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(417.23 KB 685x445 Gamergays.PNG)

(237.84 KB 347x417 The boy who tweaked.png)

(121.89 KB 321x412 Dante.png)

(279.28 KB 322x427 future Gorillaz member.png)

(280.65 KB 321x448 viv.png)

Artflow.ai Thread Bakanon 09/04/2021 (Sat) 19:18:48 No. 2362
https://artflow.ai/ is a site that generates faces based on your text inputs using AI, neural networks and similar science magic. The results vary a lot, from straight up bad to PS2-era CGI-tier. It takes a couple of hours to generate these images, so you may want to leave the page open in the background while doing something else.
>Due to site traffic, estimated waiting time: 384 minute(s) Well shit.
I wish this would generate a little faster. It's pretty neat.
(183.83 KB 321x408 Screenshot.png)

(263.58 KB 330x385 ClipboardImage.png)

Someone put in ahego
(188.89 KB 349x428 Cute Anon.png)

Finally got one through!
>>2369 I want to hold hands with anon
(126.25 KB 345x383 Rainbow_Brite.png)

(91.74 KB 256x256 669354.png)

I'm really happy with these two.
(97.87 KB 320x396 RidgeRacer.png)

>>2362 This one was cute.
(285.74 KB 326x412 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2373 Why do the green and blue eyes always glow?
>>2374 They are growing stronger.
>>2375 Ebola or Corona?
(127.49 KB 344x315 por que no los dos.png)

(126.92 KB 333x413 Screenshot (2).png)

(578.72 KB 1040x402 Screenshot (1).png)

(779.62 KB 1035x399 ClipboardImage.png)

An attempt was made but the end results failed to pay off.
>>2378 That first one in pic two was drawing on the same source as black metal snoop dog.
(255.51 KB 323x412 ClipboardImage.png)

Not bad. Probably could have been more specific but it still turned out great.
(260.09 KB 325x400 ClipboardImage.png)

(257.80 KB 330x370 ClipboardImage.png)

(251.68 KB 328x405 ClipboardImage.png)

(220.30 KB 335x376 ClipboardImage.png)

(205.09 KB 323x376 ClipboardImage.png)

The flower hair one is interesting. Very cool it can do things like that. LMAO at the tranny goblin.
Gay. The site is dead now.
(16.26 KB 321x437 FUCK.png)

(151.25 KB 344x377 Girl with candycane hair.png)

(148.74 KB 350x377 exact words.png)

>>2383 >>2382 It's not dead they just took it offline for maintenance earlier.
(150.29 KB 322x421 anime alan watts.png)

(154.13 KB 320x445 terence the tumblr girl.png)

>Spot on Alan Watts >Turns Terence McKenna into a Tumblr nose mulatto girl I don't know what to make of this but I'm trying again.
(99.24 KB 256x256 735343.png)

This one turned out cute. It's the only successful one that I've had all day so far.
(163.75 KB 337x376 Pippi with her hair down.png)

It doesn't seem to handle correct hair styles well but otherwise this is really good.
I wish there was something like this that could generate full characters.
(148.77 KB 320x378 goblin girl.png)

one of the cutest I've seen so far
I'm having better luck collecting premade ones than generating my own.
(113.52 KB 317x376 trypophobia.png)

(111.90 KB 316x405 kawaii alice.png)

(689.40 KB 1051x424 sum more stuff.png)

Some more stuff. Interesting how many turn out as pretty girls. Not complaining, mind you.
>>2395 Has anyone cracked the code yet? Like what words trigger what kind of features and what words take precedence over others? Since it takes so long to generate I'd rather not waste attempts.
>>2388 It got her hair colour correct, but you may have to specify 'pigtails' or 'braids' or 'braided hair' to get a more accurate result.
>>2397 I've not had much luck specifying hairstyles at all.
Took some coaxing to get this.
>>2399 I like blue bearded Denton the best.
>>2400 You mean Paul.
(154.62 KB 343x382 Leman Russ.png)

(152.97 KB 347x376 Leman Russ Primarch.png)

Well it looks like I'm managing to slow walk the AI into the direction that I'm looking for.
(181.93 KB 341x413 Ultramarined Leman Russ.png)

I have been laughing for 5 fucking minutes.
(1.28 MB 1059x906 sonic movie recasting.png)

Turns out Knuckles isn't black, after all.
(163.30 KB 345x368 fire loli.png)

This one took all night but I like how it turned out.
(87.59 KB 322x365 inappropriate.png)

>>2404 holy fuck that Shadow is hilarious
(126.53 KB 344x387 boris.png)

(131.88 KB 338x374 Midna.png)

(127.57 KB 340x373 alice.png)

(103.56 KB 333x373 Count Volta.png)

Not too bad. That Midna in particular was excellent.
(140.95 KB 334x435 peppermint patty.png)

(124.18 KB 346x385 bishonen Saitama.png)

(99.39 KB 342x383 kanye east.png)

(146.37 KB 350x413 redhead freckles.png)

(99.95 KB 340x378 WAH.png)

I'm finding some nice ones that others are generating. It's a lot faster than just doing your own.
(129.87 KB 344x383 Scarlett.png)

(133.73 KB 348x383 80's cheerleader.png)

(141.06 KB 356x387 ice child.png)

(171.70 KB 336x383 girl with rainbow braids.png)

(142.84 KB 345x385 Princess of Eternia.png)

(149.38 KB 341x379 King in Yellow.png)

(111.72 KB 353x386 frank as drac.png)

(151.88 KB 339x382 everyone is here.png)

(1.12 KB 297x44 wait.png)

(287.66 KB 347x388 ngc.png)

(280.54 KB 346x398 ps2.png)

(244.08 KB 354x394 nsw.png)

(94.90 KB 320x406 why god.png)

(102.16 KB 317x391 zuckerberg android.png)

(83.77 KB 312x376 just gabe my shit up.png)

(136.00 KB 314x461 silent agony.png)

(102.41 KB 256x256 813313.png)

This one didn't turn out how I planned but she came out wonderfully all the same.
>>2418 The raping i'd do
What I hate is when it generates your middle requests first and takes the longest on the furthest back in the queue, making you wait to enter more lest you bump that one off. Nigger tier design.
>>2419 >The raping i'd do
(142.41 KB 342x381 vaporwave child girl.png)

(159.22 KB 353x383 80s child girl smile.png)

>>2420 I'm facing that problem right now. I did get these two to generate in the mean time though.
I am proud of this one.
(119.96 KB 335x379 5000 year old dragon loli.png)

>>2423 Are you responsible for this one too?
>>2424 I am not.
>>2425 Yours reminds me a lot of the Childlike Empress Moonchild from The Neverending Story.
>>2426 I queued up another 6 weird loli descriptions so we'll see if it can shit out anything better.
(97.77 KB 350x414 THANKS KATHLEEN KENNEDY.png)

(129.20 KB 343x376 Putin as Disney Princess.png)

(117.01 KB 333x386 poe on VLC.png)

I've come across some weird ones.
The site must be really getting hit because I'm up in the estimated 800 mins and getting errors trying to queue up a 6th image with only 5 queued. Gay.
(137.04 KB 336x494 Childlike Empress.png)

Speaking of the Childlike Empress, look what came up in the community creations.
>>2429 >everybody on imageboards is trying to craft 6 little daughterus at a go and it's melting their servers LOL
>>2430 poundable >>2431 This is the end result of jewish feminism.
(110.33 KB 322x465 SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK.png)

Although to be fair there are clearly some femcels on here.
Who else wants a daughter to have naked cuddles with?
(154.19 KB 341x379 80s vampire girl 1.png)

(139.80 KB 338x381 80s vampire girl 2.png)

(142.74 KB 345x383 retrowave girl.png)

(128.75 KB 341x375 vaporwave girl.png)

(146.30 KB 340x380 red hed Alice.png)

I got 5 good ones this time.
>>2436 I like vaporwave girl
>>2437 The vampire twins were an accident. I was only going to submit it once but it lagged and I double clicked it. They turned out pretty good though.
(107.60 KB 341x497 Kru had a hard life.png)

(208.64 KB 367x866 cage.png)

(153.23 KB 335x470 The Ancient of Days.png)

(165.06 KB 345x379 blacklight neon wizard.png)

Still collecting random ones. Some are pretty great.
Is there a character limit on this? I wanna try a chunk of a poem, but there's no point if it's gonna get cut off.
>>2441 I think there is a character limit but I'm not sure what it is. You can at least get a couple of sentences in.
(213.04 KB 442x480 Vampire Char.png)

(241.54 KB 425x511 Human Cheshire.png)

First one is probably the most accurate result I've gotten out of this AI.
(561.68 KB 1213x1559 tfw_no_doppelganger.jpg)

>>2441 >>2442 The character limit is 140, which is a surprising amount, but just 8 shy of what I wanted. I guess I could trim it down some, but it would've been neat to fit the whole excerpt.
(142.92 KB 341x383 super electric.png)

(72.81 KB 346x383 noir orc detective.png)

(103.30 KB 348x381 black doctor.png)

(135.33 KB 359x383 halfling bandit.png)

(117.46 KB 341x409 neon light.png)

(160.12 KB 318x374 hippie loli.png)

This is my daughterfu now.
(128.52 KB 339x383 martian Alice.png)

>>2447 She's cute.
(135.71 KB 338x382 pooh bear.png)

Artflow.ai is now banned in China.
>>2449 lmao
(126.47 KB 316x403 no.png)

>ask for this >get extremely sunburnt loli with green screen eyes
Why does is seem like the last image of a batch takes forever to generate?
(117.29 KB 319x403 sure.png)

>>2452 I would tell you but they'd put me in a black site.
>>2451 You've got to be careful with the neon tag I've found out.
(242.55 KB 344x389 nia.png)

(260.85 KB 344x424 pyra.png)

xeno grills
(122.51 KB 319x401 CJ but white.png)

>>2456 we need more vidya artflows
(155.41 KB 342x381 slaaneshi girl.png)

(160.38 KB 338x379 khornate girl.png)

(146.38 KB 335x377 nurglite girl.png)

(158.39 KB 344x377 tzeentchian girl.png)

(89.37 KB 343x386 fucking lol.png)

(158.35 KB 344x443 fug.png)

(91.31 KB 347x412 terminator Frankenstein.png)

(102.06 KB 338x473 old soul.png)

(121.90 KB 345x390 pixar bob ross.png)

Has anyone ever found one of the ones that you've previously generated in the community creations section yet?
>>2460 I'm looking for mine under Editor's Choice personally. :^)
(46.26 KB 338x386 nds.jpg)

(48.92 KB 334x379 gba.jpg)

(40.95 KB 334x382 xbox.jpg)

(46.59 KB 335x383 xb360.jpg)

more console tans ps3 grill is stuck in development hell, for 7 hours now...
>>2462 nogaems
(126.15 KB 334x405 mythra.png)

(43.93 KB 340x380 ps5.jpg)

>>2457 She didn't fly so good... >>2463 Well, as expected. But here is her younger sister.
(103.16 KB 320x408 I'm not gay but.png)

Ive noticed that the more descriptions that you give the better a result you get. See >>2430 Exceptions to this rule are if you add to many conflicting descriptions.
(117.85 KB 333x375 gardevoir wife.png)

i am scared
>>2466 Pinning it down and stressing a couple redundancies helps too I think if the thing you're going for might have multiple outcomes, like characters with the same name stressing elements of them that could be implied by the name but might confuse the AI. Aka. Nigger 1 has brown hair brown eyes and Nigger 2 has brown hair and green eyes but the AI picks the wrong one without additionally specifying sub details of the character. >>2467 I suppose asking you WPWYF would be unnecessary then?
(147.64 KB 344x384 african tribal girl.png)

I think she turned out kind of cute even if her hair isn't quite right.
>>2469 would colonize
(133.59 KB 335x376 Prince of Space.png)

(145.52 KB 344x377 girl with kaleidoscope eyes.png)

(118.38 KB 335x380 Sseth here.png)

I'm not even sure what to make of that last one.
>>2471 He's going to become a vtuber obviously.
>>2468 I've actually been wondering, do better descriptions or lengthier descriptions make generation take more time or less time?
>>2473 I've had a mixed experience with this so far, and usually I have been leaving it up generating while I do other stuff and only notice it finished one potentially long after it had actually completed, so I'm not sure.
(103.04 KB 330x371 rinko.png)

(16.51 KB 256x300 rinko love plus.jpg)

this is interesting...
(788.78 KB 1060x896 editor's choice.png)

>>2461 I wouldn't count that out entirely. At least one of the editors likes elf lolis. This has been at least the 2nd or 3rd different one I've seen.
(255.83 KB 338x387 ps3.png)

fucking finally
(227.92 KB 352x385 magnavox.png)

(178.24 KB 341x386 jaguar.png)

(299.15 KB 356x393 dreamcast.png)

Here is: a vintage console tan, a predator and... a mongoloid.
(133.85 KB 339x377 tiger r-zone girl.png)

>>2462 >>2477 >>2478 I've decided to try my hand at a few of these too.
(144.53 KB 720x540 der_doppelganger.jpg)

(76.75 KB 256x256 867461.png)

(81.88 KB 256x256 867418.png)

(224.78 KB 1760x1320 Franz_Schubert.jpg)

The night is still, the streets are quiet. In this house lived my Love; She left the town long before, Yet her house is still standing in the same place. There I see a man, standing and staring into the heavens, Wringing his hands in violent grief. I shudder when I behold his face; The moon reveals to me my own likeness. You Doppelgänger, you pale companion! Why do you mimic my lovesickness, That tormented me at this place For so many nights in the past?
(219.21 KB 322x404 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2481 You feel it too, don't you?
>>2483 I was thinking of that when I made that image.
(158.89 KB 333x377 zx spectrum girl.png)

I was honestly concerned that this one wouldn't work well.
I'm trying to make some vidya related ones as of 3 hours ago and they still say ~500 minutes or else I'd bust out... Nokia N-Gage Girl
>>2486 Worst thing about these wait times is when the generation fails and you spend a 5th of your wakeful hours accidentally creating a morlock.
>>2487 I hate when the jews do that.
(96.47 KB 256x256 881771.png)

And here is said morlock.
>>2489 unfortunate
>>2490 It was suppose to be a girl but for some reason it out looking like an adolescent male witch boy or something.
(85.42 KB 316x368 you can trust me.png)

The site being this bogged down can't rationally be blamed on anyone because we all just want to have fun using it the same way. But god fucking damn it I hate everyone but us that is using it.
>>2492 Well it makes me not want to waste attempts on shitposty descriptions and only go for serious attempts. And then when those fail sometimes it's really annoying. It wasn't so bad when it was only taking 30+ minutes.
(533.21 KB 1024x1024 ohfuck.jpg)

(64.82 KB 1024x1024 bedroomeyes.jpg)

(201.43 KB 512x512 crippled girl.png)

(339.98 KB 512x512 cyborg.png)

(409.61 KB 512x512 corrupted technomancer.png)

>>2492 Here are other sites for AI-generated stuff: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ - People (best generator of the bunch) https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/ - Anime girls/boys (let's you edit the "creativity" of individual seeds) https://thiscatdoesnotexist.com/ - Cats (it used to generate horror images, but nowadays it only generates angry cats) https://thishorsedoesnotexist.com/ - Horses (with high chances of getting nightmare creatures) https://thisponydoesnotexist.net/ - 2D horses (surprisingly good at it) https://stackroboflow.com - StackOverflow questions (which are as cryptic as the real ones) They don't generate images based on custom inputs like this Artflow thing, but they still produce interesting results, specially the people and anime ones.
(373.69 KB 512x512 seed19252.png)

>>2494 We need more things like this. Also, anyone speak Japanese? Does this come out to anything coherent? Here’s the seed page where text looks far less word salad-y on other images. https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=19252
(236.27 KB 512x512 seed86582_psi-0.3.png)

(592.54 KB 512x512 seed86582_psi-2.0.png)

(257.10 KB 512x512 seed73793_psi-0.4.png)

(284.43 KB 512x512 seed73793_psi-1.5.png)

I like how the AI generates a colorful city (with what seems to be a subway) from a poorly drawn hand, or how it ages up a loli into a teen. https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=86582 https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=73793 >>2495 That's the nip equivalent of mashing a keyboard where half of the keys correspond to characters that don't exist. The project's website explains more about it: https://nearcyan.com/this-anime-does-not-exist/
https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/slider.html?seed=97152 The last pic looks like the cover of a sci-fi anime.
(144.49 KB 337x408 redhead.png)

(159.96 KB 336x435 kaleidoscope.png)

(152.46 KB 336x466 orange red rair.png)

(151.73 KB 362x474 orang red hair.png)

I managed to finally generate a few more.
>>2494 >first pic Oh GOD what's in the background
(442.93 KB 1024x1024 image.jpg)

(503.69 KB 1024x1024 image (6).jpg)

(528.07 KB 1024x1024 image (8).jpg)

(445.76 KB 1024x1024 image (7).jpg)

(501.89 KB 1024x1024 image (4).jpg)

(57.80 KB 256x256 kat_043.jpeg)

(62.25 KB 256x256 kat_035.jpeg)

(62.70 KB 256x256 kat_009.jpeg)

(41.47 KB 256x256 kat_108.jpeg)

(44.61 KB 256x256 kat_049.jpeg)

>>2499 >>2501 The generator of cats used to be much worse, with 1 of every 5 images being nightmare image macros or portraits of humanoid monsters with their cats. I still have some of them saved.
(100.12 KB 355x379 THINK SHAGGY THINK.png)

(142.66 KB 346x385 sun.png)

(167.58 KB 346x383 sunflower dryad.png)

(158.92 KB 349x413 golden elf.png)

(109.31 KB 347x414 The World's Greatest Sinner.png)

There's some really interesting ones that keep coming up.
(110.74 KB 342x396 vampire grandpa.png)

(109.71 KB 346x387 dup bidub.png)

(134.48 KB 354x382 goblin girl (2).png)

(131.48 KB 341x380 cute trap.png)

(125.28 KB 345x418 a dryad apparently.png)

(118.68 KB 345x376 loli doujin.png)

(132.58 KB 348x404 electric green.png)

(127.88 KB 349x380 the child.png)

(166.96 KB 341x414 golden skin.png)

(120.44 KB 347x420 slavic priest.png)

(123.97 KB 340x382 for instance penises.png)

(143.47 KB 334x414 thai teenager.png)

(146.52 KB 338x422 native american.png)

(145.37 KB 341x391 scarred blond child.png)

(122.52 KB 342x383 african.png)

(147.68 KB 339x394 young girl.png)

(115.53 KB 340x380 cute zombie.png)

(82.86 KB 358x408 gorilla aids.png)

(126.40 KB 352x391 Gwyn.png)

(108.12 KB 354x422 girl with pufy cheeks.png)

(111.09 KB 335x378 fire child.png)

(138.24 KB 354x392 mermaid.png)

(111.79 KB 344x389 emperor of mars.png)

(187.73 KB 341x393 angry.png)

(119.10 KB 317x395 Joenald Brump.png)

>>2510 >dup bidup who wins?
(137.25 KB 318x367 jeb.png)

Trick question, neither of them.
(159.11 KB 320x405 terence.png)

>>2386 just a tad better
(158.74 KB 318x319 qt.png)

(255.79 KB 352x424 snes.png)

(269.98 KB 350x397 ps4.png)

(275.45 KB 351x397 teagan.png)

(236.53 KB 345x398 gay sex with hats ON.png)

Here are two more console-tans, Uncommon Time best girl and a bonus.
>>2525 >no hat I can't fap to this.
(149.12 KB 337x380 average anon.png)

>>2526 I blame it on "gay" being banned world.
(144.77 KB 322x403 shitlord.png)

>>2527 The filter shit is so retarded, as is the terms section, I'm glad you can effortlessly circumvent it with synonyms though. Pic related, "feces" was banned - great job.
>>2528 also do note the choice of skin color when the AI thinks of shit
(171.85 KB 317x317 qt 2.png)

(135.54 KB 336x383 kanna.png)

>>2532 You better not fucking lewd her.
(110.57 KB 320x377 WE.png)

(165.04 KB 319x319 qt 3.png)

(111.64 KB 318x410 can consent.png)

(44.33 KB 334x376 childhood friend tomboy.jpg)

(39.41 KB 340x382 retard tomboy.jpg)

(35.39 KB 330x377 ngb tomboy.jpg)

(42.75 KB 329x382 ngc tomboy.jpg)

(39.25 KB 334x382 ps tomboy.jpg)

And now for some tomboys. (I like that the GameBoy one is "monochromatic")
(54.06 KB 800x529 military police.jpg)

(132.08 KB 335x380 hope rides alone.png)

(124.89 KB 339x378 lava grandma.png)

(123.19 KB 339x378 pikachu.png)

Here's a couple more that I made and a couple that I found.
Oh hey look I found cancer.
>>2541 funniest shit I've ever seen
(812.32 KB 1040x840 Gorillaz has seen better dayz.png)

(1.24 MB 1042x842 Gorillaz better.png)

Jesus Christ, some of the results are legitimately terrifying. Here's another set of characters, really weird that it got 2D right on the firs try but everyone else took a second try. Aside from, uh, Del. >>2367 >ahego Sorry, "inappropriate content." >>2412 That Saitama is abso-fucking-lutely spot on.
(141.83 KB 345x381 Rogal Dorn.png)

(229.69 KB 257x395 Dorn NO!.png)

(15.30 MB 1280x720 suicide ladder.mp4)

>>2543 I had no idea Billy Mays was in Gorillaz
(138.66 KB 335x374 cute farm girl anime.png)

(108.78 KB 339x418 tfw no autistic gf.png)

(143.67 KB 338x383 naive girl with pink hair.png)

(118.68 KB 344x378 comfywave.png)

(123.15 KB 316x428 nice hair though.png)

(246.76 KB 353x394 takagi.png)

(235.14 KB 347x384 niggatoro.png)

(278.37 KB 349x425 satania.png)

(45.90 KB 332x388 smug anime tomboy.jpg)

some chinese cartoons
(187.09 KB 320x404 AI is a savage.png)

damn, harsh looks okay to me
(144.30 KB 311x399 bemused loli qt.png)

(187.15 KB 315x404 dali loli.png)

I don't even really know if this is a good representation of Dali but it always seems to spit out good lolis with this setup.
(107.51 KB 334x372 Max Shreck with hair.png)

(131.08 KB 334x369 you're a fool, Ed Harley.png)

(121.94 KB 337x378 Jojolion.png)

(152.98 KB 335x378 when did Mike Jitlov go blue.png)

(149.42 KB 341x386 Sekiro.png)

>>2551 [Cry Little Sister begins playing]
Site ded again.
(67.26 KB 1025x893 cum.png)

>>2564 oh good so I didn't just get banned for making too many lewd lolis nice these better be done when it comes back up
>>2566 Well it's alternating between a 502 error and a 504 error so maybe it'll be up in a couple of hours. >those keywords Anon pls.
(87.59 KB 322x365 inappropriate.png)

>>2567 I would be more unsubtle but the damn filter.
(106.40 KB 321x376 seed.png)

(89.42 KB 320x374 uh.png)

well two were done when it came back up gotta say not sure how to feel about one of 'em
>>2582 Are you sure it wasn't for being a spamming jackass?
(153.28 KB 340x411 green eyes.png)

(131.14 KB 346x441 brown hair.png)

(114.60 KB 256x256 988809.png)

I managed to get 3 done so far.
For some reason after >>2569 these 2 were finished my other 4 broke and didn't complete after hours more fucking artflow
(157.95 KB 335x440 das it mane.png)

>>2598 Wrong one. Also I found the second one.
(126.90 KB 319x376 nympho.png)

(136.16 KB 351x379 Soundgarden.png)

(141.79 KB 320x380 creamed.png)

(143.88 KB 349x447 indigo eyes.png)

I'm having really good luck with the"androgynous" keyword. So much so that I'm not certain that the AI actually knows how to correctly parse the word androgynous correctly.
>>2404 >Couldn't walk away from something broken >Tried to find a way to make it good again >Only you can make a difference, darling >Always
(110.13 KB 315x431 racism disabled.png)

(123.21 KB 318x437 racism enabled.png)

(134.57 KB 319x398 bleached.png)

It sucks having to wait multiple hours for this. So may things I wanna try.
(128.46 KB 322x380 but Stalin.png)

>>2611 I am trying to find the secret recipe to get IP banned by Artflow personally.
>>2612 It's flagging any negative term I use with a black person as inappropriate. Remove the word "black" and it goes through.
>>2613 Have to use synonyms. There has to be at least a few slurs they forgot to ban, niggers have more than fucking anyone. Or just vague shit like "dark" seems to work. Black can be weird >>2607 if the AI decides it's just hair also so you need to specify skin like "dark skin" then.
It will be funny watching them add new filters every time someone finds a chink in their armor and the resulting unusable garbage Artflow will shortly thereafter become, though.
(151.96 KB 345x472 fancy Alice.png)

(150.69 KB 343x385 80s zombie girl.png)

(148.75 KB 343x390 Frankenstein as a little girl.png)

I like how little Frankenstein turned out.
>>2613 Try writing Alabama windchime.
(97.99 KB 342x388 MY BRAND.png)

Look. Look with your special eyes.
I can confirm both "Alabama windchime" and "gator bait" work.
(137.25 KB 316x401 esoteric racism.png)

(114.92 KB 316x378 DO IT.png)

(118.36 KB 317x376 Maoden.png)

(131.68 KB 319x402 sniff.png)

(138.72 KB 316x487 let's go fat.png)

>>2622 >Joe Biden but he smells children on the wind LOL
(33.57 KB 1039x482 big things in the works.png)

>>2623 I wonder why the AI keeps giving me purple eyes, but I still like that one.
(138.60 KB 338x378 ZA WARUDO.png)

>>2624 Certain tags/keywords seem to imply certain traits to the AI. For example vampire or any term that implies vampire will almost 100% give the generated portrait glowing red eyes.
(129.50 KB 345x386 Violet Evergarden.png)

Not bad actually.
pretty solid, even got the nose

(159.32 KB 344x416 Fulgrim.png)

>>2630 lmao
(191.05 KB 412x468 loli with an icy ass.png)

(183.06 KB 412x515 loli with breasts for a face.png)

>>2634 fucking titface I like the first one.
(159.20 KB 342x410 Angron.png)

He had a hard life.
I went there.
(124.14 KB 318x410 Chris.png)

(137.80 KB 319x399 meth king.png)

(102.93 KB 312x379 but during the stone age.png)

(152.26 KB 326x416 letters.png)

>>2641 I can't tell if that third one is a girly dude or a manly chick.
(131.62 KB 319x320 meth prince.png)

>>2642 Some questions man was not meant to know the answer to.
>>2644 Catgirl doesn't seem to do anything as far as I've seen
>>2645 See >>2380 But I've tried it multiple times and it hasn't done anything.
>>2646 ah I missed that one even that one is kind of fucky though
(158.61 KB 318x371 piss 2.png)

(144.86 KB 316x397 piss 3.png)

(88.74 KB 322x378 That's my fetish.png)

Put me in Editor, I'm ready. Put me in.
(143.02 KB 315x399 schizo.png)

(278.83 KB 345x421 bush terrorist.png)

(257.89 KB 346x390 benito.png)

(227.95 KB 346x399 pregnant tomboy.png)

happy 9/11
(165.53 KB 354x474 red orange.png)

(155.99 KB 341x435 aquamarine.png)

(150.88 KB 340x388 80s vaporwave.png)

(144.77 KB 337x379 80's cyborg.png)

(158.74 KB 349x374 Aborigine tribal girl child.png)

I've managed to generate several good ones today.
(152.08 KB 345x387 not Gwen.png)

(143.92 KB 345x410 lili stormstout.png)

(127.88 KB 341x383 Dixie Kong 1.png)

(110.12 KB 342x423 Dixie Kong 2.png)

(113.53 KB 348x417 Penny with short hair.png)

For what ever reason I just cannot get this thing to generate Gwen but what came out was still cute.
(141.32 KB 338x509 Myst.png)

(150.17 KB 344x383 80s alien.png)

(165.16 KB 342x376 Starry Night girl.png)

(177.68 KB 353x385 tribal girl.png)

(160.88 KB 338x380 Mayan girl.png)

(136.92 KB 345x494 this city.png)

(139.20 KB 340x377 Starry Night.png)

(125.42 KB 341x380 80s android.png)

(151.10 KB 353x413 aquamarine girl.png)

(100.77 KB 256x256 1035348.png)

(222.10 KB 344x391 tomboy bride.png)

(212.05 KB 344x390 young tomboy bride.png)

they have changed something and now the generation takes about 20 minutes
(125.07 KB 333x382 Dracula.png)

(120.01 KB 342x373 what if Kelley was Nioh.png)

(141.57 KB 347x383 HE HAS NO STYLE.png)

(139.04 KB 341x380 orangutan girl.png)

(139.89 KB 338x384 golden girl.png)

>>2657 I know and it's wonderful.
>>2659 This guy's face makes me laugh hysterically and I don't know why.
(122.36 KB 322x399 generic lg.png)

(126.57 KB 322x407 old corrupt faggot VAPORWAVE.png)

(120.44 KB 305x434 based & cringe.png)

(129.15 KB 313x461 chad newfag.png)

(93.00 KB 316x406 yo momma.png)

>>2670 >3rd pic Now I want to pay the guy who voices Marcus Phoenix for a few line reads of shitposts.
(113.78 KB 341x375 MSX girl.png)

(129.82 KB 349x384 Boris Karloff.png)

(121.25 KB 345x410 mentat.png)

>>2668 Which one? >>2669 Now that's cute.
>>2672 That orangutan, his face is HILARIOUS.
(93.29 KB 321x401 Follow your dreams.png)

(87.13 KB 318x427 The niggest.png)

(120.60 KB 319x434 stealth hetero.png)

(125.17 KB 320x399 slave fucktoy.png)

>>2675 >african I've heard of bleached but this is ridiculous.
>>2676 She's South African. Before it sucked. I wasn't going to say no to it because I think she came out pretty cute even if she isn't quite up to par for epic racism.
(124.69 KB 334x383 chimp girl.png)

(99.65 KB 331x384 bonobo girl.png)

(92.75 KB 337x391 gorilla girl.png)

(84.68 KB 337x383 mandrill girl.png)

(112.29 KB 331x381 gibbon girl.png)

>I have begun making monke grils OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING
(354.26 KB 1018x433 The busters.png)

>>2680 Bonobo girl child is probably wild in bed tbh I'd give it a spin.
(127.34 KB 338x381 baboon girl.png)

(146.75 KB 339x383 howler monkey girl.png)

(105.24 KB 339x385 aye-aye girl.png)

(97.06 KB 346x374 macaque girl.png)

(157.58 KB 344x386 tamarin girl.png)

(126.57 KB 339x386 tarsier girl.png)

(137.24 KB 342x384 tarsier- girl.png)

I ended up with a couple different versions of a tarsier girl.
>>2682 Tamarin girl came out pretty
(89.37 KB 318x372 pointy ears.png)

AI really hit the ears on this one
(118.16 KB 336x382 lg of khorne.png)

(120.58 KB 343x379 lg of slaanesh.png)

(138.63 KB 336x383 lg of nurgle.png)

(121.53 KB 334x372 lg of tzeentch.png)

>>2458 I made another couple of attempts at this concept. This is what Warhammer Adventures should have been.
(124.45 KB 340x379 cute khorne girl.png)

(129.63 KB 339x375 cute tzeentch girl.png)

(132.27 KB 339x384 cute nurgle girl.png)

(125.21 KB 340x372 cute slaanesh girl.png)

(132.24 KB 344x379 lg of slaanesh alt.png)

(120.82 KB 342x383 another cute slaanesh girl.png)

(141.71 KB 338x378 another cute tzeentch girl.png)

And some alternates.
(119.81 KB 335x379 snow monkey girl.png)

(99.59 KB 346x376 Nihonzaru girl.png)

(117.49 KB 340x382 spider monkey girl.png)

>>2684 I've done a few more. It seems like even though the site has gotten faster it's become more error prone.
(103.54 KB 321x405 dude cunny lmao.png)

(102.08 KB 322x405 not ahegao.png)

(114.74 KB 317x401 CLANG.png)

(122.63 KB 318x436 jpow gives up.png)

>>2691 I noticed both of those things. Had a few weird fails, one where 2 different prompts gave me the same image til I refreshed, some other crap. It's a lot faster though, which I like.
(123.28 KB 321x400 red.png)

(141.89 KB 312x403 blue.png)

(83.88 KB 318x406 green.png)

(101.05 KB 319x403 yellow.png)

(89.42 KB 316x406 grey.png)

I'm just trying random shit these days.
(122.30 KB 322x364 blue jade loli.png)

(787.37 KB 1023x829 df gem lolis 3.png)

(212.07 KB 322x813 DF gem lolis 2.png)

(704.21 KB 1023x870 DF gem lolis 1.png)

Started running every random type of gem that exists in Dwarf Fortress through this thing, results are pretty good so far.
(609.18 KB 1019x872 DF gem lolis 4.png)

(550.84 KB 1019x802 DF gem lolis 5.png)

(733.65 KB 1023x829 DF gem lolis 6.png)

moonstone loli a cute
(673.72 KB 1036x892 DF gem lolis 7.png)

(28.30 KB 413x473 discord as human.JPG)

looks like a potential molester
>>2713 looks nothing like John DeLancie
(99.85 KB 344x441 Bat Outta Hell 1.png)

(81.46 KB 342x437 Bat Outta Hell 2.png)

(142.81 KB 346x455 Bat Outta Hell 3.png)

(97.78 KB 344x413 Bat Outta Hell 4.png)

(98.69 KB 335x440 Bat Outta Hell 5.png)

I wish that annoying little error would stop happening.
(113.30 KB 315x369 clown loli.png)

>>2723 Which one are you getting?
(124.95 KB 345x381 Incase.png)

(98.87 KB 332x387 Skyking.png)

(157.00 KB 347x380 genestealer girl.png)

(111.74 KB 345x385 Tecmo.png)

(114.57 KB 343x389 Castlevania.png)

>>2724 The one where it will "complete" a generation attempt but there's just no picture displayed. It's only been doing that since they speeded up the site.
(367.39 KB 1041x376 CMC.png)

>>2713 >doesn't even have yellow and red eyes For shame.
(106.45 KB 337x380 Discord 1.png)

(131.78 KB 352x415 Discord 2.png)

(112.57 KB 344x444 Discord 3.png)

>>2713 I made 3 attempts.
>>2725 Oh yeah I've seen that. >>2726 Very high quality chicken in the second pic. >>2728 well it tried
>>2730 Apparently the AI considers John de Lancie's aura to be purple and that overrides everything else.
>>2733 I said it earlier in this thread, Artflow loves purple.
The wait time still shows 170 minutes for me.
(55.66 KB 295x394 Mah Boi.jpg)

(60.92 KB 298x397 Hey Zelda.jpg)

(65.09 KB 297x397 The King.jpg)

(64.82 KB 296x425 Squadala.jpg)

(4.67 MB 525x640 Faces of Evil Intro.gif)

These are the Faces of Evil.
>>2741 lmao
>>2741 That gif is top tier.
So I guess everyone got bored.
>>2778 Not so much bored as busy and a little frustrated with the errors.
>>2778 >>2784 Same sort of thing happened AI dungeon too. I wonder if this will branch out to do more stuff than just generate faces?
(5.33 MB 525x640 20211001_215106.gif)

>>2775 Slightly updated version, I can't believe I forgot a couple lines.
Why are you locked in the bathroom?
(23.71 KB 192x192 1442182083292-0.jpg)

>>2806 Are you talking to me?
scrolling this thread too long makes me feel like I am hallucinating. Don't know if it's the strong color/glowing eyes but sometimes I think its 4 eyes instead of two
Huh, only takes 14 minutes now.
>>2888 I think part of it has to do with site traffic now. I'm up at 4AM EST and it's only taking 4 minutes, whereas 9PM on a Friday night takes over an hour.
(206.83 KB 576x780 screenshot.png)

W-what the hell, anon? Is this real!?!?!?
(445.13 KB 1041x457 pain faces.png)

(506.24 KB 1045x490 pain faces 2.png)

>>2888 Yeah no kidding, only 4 minutes now compared to like 400+ before.
>>2941 Reminds me of that French comic about human eating giants.
(152.53 KB 340x377 cute punk elsa.png)

I want to try these again. Give me some ideas.
(102.04 KB 745x931 bb5.jpg)

(1.23 MB 1094x1194 kw50hw2k6ud51.png)

I got some stuff here from other sites.

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