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Comfy Fall/Halloween Thread Bakanon 10/03/2021 (Sun) 04:19:02 No. 2807
It's getting cool at night now and the leaves are turning, how is everyone enjoying fall? Watching any spooky movies? Baking any treats? Carving any pumpkins?
(151.47 KB 900x900 Fairy_tale.jpg)

(128.78 KB 630x850 Waxwell_by_14_bis.jpg)

(637.96 KB 650x906 22512097.jpg)

(124.15 KB 500x500 1419786957935.png)

(567.29 KB 500x740 31237033.jpg)

I don't know if I ever got the witch pail as a kid.

(712.55 KB 3024x4032 MC jack.jpg)

(54.65 KB 620x620 cef.jpg)

(54.42 KB 500x615 404.jpg)

I like the fall, the only downside is it's right when flu season starts so I always end up getting sick for like a week every year. Aside from trick or treating and carving pumpkins as a kid (which I grew out of pretty quickly) I never had any regular traditions. A lot of anons on /v/ mention they play a certain game like F.E.A.R. or Silent Hill yearly, so I might start doing something like that. When I was younger though I remember Cartoon Network would always air Scary Godmother a million times during Halloween. It's really cheaply animated and not that great but it always felt like a nice counterpart to all the extremely scary, high-energy Halloween specials and horror movies that'd bloat the airwaves. Plus I like the witch lady. >>2814 The late 80's/early 90's were such a cool fucking time. Maybe the vignette and vintage fade make it all feel extra nostalgic but whatever, it always looks so memorable and genuine. Plus it's when a lot of great horror films came out: Nightmare on Elm Street, The Fly, Nightmare Before Christmas...
(39.45 KB 425x600 d0.2195835.jpg)

(303.38 KB 1158x1196 kakai.jpg)

What's /c/'s favorite kind of pumpkin? I'm rather fond of these although unfortunately they aren't for pies and end up making somewhat nonstandard jack-o-lanterns.
(1.01 MB 1500x1500 black light.jpeg)

Why is it so difficult to find a functioning incandescent black light? The last several that I've gotten have ZERO fluorescence. Did they forget how to make them?

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