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Vent/Rant thread Bakanon 08/15/2021 (Sun) 18:15:16 No. 2253
Tell us what's been troubling you and we'll tell you how our problems are bigger. Let out your anger and frustrations and resentments
I wish I had the bravery required to commit suicide.
>>2446 Here's a copypasta from /s/: >My advice to all aspiring writefags as BO and a recovering writelet myself is this: Read lots of books/scripts by good authors/screenwriters, and PRACTICE. >Write something no matter how bad it is, get it critiqued by somebody, and then keep writing. >Even people with no writing experience can provide valuable insight. My personal advice is this: Think of one of your story ideas, and write random unrelated dogshit about it on the page. Open the flood gates and don't restrain it no matter how shitty you consider it. The mere act of putting your ideas on the page helps you better shape them. Anything even remotely good you can salvage and expand on until you have a basic plotline or story beat.
>>2565 Suicide is an act of cowardice. Brave people don't kill themselves, cowards who think there are no alternatives to escape their predicaments kill themselves.
>>2609 Even if you can't escape a predicament, taking the easy way out is the cowards choice.
(307.36 KB 2048x1365 Dell-XPS.webp)

I don't like the trend of thin and laptops that are basically macbook clones. Tiny footprint, metal body that actually makes it heavier, 16/9 aspect ratio, non removable battery non removable anything, and high cost of repairing. All to have compromises that a mid tier laptop don't have at half the price. But if you want specs or reliability, better spend more than thousand dollars for this. I just want a cheap laptop with good screen, good keyboard and good trackpad, welp that's all premium stuff you gotta spell $1200 for that.
>>2565 You probably don't actually want to kill yourself anon. You have another need that is merely projected onto the need of suicide. Think of what the thought of suicide actually means to you, what do you want to get from it and take steps towards the real reason behind that. For example, and this is just an example, if you're thinking "If I kill myself I won't have to deal with this shit anymore" then think about what is the "shit you don't want to deal with" and if possible make steps towards minimising it or removing it completely in your life. Even a small success in that field willl make you feel better. I have been venting about my parents in this thread, and was having suciidal thoughts because of them, but I took steps towards changing the situation. I moved out and I set some boundaries, taking time to rest, and I feel better already as well as being more motivated to do other shit. Once again, think what you think suicide would give you, because you definitely want to gain something from it and try to gain it without suicide or realise that maybe you don't actually need it.
>>2660 I remember reading about a laptop that was being designed to be easy to repair and upgrade, with almost every part being removable, including a strange adapter that would let you change various ports (f.e change USB ports to a SD reader or a USB-C). I think it still was being financed, but the idea looked good.
>>2663 Framework laptop. Its funded, and being sold. Its still $1000 tho. I like this design
>>2678 It's a neat concept but you're buying something that has terrible price to performance that's only real selling feature is the fact you can change out the IO on the fly, which is useless for most people. A used thinkpad will perform the same for a fraction of the price and probably have just as many parts available to repair and replace shit as you need to. Though it won't be as streamlined. I can't imagine spending $1000 USD on a computer without a dedicated GPU.
>>2679 The modules bit is a bit underutilized I think. It can be basically converted into a dongle that doesn't flop around, can be sold separately easily since its just a type c connector. The thinkpad crowd can be allured in one way that its the publicly acceptable modern thin and light version of thinkpad, or closest to it. I don't think they are aiming at the thinkpad crowd. GPU version with AMD ryzen would be beast option. Just an APU option. That would easily be a 1200 dollar purchase.
>>2678 >Its still $1000 tho That's what every "premium" laptop and ultrabook cost nowadays, and unlike them this one can be opened and repaired or upgraded by the user.

(53.37 KB 1343x231 dell laptop.JPG)

>>2690 See the specwise this can be done in $550, but the extra they charge is for metal body which I don't want, better screen which should be that more expensive, better trackpad which again shouldn't be that expensive. $1000 is straight markup because THEY CAN. They aren't actually that premium over basic stuff only in look and feel, maybe durability but that's where repairability comes in
I'm so fucking sick and tired of identity politics and endless social circles and cliques and in-groups and how they've ruined any sort of genuine community or relationship you could have with others.
>>2705 Join our cliquey in-group social circle for people equally sick of them as you, so we can make being sick of it part of our shared identity and adopt an us vs. them mindset against everyone that doesn't join, what do you say?
(526.72 KB 852x578 meme.png)

>>2706 >>2705 No no. Our circlejerk has self-awareness and we do it ironically, so it automatically makes us better than other circlejerks, amirite guize? Here's a meme to feel smug about ourselves. I can't believe I wasted 20min on this
>>2706 Well sign me up, just point out which gay ass discord server I need to sell my soul to. >>2707 Nice.
>>2708 >Well sign me up, just point out which gay ass discord server I need to sell my soul to. Here sis, got you covered: https://8chan.moe/c/
>>2708 >>2709 Discord may not be the best place but it does provide a sense of community and the feel that people you're talking to are real people, not just bunch of niggers trawling through. Especially voice chat which how most of us want friendly chat to happen. But then discord also turns most people into niggers. This place and imageboards in general are the most unnatural way to communicate between people, its akin to shout into empty wall and people on the other side shout back at you. I'm afraid just talking to people normally is a rare thing, even among established friends and family
>>2705 Seriously, the amount of people who are just tired of all the shit is now greater than before. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Can we finally move past politics.
(4.02 KB 106x160 zx.jpeg)

>>2715 NO but Anooon , I need to tell you about hOW a hit coUntry actually is bettEr, and the ways our GUUVERMENT is suppressing us ,and why you should focus on your live around that fact
(54.47 KB 500x520 smughat.jpg)

>>2719 Surely you jest, I thought living well is the first step towards a better society, then beating the jews or the guv'nor becomes second nature. You can't remove the problems without something better to replace it with
(33.28 KB 579x704 swwee3k55tw01.jpg)

>>2711 Imageboards can have a community, hell any place can. In forums and all you have profiles that you can easily identify with people you are talking with. That gives you an idea that you are talking to a single person when replying to their comment. You can gauge what that person is thinking and what you should say next. Then another person and another and thus you have a conversation, or a feel of a conversation. This conversations happen everyday and soon you have a community. In forums, you have conversation based on topics, within these topics you can form community of regular posters. But when new topic rises you have to do that same building again. Discord is not divided based on topics, instead the focus is on people, or profiles would be more accurate. Conversation happens based on whatever the profiles are talking about and topics move about based on the profiles. In forums the thing that joins them together is the thread topic, while on discord its join together by its profiles participating. Voice channels can thus make it into an instant where topics are discussed on for few seconds by everyone then move onto next thing. Imageboards, while having none of the above, can have something similar. You and I are talking about a feel of community, a third can join in with a post or reply, have a conversation. Then topics may shift about but still can retain a sense of who is talking to me and who am I talking to, not just based on individuals but ideas, though its harder. And maintaining this kind of conversation over a period of days is even harder. The low number of people here doesn't help either.
>>2711 Seems that you are a young songbird who prefers a gilded cage. Whereas I revel in the open bazaar. This "unnatural" feeling you describe may be true if you were familiar with Discord before imageboards. Also ,if you're so inclined, you could make a Vocaroo thread for people like you.
>>2705 I agree. Fuck identity politics, of any kind. Be it right-wing or left-wing.
>>2731 Discord actually recently introduced some weird "thread" functionality apparently. Not sure how it works though. >>2711 >>2732 I can understand where anon is coming from with the appeal of discord-like interactions. But personally I would take it a step further and say that any long-term interactions with another human that isn't in your country or state are almost as pointless as random conversations with anonymous posters. Conversation for the sake of conversation is ultimately the same regardless of if you have a maintained identity for the participants. Unfortunately there isn't a decent privacy oriented way to make friends online but also locally.
(145.13 KB 1280x720 funbob.jpg)

>>2736 >>2732 >>2707 Lets argue which system is better and make do with what we have in the best way possible. I don't have strong feelings on any of these as in the end its the people you're communicating with that matters and not the means. And we have really shortage of that. Fortunate now that most people are of all the crap, fun is a rare commondity, so lets have fun.
I fucking hate the weekend, I'm fucking sick of it.
>>2705 >>2706 >>2707 >>2715 >>2734 When I wrote this post I was mainly referring to stuff online and how forums and digital circles made it so that everyone automatically avoids one another like the plague, even though they share mutual interests and could get along fine. In retrospect though it applies to everything: nationalities, races, especially generations and age. It just sucks that everyone's already conditioned that way, and it takes a lot of work and effort to actually get through to someone else, even if they feel the same way. >>2746 Yeah, overrated band, am I right? What do you hate about it? Sometimes I wish the weekend was just one day, that way I wouldn't get used to it after Saturday and end up dreading over Monday all day Sunday. Then again it's easy to forget the weekend used to just be a single day for most of history.
>>2749 Common hatred unites people far quicker than common love for something, why cuz I don't know. I hate "i fucking love science" folks because they just use it to show themselves as smart and superior, and this makes me get along with some of the dumbest people around. I know it won't last long as actual friendship but it does makes me happy I get along with them.
(58.34 KB 500x560 Tiredness.jpg)

OCD is hard but it gets easier when I realise that my intrusive thoughts that I really hate aren't some deep truths about me or the things I do. I just learn to treat it as mental waste and move on.
>>2749 >It just sucks that everyone's already conditioned that way, and it takes a lot of work and effort to actually get through to someone else, even if they feel the same way. It's called cognitive biases anon. And unfortunately, it is a flaw in our wiring. People who know about them can somewhat avoid falling prey to them, even if they are still suspectible no one is perfect but people who don't have it harder.
(202.72 KB 1280x720 End My Life.mp4)

I feel like getting a job meant shit in the end because the economy's gonna default soon so that means I'm back to square one with my savings reduced to being worth jackshit. I want to be optimistic for the future since getting a job made me happy and hopeful for a while and realize I'm not a total piece of shit. But it was all for nothing thanks to a bunch of stupidass politicians that can't run this country worth a damn.
>>2894 I mean you could always convert that wealth into stores of value then it doesn't really matter if the economy crashes, if you're that concerned about it.
>>2895 So hoard it like a dragon does with gold? My dad said to worry about it based on what you said so I'm a little more optimistic.
>>2896 It isn't about hoarding, it's about not holding all your wealth in depreciating assets that aren't tied to anything but confidence in failing governments. If you're worried about your job having meaning investing portions of the money that jobs is providing you into appreciating assets and turning it into slightly more money seems like a good approach.

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