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(2.86 MB 1500x1250 ClipboardImage.png)
(263.34 KB 581x1634 74830309_p7.png)
(792.56 KB 1500x1500 41522701_p0.png)
Romance Bakanon 04/26/2021 (Mon) 21:15:51 No. 231
Kisses, handholding, romantic gestures, and so on
(88.25 KB 283x476 fx1K12q.png)
(1.06 MB 2410x3216 21 - dY8gmPV.jpg)
This was nice early on, but I really lost interest when the comic started trying to do serious arcs
>>231 Blessed thread idea.
>>273 As hype as Metroid Prime is, it's still underrated
(434.22 KB 760x900 1539416249592.jpg)
(235.69 KB 806x991 Doomguy_is_best_guy.jpg)
>>273 Poor Samus will be heartbroken after finding that Doomguy is only interested in a very particular girl.
>>278 bunny cunny
(1.25 MB 782x1023 1536159024705.jpg)
>>279 fine too
(1.86 MB 993x1143 ClipboardImage.png)
>look up "romantic" on pixiv >girls eating ass Very modern sense of romance. I thought it was just a western thing
(15.39 MB 2500x2500 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.45 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
I'd cuddle a monster under my bed tbd
(905.06 KB 500x500 1613797042110-1.gif)
>>299 Please post moar Rin and KAITO pls.
(922.86 KB 600x843 ClipboardImage.png)
(422.48 KB 550x687 ClipboardImage.png)
>>373 Not them but I will heed the call nevermind this is actually a bit tedious
(156.49 KB 1000x649 3155584_p0.jpg)
(254.03 KB 561x780 18395976_p0.jpg)
(203.89 KB 822x1042 35504531_p0.jpg)
(23.96 KB 240x320 21266926_p0.jpg)
>>310 Very koot. >>373 You got it, bro. I hope you enjoy these.
(887.40 KB 1258x1045 64770805_p10.png)
(482.79 KB 1068x1041 64770805_p1.png)
(80.78 KB 274x250 1619401985968.gif)
>>374 >>384 I ship these two so I appreciate the posts. Thanks!
(593.99 KB 870x1230 34896374_p0.jpg)
(477.46 KB 1024x768 34220466_p1.jpg)
(705.40 KB 1000x539 86236629_p30.jpg)
>>418 Well then here's a few more! I know practically nothing about Vocaloid, but I find Kaito x Rin to be absolutely adorable.
(452.96 KB 878x1239 66190992_p0.jpg)
Konata x Kagami is a plebian ship
Tell us about your first romances, anons. Even if it didn't pan out well, let's hear it. I was 12, sinking into my emo phase after my higher energy rebel phase tired itself out. I started hanging with a boy that hated school, and I liked him. He eventually asked me out and we dated for several months. He was really shy about a lot and didn't push me to do anything, to the point that I had to decide how we spend our time. I think being in a position where I had to make decisions lead to me coming out of my emo phase pretty early and developing more socially, We didn't do any sex stuff, it was just mushy cute romance. Very lovely guy. Delinquent though he was.
>>616 Ok: That's it.
>>616 Was an autistic nigger throughout teens, the 'weird' kid, in order to make friends. Trying to act cool, I would hang out with the '2nd place' crowd, you know the not top of popular pyramid but still normal normalfags. One of the girls broke with up her boyfriends so I jumped in, tried to act funny and cool. I tried all to lift her up and show 'maturity' when she'd randomly start crying. She did eventually recover and we bonded emotionally, started hanging out, going on dates, nothing romantic tho. Then she went back to her ex. I had no regrets or hopes but it still gave me a memory, many of them worse I have forgotten, but not this one. I wonder why. I don't know why I even replied since this isn't remotely romantic and might derail this after your cute story.
>>624 I don't think it's derailment or unfit. It sounds like a very pseudo romance thing, which is pretty much the 'even if it didn't pan out' part of the criteria. Thank you for sharing, anon.
(277.92 KB 596x854 80840380_p4.jpg)
>>621 But why, anon
(1003.50 KB 1219x900 70402139_p0.png)
(1.01 MB 1219x900 70402139_p1.png)
(1.05 MB 1219x900 70402139_p2.png)
pat pat
(950.15 KB 480x480 kiss.mp4)
After I broke up with my second boyfriend, he came to the conclusion he's gay. I never really knew what to think of that.
>>712 Maybe he forgot to say "no homo".
(95.06 KB 500x500 83510266_p0.png)
Horror and cute is the best
(384.42 KB 960x1378 alp.png)
>>712 I don't suppose you turned him gay... unless... >>668 headpats fills my heart
>>712 I think many guys involved in gay relationships do so for a variety of reasons less than ideal: loneliness, desperation, sexual confusion, trouble with women... All without thinking or accepting they could just be gay. Or I'm just projecting.
>>1075 I call myself emotionally gay as a joke sometimes, because I'm not sexually attracted to men. But still prefer them over women, sex isn't as important to me as being able to form a connection with someone. I would never have sex with another man, but I do enjoy talking to guys more.
>>1076 That's just called being a bro. Nothing gay about sharing emotions and life feelings with other men. n-no homo
(333.88 KB 640x480 good look.mp4)
>>1075 I am a vile demon, it makes a degree of sense, but it's a little rude still.
>>1075 >All without thinking or accepting they could just be gay I don't think they really are gay, at least not most of them. As you said, these people engage in homosexual relations as a (in my opinion desperate) alternative to their failed heterosexual interactions. They fail to establish a relation with girls for a number of reasons and think "I suck with women, maybe I should just be gay instead", so they settle with a man not because they're attracted to them, but because their failures with women ended up alienating them completely. I've seen similar cases in some /pol/-like fags. They consider (white) women a lost cause and instead argue for dating women of other races and even men (usually using beautyful traps, femboys and/or twinks as examples) because in their mind they're better candidates for a relationship. >>1076 As >>1078 said, you're simply engaging in the concept of "bromance" (close non-sexual relationships between men), which is a completely normal male behavior. Men prefer male company, and because of this developing enough trust in others to have a more intimate relationship becomes common.
>>1076 >>1096 I believe it's going to get harder and harder to define relationships and boundaries within said relationships if we take everything to its extreme ("whatever you're feeling, it 'has' to be sexual - it couldn't possibly be anything else). Of course early access to porn, media, and other propaganda will make issues worse. But I genuinely believe people deep down know their issues stem from a lack of true, meaningful relationships. It's taken me a while to realize I just miss the comfort of having my best friends. The feeling I get is loneliness, obviously. But it's a very specific type of loneliness where I realize I haven't had full 'real' conversations with someone, or peaceful silence in another's company in years. Touch was also important because I used to hug my friends. There were very intimate moments between us where I had to hold their hands or hold them close to me. I can never go camping, go walking downtown, or stay up past midnight alone without it feeling like someone is missing. I don't have that very personal connection anymore with anyone post-high school. I think when we get to this state of isolation in life it only makes our suffering worse and confuses us. If we're so desperate for someone to just tell us "I love you," then yeah, I can so why someone would go to the next "logical conclusion" and assume that they need to be gay, have sex with a prostitute, have one-night Tinder stands, whatever it is that barely fills that large hole in their heart.
(94.45 KB 653x663 harupeace6_ECG-zOpUcAMExiL.jpg)
hugs are comfy!
>>1098 I feel much the same way, and have never really felt close or deeply connected to someone probably since I was a young child. Having someone to live for is really the one thing I've tried to achieve in a lot of different, not quite healthy ways. I wish I could hug you, anon.
(93.93 KB 638x808 harupeace6_D2b2LIyU0AAEMvn.jpg)
>>1266 >Having someone to live for is really the one thing I've tried to achieve in a lot of different, not quite healthy ways. I wish I could hug you, anon. I hope you can feel this hug through your monitor. It's the closest thing I can give.
(240.72 KB 734x1000 89631330_p30.png)
>>1289 >>1266 I extend my affections to you both as well!
(670.83 KB 1075x1518 1574529866715.jpg)
cats need their hugs and headpats and chin strokes
(6.09 MB 1280x720 clingy cat.mp4)
Physical stimulation and caressing are important part of emotional development. Cats and dogs it to their children, chimps and apes do it for social bonding and cohesion. We humans need it too, more than we like to admit, even more so when we grow up. My Hugs for you, anon
(191.12 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
kiss kiss anon

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