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(417.23 KB 685x445 Gamergays.PNG)

(237.84 KB 347x417 The boy who tweaked.png)

(121.89 KB 321x412 Dante.png)

(279.28 KB 322x427 future Gorillaz member.png)

(280.65 KB 321x448 viv.png)

Artflow.ai Thread Bakanon 09/04/2021 (Sat) 19:18:48 No. 2362
https://artflow.ai/ is a site that generates faces based on your text inputs using AI, neural networks and similar science magic. The results vary a lot, from straight up bad to PS2-era CGI-tier. It takes a couple of hours to generate these images, so you may want to leave the page open in the background while doing something else.
(609.18 KB 1019x872 DF gem lolis 4.png)

(550.84 KB 1019x802 DF gem lolis 5.png)

(733.65 KB 1023x829 DF gem lolis 6.png)

moonstone loli a cute
(673.72 KB 1036x892 DF gem lolis 7.png)

(28.30 KB 413x473 discord as human.JPG)

looks like a potential molester
>>2713 looks nothing like John DeLancie
(99.85 KB 344x441 Bat Outta Hell 1.png)

(81.46 KB 342x437 Bat Outta Hell 2.png)

(142.81 KB 346x455 Bat Outta Hell 3.png)

(97.78 KB 344x413 Bat Outta Hell 4.png)

(98.69 KB 335x440 Bat Outta Hell 5.png)

I wish that annoying little error would stop happening.
(113.30 KB 315x369 clown loli.png)

>>2723 Which one are you getting?
(124.95 KB 345x381 Incase.png)

(98.87 KB 332x387 Skyking.png)

(157.00 KB 347x380 genestealer girl.png)

(111.74 KB 345x385 Tecmo.png)

(114.57 KB 343x389 Castlevania.png)

>>2724 The one where it will "complete" a generation attempt but there's just no picture displayed. It's only been doing that since they speeded up the site.
(367.39 KB 1041x376 CMC.png)

>>2713 >doesn't even have yellow and red eyes For shame.
(106.45 KB 337x380 Discord 1.png)

(131.78 KB 352x415 Discord 2.png)

(112.57 KB 344x444 Discord 3.png)

>>2713 I made 3 attempts.
>>2725 Oh yeah I've seen that. >>2726 Very high quality chicken in the second pic. >>2728 well it tried
>>2730 Apparently the AI considers John de Lancie's aura to be purple and that overrides everything else.
>>2733 I said it earlier in this thread, Artflow loves purple.
The wait time still shows 170 minutes for me.
(55.66 KB 295x394 Mah Boi.jpg)

(60.92 KB 298x397 Hey Zelda.jpg)

(65.09 KB 297x397 The King.jpg)

(64.82 KB 296x425 Squadala.jpg)

(4.67 MB 525x640 Faces of Evil Intro.gif)

These are the Faces of Evil.
>>2741 lmao
>>2741 That gif is top tier.
So I guess everyone got bored.
>>2778 Not so much bored as busy and a little frustrated with the errors.
>>2778 >>2784 Same sort of thing happened AI dungeon too. I wonder if this will branch out to do more stuff than just generate faces?
(5.33 MB 525x640 20211001_215106.gif)

>>2775 Slightly updated version, I can't believe I forgot a couple lines.
Why are you locked in the bathroom?
(23.71 KB 192x192 1442182083292-0.jpg)

>>2806 Are you talking to me?
scrolling this thread too long makes me feel like I am hallucinating. Don't know if it's the strong color/glowing eyes but sometimes I think its 4 eyes instead of two
Huh, only takes 14 minutes now.
>>2888 I think part of it has to do with site traffic now. I'm up at 4AM EST and it's only taking 4 minutes, whereas 9PM on a Friday night takes over an hour.
(206.83 KB 576x780 screenshot.png)

W-what the hell, anon? Is this real!?!?!?
(445.13 KB 1041x457 pain faces.png)

(506.24 KB 1045x490 pain faces 2.png)

>>2888 Yeah no kidding, only 4 minutes now compared to like 400+ before.
>>2941 Reminds me of that French comic about human eating giants.
(152.53 KB 340x377 cute punk elsa.png)

I want to try these again. Give me some ideas.
(102.04 KB 745x931 bb5.jpg)

(1.23 MB 1094x1194 kw50hw2k6ud51.png)

I got some stuff here from other sites.

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