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(3.06 KB 128x128 1627095794103s.jpg)

Bakanon 08/27/2021 (Fri) 07:26:44 No. 2324
feel like shit, I met someone last week in a game and after we messaged on discord and began talking daily. she told me a lot and taught me new ways to see thing and made me think completely different about things it was such a nice experience but woke up today to being blocked and don't know what to do, thought I made a new friend but don't really know what to do now
(1.12 MB 600x384 Eisenbahn.gif)

>>2324 Recreate the same with others, do the same things to others but better. Meet someone and talk to them, tell them a lot and teach them new ways to see things, and don't block them. :)
>>2324 >woke up today to being blocked and don't know what to do, thought I made a new friend but don't really know what to do now Ignore her, but pay attention to her block status from time to time. If she's really your friend she'll eventually unblock you (don't forget to ask why), and if the block never goes down the time you spent ignoring her will help you not to feel so bad for losing her. Also >using Dicksword gay
(5.53 KB 250x167 1627275438606s.jpg)

thanks for advice anon, thanks for ideas and help, I love you all
>woman >changing your world view You're either a teenager or actually fucking retarded if your world view was changed based on positive interaction with a woman. You're also likely a teenager if you're surprised that people online ghost each other at the drop of a hat randomly, especially women. You're also probably a teenager if you were invested enough in a week long friendship that it bothers you significantly that you were ghosted. There isn't anything inherently wrong with being bothered by getting ghosted, and there isn't anything inherently wrong with enjoying the company of someone, but as a man at a certain age you should have reached a degree of stoicism that allows you to enjoy these interactions with a minimal amount of emotional investment. Be glad they ghosted you early on because when I read stories occasionally from lonely guys who get ghosted by their internet girlfriends after years and spend every day just hoping to god they unblock them or respond to their message for years after the fact it's gut wrenching to know people are going through that level of emotional turmoil. Which is why you should seriously develop your mind in a way where you aren't susceptible to it. Also holy fuck imagine letting a woman change your world view what are you fucking gay lol women are retarded.
(343.83 KB 157x282 hondamio.gif)

>>2324 what did you talk about? Any lewd stuff?
I'll be your friend anon!!
>>2324 >discord >she
(99.81 KB 900x598 bird gang.jpg)

Why not talk here, to us? I had a school friend whom I don't talk to anymore, not because of block but just went apart. He was somewhat the class clown doing stupid shit and getting in trouble, but when in home he was the most timid and fraidy in front of his father. He confided in me that he had lots of nightmares and sleep terrors and had to sleep with his mom. Still I hope to find him again
>>2324 >D*scord Anyway I pity your plight but most people don't use those kinds of sites and spyware apps to make IRL friends. They just want to post dumb shit, argue with each other, spam, raid, and swing their B& hammers. Have I mentioned it's literally spyware with backdoors? Use Telagram or Tox or whatever the fuck is hip with the kids these days.
>>2355 What other platform than discord gives talk and group chat facility? Twitter for general communications and shit
>>2360 He literally listed one, tox. But Matrix/Element is probably the better "discord alternative".
back to give an update, she messaged me again and gave me some thoughts and we spoke a bit but we've been friends again for another 2 weeks but it seems the same thing is going to happen again, I'll probably just have to give up on this friendship and move on thanks for the replies love u all
>>2808 >I'll just give up on friendship and move on Or maybe you can see how its going, why >she left for 2 weeks and try to be a better friend to her than >she was to you.
Kill yourself for using shitcord. At the very least, go back to cuckchan and never come back.

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