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(91.18 KB 208x154 Capture.PNG)

what to do with life? what to do with life 07/09/2021 (Fri) 16:01:42 No. 1916
Im kind of not sure what to do uhh I only lurk on sites like this and never post so hello ..i think Am 19/f i dropped out of school when i was 14 and haven't really done anything of note since. Feels like no chance of getting a job with almost 0 exp working and I lost all contact with my friends so i have no social life or contacts .. i think Im kinda stuck in my own dream world with people i made up in my head and that living off my dad is okay just playing games & anime but its not.- i need to somehow get my life together but i don't know how to start. Sometimes bake stuff my dad and my step mum say is really good and i make it from anime/cartoons (i attached a picture of what i made yesterday) ...sometimes i make dumb animations. i know a fair amount of japanese thanks to the internet and my dad got me some japanese textbooks.. I like singing, and recording songs but I'd be way too shy to do anything with these because i cant talk to anyone is so scary. my dad was kind enough to let me retry doing a levels online but I'm already a year into the course and have barely touched it bc 'i'll do it later' but its been like ...10 months already. step mum keeps offering experience at her work place but i always chicken out at the last minute because im so scared of other people. somehow i have a boyfriend whos a few years younger than me and i feel like i emotionally am just manipulating him or something he is all i talk to and im not sure how to say but i feel guilty like im keeping him from things but when he is with other people i feel left out but i want him to be happy but then also if i wasnt older he wouldnt even like me in that way even thought hes said repeatedly he see's me more like a young kid than anything else.. i keep spending to much time just talking to him but im not doing anything productive while he is actually doing stuff with his life.. but then sometimes i think i just like him as a friend (with benefits i guess) who I'm really close to because i was pretty sure am lesbien wtf am i doing, has anyone been able to fix their life from something like this? any wisdom or tips from this website? ..sorry if I am posting this wrong or something.. hope everyone here is having a good day.
Ive been lurking on here curious if someone might peek my interest, cuz ive been kinda trapping myself in isolation too.. Im young but i wont be forever u know.. shit is stressful.. anyway it seems like maybe ur intentions r similar so i thot why not idk if im doing this right and theres no way ill be able to keep up checking on this so screw it im gonna give u my email im rlly hoping this isnt a stupid thing to do so if u want to then plz msg me right away so i know its ok.. im going to code it slightly so that bots cant read it just a heads up,, i rlly dont know how safe i should be this is my first and only msg ever so ,, congrats i guess.. lol anyway.. hmu Car ter.Chlo @ Gm**l. com
Message me ok my email is Cart er. Chlo @ya hoo. Com Minus the spaces of course.. hmu when u see this ✌️
It's been a few days, but here goes. I'm a 25/M if it matters. It's important to find strength in yourself to take the first step, I'm practically neet as well but work with my mother and it always feels like the work I do is inadequate, but over time I've seen most people really appreciate it. There are some who will always try to wring every dollar they can by complaining, but we generally give them a much higher price and stand firm on it; they don't deserve better. Working with your family could be the least stressful thing you can do, since they can understand your situation and cover for you, and you won't be discriminated against while being hired. Even if you end up not liking the work, you can have some experience from it. There's nothing wrong with having hobbies either, singing or learning a language doesn't have to be for anyone else or for money; enjoying it and bettering yourself is enough. I was learning Japanese too but realized I'd only ever use it to read manga, so its on the back burner for me. If you feel like you're in a rut, you could try figuring out some welfare programs or claim disability to get some form of income; if it really comes down to it, you can go to the welfare office and apply for unemployment, the social workers usually ask you to submit 1 application a week in america and can give advice if you do want a job. When I started working with my parents, having just a few hundred dollars a month gave me more confidence to go out and not get stranded somewhere. I don't have a car or license, but there are stores I can walk to and just pick out things. Having a healthy diet and/or taking a multivitamin, as well as moderate exercise, can also help improve your mood a lot. The most important thing is to not think its hopeless, any situation can be improved, but change has to start from within. Also you probably know, but most people trying to get your email are likely feds or worse. Hope it helps.
>>1916 You die if you work. t. wageslave
You're assuming there is value in things there isn't. Why is getting a job important? You have parents that are taking care of you, and you have the ability to get a man to do the same at the drop of a hat using any dating site. You're operating under the framework of a man while being a woman for some unknown reason. High school is important for networking purposes and nothing else, networking is important for getting and maintaining a good job. Getting and maintaining a good job is important because that is literally the only way to survive and reproduce as a man. If you don't do these things you become homeless and literally fucking die. None of this is a reality for a woman. There is no actual reason why you should care about getting a job, work experience, or even developing creating skills one would consider valuable like singing or animating. >There’s no such conquering weapon as the necessity of conquering Women typically can't experience necessity of anything. All you need to work out is what you actually derive value from rather than worrying about the bizarre expectations society has placed on women to have the same responsibilities of men. Maybe if you were being abused or something and had a desperate need to move out getting work would be important, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Having a boyfriend who is years younger than you when you're already basically a child is fucking weird, stop being weird. And stop having casual sex with your inappropriately young boyfriend, it's degenerate. No one has their shit together when they're 19. You'll feel like you're an adult and that you should be doing important things but you aren't. Doing nothing when you're that young is better than what most people are doing which is ruining their lives with terrible decisions. Doing nothing is fine, especially when you have a vagina. Keep doing nothing until you have a more developed brain. Unless you feel compelled to do something other than nothing, in which case do that. But you shouldn't feel obligated to feel bad about doing nothing.
(1.25 MB 2894x3935 4.jpg)

>>1916 (OP) Best advice I can give is to not ask people here for life advice, ask normies who know how to get their shit together. But I'll try my best. I'd call what you're dealing with being a neet, me and I'd guess plenty of other people on this site have the same problem. >i dropped out of school when i was 14 and haven't really done anything of note since I also dropped out, of HS. There's always equivalents adults can get wherever you are, but it still makes me feel bad about myself and less confident in my ability to succeed at anything. >I lost all contact with my friends so i have no social life or contacts >i cant talk to anyone is so scary. Same. Only ground I've made with social anxiety is learning that it lowers then plateaus if I stay around other people for 30+ minutes, and becomes manageable. But I usually still avoid people at all costs. >i have a boyfriend From what I've gathered, peak happiness in life is deep social connection and conversation with other people, whether intimate or platonic. You have to make your goal in life to become close with just enough good people to feel okay. Having a romantic relationship with someone, even if it has pitfalls, is an incredible blessing you need to put all your effort into improving and maintaining. Honest communication about how you feel and what you think could be improved is the best thing you could do, although I can relate if it's scary to even think about that. >he is all i talk to Better to have 1 person to talk to than 0, if you ask me. It's hard for me to countmy blessings sometimes also. >19/f >i have a boyfriend whos a few years younger than me cute hot do you touch his butt
(61.59 KB 713x766 1562583857367.jpg)

>>1916 keep your boyfriend close, keep him in school and hope he does well, you might want to look at other education options (should be some form of adult education program in your country) or just look at doing something that requires some skill but not university perse, like a tradie job if your boyfriend does well in his education you could easily work part time and manage the house while he works, provided you choose an affordable location >step mum keeps offering experience at her work place but i always chicken out at the last minute because im so scared of other people. yeah i'm autistic too and struggle with young people (im fine with old people and little kids surprisingly) but id try and take it, if you fuck up you havent lost much
>>1980 >Best advice I can give is to not ask people here for life advice, ask normies who know how to get their shit together. But I'll try my best. I was going to disagree with you and say that normalniggers all give terrible advice, but after seeing you and that other retard endorse a frivolous "friends with benefits" relationship with an underage boy I'm inclined to agree that the people that gravitate towards this board are for whatever reason completely fucking retarded.
>>1959 >>1916 pol talk aside, this is right. At 19, people have no real idea what exactly is wanted in life. You don't have to follow conventional get job, get married, get old routine. You should be focussing on not making mistakes that ruin lifes, develop character and good habits, help out your folks. Don't move into big city thinking you'll have a better fun life - you won't. Income is not the highest priority for you now, but try to do something that is serves well to people around you, blue collar work is nothing to scoff at. Baking is good but you don't wanna turn it into something which you HAVE to do in order to livelihood - easiest way to start resenting something. Also stop fucking with underage boys. It might not affect you mentally but 15-16 yo boys once get used to sex and affects them hard. Then get angry when you don't give him. You will eventually grow out of him to find (hopefully) suitable man. Basically don't use him as a tampon. No you're not a lesbian.
(1.04 MB 1920x1200 cres1916.png)

I have seen worse lives recover. From the looks of it, you will be all right. You might think you haven't done anything but you have survived, aka you lived. In our everyday life we consume too much about people achieving high and we try reflecting it to ourselves. There are bulk of ideas imposed upon society, like savior complex (believers around world hoping someone will buy in to it), schizophrenic bait (trying to make society sanity hit minimums) etc.These ideas are in everywhere and in every bit of internet, sometimes you just don't realize it with in tons of other ideas. Also majority of these ideas intended on males. Since you have been cut from society, I am thinking you have been exposed to this kind of content and are unhappy with your life. Don't worry, I suggest you a movie, you might find it bad or cringe however at least it could give you an idea about what life actually is/was for people: The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) You already have lots of skills, you can do entertainment (for example creating content for game devs) or almost any other job or as some people mentioned you can chose not to worry about this kind of stuff at all! About your problem of inability to interact with people: It is very normal. Consider your status. If socializing is a skill, you probably lost it over all these years may be you didn't had it at the first place. This sounds harsh but as I mentioned socializing is just a skill. Some people are better at it some are not. It is totally okay to be awkward and repulsive. How you act or talk or be is irrelevant of anything else. Try some anxiety curing content, may be do the impossible and reach out to some people for psychological help or just change your preferred genres in to something which will slowly cure anxiety. (ex: fps online games...) About your boyfriend: statistically I can almost foresee that relation ship will fail. You can evaluate current positives and decide but for future I would suggest you realize the situation in general sense. You might be lesbian but I think that kind of exploration comes way after you start going in to society and connect with other people. Since you have lots of issues; you possibly will end up in bad places if you insist on one to one relationships. You will fix your life don't worry because it was never broken. You want do something else with your life ? Then do it. No thing is easy, if you want to be rich or something, but it is never late, just start. If you want to just imagine about these, just imagine. No need to do stuff when we are already living in a illusion of mind. In order to do whatever you want: Get to know yourself. Start taking small steps and you will get There. Most people don't realize we also have a sanity bar. (DST reference). We feed our bellies every day but we also need to be taking care of our sanity, if you suspect your sanity is getting low, try raising it ! :) This is my first post in any image board at all I am just testing. I am not able to send e-mails and I suggest you don't get private with in these kind of websites. Hope this reaches to You. Take care!
(21.04 KB 474x266 only.jpg)

Anyone else feeling out of touch with this world, having no direction or point in life? Perhaps talking about it in real life is too harsh, with talks simplifying down to "there's so much to live for" and "find a purpose". Perhaps truth is the true test of life.
(16.10 KB 620x374 1459131886739.jpg)

>>2001 >Anyone else feeling out of touch with this world, having no direction or point in life? I have feeling like that since I was 12 (I'm 25 now). For my entire life I've been doing what others tell me, following their orders, suggestions and ideas without caring about developing my own productive interests (only a couple of time wasters). I have never desired something enough to pursue it, and things that other people seem to hate (like being a wageslave doing repetitive work all day and living in a small room alone, then dying alone and forgotten by everyone) don't look so bad in my eyes. Because I don't have any objective in my life making decisions becomes complex and usually end making things worse, so I always try to make others decide first before making my own choices.
>>2002 Said objective could be anything from personal, financial or professional. An example of a professional goal could be to: master a skill, get promoted or to to get a position you would like. Re positions, it may be helpful to consider interests as well as the subjects you enjoyed studying at school. If you decide to create a goal re a position, draw a list of the skills and requirements of that position and your current position. Perform a gap analysis to identify the 'gaps' between your current and future state and then set SMART objectives to bridge the gap. Create a weekly timetable (one that allows for rest periods) and stick to it and set up a system of rewards once each sub-objective is complete to help you with motivation. Personal. From the sounds of this you may wish to find a social hobby, one that can put you in contact with people who can help.
>>1916 I already hate myself for being a massive under achiever in life and haven't gone very far at all. Male 24, I've got no friends, and I'm not able to pay for college so I might drop out. I don't have any notable skills that I know of. Since all I do is just read news. I don't have many interest outside of video games. Wanted to work on computer science but now I can't even afford to pay for college since my payment plan got cancelled and I don't know where I'm gonna go. I wanted to learn how to cook but my parents are somehow always to busy and tired. Worst yet they rag on me not being able to much of anything and when I do something they still yell like me exercising indoors, not having a social life, and just staying in doors in general despite knowingly telling me not to make nor care about friends at a young age and now my mother expects me to have a girlfriend of some point despite not having any single likeable aspects and never held a job. I hate myself I wish I was dead already since I see myself as a goddamn tumor but I don't know how to end myself right or get my shit together. Wish I could be more optimistic but for the life of me I don't see any silver lining in life. I'd be lucky to get a job in Walmart.
>>2026 >I already hate myself for being a massive under achiever in life and haven't gone very far at all Your first mistake is comparing yourself to other people. If your college has a careers advisor or counsellor go to them re your concerns and get their advice. People who struggle with self esteem often do not recognise their own achievements so such external input may be beneficial. >Wanted to work on computer science but now I can't even afford to pay for college since my payment plan got cancelled and I don't know where I'm gonna go Consider doing a correspondence course with Open University. In OU, you can better set your own pace, the costs are lower than campus colleges/universities, you can fit it around your other obligations and you can study in your pyjamas. Again go to your careers adviser or your local JobCentre for careers advice. >I wanted to learn how to cook but my parents are somehow always to busy and tired. Look into youth employment charities and see what they have on offer. Some employment charities may offer work experience opportunities whereas others may have initiatives that also incorporate a whole range of team based activities. Consider getting voluntary work at your local Salvation Army or local charity. If you get it, you at least will get some experience within a catering environment. The people there would help you to develop your skills and may have useful contacts. > my mother expects me to have a girlfriend Explain to her that you struggle with self esteem and use the analogy that a salesperson cannot sell a product effectively if they do not honestly believe in it themselves. Or perhaps go another route- pick up chicks at funerals.
>>1916 tits or gtfo
>>2078 Thanks for the tips thought I'm already in community college. I'm considering maybe doing trade school if possible. The reason why I compare myself so much to other people is because I use it as a reference to motivate but so far that hasn't worked out. I wish I could just drop it because I worry a lot about being a leeching neckbeard in the future. I didn't start community college until I was 22 and my parents have given me flak last year for being a failure since I couldn't past my online classes.
(11.64 KB 304x271 ohio.jpg)

>I'm a perfectionist therefore I cant get anything done
>>2116 How am I a perfectionist? I try but I keep screwing up, it's not like I'm aiming high, I just want any job at this point. I've never been a guy with high goals in mind. I don't want to leech off my parents anymore.
>>2130 This is not specifically for you, but many somewhat smart people I've met (and online) have this idea that they try to do something, don't get it right or beautiful in small time, and then lose motivation, and give up. They try to give this as an answer, I'm not sure they believe it themselves. Also unrelated from one of Chapelle's show : >Anthony Bourdain killed himself, despite having one of the most comfy job and life, plenty of showbiz and charisma >his black friend who grew up in poverty, got to law college, got married then divorced, quit college, and now lives with his mom and works at footlocker. Never tried to kill himself
>>2132 Antony Bourdain was married to one of the cunts that started #metoo, so he probably lived in fear every day. Then he found out that she cucked him with a minor, and he had to pay the minor to keep it quiet, and then it came out anyway. He didn't have the best reason to kill himself, but his reasons were good enough.

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