is how some people get brought down in a downfall, while some get weathered and even defended, all by the same twitter crowd. Is it all about popularity? Cosby was a pretty popular guy. Is it about connections? Then how?
>>1822 <Guessing it's probably a bit of both. Those that get defended are probably the more politically useful or benefit more from the 'halo effect'. Back to the happy stuff now. I enjoy birdwatching from my living room window as I find it relaxing. I have birdfeeders strategically placed so I can see them better. So far I have seen numerous finches, tits, sparrows and pigeons. Occasionally I have seen the odd buzzard and sparrow hawk which was interesting. The occasional presence of the neighbour's cat is more than a little bothersome. I have been using fat balls but am considering whether to try out different feeds.
>>1822 Sometimes the more powerful ones have a harder time because they're targeted harder. Not that that's always how it works, but how hard you're targeted is a significant factor. Some people also react in ways that allow them to defend themselves better. For example, never apologize, ignore unless it seems like it's going to affect your real life, and even then, go on the offensive.
(3.42 MB 640x640 1625135441313.mp4)

>>1824 >never apologize, ignore unless it seems like it's going to affect your real life, and even then, go on the offensive. Good advice anon.
(105.92 KB 736x733 1623368309514.jpg)

>>1714 listening to blink 182
(312.29 KB 640x854 dp.jpg)

>>1869 >blink 182 lmao at your taste. what favorite song? I liked random access memories, might be my favorite of daft punk's work. I liked they did try new stuff; had they made another electronica/house album, it would never match the level of Homework, or Discovery. And people would just clump them to the trap/dubstep/whatever was popular at the time, and now they since retired, would only be known among electronic music fans. I know they became popular in mainstream because of this and immediately /mu/ went "they soldout / its not like their old work", but I'm glad they did that. >>1831 They still never mention the literal torture the mayor and factory owners put him through. His life must be known.
>>1876 More of a martial industrial fan myself. To me, martial industrial is great listening when it comes to reading science fiction and fantasy as it further conveys the sense of majesty and scale. Also, it can serve another purpose to recontexualise oneself. Particularly with certain bands like Arditi.
>>1876 So grabbed the album and gave it a listen. Yeah thats nice. Liked that german music guy song. >>1869 How about angels and airwaves and what was the other one plus 44 or something?
I listen to some weird rap sometimes. Thats my guilty pleasure. >>1893 Sum 41?
(39.13 KB 243x390 SM.jpeg)

(414.53 KB 862x754 78288267_p0.jpg)

(445.14 KB 902x1000 90620837_p0.jpg)

(607.07 KB 1000x1000 87362758_p0.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1143x1200 88554456_p0.jpg)

>>1714 I'm addicted to shotas, to the point where merely looking at completely SFW shota art or thinking about their tiny bodies is enough to make me erect. Because of this, I have a folder with 20GB worth of shota pics, most of them SFW, chosen by hand and stored in various subfolders, and a constant desire for posting pics and talking about them in detail.
>>1756 primewire.li
>>1756 also worth noting that a script blocker is handy for dealing with the popups from some stream links on there. Noscript works good for firefox.
>>2694 >I have a folder with 20GB worth of shota pics, most of them SFW, chosen by hand and stored in various subfolders How big is your South Park subfolder?
(87.64 KB 1202x672 linkfolder.jpg)

>>2721 Just 38MB since I have never been a fan of that show. I'm more a /v/irgin kind of shotacon, with my Link folder being the second biggest SFW folder on my collection (the first one is full of unsorted pics).
>>2727 What do you want to do to Link, anon?
(288.58 KB 824x680 54523841_p1.jpg)

(79.27 KB 849x1200 D0k5htAVAAINWl5.jpg)

(395.74 KB 1000x989 75511851_p21.jpg)

(606.59 KB 1860x2630 62565415_p0.jpg)

(862.46 KB 1440x900 74862934_p13-E.jpg)

>>2781 In few words, I want to see them get involved in all sorts of cute and lewd situations for my amusement.
>>2789 Is that Marth Link?
>>1714 I really enjoy K-pop. Well, the girl groups anyway. Can't stand the faggy guys.
>>1721 What you have Anon is an "Oral fixation." No, not like that. Basically, the part of human development at an early stage in life is wanting to suck on something, typically a mother's breasts for milk. Most people grow out of this however there are some that still have it active their whole life, so they substitute stuff like lollipop sticks, pen caps even lego bricks to satisfy the craving. t. I have it and I knew a babysitter years ago that had it as well. >>1876 Alive 2007 has kind of ruined Discovery and Human After All for me, because once you hear Superheroes, Human After All, Rock'n Roll mixed together in a song, going back to the single tracks means you're missing something. >>1714 I regularly talk to myself. To the point I have to vocalize thoughts to understand them. Sometimes I do feel like I'm talking to someone behind me but it helps me function, just can't do it in front of other people, they'd probably already know something's wrong with me so no need to tip entire hand.
>>2971 A lot of oral fixation types end up sucking horse cock.
>>1714 I like watching Daily Dose of Internet on YouTube. Usually when I am angry or depressed and need to take my mind off it.

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